May 29th, 2006

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Movin' Out!

I’m an only child (21 years old) moving out of my parent’s home for the first time. I’m only moving about 35 miles away and really the only reason for doing so is that I can’t finish my degree at the regional branch of the University I’ve been attending. I’m excited (and admittedly a *little* nervous) and as expected my parents are stressed/emotional.

The assistant manager (Lisa) of the apartment complex that I’m going to be moving into has been nothing short of amazing. She’s gone out of her way to be accommodating (through almost renting me a 2 bedroom and then my going back on that right before the lease signing when my roommate to be backed out on me…then dealing with me almost having a breakdown in her office (the stress of the parents was wearing on me as well) when there were no one bedroom apartments available – she actually managed to finagle an apartment for me that wasn’t supposed to be available yet or some such). While I realize that most of this is her job, she’s really been great. Dealing with my parents and I this past week has been like talking to 3 raving lunatics all off their medication. My father and I looked at innumerable apartment complexes with managers just looking to take advantage of college students (college towns – ugh…) but we got none of that at the place we settled on…not to mention it’s one of the nicest properties we saw (it’s actually located just outside the city…one of the reasons I was so stressed when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get a place there).

The point – it’s coming…I promise.

Lisa has been so patient and good natured with us through this that I want to do something for her to show my appreciation, but I’m not sure what to do. I plan on telling her boss how impressed I am (though I’m not sure how to go about this yet because I’ve never actually met him/don’t know how to contact him) but I want to do something else as well. Her being so nice means a lot to me because it’s made my parents realize that everyone in the world isn’t out to get me and I will at some point see them again. I was thinking about a thank you card and a small gift…but what kind of gift? Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? I’m new to this kind of thing and don’t want to look obnoxious. lol
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song help

I was just watching the Daria movie "Is It College Yet?" and there's a song that's used in the movie that I want to find.

It's played during the ending credits, after the Incubus song. It's kind of acoustic and folksy and contains the lines "it's time to go" and "who could've asked for more?" Google searching for songs with these lines isn't helping. It think it must have come out in 2002 or around then, because MTV tended to use contemperary music in Daria, but it sounds older- kind of like America, or a band from that era. Does anyone know what song I'm talking about, or who it's by? I know this is very vague, but any help in finding this song is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Found the song. It's "It's Time to Go" by Supergrass.
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(no subject) says disclude isn't a word. or disinclude either.
What's the word I'm looking for? (opposite of include, most likely with a dis)

Edit: Exclude! thank you.

Corn. Dessert recipes. exist? what?

(no subject)

I can't figure out what this dessert is called. I had it once, and could never remember the name.

I remember it being in a big bowl, with strawberries, whipped cream (I believe, unless it was some other white fluffy stuff, or a combo)... and bits of some kind of cake. Maybe pound cake?

What is this dessert called? I'm looking to make it today..

EDIT: It had a french sounding name to it.

Thanks, got my answer.. It was Trifle. I found pictures of it, ran off to get the food for it, and came back to find out a few people got it. :)
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(no subject)

Feel free to treat this question kindof like (fancytag)Shitty_advice(/fancytag) and give me your wildest answers. Unless you -can- think of something reasonable, in which case that's cool too.

On my university campus, we have this woman. She.... We're fairly certain that she's schizophrenic. (Don't get me wrong, I dated a girl with schizophrenia for almost a year, I'm not making lump generalisations or anything.)
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Originally she shaved her widow's peak. Ooookay, that's kindof weird, she seems the sort who'd say she's not a widow so she shouldn't have one, whatever.
I saw her a week ago. She has since updated her look and shaved everything forward from her ears. She also cut her longish black hair to collar length, which from a distance makes it look like she has a black beret hanging loosely off the back of a bald head.


when glass goes mobile

I have a slight problem with my pc...
All windows are forced to the top left corner of the monitor. I try to move them, they move back.
I have run a virus scan, andchecked for spyware.

any ideas what is happening?
I am using Windows XP.

thanks in advance

Name popularity

Do you know anybody named Catherine (or Katherine, Cathryn, etc.)?

If they usually go by a short form of the name, which one do they use? Cathy, Kate, something else?

How old (roughly) are they?

Note: I have the statistics on the name from the Social Security webpage, but I was hoping for some more personal insight.


EDIT: Wow, you guys are fast! Okay, it looks like there's a lot of them about, and most of the younger ones are a variation on Katie or Kat, while the older ones tend to be K/Cathy or Kitty. Very interesting, and just the kind of information I was looking for. Thank you all so much! : D

(no subject)

Is there such a bra available where you can get a slightly different size for each boob? My right one is bigger than the left.. and my bras are kind of suited for the left one, causing the right one to semi... "bubble over the top" while walking.

Is there such a thing where you can choose different cup sizes, and, kind of.. make your own bra? Snap the two sides together... wahla..?
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(no subject)

I have several old Sailor Moon episodes on VHS that I bought years ago. They are all from DIC, so they are fully Americanized.
I watched them with a few friends maybe two weeks ago, and we sat through the previews for other videos. Street Sharks was in these previews.
Now, for anyone who may know what I am talking about, one shark in the preview said what sounded like, "YO, BITCH!"
My friends and I paused and started laughing hysterically; we weren't expecting anything like this. Maybe he really said, "Yo, Mitch," and we just heard it the other way.

The question I am getting at: Does anyone know if this clip is online anywhere?
I searched youtube yesterday and got just the theme song.
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I had questions like these, but it's driving me crazy.

Is google not working for anyone else? I can't get to google or gmail from either of my two computers.

If it is working for you folks, what the hell is going on with me?

Oh oh, one more question! What's the title of that book that's supposedly really funny that has a picture of a guy and a girl on the cover with stickers over their faces?


If I were to plan a trip to Los Angeles the last week of October (Oct 26-31) what would you recommend I do?

There is a reason I want to go during that time period but if you have any else to add to my itinerary... I wouldn't mind. :)
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(no subject)

My hair has been really lank and greasy lately. Up until a little while ago I was using Pantene Pro V Sheer Volume shampoo on my hair, but I suddenly can't find it anywhere. The new stuff that I have really isn't working for me at all. It's still Pantene, but it's the Full and Thick type. My hair ends up looking really flat (which isn't a good look for me at all) and greasy. So I have two questions here:

1) What sort of shampoo's have people had that work well for greasy hair? (My hair tends to look a little greasy around the afternoon and then it looks completely disgusting by morning.)

2) I've never used gel or hair spray before, but I'm resigned to the fact that I might have to get the volume back in my hair. Trouble is, I have no idea how to use it or what to buy. I've got shoulder length hair that I want to look like there's more volume than there is. Any suggestions for what I could buy?

ETA: One more question that I forgot I had. My boyfriend can't stand strong scents. I've wanted to wear a body spray or perfume for awhile now, but I can't have something that's incredibly overpowering. I know it depends on how much you put on, but I put on a bunch of a friend's body spray once and he wasn't gagging. (Unfortunately I can't remember what the body spray was...) So there's another question, can you think of a body spray or just scent that isn't overpowering (I like citrus smells, but anything's good) that I'd be able to wear around him?

ETA once more, reminded by bass_geek: Do the leave in shampoo or conditioner things actually work? I heard about them years ago and have never tried them. They'd be really useful for the days that I didn't have access to a shower.

(no subject)

Is Walgreens open on Memorial Day?

How about Tarzhay? Are they open?

EDIT: You will all be happy to know that I just profited $13 at Target..... that's right, I exchanged more than I bought!
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Bad Haircut

I got my hair cut on Saturday at a pretty nice place. The hairstylist talked to me before she started about what she was going to do. I told her how I wanted it, and I also said I wanted it a couple of inches shorter. When she was done, it looked pretty nice, and I said I liked it and gave her what I think was a pretty generous tip ($7 on a $47 haircut).

But once I got home, I realized that it was not appreciably shorter than it was before. Only the top layer is 2 inches shorter. It was kind of hard to tell while I was there, because I was sitting down when I looked at it and she had just blow-dried it (which I never do), which made it look a little shorter. It still looks really nice, and the style is exactly how I wanted it -- except that it’s about 2 inches too long.

I’m not happy with this because I really wanted it to be shorter, because I think it gets messy too easily when it’s too long. Also, I usually wear a polo shirt to work, and it’s exactly the wrong length for that because it’s not long enough to go over the collar in the back, but it’s just long enough that it ends up going inside the back collar and it looks stupid. I actually wanted it cut a little too short initially so it would take longer before it grew long enough that I have to get it cut again, because I usually get a haircut about once every 6 months.

A further complication is that I live 40 miles away from where I got my hair cut. The place is near where my parents live, and I was visiting them for the weekend, but now I’m back home. It’s too far for me to drive on a weeknight, and the next time I’m planning to be in that area is in 2 weeks for my sister’s graduation.

So, my questions:

1. Have you ever gotten a bad haircut? If so, what did you do?

2. What would you do if you were me?
  • Go back to the salon and ask them to cut it again for free (what would you say to explain why they should do this?)
  • Go somewhere else to get it cut the way you want it (would you go to another expensive place and spend another $50, or go to a cheaper place like Best Cuts?)
  • Just live with the haircut for a few months and then go get it cut again as you planned (would you ever go back to the same salon again?)
  • Something else
3. If you were the hairstylist, would you think I’m a bitch if I asked you to do it over for free? Even if I were as nice as possible about it when asking? You would pretty much have to do the whole cut over again.

(no subject)

How come suddenly every time I want to listen to a music sample on Amazon, if I click on the WMP link nothing but a blank window opens up, and if I click on the Realplayer link my computer prompts me to download "hurl.exe"??
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(no subject)

Ususally what qualifications do you need to work in an office? HS degree? College Degree? What are some traditional office jobs?

Who is the best late night host [Letterman? Leno? Conan? Craig Fergson?]

If you HAD to make one of the view co-hosts immortal, who would you pick?

I'm going on a two & 1/2 day "journey" to Wildwood as a senior trip. There will be swimming [or in my case drowning], going to the piers, and a day at Six Flags New Jersey. Rooms, Transportation, and one of the meals is paid for. How much money should I bring? What should I pack?

What rides At Morey's and at Six Flags Great Adventure should I ride?

Any other not-to-be missed Wildwood sights? Any games I could play on the bus to and from my school to Wild Wood so that I am not bored to death?

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(no subject)

I'm writing a paper on Lyndon B. Johnson and as far as his foreign affairs go, what I have read hasn't been all that good. Are there any instances where he did something good for foreign policy matters? I'm not asking anyone to do my paper, I just need some examples and I will research it more. Thank you.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any good websites for people who travel a lot? I am desperate to find a forum as well where I can talk to people. Not so much a site that is aimed at information on places of interest, I'm looking for something with tips for travellers, forums, advice..random stuff like that.

Thank you!
my creation on that web site

Mix CDs

It's Memorial Day and I'm kinda bored. So I thought I would actually make some mix cds.

1. Any tips for making them in general? I've only done requested cds for friends but they told me the tracks they wanted.

2. What themes are easy to make mix cds for? Interesting ones?

3. If you suggested a theme above, what are some songs that can be used for them?

Any other suggestions are welcome

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(no subject)

1. What's your favorite Weezer song?

2. Describe the last clothing item you purchased, including where and how much it was?

3. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like root beer?

4. "Superman Returns" and "The Devil Wore Prada" come out the same day. If you had to see one, which would you pick? Edit: Wait it's "The Devil Wears Prada," right? whatever

5. Have you had the new Ben n Jerry's Vermonty Python flavor, and what did you think? If you haven't, doesn't it sound amazing?

6. Speaking of, if you had to be locked in a 4x4x10 box with a member of Monty Python for the next 60 days, which would you pick? (I advise against Graham Chapman, considering he's dead and probably pretty smelly. But hey, maybe if you reaaaally hate Monty Python.)

(no subject)

I love mushrooms. They are my favorite food.
I would like to try growing them at home, but when i googled it, all I found were sites telling me how to grow...magic mushrooms.
Anyone have links to resources or kits for growing legal non-druggish mushrooms I won't get arrested for?
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I want to order a pair of sneakers off of, and I was wondering if there was a way I could figure out how much customs will charge me to have it shipped to Canada (it's an american site)?

They are $99 in stores in Canada and on the site they are only $63.99 so it's a pretty good thing if customs doesn't go nuts with the charges.

EDIT: Never mind, they don't even ship to Canada!
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7up popsicles.

does anyone remember these?
or better yet, does anyone know if they still make them?
i used to love these as a kid, but i haven't seen them in a while.
i know they were a little hard to find, but i'm really hoping they haven't been cancelled all together.

(no subject)

So, I know lots of groups of friends have in-jokes, that wouldn't make sense to anyone outside the group, but do you and your friends have any jokes that could be taken really badly by anyone who didn'd understand.

I'm constantly telling my friend that he's no longer entitled to an opinion on anything, because he fancies Justin Timberlake, which means that his opinion is completly wrong.

Also, I tease another friend about how she's really a man... Mainly it just comes up when someone makes a reference to gender in anyway. Like, "You're a woman, what do you think?" "Oh, she's not a real woman.", but a while ago someone gave out to me for being insensitve to transgendered people, which was something I had never even considered.
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thrift shop fun!

So today I found a shirt that I thought was funny, it has a pig riding a chapagne bottle through the shirt (his back/bottom of bottle on back, his front and front of bottle on...front) It says something in spanish (or at least I think it's spanish) - "Churrasquiera Rocha Mealhada." From my 6 years of taking Spanish classes in public school, all I know is that "quiera" means "he/she wants." So what does my shirt mean???
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(no subject)

Hi folks,

A Brazilian friend is asking me about an expression. In Portuguese it's "O que os olhos não vêem, o coração não sente" which translates as something like "what the eyes don't see, the heart doesn't feel". She's sure there's a similar but slightly different expression in English, as am I, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is.

Anyone remember?

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On jobs...

1. How many jobs have you had?
2. How old were you when you got your first paying job?
3. What is your current job?
4. What was your favorite job? Why?
5. What about least favorite one? Why?
6. Regardless of the fact you are employed (or not), are you job hunting?
7. Do you/Have you done volunteer work?
8. If yes, what? If no... well skip on.
9. What is your dream job?

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(no subject)

What do you think about people on facebook who list themselves as "alum" of a school that they didn't actually graduate from? Like they just transferred or even dropped out of it.

How do you lace your shoes? Do you lace different brands differently? See here for names of how you can lace your shoes.

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(no subject)

1. What do you think, if anything, of people that eat alone at restaurants? (I don't mean fast food joints, I mean places like Chili's and Olive Garden and whatnot.)

2. I'm planning on adopting two cats from a shelter this summer. What are some tips on choosing cats? I don't want kittens. Are the cards about the cats pretty honest? Have you had a bad experience adopting an animal from a shelter?

3. I plan on renting a lot of movies via Netflix this summer seeing as I have two months off from work. What should I get? Suggest anything (action, anime, classics, foriegn, documentaries, etc.). I'm up for any suggestions so long as it's not porn.

4. Is it better to sell a car on your own and use that money as a down payment on a new one or to trade it in? If you sell a car on your own, how does that work as far as transfering titles and all that?

(no subject)

Theres this rap song that I dont know any of the words to, but it starts out with a creaking bed and its pretty slow. Anyone know what song this is?
edit: Answered! THANKS! :D

Vacuum recommendations?

Anyone have a vacuum they care to recommend? If so, what in particular do you like about it.

(If it isn't obvious, we're thinking of replacing our vacuum. We would prefer an upright with attachments and beater bar.)
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Summer activities

Can you give me any ideas for things me and my friends can do this summer?

There's eight of us, three guys and five girls. All but one of us is 15. We've already been to the movies twice in the last week and I really am not looking forward to spending $6.50 twice a week until August. Basically any cheap (or free), fun ideas would be very appreciated.
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(no subject)

1. If a movie was based on a book, do you usually read it before seeing the movie?
Usually I do, because I just feel lazy otherwise. And I like to already be a fan coming into the theater.

2. If you do read the books and then go see the movie, do you (subconsciously or not) look down on the people who see the movies and not read the books?
I try not to, because elitism is annoying, but every now and then (mostly during the Harry Potter movies, haha) I get annoyed with them because they are so lost and have to ask questions throughout the film instead of just watching. But then again in Xmen yesterday I was the one who hadn't read, so I was the one going, "huh?" and annoying comic book readers.

3. For those of you in school, are you totally zoned out already?
Yes. We haven't even taken our finals yet but already my mind is in summer mode.

4. How often do you change your LJ layout?
I haven't changed it in almost a year, but I change my myspace layout every few weeks.

5. How often do you edit your bio?
Sometimes when I'm bored I fiddle around with it and try to make it nice, but I don't have much to say that is important.
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embarassing songs

Tell me a song that you like, but that you hate to admit you like.

Mine would be Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" and Crazy Town's "Butterfly" (although that second one may just be b/c it's been so long since I've heard it. I think it'll get old quickly).

pizza shapes!

I'm making pizza tonight to take for lunch tomorrow at school. I'm going to make a few of little ones and make them into assorted shapes. What shapes should I make?
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Could you recommend some nice camping spots in MASS, NH, Maine or Vermont? (sorry, I'm an ignorant Kanuk and can't remember all the abbreviations. ME is Maine, right? And Vermont is Vt?)

I would especially like to camp in the mountains in Vermont, but I'd like to know of places you've been to that you're sure are nice (not camping in the middle of a sand dune - been there, done that, wasn't fun!)

I'll also accept B&B recommendations.

Thank you!
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Sewing machines

I need a sewing machine, but I don't know where to start. I've used various machines before, but years ago and I don't know what the best brands and deals are now.

I'll be using it for sewing handbags and clothing, mending, and small repairs. Possibly embroidery as well, though that's not pressing if the price for a machine that embroiders is too high. I'd like to try and stay under $500 if possible. I'm not looking for state-of-the-art, but something durable and easy to use, with a few perks for convenience.

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(no subject)

yeah, sorry, my last post was supposed to be in my personal journal in response to something someone of my friends page was talking about. :(

Do you feel like an idiot when you post to the wrong community/journal? I did. sorry again!
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(no subject)

I've said more than a few times that I would "go to the gym" if "the gym" had a giant trampoline, a ball pit, and a playground in addition to a swimming pool and a racquetball court.

Does such a place exist? (And I'm talking about a place for adults, not one of those gyms that are for kids.)


My brother recently went to the emergency room with a fever and what turned out to be a raging throat/sinus infection. The doctor who looked at him sent him home with a nasal spray. A nasal spray! Needless to say, he ended up back at the emergency room two days later and almost passed out from the fever while there. He was seen by another doctor who prescribed him antibiotics and atasol-30's to help him sleep. The second doctor and the triage nurse almost fainted themselves when he told them what the first doctor had prescribed him!

My question -- is there anything he can do? We're in Canada, so the visits cost him nothing, but he does not have drug insurance and shelled out a lot of money for the meds. I mean, the care he got was obviously substandard. Other than registering a complaint with the Patient Relations Officer, what can he do??
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sprint text messaging question

Does anyone know what the Error "General Problems - Cause Code 35" means if you're treying to send an SMS text message on a Sprint Mobile Phone? I've never gotten this before and google isn't helping me find the answer. Thanks!
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(no subject)

HI everyone
I am hoping that you can help me. I am in the midst of planning my first dinner for my first gourmet club dinner meeting. I am in charge of the main course and then suggestions for the other courses. I am thinking of doing Coq Au Vin as the main dish with a French theme, obviously. I have a few ideas for appetizers/salads/dessert but I am interested in some side dish ideas to compliment the coq au vin. If you have any great suggestions for any of the courses, I would appreciate it. Thanks so much. I'll cross post this as well.
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So who does yoga, and why do you like it?

I've been thinking about doing it for a while, but I don't know anyone who does it. What's so awesome about it?
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Poll #738489 pudding

Which of the following kinds of pudding do you like?

I don't like pudding.
I like pudding, but I don't like any of those kinds of pudding.