May 25th, 2006

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Attention all U.S. history buffs! I'm not asking you all to do my homework for me, but I am having some trouble grasping some concepts.

1. One of my topics for tomorrow's essay test is "Compare and contract FDR's New Deal with the progressive reform movements of the early 20th century. Are they similar or different in origin, intent and impact?"

I don't really see how they're comparable. They were both reform movements, but the New Deal was brought about to bring the US out of the Great Depression and the progressive reform targetted cities and basic human rights like those of women, children, and the working class. Explain?

2. The next question asks whether or not the Civil Rights movement was a complete success (of course not, racism and inequality still exist) and what it ultimately accomplish. There were quite a few triumphs over the course of the Civil Rights movement, but did it have a huge, fantastic accomplishment? What am I missing here?

3. For another topic asking what long term impact and effect on the domestic scene that World War II and Vietnam had in the US and the differences between the two. My theory is that World War II united the US, and after that the sameness of suburbia and women acting proper was popular. Then during Vietnam, our country was divided, almost at war with itself, and the idea of being unique, free and pleasing yourself became popular while authority was questioned. Ultimately, Vietnam's effect overturned what World War II had created. Agree? Disagree?

I'm sick and exhausted, so if these seem obvious then feel free to slap me around a bit. Feel free to discuss all of this at length, I think it's really interesting.

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I have an Apple G4 Powerbook and I want to get extra memory. The apple store is very expensive so I'm thinking about getting an external hard drive. Any recommendations from people who have done this? Brands? Websites? etc.

(I'm in the UK, but can order from the States if it's a good deal)

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So, what's the most useless/ridiculous thing you've done to procrastinate?

When I was supposed to be studying for the Leaving Certificate (which is a pretty important thing, for the non-Irish reading this) I once spent forty minutes sorting a pile of multi-coloured confetti into piles of individual colour. And I wonder why I only got 415...

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::: Ok, let's see who's had their LJ the longest amongst us TQC members... When did you start your LJ?  (visit your userinfo. page).

me=Feb. 26, 2003

::: How many journal entries have you posted?


::: Have you posted more comments than you have received? Or have you received more than you have posted?

me=i've definitely posted more (1,255) than I've received (888).

Road Trip

Is there anything cool to see if you're driving from New Jersey to Indianapolis, IN?

Is there anything cool to see or do between Indianapolis and Austin, TX?

All ideas appreciated, but keep in mind that we are on a teeensy budget. So cheap or free is best.

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Who here used to roleplay in AOL chatrooms?

I used to roleplay in the AOL chatrooms back in 2000 and I've been wondering if there is an AIM counterpart that I could somehow find.

A sort of list of user created rooms to use in order to roleplay again even after losing the AOL service. Yeah yeah. I know it's gay.
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pregnancy related question

I have a friend who is about 4 months pregnant. She has been having morning sickness the whole time and hasn't found anything to settle her stomach. She has tried crackers, breads, fruits and anything that she can think of. Nothing has helped her. She is losing weight and getting very discouraged. I couldn't be much help because nothing worked for me when I was pregnant. Does anyone have any tips for her?

Thanks for any help!
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How would you describe having "water on the knee?"

How serious is it when your kneecap looks obviously out of place and that knee hurts when it rains?

And I'll go ahead and be the next person to ask: What is that 1-800 nurse number? Can we add it to the memories for this community?
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I usually cook stuff that is boxed or packaged or pre-made, but would like to see if I can start using recipes. Would you be willing to share a favorite recipe or recipes that you and your family enjoy, that is/are simple to make and does not have beans or lentils in them? Here is mine...

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been tossin' around some questions in my brain.

1. do you own an ipod?

1a. if yes, did it come with a manual?
1aa. if yes, why don't you fucking read it?
1ab. if no, why would you purchase something you don't fucking understand at all that didn't come with some kind of directions?

1b. if no, why?
1ba. is it because you wouldn't want to have to lower yourself to asking the same fucking questions that six hundred other people have asked in this community, and in ipods?
1bb. or is it because you're like me? i don't own one. fuck that pedestrian bullshit.

2. i do not think that was the proper outline-type formatting for these questions and their respective sub-questions. what would the proper formatting be?

3. do you really think that your friends respect you? why?

4. if you made a theme bar for your life, what would the theme be?

5. is my attitude bothering you?
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Due to my earlier predicament I have an open wound from abscess lancing fun. It itches like crazy because it's starting to heal. Unfortunately I can't scratch my crotch outside (don't worry, I'm not actually scratching. I know that will screw up the healing process.). Is there anything I can do to help with the itching or am I kinda screwed?
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Does anyone know of those e-bay drop off stores that will take things like CD's and printer ink? Or am I better off trying to just sell them on my own?

Or does anyone know of used CD shops around Long Island? There was one I used to go to all the time, but they're not around anymore and I don't know of any others.
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This is a question I asked my dad the other day :

Why don't birds have hands?

(His answer : "WTF?! Why don't FISH have hands? You're really messed* up, you know that?")

*different word used in actual conversation

And fish don't have hands because they don't have feet, because they're in water, and don't need to pick stuff up. But, like, most things have paws/hands.

I just wonder why they dont have little T-Rex lookin' things.

Zip Files

My computer is all of a sudden not extracting files out of Zip files. I have been able to download and extract Zip files for as long as I can remember, but now files aren't extracting. My computer says that there are no files to extract. I know that this isn't a problem with the files, but my computer. EVERY Zip file that I've downloaded since about mid-April hasn't worked correctly.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!!
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Red red wine

I'm flying home for a family thing next month, and want to take 2-3 bottles of wine from this region, stuff they can't get back home.

- What's the best way to package it?

- Am I allowed to take wine on board in my carry-on bag? (I'm a bit skeptical of putting it in my checked baggage, cause I've seen the way suitcases are thrown around.)

- Would it be better to purchase it online and let the vendor deal with it? (price not an issue)
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semi-hypothetical here...

If someone makes approximately $42,000 and change a year, that is their only source of income, and they live alone, what are the chances that they will be able to buy a $160,000 house without going too deep in the hole, or ovextending themselves?
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Back again!

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I think I'm going to do an assortment -- that way I can leave the chocolate things out for my friend who doesn't like, etc.

So this is what I've narrowed it down to:

Graham crackers
Chocolate mint meringues
Butterscotch confetti squares (butterscotch, peanut butter, marshmallow)
Mini-cookies -- lemon and/or butterscotch
Buckeyes (making these anyway for my sister)
Penuche fudge or easier chocolate fudge?
Oatmeal cookies
Sugar cookies (I'm going to decorate them in place of a card)
Fruit jellies
Vanilla cupcakes
Something healthy-er? As in banana bread, a muffin?

Obviously, that's probably way too much. I could probably make it all (graduation's on a Thursday night, and we don't have school for almost two weeks before), but I don't want to overload my friends with food! I need to make bigger selections for about 6-8 people and would like to have smaller selections for about 8-10 other people. I want to have a variety of flavors, colors, and textures. What should I make from the list (is anything major missing?), and how well do these foods generally keep?


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does anyone have a sunless tanner that they would recommend? i have to be in a wedding next month. i am the whitest white person ever and burn pretty easily so i'd like to skip the tanning beds.
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On cell phones

1. When you go to sleep, where do you leave your cell phone?
2. Do you use it as an alarm?
3. Do you pick it up if someone calls you in the middle of the night or you turn it off before going to sleep?
4. Does it have anything on it such as bling or those little things with the cord that you can leave hanging from it?
5. What make/model/brand of cell phone do you have?
6. Now that you are used to having it around, can you live without it?
7. Do you have just a cellphone and no landline?
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I'm feeling slightly low (and PMSy), and I just want to bury myself under my blankets with chocolate and watch movies. Any suggestions on sad/depressing movies? Preferably not depressing, like in they suck, because that just makes me mad. I don't want to be mad.

PS. Brokeback is already on the list.
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Most downloading websites - like yousendit, rapishare, sendspace, megaupload, etc.- all offer special membership so that you can download faster. But does anyone actually use these options? Would you shell out a few dollars a month for better downloading service?

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I'm looking for some awesome shoes. They must:
-not be a huge brand name like Nike or Adidas or anything like that
-come in craaaaaazy colours (any colour, just not white or brown)
-be some kind of slip on; I hate tying up my shoes
-86558876896987987986746563542634786978890546 can't have them; I am so sick of everyone looking the same
-be cheaper than $200.00
-be good quality because my feet will die if they aren't
-be awesome and cool and unique and crazy good
Here are some so you get an idea of what I like:

You may wonder, what's wrong with these shoes? Well, the checkered slip ons, EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE OWNS THEM!! yes I like exaggeration
And the velcro ones are available at Urban Outfitters. And that is BAD. But I'm not going to get started on that.
So HELP me shoe crazy peeeeeopulls!!!!
P.S. Sorry if the pictures are too big; I tried to make them smaller but then I couldn't see them. And think what you will but I have no idea how to do cuts

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Is honesty always the best policy? Always always always? I really think it's important in a lot of circumstances, but in some cases I think that it's better to either conceal the truth or lie-- both of which are being dishonest. What do you think? If there are circumstances where honesty isn't the best policy, what might they be?
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Claire !!
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I'm trying to format a computer with a windows XP disc, but the only options I get are to install windows and repair it. I formatted one earlier and there was an option to wipe the hard drive. How do I get that option back?

money talk to me

so, i'm filling out my FAFSA (a wee bit late) because i'm relying upon the benevolent forces of the US government to put me through grad school. anyway, it asks if i'm living on campus or off campus, but i don't actually know yet. does anyone know if picking one is more likely to get you more money? i need all the money i can get because cost of living will exceed my tuition cost.

and did any of you guys get loans for grad school? how much did you get?

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Car question

Is it really at all imperative to get your vehicle serviced as close to the mileage requirement as possible, or will going over by say 100-200 miles really have any effect on your car?

I am coming up on my 20k service, my car is currently at 19,700 but I am going out of town this weekend and won't be able to get my car serviced until next week, and by then with the road trip it should have like 200 miles over 20k.

Does it matter or am I being a silly, paranoid, 1st time new car owner about it?

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Two questions: one, is there a free + easier than burning them to CD and re-ripping them way to turn MP4s er, m4a(whatever the itunes format is, blah)s into MP3s? very much answered

two! and this one more unnerving! I just came back from a night out. I always leave my computer on, so I turn the monitor on and prepare to start getiing online and stuff. no! my computer is in some sort of owner-frightening-utility thing! Your standard black screen, white text, I probably should've paid more attnetion but I do know it said something about BIOS time not being set and a checksum being bad. it told me to hit f4 to enter BIOS, which seemed to be the only way out so I did, and then when I exited BIOS (without changing anything) it went on to startup as normal. I checked with my roommates, we didn't have a power outage or anything while I was gone.
Furthermore, opening my start menu, that "new program you haven't used yet" colour was applied to many programs, probably about a third of them. I've used -all- of these programs, some within the past week and some not for quite some time.
Files on my desktop and stuff I just got (Skype, on a recommendation from one of you guys) are still there, so I don't think it reverted to a non-fucked-up past save thingy.

WTH happened?

EDIT! it also reset my computer clock to January first, 2002!
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How do I stop feeling so ANGRY with my ex for breaking up with me?

I was fine for a couple days, but more and more it's beginning to drive me crazy that he didn't have a good reason. Everything was totally fine, and then he just upped and ended it. It wasn't going to work out in the end, and I know I'm way better off, but I'm still irked.

But how do I stop hating him? I don't want to hate him. We live really close to each other, and I know if I see him I'll want to punch him in the throat.
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if anyone could answer this for me that would be great. i need to do a 30 second speech on it and i will be filmed.

what is a project scope statement? why it is a necessary step in the process and why should work not continue until the project scope document has been finalized?

if you could just tell me what a project scope statement is then i can kinda bs the rest of it.
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What's fun to do on the internet anymore? I find myself just refreshing the same pages 3784832 times a day because I don't know what else to do on the internet.

Who are your odd celebrity crushes?
Over the passed few months I've developed a little crush on Woody Allen.
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What advice would you give to someone starting their own webcomic?

And please, don't answer with "Don't do it" I'm going to do it no matter what anyone says, but I'm just after advice on what is good to do and what not to do. I actually want this to do well.
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What are some gender roles that women are supposed to fit into?

For instance... women are supposed to be demure. They should be sexually innocent. They should let men make decisions for them because they don't know better. They should want to get married and have kids.

Etc etc. Note: I don't actually agree with this crap. I just want to know what are some guidelines for the female gender that historically have been the rules to follow.
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Life question

When you're not at work, sleeping, or getting sexed up, what do you do with your time?

This summer I'm working and going to take a class at a community college (bowling!!!). When I come home I just feel like being a louse and sitting around the house. It's not because I'm too terribly tired, I just have nothing else to do. I just get on the computer or watch some tv. That's basically it, though. I'm just feeling like maybe I'm missing something and that I'm weird for just wanted to sit around the house when I'm not at class or at work. Maybe it's just because my boyfriend is staying in our college town this summer and it's our first time apart in five years but DANG! I don't know what to do with myself and I feel like I haven't been let in on the secret of what everyone else does with their time. Enlighten me, please!
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What's the worst binge you ever had?

Is it just me, or are gas stations making the gas come out slower so you still feel like you're getting the same amount of gas for $20 you would have a few years ago? I'm prone to paranoia so it's hard for me to judge :P
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What should I name my fish?

Here are the suggestions from my friends; the one which gets the most votes through comments will be my fish's name. You can vote for more than one if you like.

Albert can't swim
Albert Whiskerface
Banky the 2nd
Blender (because I had to keep him in a blender for the first day I had him before I bought a fishtank)
Captain Bubbles
Dr. Evil
Fall Out Fish
Fillet O' Fish
Fish Popsicle
James Polk
Jimmy Dude
John The Fish
If Richard Nixon Was A Fish
Lucky (Lucky no one accidentally turned the blender on..)
Mr. Cheddar
Nobody's bitch
Papist Fish
Prime Minister of Fish Bowl
Professor Mcfish
Randall Smith
Russian Roulette (derived from my friend's crazy idea about hitting a button on the blender for a split second, and if the fish survived than naming him Russian Roulette. I didn't, of course, but the suggestion stands.)
Shroedinger's fish
Sid Fish-ous
The Artist Formerly Known as Caviar
The President Of The United States
Von Schlapphin
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for the ladies
1) What places do you reccommend for work shoes?

I need a pair of black flats for work. I'm constantly on my feet and running around and lifting heavy equipment so heels are not an option whatsoever. But every pair of shoes that I tried on (both with and without socks) the past few days has not fit right.. the 7 1/2 are too tight in the toes and the 8's fall off the back of my foot. If anyone knows of good shoes that may fit or of a place to find shoes that may fit, please: help!

2) Where do you buy your lingerie? Take that to mean whatever you want, corsets and teddy's or simply bra's and panties.

Ladies & Gents
3) What makes a piece of lingerie sexy to you? Do certain colors make lingerie sexier?
4) What is your funniest/weirdest/scariest hair removal story? Waxing, shaving, whatever, what's the most interesting story you have from it?

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Fake dreadlocks

Is it easier/cheaper to make your own fake dreads/falls or to buy them through ebay?
Also, how do they attach to your hair? Are there wigs that are dreads, or do you braid/twist each individual dread into your hair?
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Let's say hypothetically you fall in love really easily, and you meet Guy A but he's going out with your friend, then they break up, and you're all happy, but afraid to make the first move. Then you meet Guy B, who you really like too, and he's just perfect, but he's going out with Bitch A, who you're working with so you have to be nice to, and then there's guy C, who's so good looking, an fun, but he's just a friend, with a really huge.. talent. And while we step through all this, you're dealing with sleep deprevation and a HUGE work load.

What do you do?

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When I was in grade school, we read a poem about a stuffed owl. A man was in a barber shop I think, and he was commenting on how fake the stuffed owl looked. He went on and on about it then at the end of the poem, the (obviously real) owl flew away. Does anyone know what poem I'm talking about?
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What's the latest cool thing you have found/uncovered?

A couple days ago I found my old Sega Genesis system with my Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game. I loved that game. I also loved the Aladdin game. I think I remember one of the codes was like ABBABBA haha man Sega was it for me back then.