May 27th, 2006

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'the stork brought you!'

Do you know what a stork bite is?

I just asked three people and none of them knew. i know what it is and I'm curious if mine is still there... I know I had it well into my teens.

edit: mine is/was on the nape of my neck :)
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there's this website where it has an activity... like a photo survey... 20 questions, you answer with a picture, and you post up a link. and i totally forgot what the website is... anyone know? i know some of the questions were like... your age, who knows you best, where you live, something no one knows about you...

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Please, someone, anyone...
I need to solve this riddle that my friend gave me (btw, the date of my birth is the 8th):
The next century dated leap year, divided by 100 times the day of your birth, plus the number of wings on a monarch...

All I've got so far is my birthdate (I mean duh) and the wings of a monarch...2...but I need to know what is the next century dated leap year!
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I have a red dot on my wrist. It looks like I have a bright red tatto on just one spot (about the size of a pen tip) or i got punctured and am bleading, it's basicly blood color just brigher. I've had it for at least 6 months probably more, i slightly recall seeing it a long while back and thinking nothing of it, but recently it's started to concern me.

does anyone have any idea what it is? should i ask my dermitologist about it?
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Cosplay suggestions!

So I'm interested in going to this anime convention that's happening in August. I was never obsessively into anime, so I'm not as familiar with characters and such. Anyhow, I would like to cosplay but I don't know who to go as.

The only natural asset going for me is that I have long, straight, black hair (by long, I mean a little over 3 feet long). And well, yeah. That's me.

With this in mind, I've considered going as Rip (from Hellsing) or Rin (from FruitsBasket). I was hoping to get some more suggestions from all you QC'ers about other long, dark haired anime girls (or guys) that I could dress up as.
Dirty Mouth

Dirty Candy

So at work today we had a bag of Dove Chocolate with the messages on each wrapper. I swear all of the ones I had were dirty but everyone says I just have a dirty mind.

One said "Don't think about it, just do it" and one said "Go to your limits and then past them" and one said something about using more spit.

Ok, I made up the last one.

Does anyone else's sweet treats tell them to be whorey?
Oh really?

Picture help!

Is there any way to upload Tripod images to Photobucket / another hosting site that won't result in "this image hosted by Tripod" images in your new links?

To explain: I want the larger image on this page in my online photo album, but it won't work. Any ideas? (TinyPic says it's an invalid file)
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So I haven't really posted here before, but I have a question thats been bothering me for a while.

Where did all the anvils go?

My friend pointed this out to me a while ago.
A few years back, anvils were so popular that they were used in cartoons because little kids knew what they were, yet now, there aren't any anvils anywhere. They seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth, and I'm curious as to where they've gone to.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Has anyone experienced sleep paralysis?

I did for the first time last night, holy crap that shit's scary. It happened to me twice. There was a bunch of noise happening outside of my apartment and I thought someone was trying to break into my apartment and all I could move were my eyes. I haven't felt so...useless in a long time. What's weird is that like as soon as I realized that I couldn't move anything I was just mentally telling myself to calm down, but it never went away. I could only fall back asleep :( The first time, it took me 15 minutes to fall back asleep. That's a long time of not moving and wanting to! I woke up again later and had the exact same situation again. The only difference is that I fell back asleep a little bit quicker.

Does anyone know why with subsidized income housing, at least one person cannot be going to school full time (in the case of living there by yourself, you cannot go to school full time)?

When I was looking at apartments some months back, I came across that and I cannot think of any rational reason why the government wouldn't let me pursue full time education while living in subsidized housing.

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Is there a way to find transcripts to tv shows? I know I have seen ones for Saturday Night Live Before.

In particular I want to read the episode of "Last Call with Carson" where he interviews John Mayer because there was a great quote I don't remember
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NYC bakeries

I recently went to Magnolia Bakery in NYC for the first time, and was unimpressed.

Any bakeries in NYC that DON'T have a 30 minute line for a selection of, like, 5 mediocre cupcakes?
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

A friend of mine sent me something called "Robot Chicken - Junk in the Trunk" and when I open it on my computer, it plays as an audio file.

I'm listening to it, and it seems as though I'm supposed to be seeing something along with it.

Has anyone heard of "Robot Chicken," and do you know if it's supposed to be an audio file, or if it's a video and my comp just can't view the video so it's playing in Windows Media Player only as audio?


Edit: Okay, now that I know this should be a video, here's a techie question hopefully someone can answer: How can I get it to play as a video?


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What is one thing you want to learn more about?
--Personally, I'd say American history.

I  want to read some classic books, but I know that some of them are overrated.  What books live up to their reputation?

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I'm moving in a few months from Delaware to Kentucky. Once in Kentucky, I will need to find a part-time job. Obviously, the application will ask for references. I won't know anybody in the area. Would it be okay to put down people I knew in Delaware for a job in Kentucky?
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Sorry about another book question, but I recently turned 19 and a while ago, I remember finding an article that talked about all the books that one should read while still a teenager (such as The Catcher in the Rye). I haven't been able to find that article again, so could anyone suggest some books to read during my last year of teenagedom?

Thank you.
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Ringtones for Moto V360

I got the phone for my birthday on Thursday and I can't find any ringtones I want. So basically I'd like to make my own. I know there are ways to do it. Can anyone help? Software? Tutorials? I'm pretty damn confused.

My phone came pretty basic. Phone and charger. No software, no usb plug.
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Fuck, I'm SWELTERING right now. It's 86ºF here in my neck of the woods (North Dakota) with 44% humidity (that's "sticky" to ya), and it's supposed to climb up to 90ºF here. This is the THIRD DAY in the last TEN DAYS that it has been 90º or over here. There is NO breeze outside!!! Ugh!

Are you guys as hot as I am right now? What's the current temperature in your area, and how high is it supposed to be today?
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for the swordsmen (and swordladies) out there

I recently took up Italian Renaissance-style fencing (not Olympic-style) and have found both my strength and endurance sorely lacking. Could some more experienced fencers recommend to me a workout/diet program to supplement my lessons? I don't want to train for weight loss, but rather for energy.

For reference, so far I have been doing the following five days a week: 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training on recumbent bicycle with a 5-minute cool-down, followed by rapid-repetition exercises for the core muscles (crunches, "breaststroke", oblique situps). This is followed by two sets of the highest weight I can stand for upper body muscle groups (I switch between doing chest/upper back/shoulders on one day and biceps/triceps/forearms/wrists on the following). I finish off with 20 more minutes on the recumbent bike, same as I started.
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(no subject)

Does anyone famous live in your town?

(Key here = town. Obviously we already know if you live in NYC, LA, whatever.)

Tucker Carlson lives in my town. I see him around sometimes, it's not a very big place. Sort of bizarre.


1. What is the last bluntly honest and harsh thing you've said?
2. Do you usually try to sugarcoat things that could come out as harsh?
3. Are you surrounded by people that confuse blunt honesty with rudeness?
4. Which kind of honesty do you prefer, the blunt or the sugarcoated?
5. Do you feel bad when you hurt someones feelings by telling them the truth?
6. Any other opinions about how/when to be honest?

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The Numbers Game!

Everyone says I don't look my age (I take it as a compliment). I am bored until my friend gets over here - does anyone want to play a game? Put a recent picture (or more!) of yourself up and see if anyone can guess your correct age! No cheating by looking at profiles!

Collapse )

Let me know if you based your decision off one pick (which one?) or both!

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(no subject)

TiVo owners:
Somehow when I set up my new TV, my TiVo system became behind by six minutes. (By that I mean that it starts recording things six minutes early, thus cutting off the last six minutes.) Any idea how I can get it back in sync?
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(no subject)

This is probably a long shot, but I'm trying to find a book. It was about these two teenage kids who could morph into animals (not Animorphs) if they touched them first. It was a boy and girl, and the boy would always turn into an owl and he was missing toes. The title was something short along the lines of Morphers or Shifters. Does anyone know what book I'm talking about? This has really been bugging me.
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(no subject)

what is your favorite movie soundtrack of all time?

is there a program that takes the music off your ipod and puts it back on the computer? because that would be the best program ever.

whats the worst movie you have ever seen?
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(no subject)

Does anyone still use a pager? If I were interested in aquiring one, where would I go to make such a purchase? The Sprint and Cingular websites make no reference to them. Does a pager require service through a provider as a cell phone would?
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(no subject)

"The rationality of a thing is not a question of its existance, it's a condition of it."

I am watching Criminal Minds and one of the main characters just said that...What do you think that means?

(no subject)

So, have you ever been out and having a conversation with a friend, and realised that not only can people areound you hear too, but what you're talking about should probably be hushed a little?

It happens to me all the time, because I have dodgey ears and can't always hear how loud I'm talking. Last time was Thursay, when I was explaining to my friends the whole thing about why women have evolved to have breasts. The woman at the next table eventually gave up trying to look subtle and just listened intensly.

(no subject)

What is your diet like?

Why is it that way?

Would you change it?

If yes, how and why would you?

Obs. "diet", in this sense, means just whatever you eat, not necessary a diet you go on to lose weight.
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gross feet & pedicures - I worry about everything

I really want to get a pedicure but I'm convinced that my feet will be the worst they've ever seen and they'll laugh at me or something equally embarrassing. My friends tell me that it's a completely irrational fear, that they have always seen feet worse. My feet are generally super dry on the bottom, they have patches of really dry hardish skin and my little toes each have a bump from wearing shoes that don't fit me properly.

1. Do you think it's true that they have always seen someone with worse feet?

2. How far in advance should I call to make an appointment?

3. If I decide to go I'll probably get The Signature Spa Pedicure at The Milagro Spa at The Atlantic Club. The trouble is I don't like people touching my legs at all, does "lower legs" refer to anything below the knee? I wouldn't mind if it was just mid-calf and below but I really hate my legs and if it were anything below the knee I wouldn't get it.

4. Which pedicure offered there sounds the best for someone like me?

5. How much should the tip be? Will they have envelopes to put the tip in, or do I leave it with the people at the front desk or do I give it directly to the person?

Sorry for all the questions, I just worry about everything.
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recommendation for a photo hosting site...

It has to be free, I need to host 167 pictures, full size if possible.

It has to be accessed from a place where the St. Bernard web blocker is on.

I'd like to be able to just do the "publish this folder to the web" like on Semagic, but I don't want to use Scrapbook.

Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

This is for a friend

He has a new cellphone, and I guess he can upload mp3 files to be his ringtone. He wants to know how to "cut" an mp3 into smaller sections so he doesn't have to have the full song, just a clip of it. Or maybe part of a sound clip, I don't know exactly but does he need a special program to do this? What's it called when you do this?

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A zillion light years ago someone posted a question or reply about this picture I'm looking for.

Of, the guy/lady and lots of butterflies coming from the mouth/head?
It's and red I think? I remember seeing it for a brief second. And I want to see it again? Haha

I tried to google it, but I don't remember exactly what it looks like to google it..haha. If you know what I'm talking about, awesome. Please link me to this picture somehow.

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(no subject)

What are some good organizations to volunteer with, I am looking mainly for places that also go overseas. I suppose like the Peace Corps but I would like other suggestions too, please?
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(no subject)

Why do farts smell 100x worse in the shower? Whew!

And also, where can I find shirt dresses that look more like short sleeved trench coats?

EDIT:: I want something that looks something like Collapse ). But something a bit shorter and with buttons in the front. With the material of a trench coat with the collar and all...and regular short sleeves.
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