June 3rd, 2006

Ahh! Babies!

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What year was the first year you ever went on or experienced the internet in any way?

What year was the first year you started using it on a somewhat regular basis, be it email or finally getting AOL ;) or whatever else.

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kiv dancin.
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dvd ripping query

ooohkay, so i have the anydvd program installed on my computer, which allows me to play region 2 dvds as well as region 1. i also have the nero start smart program, which i believe (havent' used it yet) allows me to rip and burn dvds, etc.

now, here's my question: if i rip a region 2 dvd onto my computer, can i burn it to a disk that will play region 1? if so, how can i do this?

my S.O. has never seen the Brass Eye Paedophilia Special and he, in my opinion, Needs to see it because it's fucking hilarious. i mean, come on. everyone needs to see phil collins making an ass out of himself by endorsing a fake nonce charity.

also, never having ripped a dvd or used nero, is it easy for me to, say, copy just One episode of a dvd, or to copy certain chapters of a dvd?

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Why does my cable internet go so slow? We've got 3 computers on a wireless Linksys (secured with a passkey thingeroo) and it's slow as shit. My download speeds don't get over 10kB/s. Sometimes, randomly, it'll be up to 400+ kB/s, but most of tihe time it's slooooow. :(

Up at school, same configurations, same router, but on RoadRunner, we had 5 computers sharing a cable line and it FLEW. 200kB/s downloads, fasty fast. No problems, generally.

I know uploading speeds can hamper download speeds (and that some ISP's throttle if you upload like mad) but I have all my downloading clients at max 1 kB/s upload.

It's Optimum Online on Long Island, if that matters. What gives? :(
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Can anyone recommend any good online music services besides iTunes? I'd like to have access to music legally that costs slightly less than a buck per track.

I suppose this may be a tall order, but I thought I'd ask...

I'm a Quitter

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1) If you have ever been in an LDR how far away from each other were you? How often did you see each other? Did you end up moving closer to each other?

2) If you use firefox what are your favorite userscripts and add ons?

3) Do you like text messaging? How many do you get a month? How many do you use?

4) What song(s) are your favorite at the moment?

5) It's 7am. I don't leave to see my girlfriend til 12pm. What should I do to pass the time? I have dial up and no patience.

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Today I'm supposed to work from 11:15am until 8:30pm. I've only been working there for about a month. Do you think it would be too late to call them and tell them I'm sick(I'm not really that sick)? Do you think they'd fire me? I've never done this before.

Also I'm not sure who I would call. Would I just call my manager? Is there a special number to call? If no one answers would it be okay to leave a message?

It's Macy's if it matters.
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So, I just bought
1The Optimist's Daughter : Eudora Welty
2:The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy : Douglas Adams
3:A Wrinkle in Time : Madeleine L'Engle
4:The Invisible Man : H.G. Wells
5:Atonement : Ian McEwan
6:East of Eden:John Steinbeck
7:The Lovely Bones : Alice Sebold
8:Memoirs of a Geisha : Arthur Golden
9:Lucky : Alice Sebold
10:The Nanny Diaries : Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus
11:The Little Prince : Antoine De Saint-Exupery

For $28.12 (Half.com is a beautiful thing)

Has anyone read any of these?
What did you think of them?
Why Did you love them?
Why did you hate them?
What should I read first?
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So if I bought a Blizzard from Dairy Queen last night, forgot it in my car for awhile and it turned to foam, but put it in the freezer when I got home...is it still safe to eat?
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Can anyone figure this riddle out? It's driving me nuts!

I talk, but do not speak
I hear, but do not listen
When I walk, all see me
When I sleep, all hear me
Many heads are on my shoulders
Many hands are at my feet
Your strongest steel cannot break me
But a soft whisper can destroy me.

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I wiped my computer clean the other day, and all is in working order except. I went looking for Microsoft Excel and it isnt there. It came with the computer and I have tried all the disks that came with the computer also. I know theres a bunch of applications missing, the only two I used were excel and powerpoint. Are they gone forever? Can I download them or...am I screwed?
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I hope this hasn't been asked, I so have not kept up with this community. So sue me if it has.

Father's Day gift ideas?? ~$60ish... Computer nerd, likes gadgets and toys, the latest and the greatest... movies, dvds, music... if it was popular he liked it...

What are you giving your dad for Father's Day?
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Are there any religions besides Buddhism and Christianity that give titles to their leaders/founders/whatever you want to call them? ("Annointed one", "ocean of wisdom", "enlightened one", etc.)

If you led a religion, what would you want your title to be?
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remember that movie  with kate hudson: she and her friend go to paris, the frind is pregnant, something something, kate's character has an affair with an older man  who buys her that 30 thousand bag? 

ok! heres the question: at one point after kate and teh old dude get it on, he says " drinking a tea pot of somekind of tea concoction perfumes the juices"
i hope we all know what kind of juices he's talkin ' bout, what i wanna know is- does this mystry tea exist andif so where cna i get some?

Construction question

I have air conditioning throughout my entire home, except for in one room. It's considered a "bonus room" and is built off of the back porch. It shares a wall with my laundry room, which has the air conditioning.

What I want to do is have the ductwork extended into the bonus room. This would provide heating/cooling to that room as well as increase the amount of square footage and value of my home. (Rooms without heating/cooling don't count toward total square footage.)

The work would entail cutting through the wall, adding about 3-5 feet of ductwork, and putting a register in the bonus room.

My question is: About how much should I expect to pay for a job like this?

Help me with my script!

What are some small, private, preppy east coast colleges? [Not Harvard, Yale, and Princeton] I need a real life example of a school that prep-school kids would go to after graduating.

If you didn't go to public k-12, where did you go? I'm curious to see how many TQCer's went to Public School verses private school or home school.

What are some genuine "old money" towns/counties/areas?

Do you know of/heard of anyone that has a fake degree from a college they never attended, or doctored their resume?

What are some things [sports, activities, clothing, cars] that are pegged as being preppy?

Extra Question: What songs do you connect with, or that when you hear you feel sad or nostalgic? Mine are "Round Here" by Counting Crows, and "This City" by Maroon 5.
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I live on the coast and it rains a lot. Will I get more wet walking or running (or biking, which is usually what ends up happening) in the rain? No umbrellas involved.

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At work watching Gods and Generals and we're trying to figure out the uniforms for the confederates and the union. Google isnt proving much assistance.

So in the civil war what did the
confederates wear?
and the union?
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AIM question

What does it mean when a friend becomes "idle" on AIM? Does it just mean they haven't typed an IM in awhile, or does it mean that they haven't even touched the mouse or keys in awhile?

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My profile's kinda bland. What should I put in it?

Anyone been to Greece? I want to take my little brother there next summer before his senior year, and I'm wondering how much it's going to cost and whether it's a worthy endeavor and whatnot. Comments? :-D
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Was there any pact between Soviet Union and Britain/USA/France that involved the deportation of all people of Slavic descent from Britain/USA/France back to the Soviet Union? What was it called?
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I live in Atlanta and I'm considering getting a scooter for the bulk of my local driving and saving my car for rainy days, longer trips and things like grocery shopping. When I say scooter, I mean something like a Vespa - cute, perky, and full of style. But I'd also like it to go 50-60 mph since I'd be dealing with aggressive drivers in cars and wouldn't like to be run off the road. It doesn't have to be a Vespa, just something more along those lines than something you stand on that has a gas tank on the back, LOL! Can someone recommend some companies to me? I'm not very educated about this sort of thing, but would like to be! Thanks!

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1. Never mind the idiots who are the only ones who seem to post at songmeanings.net. What do YOU think "Wisemen" by James Blunt is about?

2. Zonealarm seems to block cookies in IE and blocks downloading of some files in Firefox no matter how thoroughly I set the permissions for sites to "allow." Anyone else find Zonealarm to be overzealous?
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For days now i have been trying to remember the name of a song, and even with numerous google
searches i just cant find it, so I thought I would ask here to see if anyone knows. I have always known it to be called “the suicide song” and i presumed it was quote unquote sung by dennis leary. Its not so much of a song persay. The lyrics, words to the song contain lines such as “the first time you put your hands up a girls shirt, or the first time you put your hands down a boys pants” you know, the artist is going on about reason to commit suicide then goes on for reason against it.

Anyone have any idea?

*crosses fingers*

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I've recently gone from being a complete sloth to speedwalking every day and to not binge eating or snacking after dinner anymore, and almost a week has gone by and it seems that I've gained instead of lost weight! Is this normal?