June 1st, 2006

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hiv vaccination volunteering

Has anyone done, or considered volunteering for these trials? If so why, and with what group? (there seem to be a bunch)

Would you do it? What have you heard or read about this? (And where can I find whatever it is you read? Mostly what I'm getting on google are organizations who are doing this, not much from outside sources)

The more I think about it, the more I'd really like to do it, or at least learn a lot more about how the whole process works for the volunteer. Not sure if anyone here remembers (I had asked a few questions about it) but last fall we had a terrible hiv scare in my home, and although it ended up being false positives, I still feel an overwhelming need to contribute something worthwhile to the epidemic.

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So, I'm lonely, and I've been giving some thought to those online dating/matching communities, such as eHarmony and the like?

Do any of you have any sort of testimonials or experiences with using any of these sort of communities? Would you or would you not recommend them?

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Hyperactive Hypothetical

Let's say you're single. One day, you're doing your thing when you're approached by a member of the opposite sex. They're a bit cute, and there's something strangely familiar about them. They start mentioning a lot of key memories and historical points from your middle school days. When you flash that confused look on your face, they laugh and tell you that they were your best friend in middle school (of the same gender), but they had a sex change last year. So, just picture your best friend in middle school now of the opposite gender. They insist on taking you out to dinner. You guys catch up and it's like old times. You get along extremely well, picking up seemingly where you left off in school. But during dinner, you get the intuitive sense that this person is hitting on you. Sure enough, they ask you out.

Now, you're single and for intents and purposes, they kind of don't look bad in their new gender, and you get along with this person extremely well.

Would you date this person?

As inspired by tonight's episode of Just Shoot Me
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More questions...

1) Last year a rapper released a song that sampled "Do You Have A Little Time" by Dido. Who is the rapper and what is the song?

2) What is something cute you always do for your SO? Something they do for you?

3) If you have a myspace...what's the link?

Mine is myspace.com/linzyxxxxx
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on the first day (or first couple of days) on a new job, do you find yourself messing around on the internet due to lack of things to do? (if you have the internet/computer, that is)
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My update journal page is stuck in rich text mode and it has been for weeks. There's no button to click out of it and logging in and out doesn't work. I don't like it and I want it to go away, how do I get it to go away?

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Do any of you watch Dateline NBC's "To Catch A Predator" Series? Do you view what they are doing as entrapment? Do you agree/disagree with it?

I watched last night's special (I know it was a rerun) and was appalled at how many men show up for sex with a minor. Add in the fact that a lot of them are married and some of their career professions should REALLY make them think twice about this kind of thing, my head was boggling.

I know this isn't the only one they've done, I've seen the one where school teachers, counselors, and a rabbi showed up, and I'm glad they're being exposed. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it, and I find that the way NBC and the police forces are handling it is very organized and controlled.
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hello again, tqc. the theme is still birthdays.

1. I want to buy myself a ditital camera or a mp3 player for my birthday. Possibly both. If you were going to sell me one, what would you suggest and why?
No iPods. PC pride on the East side, yo.

2. Crazy Christians are going wild and inducing labour on the fifth so their child won't be born on 6/6/06. What will you be doing on this most holy of days?
I'll be celebrating my birthday.

3. Who do you share a birthday with?
Nobody that I know of, but my little sister's birthday is the day before mine.

4. What song is stuck in your head or playing right now?
Various things from 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. Grarrrgh.
Ahh! Babies!

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I'm getting fillings in a week. The dentist has suggested the synthetic tooth colored fillings. He says they're much better and you can see tooth decay through them. Those are his only reasons for suggesting them. He says some people are sensitive to metal fillings and they are out of date and no one gets them anymore. I'm getting three fillings on molars in the back of my mouth so I don't really care if the fillings are tooth colored or not. The tooth colored fillings are not covered by my insurance. They cost me around 350.00. The metal ones are completely covered by my insurance. They are free.

Has anyone here had experience with both kinds of fillings or recently had a metal filling? Which one should I get? Will it be horrible if I get metal fillings?
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(no subject)

1. How cautious are you when it comes to what you put into your body? Is there anything you specifically try to avoid ingesting by checking ingredients? (Other than things that you are allergic to, or that are contraindicated with a health condition or medication you're taking. For example, you check for aspartame or msg just because of the risks you've heard about associated with them.)

2. How old were you when you had your first alcoholic drink? (not talking about a tiny sip of wine at a wedding or something when you were really young :P) Do you remember what the drink was?

3. What medications and/or supplements do you take? (Sorry if it's too personal, but considering some of the questions I've seen here I included it anyway for those that don't mind)

speaking of cornbread...

1. i often wonder about the traditional zydeco song "cornbread". what exactly is it about?

it is sung at all the festivals, and i've heard this song a million times. but why is this man trying to give away his cornbread? in the past, was there perhaps some kind of barter system set up around cornbread? could you perhaps buy a new pair of shoes if you had baked up a very nice bit of cornbread to trade with?


2. what brand of paper towels is the best?

3. why the hell was my smoke alarm going off today when i was in the shower? nothing was burning anywhere in my house. and it wasn't *that* steamy.

4. what do you do on your day off?

5. what's the best bassline you can think of?

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this is annoying me to no end...
lately i've been biting the inside of my cheeks, nervous habit, i guess...

what're your nervous habits?
bite your nails?
smoke too much?

oh, name the worst movie ever...

i say ISHTAR hands down...
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Flipper or Free Willy?

Tuna or sardines?

Why? - for both.

My choices: Um, squeaky dolphin and young Elijah Wood? Flipper, please. Also, sardines. They're good and salty and tuna smells nasty. And smell is 80% of taste. Or something. (Yes, I've tried tuna.)
Btw, Flipper's on HBO right now. I'm recording it.
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How come only the east coast of the United States seems to get hurricanes and not the west coast? If they do get them, they're not talked about on the news at all.

Do you think a major hurricane will hit the NYC area? I live there, so I hope not! I have no idea what to do to prepare for a major hurricane.
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Have you or anyone you know ever gotten a perfect/near-perfect score on the ACT/SAT I or section of one of these? (I don't mean a 2000, we're talking 2370 or the like!) How did they manage to do it?

If you took either of these, did you find them easy, in the sense that you finished all the questions and were confident of the answers by the end of the section? Or did you perhaps only finish half?

LJ Names

1. Your LJ name -- How was it chosen? What does it mean?
2. Did you have other LJ names?
3. If given a free rename token, would you change your name? What would you change it to, assuming the name you want isn't taken?

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My elementary school principal died earlier this week and my dad's been pretty involved in her funeral/burial process. However, we just found out that the family's minister can't talk at her funeral/burial and whatnot, so my dad was nominated to do the job. He's a devout Irish Catholic and we dunno what their religious affiliations are - at any rate, I'm trying to help him out and find prayers or nice things to read at the funeral and burial. 

So, do you know of any websites that might be helpful for something like this? Or if you want to suggest a poem, a verse, a psalm, a whatever, that'd be endlessly helpful.

Also, are there are prayers or things that one says that are pretty much standard at a funeral and burial? He doesn't want to miss anything.

Thanks in advance!
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music question

Does anyone happen to know anywhere you can get traditional Spanish Flamenco music online? None of the music download places seem to have a search for genre option... and I don't know artist names etc.
Any help, pointers appreciated.
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(no subject)

1. Do you like to wrap presents?

2. Where do you get cool wrapping paper and accessories?

3. If you don't like to wrap, would you be willing to pay someone to do it for you? How much (total or per-present)?
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(no subject)

How long have you been involved with someone (relationshipwise) before you said "I love you" to them? For each relationship? And why did it take longer/less time? Etc, just tell me your "I love you" stories. Having fallen in love for the first time, I'm just curious about other people.

thanks :D
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On my friends page, it should show the number of comments and then post a comment, or whatever, but lately it's just been showing the post a comment option, and when I click the entry I have to click "read comments" to see them.. how can I fix this?

Couple random questions.

1. What is your favorite browser-based game (of any genre)?

2. What is your view on cursing? Does your family have the same view? Did you parents always yell at you when you were younger for cursing?

3. Have you ever had a miscarriage? If so, did it just happen, or did you fall, etc.?

4. Weirdest fruit? Why?

5. Favorite game show?

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(no subject)

This question's from my sister. She has a pair of jeans that she had autographed at a concert (she's not sure if it's Sharpie or a different type of marker) and wants to be able to wash them without the autograph fading/bleeding. Is there a way to "seal in" the marker?  It's been suggested to try dry them before washing them on a really hot dryer cycle, and then Febreezing them, but she obviously doesn't want to take the chance of it not working. Any ideas?

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For the past few weeks I've been seriously considering seeing a psychiatrist despite having always been a bit skeptical of psychiatry.

Have you ever visited a psychiatrist? Was it helpful?
Good and bad experiences, share 'em all.
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(no subject)

I have a question about the laws regarding breaks and lunch hour at the job... I'm a CA if these thngs are state specific.

I work 10-hour days with an hour unpaid lunch, so 9 hours paid; I usually take my lunch from 5-6 and end work at 7. Is it legal to omit a lunch altogether and just clock out an hour early? Or do they need to see two clock-ins and two clock-outs on the time sheet?

I'm nervous to ask HR yet because she'll CC my higher-ups and I don't want them thinking I just wanna leave early.. even though I do. haha.

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heres a life story for you:
ok so i currently have the go plan for cingular and i want to change to a monthly plan. i'm 18 and just graduated hs and have never owned a credit card or anything like that before. my dad will NOT let me switch to a monthly plan because he thinks i won't pay him for it (because it would be on his credit card).

SO, i just applied online for a capital one card. when you apply online it gives you your acct. number and says you can use it immediately. so, am i able to just call cingular and they can change my account over the phone, or what? i was told that i was able to do that a while ago, but i just want to double check to make sure. thanks for your help.
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viewing keenspace comics

Okay -- for some reason Keenspace insists that I'm forging referral headers. I have no idea what that means. All I know is that I can't read Ghastly's comic or Sexy Losers. Is anyone willing to help me out? I'm running Windows XP Pro behind a router.
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OK, so I have trouble with simple things.

1. I accidentally bought the kid's version of the toothpaste I usually use. I now have 2 tubes of Elmex Age 1-6. Will it harm my teeth or can I keep using it?

2. How far do you go for your principles? Like, if it's yellow do you let it mellow to save water?

3. How far won't you go? For instance, doing without the courtesy flush.

4. What do you wear work? How often do you wear the same outfit? Please let me know if you're male or female for that one.

I'm temping in Finance so smart-smart. I'm not good with clothes, and I'd like to make it easier, but I don't dare do what my boyfriend does: he has exactly enough clothes for two weeks (pants+5shirts, otherpants+5othershirts). I don't think anyone's ever noticed.
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(no subject)

Have you had a broken heart? The kind where the person you are in love with (and have been for over 2 years) breaks up with you.  We still live together, sleep in the same bed, and I am 100% still in love with her today, as I was when we met on January 16th, 2004.

What did you do to get over it? I want to convince her to love again.  I just poured my heart  out to her in an email....I don't regret it but I know I should not have done it.

Do you find that gatorade quenches your thirst more than water? I've had 3 32 ounce bottles in the last 2 days. But my thirst is unquenchable in this heat/mugginess.

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My friend (kit_cat_cafe) is going to a 21st fancy dress party. She's after some ideas pls?

Points to note: we live in Australia, today is the first day of winter and it's not so warm, and she'll be heading out to pubs/clubs after.
No nurses/maids/schoolgirls thanks!

She's about 5'6", thin and blonde.
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Craft question

For my brother's birthday, I wanted to get him a clock to replace the one in our garage that no longer works. Since I couldn't find what I am looking for in a store or online, I'm going to make it myself.

Pretty much I'm going to put a picture onto a wooden clock base, but I am not sure what to cover the picture with. I need something to cover the picture to protect it, preferably something really sturdy or that could be wiped down to clean it, since it will be in a garage so will probably get dirty/dusty/covered with a variety of different substances.

Could anyone recommend to me what I could use? One of my friends suggested Modge Podge, but I've never used it and I don't want to screw this up.
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Sorry for the caps, but I had to make sure y'all knew what the question was :]

Keep in mind: no car, one 17 year old, one 18 year old.

My friend and I have Saturday through Saturday night through Sunday afternoon free, and we need something fun, semi-spontaneous, cheap, easy to do. We're skipping prom and going out on our own. First we'll start off with going to our favorite park for many many hours to just talk (it's what we do, haha)

After that though, we have no idea. I was thinking bowling? Jump on a bus randomly and get off at a predetermined number of stops?

I live in Anaheim, CA (Disneyland city). No theme parks, just some random, fun stuff.
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What level have you gotten to on this game: Space Orbox

I'm on level 16, and so far am having a problem trying to figure out what I need to hit to get to the last place. Nevermind...beat it. On to level 17. But you can see what level 16 might look for you under the tag.

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(no subject)

This is kind of a followup to my previous question. Is there a way to convert avi files and still retain their size? It always squishes the picture when it's a widescreen video.

Also, is there an easy/free way to convert .rm to .wmv? This doesn't convert .rm files, so I probably have to make them .wmv to then be able to convert them to the iPod file.

I appreciate all the help you can give! I don't know much about converting files.
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gummy goodness

some dental questions since i don't really know what i'm doing in the next month or so.

any problems from leaving a premolar gap? (particularly from the lower jaw)
anyone have a tooth implant or two?

both bad and good experiences appreciated...
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(no subject)

So the boy and I were watching the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Robert and Amy get married, and we were wondering:

1.) What happens at a real wedding if someone objects? Does the ceremony stop or...? Has anyone ever witnessed that?

(I jokingly said that's the point where the Bride snaps the neck of whoever objected and the wedding continues as normal :-p)

2.) What's your favorite soup?

3.) This is my birthday weekend, and I'm going out on Saturday night. I'm wearing a black skirt, and a pink tank top. I bought some pink and black strands of beads to wear as well. Is this too much pink? I kind of feel like Barbie when I put the outfit on. I can post a semidecent picture if needed.
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I'm a little new to this. I need to update my CC number in my Amazon account. It says "delete" or "edit." I click "edit" but it only lets me chnage the expiration date of my card or alter my billing adress, it will NOT let me chnage the card number itself.

Do I have to delete my current payment settings and then enter my new card number? I checked the Help section but didn't find anything.

EDIT: Taken care of.

You can change payment upon checking out. I thought you could just alter the card number BEFORE making a transaction.
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either or

they were talking about this on the radio on my way home from work tonight and I thought it was interesting.

Would you rather always orgasm 3 minutes into sex or not be able to orgasm until you have been having sex for 3 continuous hours?

3 minutes
3 hours
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I've been smoking for nearly 8 years now,
I started smoking since I was 12, and I'm becoming 20 soon.

I'm not physically addicted, cause I can quit for long time, without any cravings, but it's just that when I'm stressed, feeling lonely, and just whenever I'm feeling weird, I want it so bad, so i guess it's psychological addiction.

Now, I'm not here to ask how I can quit, but I want to ask, if I should try to quit at all, I've tried more than 30 times and i failed.
and in fact, I do like smoking, although sometimes it makes me feel like a shit, maybe I shouldn't try to quit cause I've been smoking for long anyways..

What do you think? Should I keep on try? or forget about it and keep on smoking cause my lung's probably fucked up anyways?