May 22nd, 2006

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summer job question...

So I'm on the summer job hunt, and I'm looking to work part time and make decent money, but I'm not really interested in waitressing. Does anyone have any thoughts on being a 'pizza delivery girl'? Any reason you can recommend it to me or warn me away from it? I'm especially curious whether you think it's safe to be a 20-year-old girl knocking on stranger's doors all summer.

While I'm at it, any words of wisdom/caution/advice on working a hotel front desk? Any thoughts at all, really. This is probably my top choice at the moment...

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blargh! i cant sleep so i figured that i would like to post a question or four.

01.    someone told me that i look like a ninja in my icon. would you agree or disagree?

02.    what is your dream job using skills/interests you believe that you have right now?
i'd like to work front desk at a dental office or be a fashion stylist.

03.    what is your dream job using skills/talents/an education you wish you had and really just don't right now but may in the future?
i'd say a dentist or tattooist.

04.    do you get internet-plutonic-she/he seems way rad-i bet she/he would be fun to be friends with-type crushes on people?
i do allllll the time! i'd say pretty much everyday i come across someone that is interesting like that to me. [there is one in this community even! i'm just too chicken to say hi, so HI. there i did it.]
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For those of you in relationships...

1) How long have you been with your current SO?

2) If you've said I love you, who said it first and how far along were you in the relationship? When did they say it back?

3) Looking back, do you think it was said too early?

4) If you're engaged or married, how long were you together before you got engaged? How long were you together before you got married?

5) How long have you been married?

For pretty much anyone...

6) If you ever lived with your SO, how long were you together when you moved in together?

7) Did you get a new place together or did one of you move into the other's place?

8) How did it affect your relationship?

I apologize for the amount of questions. I'm awake and thinking and kind of curious.
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Since my last question was not so popular, I'll make a better one...

So an almost-friend (I say that to people who talk to me often about a variety of occasionally-even-somewhat-confidential topics but don't want to "hang out" with me) told me just now that I'm creepy and weird. *pries out the dagger and bleeds profusely on the floor*

So... how does one not be creepy and weird? Can you give any advice on how to act in group settings? "Not talking too much, and annoying people with subjects they don't want to hear. Having something to offer to conversations that is relevent and interesting. I'm shy and I don't talk enough, but I still manage to not be shunned." was the suggestion from the almost-friend. How does one learn these skills without a group setting in which people will be at least indifferent to you?

Edit - Supposedly I am creepy by not talking to people enough when I do things with this group. Weird I suppose I can't help, but I can get rid of the creepy once I know "how to talk to people"...
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Makeup question

I need a good foundation. My current foundation sucks but I have no idea what brand to try and since it's kinda expensive, I don't feel like trying out all of them.

I want something that is oil-free, has full coverage without looking all cakey, and lasts for a good amount of time. My skin's very uneven and I need to cover redness.

What would you recommend?
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monitor signal

All of a sudden, my monitor isn't getting a signal from my computer. The computer appears to be on, my my monitor gets this "no signal input" thing on the screen that it usually gets when the computer is off.

Why would it be doing this?

I feel like my computer has been kind of funky since my power got accidentally switched off the other day. Is that possible?

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went to a comic convention saturday and picked up a little dvd called the dark side of oz...someone had taken the time to remove the dialogue from the wizard of oz and inserted dark side of the moon...we watched it that nite...
pretty neat...

has anyone heard of this dvd? if so - do you have it?have you seen it? what do you think of it?
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Does anyone have any experiences with taking someone to court over an ebay transaction?  My mom is considering doing it, I'm wondering if it's worth it.  Both her and the seller are in CA; basically, my mom bought a two hundred dollar purse, it ended up being way less than new than was advertised, she sent it back and a refund hasn't shown up (this was about three months ago).  She's contacted ebay mutliple times and contacts the seller every day and still nothing.  So, she's thinking of suing the seller.  Do you guys think it's worth it? 

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So I woke up to my mom trying to kill the computer this morning.

Does anyone know what I should do when WordPerfect 10 tells me that there is "Too much text for the current context. Excess text will not display or print."? I already tried changing the views. She said she typed 3 pages but it is only showing me one. =(
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Do you trust easily?

Are you one of those people who's willing to give out personal information on the internet?

Do you ever see anyone (someone you don't know) giving out their address on the internet and want to send them a letter saying it's a bad idea? Or just start sending them letters in general? What if they post their phone number? Do you ever want to call them?

How long do you need to know someone online before you meet them? Does it matter if they seem to be well known (like in a local community)? Does it matter how close you live to them?

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Cosmetic question here!

I've gotten my eyebrows waxed a handful of times, and everything was fine until the last two times - the area between my eyebrows got really broken out. I thought it was just the one salon, but it happened again elsewhere. The weird thing is, the areas under and above my eyebrows were fine, even though they used the same wax there. Any ideas about why this happened and what I can do next time to prevent it? I have graduation coming up and I want to look nice for pictures and all...thanks. :)
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How sick do you have to be before you'll take a day off work? Does anything else infuence your decision, like wether someone can replace you or how much sick leave you have left?

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Are you counting the day until whatever event happens?

What is it?

Why the excitement?

I am going to quit work either today or tomorrow (if my boss ever has time to talk to me!) and i'm putting in my notice for the end of the month. ^____^

also, just one more hour till i get to leave this place for my job interview :) I hate spending the full day here.

Movie Theatres

Be honest now

You're at a movie theatre at a very involving movie, when the person next to you gets a call on their cell phone, and proceeds to answer it. If left undisturbed, the phone call will last two minutes.

1 - Would you tell them to please stop talking on the phone?
2 - How long would the phone call have to last for you to intervene? Immediately? 10 seconds? One minute? Not at all? Just dirty looks and that's that?

When you go to the movies...

3 - do you turn your cell phone off? Do you put it on vibrate instead? Do you do none of the above because you figure that you already paid the stiff ticket prices and you have every right to behave how you want?
4 - If you didn't turn it off, would you answer an incoming call or text?
5 - If you replied yes to the above question, do you lower your voice or talk normal? Do you make it a point to end the phone call quickly or is that not a factor since you already paid for your ticket and you can talk as much as you want?

6 - What pisses you off the most when going to the movies? Inventory all the things that piss you off
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I'm trying to settle a very, very long (as in, my entire eighteen years) debate between my mother and I, so let's have it (discuss the reasons why in comments!):

Who do you prefer?

The Beatles
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Publishing booklets in Publisher

I'm making a 16-page booklet on Microsoft Publisher, using the 4-page option (4 pages on one sheet of paper).

I'm trying to have it so that pages 1&2 and 15&16 are on one sheet, 3&4 + 13&14, and so on. That way I can just nest them all and attach them all. Right now it has pages 1-4 on one sheet, 5-8 on another, etc - which means I need to attach all the folded pieces together back-to-back.

Is there a way of changing which pages are on which sheets in Publisher?


When my friend Gaby and I get together, we get silly and random. Our latest experiment in public humiliation? Feast your eyes:

So... what say you? Are we actually funny-silly, or just lame-silly? Any suggestions for the layout and/or content? We're planning on doing weekly comic strips.

Mucho thanks in advance... even if you're mean. lol

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My stepdad applied for a job as a custodian at a local elementary school (he's currently the housekeeper at the high school and hates it; his coworkers are douchebags). Anyhow, he works thirds and is still asleep. The elementary school just called and told me that they filled the position (meaning, obviously, he didn't get the job). 
I'm bad at being the bearer of bad news. Is there any nice way to go about letting him know? I was going to just leave a note (since he'll see the number on the caller I.D., call back, and they'll say "Oh, well we left you a message"), but that seems kind of harsh. "Good morning! You still have a job you hate!"
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To spank or Not to spank, that is the question!

Poll #733968 Spanking

Spank or No spanking?

Yes, hand only
Yes, with whatever is handy
Other (discuss in comments)

Should spanking be illegal?

Yes, it is here
Yes, it should be
No, but it is illegal here

What age should a parent stop spanking? (Assuming you agree with spanking)

Were you spanked as a child?

Not often
Other (discuss)

Were you abused as a child? (Any kind, not just physical)

Do you have children?

I have been around kids
I have animals, same difference

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I want to go on vacation next month for a couple weeks. I don't care where (seriously, I don't - just nowhere easily drivable, and I'm not really interested in the continental U.S.). My only stipulation is cheap airfare. I can get to Ireland and back for $1000 for two people - does anyone know places I can go for a comparable amount or less (where I'm not playing with bargain airfare websites, etc. - that Ireland thing is right off Thanks.

Edit: I'm in NJ and can easily access the NYC airports.

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Okay Canadians (and possibly Americans)...

How do you feel about the Aboriginals setting up the barrier across a road in Caledonia, Ontario? (Hopefully you've watched the news today or have been following this story for months).

Are you supporting the Aboriginals or do you think they should get over it (Europeans "taking" their land which this all falls back to)?

hair color

If I use L'oreal Excellence Hi-color permanent dye in Red Hot plus the highlighting formula of the same line in Magenta--both of which were made specifically for naturally dark hair--on my bleach-blonde hair, will it:

-not hold very well/at all?

-come out REALLY bright? (which is what I want)

-something else? (please explain)

I've used it on my natural color before and I got a really pretty, rich, deep red.

I don't want to use Manic Panic or anything similar because that stuff tends to look very BAD as it fades.
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What does a menstrual cramp feel like? How do you distinguish it from other things like being hungry, doing too much abdomenal exercise, a pulled muscle, having to pee, having bowel problems, etc? Something is wrong with my abdomen and I'm getting mixed signals... it could be any of the above, but possibly a cramp, which I have never really had like this before.
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1.) Did anyone watch Boy Meets World when it was on? Did it really piss you off when they dumbed down Eric during the college-era episodes? I enjoyed his character more when he was a moron, but it kind of irks me to watch the old episodes and compare.

2.) I just did dishes after a very, very VERY long time of nobody doing them. As a result of dirty dishes sitting on the counter forever, there are brown rings stained into the linoleum. I've attacked it with Orange Glo and with 409. I'm getting some Comet tomorrow, but if that doesn't work I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions? (This question x-posted to hip_domestics)

Regarding website domain registration:

I've been trying to find a way to register a domain name (a .com specifically) for free. I already have my own webspace on which to host files, and I don't need any special bells and whistles like email addresses or anything. A simple URL redireciton would even be fine. I wouldn't mind there being some banner ads or something, if that is the only way. Does anyone know of a way that I could do this? It's for sort of a joke site I'm making for a friend and I'd really rather not have to pay for it.
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what exactly is the point of constables?
are they lesser than or eqaul to cops, in which case why are they just not cops?
(i mean constables in the states, not in england.)

they are all over the mountain i have to drive through to get to work, and i always wondered...if they pull me over, it still holds the same weight as a cop doing so would, correct?
why constables why

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When you ride your bycicle outside in an area where there is no bike route, do you drive with traffic or against traffic?

I almost always drive against traffic even though this is against the law where i live, because i feel it's safer.


Is anyone else unable to logon to MSN? It's giving me this error message:

Signing in to MSN Messenger because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. 81000314

I have never seen this before!

(no subject)

what are some of the worst tourist-ty things you have ever seen?

I'm talking about like taking pictures at arwkard times during a ride or place in a resort,amusment park,etc. burping loudly-everything.

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What a flavor for summer!  What are your favorite alcoholic cocktails involving peaches or peach flavor? Bonus points for the recipe!!

We are looking for a peach cocktail with minimal ingredients.

What flavors remind you of summer?

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As a graduation gift, a friend's mother gave me a suede purse from Wilson's Leather. I am not particularly fond of the purse and it is the complete opposite of my style. Would it be rude if I put it up on eBay (certainly I wouldn't tell her, and there is no Wilson's Leather store by me)? Furthermore, what would be an appropriate starting bid?

What is some event, or experience, that you thought would be glorious and life-altering, but it only turned out to be...void?
Graduation from college. I think I was the only one of my friends not crying.
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Am I the only person who always reads it Devian Tart in my head when I see it in print?

Anyone have any secret insider sports injury tips on tendonitis in the shins or pain in the knees from running? So far all I've got are heating them before exercising and icing them after.
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computer desk

I'm in the process of moving from my parent's house to an apartment and I’m looking for a computer desk. Can anyone recommend a store that sells inexpensive and compact computer desks? The one I have at home is way too big and my new is much smaller than my old one.
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resumes - experience

I'm updating my resume, and it just seems so silly. Like the "action verb" phrases you're supposed to list under your jobs, like - "Trained on and used excellent customer service practices in fast-paced, work environment." That just sounds like such B.S. I've read some articles where bosses say they don't like this kind of thing, that you should say you "answered phones" instead of saying you were a "liason bewteen clients and doctors" (as an example). I even read an article on CNN where the recruiter said that people shouldn't put objectives in their resumes- the first thing all the books and colleges tell you to put.

What do you think? Is your resume filled with big words and action verbs, or is it more informal? Which type of resume would you rather see?

(if you're not sure what colleges/books say resumes should look like, here's an example:
Something About that Name

Cleaning the Car

1.  When cleaning the car, is it better to vacuum first and then wash down the interior...or wash the interior and then vacuum?  
2.  Do you wash the outside of the car before or after cleaning the inside?

(no subject)

What percentage of Americans are involved in legal proceedings [either as the defendant or prosecutor] in their lives? What percentage are small claims?

Do YOU like Ben Lee?

In addition to eyebrow waxing, tailored jeans, and cleavage revealing tops what are some other "Sex appeal" boosting techniques? [Please don't say something like Sex or, you know, completely full frontal nudity] Not slutty [ala Little Kim], more like Jessica Simpson (at points).

Have you ever gotten any service from a beauty school [such as a hair cut or massage]? How was it?

What out-in-theaters movie should I see Friday? NOT Silent Hill, Di Vinci Code [I already saw that], or Xmen 3. I REALLY want to see Down in The Valley- but I don't like anywhere near an independent theater.

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Look, supermary, I remembered my question! ;)

Why doesn't Publix have those $1.65 lamb chops anymore? Are they out of season or something? Because now I have to buy the $3.60 shlor blade chops (what the hell is a shlor blade? is that shorthand for "I don't know how to spell shoulder"?) and those are a beeotch to cook! The $1.65 chop ones are so much easier to cook and in my opinion taste 124901274x better.

Also, I forget if I asked this before, but would vodka + pixy stix make a good shot? How about vodka + pop rocks?
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Amazingly I thought of a question earlier and remembered long enough to post it!

If there were to be a 'beginners guide to TQC' what do you think should be included in it? Warnings about certain members or the members of TQC as a whole? A list of questions to avoid? General 'dos and don'ts? Some inside jokes that we all get tired of explaining? And what do you think it should theoretically be titled?

Have you gone to post here in TQC and posted it in your own journal? Do you do it often?
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I am just full of questions today...

I just dropped a carrot on the kitchen floor. I rubbed it off on my shorts, bit off the tip and threw that away, but ate the rest without peeling or washing. That would freak out both of my friends who see me do it often. (The other day I rubbed the carrot between my toes before eating it...) I also eat Spaghetti-Os straight out of the can, without heating, which one of said friends calls "Yucky!" So...

Anyone have any other potentially disgusting (if a bit subjective on the "disgusting") food habits they'd like to share? :)

(no subject)

what are the names of the grocery chains in your area?
where do you live?

i live on long island and we have king kullen, waldbaum's, (super) stop and shop, pathmark, and i think shop rite and A&P as well. i go to school in delaware and i've seen superfresh and pathmark.
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Meal time is always fun with the rich, robust flavor of Manwich Sloppy Joes. Ready in less than 20 minutes, Manwich is a quick and easy one-pan meal the whole family loves. When it comes to dinner, Manwich rules!

Hunt's continued its tradition of producing quality tomato products when it introduced Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce in 1969. In the 1970s, the brand began using the slogan, "A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal." Today, Manwich continues to make family dinners "Fun piled on a bun."

Do you like Manwich? If so, how do you eat it (on a bun, tortilla, by itself, etc.)? As far as the meat you use, do you use beef or turkey or something else? What do you or would you normally serve with it?
What's that smell?!

(no subject)

1. How do online transactions work?
(Example: if I wanted to sell some clothing online, how would I receive money and send the clothing?)

2. How does eBay work?
(I feel silly, but I don't want to be ripped off or confused...)


(no subject)

1. Is there any safe way to get a stuck CD out of a car CD player? The CD player has been dying anyway, so I know there's no way to save it, but I'd like to have my damn Panic! At The Disco CD back without electrocuting myself, if possible. It would also be optimal if I didn't tear the CD player completely apart, so the radio at least kept functioning.

2. Moral dilemma: Say that you work for a non-profit organization that gets donated leftovers from a bakery. Business picks up for them, and they don't have leftovers for a few weeks (maybe even a month) because they're having trouble keeping up with demand.

Is it rude for the non-profit to "hint" that the bakery needs to come through with the leftovers? Likewise, is it rude of the bakery to promise donations that it can't deliver?

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I hate receiving gifts.

So my grandparents' friends bought me this really not-my-style crystal frame. I really, really will never use this frame. I don't know anyone who will, to be honest. I'd like to return it.

And there's the rub.

They had it special ordered from their son's jewelry shop and would be (in the words of my overdramatic grandma) devastated if I returned it. Apparently they have some issue with people they know having to own some of this crystal (it's orrefors, whatever that means) so that one day we can all be rich. Meanwhile, we all have this horrible frame. They will never come over to my house, so if I return it they won't know. I think it would be better for me to have something I'd actually use especially since I'm at a place where I am finally decorating like a 'grown up'.

There are no stores around here that carry this crystal. The closest one is 2 hours away. Fortunately, there's one in Atlanta, where my fiance goes to school. So I'll be able to return it in September. Looking online though, none of the stock they carry in this is the frame I have.

Which leads me (finally) to my question: Even if they do not carry this specific frame, do you think they will still be able to return it? Or am I SOL?
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(no subject)

If this violates Rule #6 of the userinfo, let me know and I will delete.

When a file-sharing community gets shut down by LJ, does the moderator's/creator's journal get suspended as well?
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Hair color freakout

I had my boyfriend color my hair (I know, first mistake right there) and he didn't do that great of a job. On one of my little girly sideburn type parts he got not only that little bit of hair but the fuzz on my cheek right next to it! Hopefully you know what I'm talking about and don't think I'm some hairy beast. *L*

Anyway I thought it was just my skin but when I realized the hair itself was colored I freaked. I can't get rid of the color, so what can I do? Just cut or shave that part off? I hate wearing my hair down but it looks like I might be stuck doing that for a while. :(


[Edit] Updated with pictures!

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Fitting Rooms

Have you ever done anything in a fitting room that you weren't supposed to do? What was it?
I work at Macy's(hooray I'm finally employed!) and someone peed on one of the dresses yesterday and left it there, I kind of hope she had a legitimate reason for doing it. The lady I work with told me that they often catch 15 year olds having sex in the downstairs ones. I really can't imagine what type of people do things like that.

wireless headphones

Do you have or ever had wireless headphones that you use for TV? What kind? How do you like them?

Do you have or ever had wireless headphones for your MP3 player? What kind? How do you like them?

Do you think they're worth the money?

(no subject)

Have you ever snorted pixi stix?

Have you ever gotten sugar high?

Yes, on both counts for me. I had to be literally pulled away from the sugar packets... by 3 guys cuz just one couldnt keep me from it, and i was hella hyper and they were like OH NO NOT MORE SUGARY MARY!!!! aaah good times.