May 30th, 2006


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You know when you start a search in Google (Or LJ), and a dropdown menu shows up with a list of everything else you've ever searched before? Is there any way of getting rid of that? Or at least clearing it?
luna by heimweh26
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1:Do you ever shop for books at Thrift Shops?
2:What's the best book you've ever found?
3:What's the most recent book you've read?

Can you recommend me...
1: A good meaningful read
2:Something fun
3:Another good dog oriented book (I just finished Marley and Me a couple of days ago)
4:Something easy

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Say you were at a local sports bar, watching the Pistons VS. Miami with a large group of friends (10 people). You just order water (and get refills VERY often), and some appetizers. You stay for about 3 hours. Your bill is $30. What do you think an appropriate tip is?

*I know people ask questions related to tipping kind of often, but I'm just curious about what y'all think about this.
** See comment number 1 for why I'm asking this question.
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Hey guys :) I'm looking for a nightstand because I'm tired of using an overturned box. I don't need to keep much on it - eye glasses, glass of water, bible/devotion book and my alarm clock. Ideally, I'd like one that has a drawer with a false bottom or back for my gun. The house I'm living in now doesn't like me to keep it under my pillow :O

I'm not very handy, and I don't want to pay to get it custom made. Anyone know of any manufacturers?

Also, it would be okay if it didn't have a hidden area if it did have a sturdy lock on it. But I'd prefer to hide it, I love acting like a spy! :D
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are you suprised when other people find you attractive? could be oppositite sex or same sex[ whatever your preference]

do you think to yourself 'what?? why the hell are you attracted to me?'

i do... alot.
dwight working at staples

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1)If you have or are going to have kids, would you ever consider hiring a nanny instead of putting them in daycare?
2)If you did hire a nanny, would you ever put a camera in your house to make sure that the nanny is doing everything correctly??
3)If you are a nanny, would you be mad if you found out that the family you worked for had a secret camera in their house?

I'm asking because I'm a nanny and I think that my boss has a camera in her house. I don't really care, I have nothing to hide. I'm just curious if people feel the same way as me.

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1. I'm screwed. I have no idea where my SS card is, and my new job won't let me start until they have it. Isn't there anything a job will accept until the new card comes in the mail?

2. Are there any stores that sell air conditioners, and beds (mattresses/boxsprings/everything) that let you buy now and pay later?

Senior Pranks

What are some good senior pranks?
My class hasn't thought of anything, and I was watching the High School Confidential show on MTV2.
We want something cool to do.
Just throw out suggestions.

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Online surveys?

I put up resumes on CareerBuilder and yesterday, and I got these two emails.

Are they legit? How can I tell?

Collapse )

Collapse )

These were both in my Bulk mail. I hadn't gotten anything in my Inbox yet. Is there such a thing as a scam employment email? How od I know the difference?


Do you pluck eyelashes? Is it bad to do this?? Sometimes I get one or two that are really short or point the wrong way and stab me in the eye constantly. So I just pull them out, haha. Is that any worse than plucking eyebrows?
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song question

does anyone know what the song is that is in the preview for the new Adam Sandler movie? the one i'm talking about starts playing when everything starts speeding up. it starts "everyday...." and thats all i know of it. it's stuck in my head, and i'd just like to know what it's called and who it's by.

thank you. :)

Levi's The Drowned and the Saved

I've been reading Primo Levi's The Drowned and the Saved recently, and have since been puzzling over a dilemma thrown up in his preface. In it he mentions that the company which manufactured the crematoria for Auschwitz was still operating under the same name as late as the 1970s. What I can't decide is whether keeping the same name was a sign of a sort of arrogance and ignoring of their share of responsibility and thus it is disturbing that people still used their services when they had such a visible link of complicity to the Holocaust, or whether keeping the same name was somehow a sign of acceptance of their guilt and that it would have been worse if they had changed the name in an attempt to hide their links to the Nazi death camp.

What do people think? Can you offer another explanation/interpretation of their actions?
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I have often been told that I don't look deaf. I have been deaf since birth. What in the hell is this supposed to mean? I can't figure out if it's supposed to be an insult or a compliment, since Marlee Matlin, Former Miss America Heather Whitestone, and Halle Berry all have varying degrees of hearing loss. None of them could ever be accused of being ugly. What does this mean? Do you think deaf people have a "look"? I guess I'm completely clueless in this regard.

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So, I've been semi-seriously planning on moving to Canada some time after I graduate.
My Friend-Who-Is-English says I should move to England instead. He points out that this winter he was here(Iowa), he saw more snow than he'd seen before in his entire life- And Canada is even further north. I said that the coastal cities were warmer, he rebutted that pretty much all of England counts as a coastal area.
I said he just wants me to move to England because he wants in my pants. He said that while that is true, there are other reasons.

So! what do you guys think?

healthcare, politics/corruption, liberal/conservatism(he says England's conservatives are kindof like our moderates), general existence of rampaging asshats, weather, etc?
Random: I want to be a copy editor(read: newspaper proofreader), which is somewhat relevant, but also brings up a language question.
People here in US say "X is different than y" and it drives me nuts becuase it's different FROM. English people say "X is different to y".... that's not like zee/zed where it's actually correct over there, is it?

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My housemates and I are attempting to cook a different meal every time we cook (about 3-4 times a week) for 3 months. We love all different kinds of food... for example, our last three dishes have been: 1. chicken/avocado enchiladas, 2. ga xao sa (vietnamese lemongrass chicken), 3. fresh spaghetti pesto from scratch.

We buy all our food from the Queen Victoria Market which is one of the largest markets in Australia, so we can get pretty much any weird ingredient we need!

So my question is... what is your favourite meal (to eat and/or cook)? I need suggestions!! We want anything from stock-standard meals to really unique recipes. Any ideas would be awesome (and if you have a vague outline of a recipe, that would be great too, but definitely not essential).


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for those of you who are familiar w/cooking with a crockpot.... i'm making chicken dumpling soup, and letting it simmer all day. i'm kind of making up my own recipe. i've never done dumplings in the crockpot before. do i just stick them in there raw and let them simmer with the soup? I don't want them to get rubbery or anything...

anyone have any good (and fairly simple) salmon recipes? i've googled, but once again, i'd like something i KNOW will turn out good... and nothing sounded too good that i found through google.


Ok, so lets say that you have a best friend that you happen to sleep with. Then you go on date with a guy that you really really like and now talk to everyday. He lives about an hour away so the relationship is not going to progress very quickly. When do you break it off with the FWB and when do you tell the new guy about it?

EDIT: HOW do you tell the new guy about the FWB?
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What do you do at your job? Don't just tell me your position or title. I'm interested to learn what a typical 8 hours (or more) is for you. Provide as much or as little detail as you'd like (I'd prefer as much as possible).

Although anyone can answer if they'd like, I'm specifically interested in those of you who have a career.
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How would you react to someone, roughly your own age, a passerby on the street, or sharing a bus/metro ride with you or something, from whichever gender(s) you prefer, randomly saying something like, "You're pretty/handsome/beautiful/whatever," and then just walking off?

I've seen this happen to people, and it's happened to people I know, and for the most part, it tends to pick them up, as long as it's done in a non-creepy way.

Also, in the above scenario, what could someone do that might creep you out (other than really obvious things like touching you or saying something crude)?
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

Children's book

(Or possibly young adult. I don't remember.)

(Yes, I could ask on whatwasthatone, but I like you guys better. Don't you feel special?)

I have a vague memory of a book I had when I was a kid. It's the typical "new friendships, coming of age" genre, but one of the throughlines was this poem the girls were writing for the Guiness Book of World Records (longest poem ever written by kids or something). The poem was about the adventures of Barbie, and they sent the poem to Sir Alec Guiness, because hey, Guiness book, must belong to him, right? He sends it back to them , with a ntoe that he's sure it would makie a great entry in the World Records book.

Does this jog anyone's memory? At all?

EDIT: It was Stage Fright by Ann M Martin.

Driving test.

Where you live, who is the examiner for your driving test?

Where I live (in Massachusetts), we have to take our road test with a state trooper. :\
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First question :D

A friend and I are supposed to debate a controversial topic as a class presentation. We chose gay rights and marriage, and then realized that we're both for it. So I'm just going to act like I'm against it. But I had a better idea!

How offensive would it be to dress up as a nun and create a giant bible (for a visual) with the against side's view? If I do so, my friend is planning on dressing in heaps of rainbow garb.

Any other suggestions?

Edit: All comments are greatly appreciated :D I'd like to add that this is in no way a huge grade, and this is a very, VERY slack teacher who is pretty much at this point babysitting a class full of high school students at the very end of the year.
Also I have already done a massive research paper on the pro side.
I have changed my mind about the costume; I'm going to find something else interesting to do.

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This is the dress that I am wearing to my senior prom next Friday. 

Do you guys think that my date would look better in:

A. A white tux with a blue vest 


B. A gray suit with a blue tie?

I think that both look equally chic, but some argue that a white tux is too "Disco Fever" and that a gray suit isn't formal enough.

Thanks in advance!!

BTW: My shoes and accessories are silver, if that makes a difference

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ipod video question

uh, this is my first post so what's up? try to be helpful if you can.
so i just got a new ipod video and i want to alter it. i'm gonna get rockbox, but until then, i just want to fiddle with it. and i remember seeing (i believe on livejournal), a bunch of screenshots taken off video ipods that had different "now playing" screens. it looked sorta like themes. is this a firmware change, or is it simple to do? where can i get the resources to change that?

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My husband and I are looking to buy a house. Our lease for the apt we're in now is up in November. In the house buying process, is it possible to show interest in a house, and possibly get it within the next couple of months... but not start payments until November? How much time is there usually in between saying, "Yes, I'll buy it," and the time you pay your first payment?

I guess my point is, is it pointless to want a certain house now... if I wont want to start paying for it until November?

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Do you assume all people on livejournal are adults?  I assume everyone is around my age (24) for some reason, even though not everyone can be 24 haha.

What would you rather be doing right now?

Do you believe it is 92 degrees in Buffalo, NY? (and muggy as hell to boot)
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I move on Thursday into a new apartment.
Anything I could have forgotten?
-I quit the electricity
-moved telephone and internet (luckily I get this already on Monday on the new place)
-got an order that for a short time my mail comes to the new adress (anything that is still sent to the old adress)
Breathe!! - THE Moment

A few questions...

1. What kind of purse would be appropriate for a cruise? I'm looking for something to use on the ship and on excursions (most of which involve swimming). If a purse wouldn't be appropriate, then how would you suggest I carry my money around? I can hardly imagine going somewhere without a purse. lol

2. What kind of purse would be appropriate for a concert? I'm going to have a floor seat about 20 rows back from the stage. I plan to buy a souvenir or two, and I also plan to stake out the tour bus(es) for autographs.

3. Has anyone bought a concert ticket from Ticketmaster recently, and have you used the service where you print the ticket out at home? If so, do you have to keep the ticket flat (as opposed to folding it a few times and putting it in your pocket)? Do your printer cartridges have to be perfectly aligned for printing out the ticket? I think our printer has had some alignment issues recently, and I don't want to print my ticket out quite yet.

4. What kind of music do you suggest for a 12+ hour car drive to Tampa? Do you have anything to share?

Thank you!!
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i just had two teeth filled. actually i had them done at 3:30ish central time.

i'm eating now. soup and iced tea, and my teeth are very sensitive.

and i had two little pieces of metal fall out of my mouth. not huge or anything, and my mom said it looked like extra stuff rather than filling that fell out.

wtf... is this normal? or okay?
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1. I'm leaving this weekend for a roadtrip from south Florida to Las Vegas with my brother, what's fun to do in the car?

2. You and a person you love deeply are placed in seperate rooms with a button next to each of you. You know that you will both me killed unless one of you presses the button within 60 minutes; furthermore, the first person to press the button will save the other person, but immeadiately be killed. What do you think you would do?

my creation on that web site

Thank You Cards

What's an appropriate message to include a thank you to mostly family members who gave me cash for my college graduation? I don't want to be like "Thank you for x amount of dollars you gave me" but somewhat personal.

Edit: I sent out all of my thank you cards. Thank you so much to everyone who responded. You were all really helpful.
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What do you think the celebrity moms tell their children when the paparazzi are lined up taking photos of them? I mean, I'm sure they're confused as to why millions of photographers are only taking pix of them...
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Do any Canadians know where I can get these shoes in Toronto (or the Markham area would be even better):

I want to get them from an actual store. Mainly because I'm going to the foot doctor tomorrow and need some decent shoes to wear. I tried the West 49 website but they didn't have them (but they might have them in the store, I just haven't had time to check).

And if you have shit to say about this, keep it to yourself because I don't want to hear it. Really, save yourself the trouble and get hit by a bus instead.

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1. So I've got a four hour car ride this weekend, what's a fun movie I can watch during the ride?

2. Are any of you actually going to go see the Snakes on a Plane movie?

3. Book time! I can't go to the bookstore at this hour, so I raided my parents bookshelf. Which should I read first?
The Poisonwood Bible, Naked by David Sedaris, or Galapogos by Kurt Veonnegut?
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Have you ever experienced deja vu or dreamt something and have it occur?

About how often does this happen to you? (Once a month, a few times a year...?)

Would you share any interesting experiences?

Say I experience deja vu, um, A LOT, I'm very intuitive and get feelings and senses and junk, and occasionally dream things that later occur or have a big meaning. What can I do to figure this stuff out? Why do I have deja vu so much? I've heard people experience it more in their youth, so maybe I'm just going through that. But as I get older it seems to develop more and more - the deja vu and intuitiveness and stuff. What does this mean? What should I do?
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Besides melting them into bowls, what are some fun things you can do with vinyl records?

A friend of mine just decided he's not going to dj anymore, so he's interested in doing weird stuff with his records.
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senior paper

I'm just starting my senior paper which is due tomorrow. We have three choices for the paper:
Option #1 Find a poet that interests you, research their life and analyze how his/her experiences are reflected in his/her poems.
Option #2 Contrast and compare poems by two different poets from the same time period.
Option #3 Trace a single idea or theme through two or more poems and support your interpretation with outside sources.

Considering it only has to be 3 pages and have two secondary sources, which option do you think would be easiest?

I'd planned on doing the first one and using Jenny Lewis or Sylvia Plath but it seems like option two might be easier I can't decide and I really need to get started.

vertically challenged

What are some PC, work-friendly conversations I can have with my customers? Other than the usual stuff, weather, how are your kids, etc. I have a lot of regulars that I'm on a first name basis with and I'd like to talk with them more.

We're supposed to give "anything but routine" service, but I don't want to offend anyone or talk about anything that is un-PC. I'm not politically correct in any other facet of my life, haha, so I'm not really quite sure what is and isn't PC these days.

Also, what fun or silly things do you do at your job that might be considered "unprofessional"?

Today I was walking around like I was on a catwalk, flipping my hair and doing turns. The customers got a kick out of it. Me and my coworkers also often break out into song; today it was some Cher, Journey, and the apples and bananas song.
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When you like a new song, do you play it over and over and over until you get it out of your head?

When was the last time you couldn't get enough sleep? Did you find out why?

The past week I've been just extremely tired all the time. If I'm not doing something that requires my brain at work, I just shut down and lay back in my chair and close my eyes. It probably doesn't help that I usually take my shoes off at work. But I'm doing this everywhere. I'll get a good 6-8+ hours of sleep in the night and I wake up feeling exhausted and if I'm not at work, then I'll take a nap. My naps lately have been ranging from 2-7 hours. And if it's later in the day, like I wake up at 9pm, I'll go back to sleep for the night at 11pm and won't wake up until 7 or 8am and still be extremely exhausted. I had a 2 1/2 hour nap not even 2 hours ago and I'm ready to go back to sleep for the night.

I digress...

What's on your floor?

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I have a question (duh) -- I am planning to switch from Windows to Mac, but I am afraid of losing my files. If I backup my stuff to a storage device (external harddrive, or CD's), will they be available to me on the Mac?

Also I have an iPod that's apparently formatted for Windows -- does any of that matter? I am sooooooooo confused!
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Has anyone had their tonsils out?

I think I might have to have mine out, I just got strep for the 13th time, and the throat infection just isn't going away. It's like someone stuffed big, puss-soaked cotton balls in the back of my throat; pleasant, right?

Anyway, how was it? How much did they put you under?

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does anyone know how to re-install active mixer drivers on win xp?

we tried using the 'drivers,utilites, and applications' cd but it didn't work.

my mom deleted it thinking it was a new driver.
the laptop is a win xp.