June 2nd, 2006

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I just highlighted my hair and I don't know how it looks yet because it's still wet. I might feel the need to touch it up after it dries, but I don't really feel like it tonight. I'd have to wait for it to dry, then shower again after I fixed it. I'm tired and don't feel like being awake for the much longer.
I mixed up all the dye stuff though, and I have leftovers. I know that regular hairdyes explode if you leave them sitting out for too long. This stuff is different though, it's the consistancy of toothpaste. I don't know if the same thing would happen to it.
So, do you think the mixture would still be fine to use in the morning if I saved it, or will it explode all over my bathroom in the middle of the night?

Rate Yourself

I've been looking at Kinsey's sexual studies recently...
(and then found there was a movie... mmmm, Liam Neeson)

So, on a scale of 0-6, what is the rate of your sexuality? 0 is exclusively heterosexual, 6 is exclusively homosexual.

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Sorry to ask a myspace question!!  But i was wondering if anyone has used myspace profile tracker before?  It is where you can see who has looked at your profile...you just have to post a bulletin about it, i guess.  Here is what it looks like....

So, does this work?  I kinda like the idea of being able to see who has looked at my profile!.
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What the heck is single-sourcing?

Dictionary.com isn't giving me anything because I guess it's more techie slang.

Can anyone help me out?

Edit: Here's the context (it's a course description):

COMM 2207 - Single-Sourcing for Technical Writers: Single-sourcing is sweeping technical writing and is something which every aspiring technical writer needs to understand. Yet single-sourcing is generally misunderstood. This course explains single-sourcing and structured writing, its advantages and demands. The course walks students through the process of creating a structured document from planning to completion.
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lj is my lyfe, omg

1. do you think the correct pronunciation of your lj user name is immediately evident?
2. have you ever heard someone pronounce your lj name incorrectly? how did they say it?
3. how do you pronounce your lj name?

1. i guess not?
2. yes, clnclarinet thought it was "ecko-fawd"
3. sort of like eh-sha-fo'
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I'm in a hurry to video-record (with a camcorder) something, but I don't really have the time to write up a 5-7 minute script. I was wondering if anyone knows how I would go about dubbing sound onto video?

Would I have to buy a microphone to plug into my VCR? Or is it something I should do on a computer? What sorts of cables would I need?

Hypothetical only for Vegetarians

1)Let's say, science has outdone itself and can rearrange cells to produce animals that have no brains and nervous system. They cannot feel pain and have no concept of what is happening around them or to them. The animals are cows, pigs and chickens, and they can be turned into meat and there is no pain, no fear. These are animals that have been bred specifically for eating purposes. And they've played around with the genes and meat now takes much longer to spoil, so if consumed, the meat won't rot in our bodies.

If your reason for not eating meat is for cruelty and health reasons, would you consider eating meat now?

2) Science one-ups itself. They've crossed genes with botany and now, pork, beef and chicken can be grown from certain plants. The plants grow and sprout the meat instead of seeds or pollen. Large sirloins, slabs of ham, etc. Meat now has nothing to do with animals now. The meat can be plucked off the vine.

Would you consider eating meat now?

3) Through careful study, science discovers that plants not only feel pain, but they scream when plucked or unrooted. Their screams are not audible, and can only be heard with certain state-of-the-art sound equipment. But it's evident that there's agony and suffering felt by plants, on a parallel with that of mammals.

Would this affect your diet from this point on? What would you eat now?
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I decided to finally get a paid account :D So in celebration of that, here's a little poll! weeeeeee!

When I say the word "floater", what do you think of?

Spots in your vision that aren't really there
Inflatable devices to aid small children with swimming
Poo that stays at the top of the water as opposed to sinking to the bottom of the toilet bowl
Other (specify in comments)

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For the word idea, do you say i-deah, or i-deah-uh?

I usually say i-deah-uh, and most of the people I know say that as well, and I want to know if it's just because of the Australian accent.

EDIT: Changed i-dear to i-deah. And deah is to rhyme with 'ear'.
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continuing the "I love you" theme... was it hard for you to say it the first time? (the first time ever, or the first time for one person, whichever) (I'm not implying hard because you didn't mean it, but hard because the words mean so much, but not meaning it hard works too).


Inspired by echafaud, what does your username mean? How did you choose it?
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EDIT: Sorry for the duplicate question. If you answered yesterday, please don't feel like you have to answer again. I didn't see it.
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question about my thing.

i am working on a thing...yanno...a thing...and i need to brainstorm!

what kinds of jobs will require someone to be away from home a lot...perhaps long periods during the day, and maybe even for a couple of days at a time for conventions or conferences...or something.

If you say Sales...what are some good classic things that a person in 2006 sells?

thanks in advance...for helping with my thing.

i made fruit salad and it's yummy.

my fruit salad contains blueberries. since blueberries contain the highest amount of antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable, what are antioxidants and why are they good for you? i'm not so much into science, so layman's terms would be preferrable. :)

oh, another question, totally unrelated: what is the name/artist of the song that mariah carey samples in "fantasy"?

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I have to stand on my feet for 8 hours at work, and I can't find a comfortable, yet still somewhat-stylish shoe to wear. That is not my main question, but if you have any recommendations for that, feel free to share!

So anyway, after all of this standing with a closed toe shoe, one of my big toes is killing me. It feels like someone is trying to pull it off. It's not an ingrown toenail, and it looks totally normal. It might be swollen underneath, but I really don't know. Any ideas on what is wrong with it or how to fix it?
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Is it 4 o'clock yet?

What was the most boring job you've ever worked? How did it rank in comparison with pay of your other less boring jobs?

Right now I'm getting paid more than I ever had, yet this is most boring job I've ever held.

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I have a shirt that is 95% nylon 5% spandex the tag says to handwash cold..

It is brand new but has two tiny dirty spots. I dont want to wash the whole thing cause Im paranoid and lazy. What soaps, detergents etc, would be safe to use to get the dirt out?
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Do you think it's weird that if I had the choice, I would choose not to have my full hearing? I am severely hearing impaired, and kinda like it, except for a few inconveniences. I like being able to turn sound off with my hearing aids. I think I'd go nuts if I couldn't "close my ears".

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What do you think about 9/11 conspiracies? Specifically, what do you think about the Loose Change movie (it's on Google videos if you don't know what it is).
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Who is Elizabeth on General Hospital married to in real life? Yesterday, she mentioned having a lot of fun working with her husband, I've searched it but haven't come up with anything...

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hey yall.
so i used to be a member here way back when, but now im back with a new username.

anywho, my question.
ok so i have curly hair. i love my curly hair, but i also like to straighten it. most of the time i just straighten during the winter, because its easier and theres no humidity. so tomorrow i'd like to straighten my hair [[party time!]]. the humidity here is horrible right now, what im wondering..is there anything i can put on my hair so that when i do straigthen it, that as soon as i walk outside it doesn't curly right back up? any ideas or anything would be helpful. one day im just gonna move to alaska to get away from this humidity, haha.
thanks you guys!
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I put my Dad's Sony Cybershot DSC-W1 in the front inner pocket in my backpack- and when I took it out, the LCD screen was broken. If I tell my dad, he will murder me.

1.) How did it break? Can it be cheaply fixed? Is there a number I can call to check the warranty?

2.) Is there any way I can hide this from my Dad? What should I do?
The Receptionist Classic

Story Time!

1. Suppose the Prime Minister of a country is a man. What do you call his wife? First Lady?

2. What is the leader of your country called? Prime Minister, President, etc. And what country are you from? (And no "trained monkey" replies, smartasses.)

3. What are some things I need to know about amoebas? (In idiot's terms, please. Science and I, we are not good friends.)

4. I'm drawing a total blank here - what are some EXPENSIVE brand names of women's heels/shoes? All I can think of is "Jimmy Choo."
And where would someone go to by these in a store (not online)?

Me and my amoeba heroine thank you for your input.
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you'll have to forgive me, i am hair-product-ignorant

So my fiance has a job interview tomorrow (yay!) and I have a question.

He has long, wavy hair down past his shoulders, and he will be putting it in a ponytail for the interview. His hair is frizzy on top of his head, and I was wondering what kind of hair gel/mousse/gunky stuff should we get to make his hair lie down and look more professional?

He doesn't really want anything that will make his hair crispy and hard, just mainly something to smooth his hair out with and something that will make the frizz lie down.

What sort of product, or what specific product should we get?

Not some $15 or more salon product though- something we can find at the grocery store or Walgreens/CVS.
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Does anyone have handy the URL to the question (from a few days ago, maybe a week) about hurl.exe? it's the file you're prompted to download sometimes when you try to listen to samples of music on amazon.com.

I'd appreciate if anyone knows where that question is (or, even, if anyone can tell me what hurl.exe is and if I really need to download it to listen to these samples).

Okay. I tried downloading hurl.exe (because I know how to delete troublesome files easy enough) and even doing that didn't allow me to listen to samples on amazon.com. I have realplayer, what the hell is the problem?
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What are some interesting new hair styles that I can try on medium length hair?

I usually straighten it or blow dry it if I leave it down. I'll put it half-up in a ponytail or bun or all up in a pony-tail or bun. But since I cut all my hair off a few years ago, I don't remember what I used to do with my long hair that made me miss playing with it so much.

So what ideas do you have? My hair does tend to get frizzy when I let it air dry and my bangs are side bangs.

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Thanks in advance!
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Stars in your eyes

I love these "hypothetical" questions.

So here's mine:

Let's say you were an up-and-coming actress (not quite internationally famous, but well on your way to getting there), and you were at a very elegant celebrity party. You mingle for a while, and suddenly your favorite celebrity (actor, musician, sports star, whatever) is standing in front of you and telling you that they are very much a fan of yours, and would love to get to know you better. (Dinner, coffee, hanging out, sex in a van down by the river, whatever)

Who's that person for you?

ETA: I just thought of an add-on question: What song would you want playing in the backround? :D

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No other Eddie takers? Muahaha... He's allllll mine. *starts looking for a van... and a river*
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ok cupid question

this i seriously a stupid question: when you are looking at your matches on ok cupid and lets say there are 300, you can click 1-10, 30-41 ,91-100-BUT! where the hell is the 'next' button that takes you to other 200 matches??
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On god, my phone is being a bitch. 

Kyocera Kio Royale

The screen says the Powering off Now message, but it never goes away.  It won't charge my phone.  It won't turn fully on or off. I've taken the battery in and out and no luck, the screen is stuck.

What do I do?  I'm fucking broke and the job I started yesterday requires that i have a functioning phone, and i won't get a paycheck until the 20th.  Are there any quick fixes?

edit:// fixed.  Violence was the answer. More specifically thumping it on a wall, for future reference.
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I turn to you for help and advice as ever!!

I am trying to sell 100 video cassettes with mainly action films on. I know that they won't go for much but how much should I expect to get for them on Ebay? I had a look and I saw someone selling 250 for buyitnow £300. I think thats a bit much!!!!

Anyways, any ideas?!
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1. Have you ever published an actual dead-tree book?

2. What software would one use to write a book? I'm looking for something that will help me maintain a TOC and indexes, and allow me to define styles for certain sections (e.g., "tip", "warning"), and then come back later and tweak the way these sections are presented (icons in the margins, different font, etc.)

3. Related to #2... what file formats do publishers expect?

[edit] 4. What if the book includes a lot of photographs or illustrations? Would I just reference them in the manuscript and submit them separately?
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hostel the movie

so i just watched it last night. it was awful but it made me wonder if such things as elite hunting really exist? it must, right? and if there wasn't before there must be now. what do you think? or what about the situation in 8mm? my mind is in a dark place.
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Lion on crack


Here's the story (of a man named Brady!):

I was visiting a friend in college, and tried to find him at the pool. I asked a passerby if he knew where I could find the natatorium, and he gave me a "WTF!?" look until I rephrased my question replacing natatorium with pool.

The last straw was at Wendy's. I ordered a combo and asked to have a potato served in lieu of fries. The cashier said, "Huh?" I said to give me a potato instead of fries and she seemed to understand. (Then it dawned on me that she might not know English).

I know this doesn't qualitfy for a "polished" vocabulary, but do I need to alter my word choices? I feel snotty for using "big" and "different" words sometimes, especially if I leave people puzzled when I ask for help. At the same time, I want to expand my vocabulary, and I'd like to do it outside of the college setting. I also tend to visit friends and family in a city with a giant Spanish-speaking population, but I feel more like I'm profiling if I spoke in simple words to every individual I suspected of having a weak English vocabulary, so I approach everyone the same-- treat them as I would like to be treated rather than condescend or assume they only know Spanish. Is there any gray area to reach a solution?
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In life, what is more important to you? Doing something you love to do or doing something to make a difference?

Or did you luck out and do something you love that makes a difference?

Edit: When I mention making a difference, I mean making a difference to the world, something larger than yourself.
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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Anyone read Cosmopolitan? Do you subscribe to it or buy it from the stands? Also...do you have the last issue? Not the one with Brittany Murphy on the cover. I really need to find something from last month's issue. Unfortunately I don't have that with me.
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