May 28th, 2006


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Hypothetical situation. You have a great relationship with your parents, and are especially close to your mother. One day, you overhear your mother talking about your adoption. She has not mentioned anything about your being adopted to you. You keep listening, and she goes on to say that she had to adopt because she cannot have children, because she used to be a man. What do you do?

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Let's say that you work someplace where your boss treats you well, and you take a good deal of pride in your work. Your workplace is looking for new employees, and one of your very good friends applies.

The problem is that you know your friend is kind of flaky and not responsible at all, and you worry that they won't be a good employee. However, they also desperately need a job and are having no luck anywhere else, so they ask you to put in a good word for them.

Your boss asks for your opinion about hiring your friend. What do you say? What do you tell your friend afterward?

(This is a purely hypothetical situation. I have a very responsible friend who just applied at my workplace, and I was just musing on what I'd do if she weren't such a hard worker.)
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I'm probably opening a big ol' can of worms here, but what the heck.

Assume that you have a child with some sort of disease (cancer, or something genetic, maybe). This disease can be cured with the help of either a bone marrow transplant or cord blood, which would need to come from a genetic match to your child.

Do you think it's moral/ethical to have a second (or third or fourth) child for the sole or primary purpose of providing the other child with bone marrow/cord blood? Do you think you would do it if you were in that situation? If so, would you use IVF/genetic testing to increase the odds that the new child would be a match, or take your chances the old fashioned way?
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rude meanos

Is it rude of my roommate to constantly have loud sex, without putting music on? I'm sitting here trying to get to sleep and all I hear is slapping and slurping and squeaking. It sounds like it's in my room, since our walls are kind of not real walls.

Also, I was the girl who wanted to punch my ex in the neck the other day. How fucked up is he for coming into the cafe I work at to get coffee? Seriously. I didn't punch him, but whooooa nelly did I want to.

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My memory is the worst. I don't know two of my close friends' birthdays, one of which is coming up next month (.. I think). They both got me stuff for my recent birthday, so I really kind of need to know theirs. I used to rely on the calender at work, but I don't work there anymore (and can't just waltz into the building and spy). How do I find out without going "Uh, I forgot your birthday, what is it?"
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What's the most expensive electric bill you've ever received?

How do you feel about people who change their font in comments and entries? Either color, size, or style.

My mother is coming this weekend to go wedding dress shopping with me. Any advice on not killing her?

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KitchenAid Fridge is BEEPING AT ME

So yesterday I was organizing the refrigerator and I had the door open for some time. Naturally, the light went out since the door was open for a while. But now it won't come back on! And I swear my refrigerator is beeping at me. Like, every few minutes. Maybe it's telling me that the light is burnt out? Everything in there is still cold. Inside the fridge, at the top, is a little control panel and usually, when you open the door, digital numbers appear and tell you the temperature, etc. But now they're not lighting up.

What's going on with my fridge?

Btw, this is my refrigerator.

So, I pressed a button and fixed it. Yay.
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car questions...

Okay, I'm going to be calling some people that have cars listed in the classifieds.

What should I ask about the cars they have listed? I've never done this before. Mileage, and why they are selling it, sure...but what else?

ETA: I am loving the silly answers, but I'd take some legit questions too.
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Name My Errand Service!

I am wanting to start up my own business running errands. I would gear it toward people who work 9-5 and may not have time to run errands for themselves. I could pick up dry cleaning or take your dog for a walk or pick up dinner for your family. Stuff like that.
Can you help me think of a name for a business like that? I would need it to be something catchy. The suggestions I have so far are: "2Busy," "Busy Bee" and "Run Around."
I live in Chattanooga if that helps. My name is Lindsay. Those are the only thinks that I could think of that might factor into a business name.
Extra points if you can come up with a slogan or a picture too.
Thanks bunches!

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Has anyone here ever gone to college and lived off campus? What about when you were just a freshman, or when you went to community college [by off campus, I mean not at home, living in an apartment or room]. Any tips?

Has anyone lived on their own as a minor or close to it [under 19 years old]? Did you encounter any difficulties?

If you see an apartment [or more specifically, a room listing] what do you say when you call? Would "Hi I'm so-and-so and I'm inquiring about the room you listed in the newspaper" cut it?

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Anyone know were I could find stills from the sex scene between Michael and Selene in Underworld:Evolution? I've been googled within an inch of my sanity.

I'd be using them for purely artistic endeavors, of course...

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last nite i turned on billy's tv and started watching about the USO w/bob hope on PBS...i called trishy in to watch w/me and then my dad (who's 89) happened to pass by, so i called to him, too...he walked in the room, took one look at the tv and said "that's 1942"
and he was right...then he went on to talk about the USO tours he'd seen in person, as he had gone thru WWII and remembered a great deal from that time...

this got me to thinking - do you know anyone who went thru any type of war? (whether it's WWII, the korean war, vietnam, or wars that've happened in the past 30 years...)
any of them related to you?
do you know any stories from them?
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Do you have a place that calms you?

What would you do if you no longer had that peaceful place?

Do you have a person in your life that can bring you peace by just their presence?

Are you that person for someone?

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1. You have a young child. They display all the behavior of a blooming psychopath - cruel to animals, lacking regret for their actions, ect. All the stuff they always rattle off on CSI and Criminal Minds when they're talking about early signs of psychotic behavior.

This young child is never punished for these acts. However, they are rather severely punished for things they didn't do. Psychollogically speaking, what kind of a person could this scenario create?

2. For whatever reason, you're walking down a dark alley with J.K. Rowling. A crazy man with a gun suddenly jumps out and fires a gun at J.K. Rowling - would you take a bullet for her (not knowing if you'd die or not), so the world could find out the ending to Harry Potter, or would you let her get hit and just hope it wouldn't be fatal?

3. In another crazy scenario, you're given the choice to save either the lives of five people (you don't know who they are) or the original painting of The Mona Lisa - which would you save?
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iTunes question!

(I know this should really be on some kind of iTunes message board, but I'm not sure how to phrase it, and they'd probably delete it or something. Besides, I trust you guys more. :D ) I was wondering how I could transfer all the songs on my iPod nano into my library - only some of them are in there because I've used more than one computer to update it. I switched to manual whatever so I could use my iPod with my laptop as well as my desktop, but now I want to use only my laptop. I can't just click and drag for some reason, and copy-pasting doesn't work either, I don't think. My friend once plugged my iPod into her computer and took (copied) all my songs - could I do that? Any thoughts?
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Music makes the world go round!

What's a song, book, movie, etc that really moves you even though it's about a situation you will never be in?

Will Smith's version of Just the Two of Us makes me choke up even though I'm not planning on ever having children (I'd like to get my tubes tied) and even if I DID, I obviously wouldn't be a father... However, I'm a closet over-emotional, so that might be why. Do you have anything like this? What is it, and why do you think it resonates with you?
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I've got some crappy laminate furniture.  I don't particularly care for the color, and I believe I've heard of people staining it another color.

Now, if I just wanted to paint it over, not a problem, I've got a pretty decent clue how to do that.  But what I'd like to do is maintain the fake wood grain, just make it darker, to match the other furniture we have a bit better.

Since I'm just aiming to make it darker, it couldn't be as simple as just... staining it darker, could it?  I'm leery of having to sand it to get the stain to adhere, and having it take ages to dry and always be slightly sticky (not tacky, cause we're already there, ba-dum-ch!).

Any words of advice?
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What is the standard size for a CD cover and back cover? I don't have a ruler to measure my own CD covers and I must be lame at google because I can't find it there either.

On getting hitched...

1. Would you get married right out of highschool, if you had the opportunity? (Or have you, if that is the case)
2. Do you know anyone who has?
3. Would that be a behavior you would generally approve of?
4. What is the worst reason you have heard about for someone to get married?
5. What is the worst reason you have heard about as why someone is getting a divorce?
6. Do you think nowadays people take marriage perhaps a little more lightly than they should? Why or why not?
7. Do you think a couple planning on getting married should first live together for a while before definitely going through with it?
8. Any other comments on the matter?

PS. I know there are exceptions and exceptions. I want to hear answers based on general trends you guys have observed, not about specific couples. Now, you can definitely use stories of couples you know to illustrate your answers.


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What's your favourite recipe for seafood?


Main Entry: rec·i·pe
Pronunciation: 're-s&-(")pE
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, take, imperative of recipere to take, receive -- more at RECEIVE
2 : a set of instructions for making something from various ingredients
3 : a formula or procedure for doing or attaining something (a recipe for success)
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What is the most important thing in your life?

Can be a person, thing, emotion, whatever. Just something you cannot see living a happy life without.
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Cube Decor

I just started my first "grown up" job and I have a my own cube. 3 giant walls of blank space.

How do I decorate it? I want to convey professionalism, but I also want it to be personalized.

I was thinking about putting some of my travel pictures up. What else could I put up?
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Does anyone know how many Inuyasha episodes have made it onto DVD's that are available in the USA? So far I've only been able to find 43 volumes (so up to episode 130 or so), and before I spend any more time driving myself nuts searching for the DVD's with the other 37 episodes I'd like to know if I'm searching for something that doesn't exist. Thanks!
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So what are your thoughts on the movie Donnie Darko? I watched it for the first time today and probably won't come up with an opinion on it until I sleep on it (as is usually the case with such movies). It was the director's cut if that makes a difference.

And anyone care to explain it? I'm pretty sure I understood it, but I want to see if my interpretation is in line with what others see.
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Just some things that have been going 'round my mind.

1. What is the point of the hymen? Only humans and horses have them right? Why?
2. What do you think when you see someone with a pro ana/ED icon?
3. What weird foods do you love/eat a lot of?
4. What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you see the word fangirl/-boy?
5. Why is it that in movies when people cry the tear comes from, or at least always falls from the middle of the lower lid instead of from the sides where the tear ducts are?
6. Did you also spend ten minutes straight laughing when you saw who won the Eurovision Song Contest this year?

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In some of the previews for Ultraviolet they play a song at the end of the trailer, just after Clubbed to Death by Robert Dougan (the song from the Matrix), its an electonic beat with a woman singing. The only only line I could make out clearly was "Its over". Does anyone know what this song is?
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This isn't intended to be a circ debate, but in regards to being sexual with a male, are you more attracted to and comfortable with a circumcised or uncircumcised man?