May 26th, 2006

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What's the worst pickup line you have ever recieved?

Mine came two days ago: At work we all have to wear leys because it's a "Luau for the Summer!" (I work in a restaurant.) This guy came up to me, and asked if he could have one, so I said sure and gave him the one I was wearing, and I went in back and I got another. After that he started hitting on me and asked for my number, and I told him I was taken. So he goes "If I can't have your number, can I have another lay?" (He made sure to place an emphasis on the sexual inuendo.) Hm, I don't know if that would be still considered a pickup line since it was delivered after I turned him down.
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When I was younger, I remember that my mom almost never ate fruit. She said that fruits upset her stomach. She did eat a lot of vegetables, though.

Now, as I've been getting older, (I'm 20 now) I've been noticing the same problem. I ate a small apple earlier and just spent the last 20 mins in the bathroom.

I love fruit, though. Is there something that I can do to fix this? It usually happens when I eat apples and various plum type of things. Grapes, bananas, and oranges are fine...
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There was a bit of an argument at work yesterday. One of the guys told me about a magazine he unpacked with a picture of a fish on it, caption saying it was a dolphin.


Like me, he was drilled from birth that dolphins are mammals, not fish, and that there was a difference between dolphins an porpoises. But our boss said 'yeah, those are really dolphins. What people think of as dolphins are really porpoises."

Can anyone help?

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1) Does anyone know who made my icon? (I'd really love to credit, but my friend just found it on a google search!)

2) Did anyone ever get those surprise animals? (The commercial went something like this: Surprise, surprise puppy surprise! How many baby puppies are there inside? There could be 3 or 4 or 5! 5! I can't believe my eyes!) How many puppies/kitties/etc did you get?

3) What is the worst short-term pain you've ever had?

#3 Tonight when I covered my boyfriend up I bent down to kiss him. It was unfortunate for me that he decided to lift his head up and he knocked my nose fairly bad. I immediately had to sit down because because I felt light headed and I saw stars. I also cried for a good 5 minutes because the pain so bad. I kept saying: I'm okay it just hurts really bad! After that the pain died down but DAMN did that hurt! It is still a bit tender. If he remembers anything I'm just going to tell him it was a dream so he won't beat himself up over it.
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How would you approach a guy/girl that works in a bookstore in order to possibly exchange phone numbers?

I'm usually socially awkward near the opposite gender, unfortunately. If you are like me tell me stories about it.
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My wife and I are making fortune cookies for a party, and we're adding our own morbid "fortunes".

Got any you'd like to submit? We need a lot.

Here's an example to get you going:

"Your friends secretly think you're a jerk"

Go nuts.
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If I have to drive from the northern border of Kentucky down to Tennesee, which route through Kentucky is less isolated? I took the blue mountain parkway to Pikeville from Lexington last time, and it was tedious and hilly and kind of scary because of how few towns I saw and how the car performed on a non-flat road (Yes, I'm coming from Indiana). An alternative is to go through the Daniel Boone national forest down to Middlesboro. Is that as hilly curvy and lonely?

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Is anyone good with statistics who would like to help me out a little here? I'll admit my own failing in this area. Someday, hopefully, I'll get it... before I have to write another paper on the topic.

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My boyfriend invited me to go to a cabin in Wisconsin for the weekend. I have a problem: do cabins have showers? I forgot to ask and frankly he hasn't been giving me much details about it. As far as packing goes I'm taking a little bit of everything because I don't know how the weather is going to be like and such.

So any help will do me good! I'm just very curious to know if they contain showers. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Thank you!

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On the way to the mall yesterday I saw a homeless guy sitting on a street corner with a dog. The dog was a german sheppard, and it was sitting on the guy's lap, like a little person, cuddling with him. It was the sweetest thing I have seen in a while.

Do you have a story similar to this one that is all heart warming like?

name tags

Poll #736596 name tags

Did your first job require you to wear a name tag?

it's possible, I don't really remember
I've never had a job

Does your current job require you to wear a name tag?

I don't currently have a job

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Favorite Poet?
Favorite Poem?
Please post the poem if you feel so inclined.

Poet - ee cummings
Poem: "i like my body when it is with your" by ee cummings

i like my body when it is with your
body. It is so quite new a thing.
Muscles better and nerves more.
i like your body. i like what it does,
i like its hows. i like to feel the spine
of your body and its bones, and the trembling
-firm-smooth ness and which i will
again and again and again
kiss, i like kissing this and that of you,
i like, slowly stroking the, shocking fuzz
of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes
over parting flesh ... And eyes big love-crumbs,

and possibly i like the thrill

of under me you so quite new

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Would you kindly take my little music poll to help me make some mixed CDs for friends? ;) Thanks.

Edit: OMG WE LISTEN TO MUSIC YOU DON'T LIKE!!!!!!!!! Don't answer a question if you don't like the band. Figured that one was obvious.

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I'm looking for a program that will take my playlist from Windows Media Player and reproduce it as text so I can copy & paste it places. Can I do that just using WMP or will I need an addon? Does one exist? If so, where can I find it? Thanks.
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My dad is moving into a new place today. He and I aren't very close, but I would like to get him a house-warming gift. I normally just buy people flowers, but that seems like more of a girl thing, not a sixty year old man gift. I have no ideas though. Any ideas? Thanks!
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I quit my job last week. Today I checked my bank account and the money I'm owed isn't there! They owed me for 2 days of work, 7 paid days off, and commission. I called and left messages, but they seem to be out today. What do I do to get the money owed to me??
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Tattoo removal

I have a tattoo, that was done by a friend about 2 years ago. It's on my fingers, which is really stupid and embarrassing. I called in a place today to see about getting it removed, I now have a consultation appointment.

I was curious - has anybody had a tattoo removed? Does it leave really noticeable scars? Do you have a picture of where your tattoo was?

Also, does anybody know how hard it is to get rid of a home done tattoo? Would it be easier than a normal tattoo?

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on tv judging shows like judge judy, is it true that whoever ends up losing the case & having to pay the other party, doesn't actually have to pay? my brother said that the television company or something like that ends up paying.
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Have you ever completely forgotten that you had work? And then remembered way, way too late? (But maybe early enough that at your next shift, everyone is still feeling the burn.) What did you do?

What (Not) to Wear?!?!

So, I've newly graduated from university, and I'm in job search mode now. Problem is that in some of them, I actually would have to look well put together, and being an (ex-)poor student, I own jeans...and running shoes. And that's pretty much it.

I understand what I'm supposed to look like, for say, business casual, but what I don't understand is the day-to-day mechanics of it. Like how you actually live and breathe in nice clothes.

For example, I went shopping for not-jeans, and bought a pair of these guys, but they're hipsters. They're pretty much the only one of those that fit me because I'm small but I have a lot of curve around the hips, so if it fits me on the hips chances are it's really baggy everywhere else.

So my first question is do people actually wear hipsters like that at work, and if so (and here's the problem I was having today when I was working a temp job) how do you keep err...okay. How do you avoid your butt crack from showing when you bend over? I was freakishly paranoid all day, and I don't think it's the sort of thing a belt would totally fix (I also hate belts).

Which leads me to the next question of shirts. Pretty much all the tapered (that's good) dressy shirts I tried on were pretty short. Short as in if I lifted my arms up there would be quite a bit of lower torso exposed. The regular (longer) ones like this look totally crappy on me - I more or less drown in them. So how do people wear those and not show the skin?

Can anyone who is used to dressing up this way every day share some wisdom? I'm so frustrated. Maybe I should return the hipsters oO.

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Early in april, I applied for a job. A few days later they called me to set up an interview a week later. Interview went great, they called me back for a second interview. Second interview went FANTASTIC, and went so far as to give me a tour and a abbreviated showing of things I would be doing. They told me that because someone I needed to talk to was sick the day of my second interview, I would need to come back for a third, and they would call me early the next week. They said that the third interview would really just be a formality, and I was basically hired. Next week came and went, no call. I went in to ask what was up, they said they were still working on second interviews, and would call me soon. It's been several weeks now, and they still haven't called me. They haven't even called any of my references.

What do you think, are they just behind on their interviews? Did they decide not to hire me and are too chicken to inform me? Has a hole opened in the space-time continuum and I'm really working there and don't know it?

I think they decided not to hire me. I just wish they had the balls to tell me this instead of ignoring me and hoping I get the picture.
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1. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? Are you tempted to now?

2. Do you like JPop? Any artist suggestions?

3. There is not and never was a three. Or was there?
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Camera Storage

I'm thinkng of getting another SD Card for my camera before my family and I go on vacation. I have some VERY important/sentimental pictures on the one I'm using now, and I'd rather not delete them off the card in case my computer messes up (it's happened before).

1. I have a 128 MB SD card in my camera right now, and I have a 512 MB mini SD card (with an adapter). Would you suggest that I just use the mini SD card?

2. If I were to get another card, what would you suggest as far as size (as in megabytes/gigabytes) and brand?

3. Is there any way I can store the SD cards away from my camera? I have a little case for the mini SD card, but I don't have anything for the normal-sized one.

4. Anything else I should know or be aware of?

Thank you!!
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I could ask my friend who cooks, but whenever I ask her a cooking question she gives me this incredulous look like "How on earth do you feed yourself when no one ever taught you these things?"

I have a crockpot. it's old, it doesn't have a high or a low setting just off and on.
I have chicken, I have pasta, I have alfredo sauce.

Would it be possible for me to just put the chicken and alfredo sauce and something to thin out the sauce, like oil or chicken broth or water, into the crockpot in the morning and then make pasta in the evening and have the chicken be done and the alfredo sauce usable for the pasta?

I'm afraid the alfredo sauce will become a gelatinous mass, or the chicken won't cook, or there will be a fire.
All things that have happened other times I've tried to cook.

is this possible? possible with adjustments? what if anything should I be mixing with the sauce, and how much of it?

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear...

1. What do you think of women* with unshaved...
[A] legs?
[B] armpits?
[C] genetalia?
(*Not necessarily what you think of the woman personally, just what are your thoughts on women shaving or not shaving? Is it more of a turn on/off one way or another?)

2. What do you think of facial hair (presumably on men, but I'm not going to exclude women)?
Are there certain kinds you prefer over others (you like full beards but hate soul patches, etc)?

3. What other types of body hair (happy trails, hairy chests, etc) do you like/dislike (specify on which gender and, if you don't mind, your gender)?
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So I took my 10 week old puppy to the vet today at around 10am and got him his second round of distemperment shots. Around 4pm he started acting funny, crying everytime I would hold him. My boyfriend got home from work and noticed that he had a bump on his leg from the shot. Since then, it's gotten worse. He will cry if we barely touch it and the bump has gotten bigger. I am concerned because he's only 3 pounds and he's been sleeping a lot since 5pm. I don't know, is this normal for him to have this big of a reaction? I know that my mom's dogs have had reactions, but they were over it within 3-4 hours. I am thinking that if it gets worse, then I will take him to an all-night clinic. If it stays the same, then I will call his vet in the morning and see what's going on. Should I be more concerned? Should I just take him to the all-night clinic now?
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The "framerate" of my eyes went up recently... I noticed it at work a couple days ago and have been testing it on things since then, and fast moving objects are much clearer in motion than before. Is this possible? What can cause it?

house plants!

Do you have plants in your house?
Yes! It always seems strange to me when people don't have any house plants, unless they have allergies or something similar that would prevent them from keeping plants inside.

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What kind of grilling/BBQ/not-quite-picnic-but-def.-holiday-weekend foods are your favorites?

(The type (genre?) of food to which I refer: hot dogs & hamburgers, beer, potato salad, pasta salad, that kinda thing.)