May 21st, 2006

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Firefox question:

For some odd reason when I view some websites something is different than other Firefox users who view the same exact site(tested it with friends).

It's not a drastic difference, but my Firefox will load an embedded music player flash file but wont allow me to click play/stop etc. Another example is a website had a marquee of links scrolling, in my Firefox the links didn't work. In my friends, they did. A few other things like DIV layers intersecting each other on my Firefox, when they aren't intersecting on friends (and the DIV's are not %'s they are absolutes, friends and I also use same desktop resolution and Firefox resolution)

Anyone have any ideas on why my Firefox would be loading websites a little bit differently? I have many extensions but they shouldn't be interfering as they don't modify HTML.

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Who told Nelly Furtado she can rap?
If I didn't know any better I'd think she was a rejected Pussycat Doll.

A more "real" question... (I know I could google it, but I'd like more first hand experiences.)

For those with bonsai trees, how do you get rid of insects? I bought a bonsai the other day, knowing the risk of "bugs" and whatnot, but they're already driving me mad. I can't handle seeing bugs, because I feel like I'm covered in them when I see them (I've changed shirts three times already today). I don't want to have to put it outside.

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I thought someone was spying on my computer activities, so I took precautions. I removed their name as a computer administrator, and password protected my screen. I also changed my AOL and Livejournal passwords, and used a password I just made up on the spot for all three.

However, person saw an e-mail. HOW? It was an e-mail I had sent to myself - I don't think the person has access to my actual AOL account, because they didn't see the completed e-mail I'd sent to someone else, only the draft sent to myself. I also posted the full e-mail in my LJ, so it wasn't seen there.

So how? Do computers save drafts of things you write or what? At this point I removed the person's screen entirely from this computer, so that should protect me then, right?
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is there a free image hosting site that..

can make online albums
can upload through email OR has ftp access
can upload zip files if through email - for example, I wnat to upload 5 pics, so I zip up the 5 pics and upload hte zip file, and then the album will show five unzipped pics in my album
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Have you ever been on a group interview? (The one I mean is multiple candidates being interviewed all at once, not multiple interviewers) How do you feel about them?

I haven't been on one as of yet. One-on-one interviews scare me but group interviews sound even scarier to me. It's hard to say though without any experience.

Image Ready help

How do you save an animation in a smaller file size?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I don't want to delete any frames or make the dimensions smaller so how do I save it as a smaller file size? I need it to be under 8k
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How do you feel about "designer" dog mixes? A list of them is here.

So, how badly do you want your own dog?

Just how mean is it that I want a dog desperately, but live in an apartment and don't want an apartment sized dog? Especially when my neighbors have a HUGE dog in their apartment (mean! It's only 650 square feet!)?

What's your favorite kind of dog? Or are you one of those gross 'cat people'? ;)
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My remote control isn't working, I think. Last night it worked perfectly fine...I put in new batteries...and it just won't go to the channels when I push the buttons? HELP!? It won't even let me turn the TV off. LOL. I have Time Warner Cable. My mom says she doesn't think it's the remote control. She thinks there's something wrong with the cable itself. Shit! What do you think is wrong?

EDIT: Uh...I THINK it worked. But it keeps on working and not working. GAHHHHHH! I don't know! But thanks guys, I think I'll just get a new remote...and/or a new TV.
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Self cleaning

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What is one song (or a couple of songs) you think everyone should have on their playlist?

If you are/were in school, what are your plans to relax for the summer?

For those working, do you like your boss? Why or why not? What are some habits your boss has that you just cannot stand, and how do you deal with them?

Do you prefer posts here that have a theme to the questions, or random questions?
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Is there a song that, no matter how many times you've listened to it, you can't get enough of?

For me, it's "Push" or "Back 2 Good" by matchbox twenty.

Do any of you read Cat Fancy magazine?

I do! I love it. I'm a crazy cat lady.
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Where to Go

Let's say you had 12-18 months to travel around the world and the funds to make it happen. (12 months if you lived with some comforts and 18 months the cheaper you go).

Where would you go and why?
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I'm not too sure if anyone not in the UK can help me here but if you can please do!

Basically, if you remember my post the other day about my mum (she was taken into hospital with a suspected stroke. She's doing good btw. It wasn't a stroke at all, a chest infection) I am hoping to take her on holiday. She's 61 and her husband died a few years ago. She's not been on holiday for years and we have never been on holiday together ever. I'm thinking of somewhere in Europe. Maybe Greece or Barcelona I'm not sure.

Anyways, aside from the actual cost of the holiday (we'll be getting a package deal which includes flights and accommodation) how much should I save for the both of us for spending? We won't be doing much drinking/going out. Maybe a few nights. I'm hoping to go for two weeks. Mainly we'll be taking it easy as she has bad health and going on trips to places of interest.

Any help would be much appreciated!!
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I want to try and cut High Fructose Corn Syrup out of my diet.

1. Is this even possible? Have you tried it?
2. What else would it be disguised as in the ingredient list?

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Thanks to every one who replied to my last post about summer jobs. I applied to a TV station for a job as a "assistant camera operator" and if I don't get that job I'm either going to search for secretarial jobs or a job at a bank.

However, if transportation becomes an issue [I am currently sans license and nothing goes my way], I might have to get a job in town. I'm pretty much going to call EVERY place that's not fast food to see if they have openings. So, here come the questions...

There are some jobs open at a hardware store near my house. They are looking for cashiers, sales, etc.. I am a fairly strong girl [under 18] but my dad says I don't have a chance in hell because I don't know much about construction material. Does this matter if you're a cashier? Is there a place online where I can learn a brief over view?

Has anyone worked painting houses or fences? Did you make a lot? Did you need past experience?

Has anyone worked at Rite Aid? How was it?

And, finally, what are some HIGH PAYING jobs that a high school graduate can get?


(no subject) being a waitress/waiter worth it? I'm thinking about becoming one...alot of people have told me to try it ever since I was about 16. Well, now I'm 20 and my company just lost it's business, sadly, so I need a new job.

So, anyone with experience...fill me in on what it's like. I'm scared.
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I've bought many things on and had good experiences. But what about selling? I am thinking of selling several books I don't need any more. Have you ever sold anything on Was it worth it? Pros and cons of the experience?

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I'm really curious about this [sorry for posting so soon after my last post-but this is interesting]

If you were given $1000 and told to make money off of that, what would you do?

This is based on that Primetime special about millionaires. One woman lost all her money [planned to buy vending machines and stock them with OTC medicine], one gained a few dollars [she had a cover party], and one gained a fair amount but gave it away [he bought candy and put them in jars and sold them].

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I'm looking for song recommendations about humanitarian work, like volunteering and changing the world.

Some I've come up with are:

Michael Jackson - Heal The World (yes, a classic, I know, lol)
Lindsay Lohan - What Are You Waiting For
Blessid Union of Souls - I Believe

What else can I add to this list?
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s2 table transparency

How can I keep the transparency for my tables in the S2 style system? When I switch from S1 to S2, the change is almost seamless; the only problem is that I have a black background for my text when I want my actual background image to show through.
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You guys will probably remember me if I ask this question. I hope not though. But what are your first thoughts when you hear 'form fitting clothes'? I mean...what kind of outfits do you think of?
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Is there a way to tell if you broke a bone in your foot?
And I mean would it be extremely painful or just kinda sore, or swollen or something.
I think I may have hurt something in my foot, but I don't want to overreact by going to the doctor.


1) I like books about post-apocolyptic futures, where something has happened to drastically change the way we live and humans are left to sort of fend for themselves. Think War of the Worlds or the Stand.
Anyone know any good books/movies along these lines?
What do you think you would do in such a situation?

2) How do I overcome my fear/aversion to driving?
Has anyone else overcome this fear? Encouraging stories welcome.

3) I remember reading a blog or website where people tried to make a big festive meal (think thanksgiving or christmas) entirely out of things they bought at a convience store. Does anyone know what i'm talking about and able to provide a link?
I seem to remember dorito-encrusted chicken or something...
I know they did something like it on Top Chef on Bravo.
What kinds of things would you make given the same challenge?

4) I'm throwing a murder mystery dinner party. It's set in Shakesprean times. What sort of food should I serve to keep with the theme? I need something like 5 courses. I was thinking wine and homemade bread for one, but other ideas would be loverly.
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I am currently in the Army and they sent me to an Air Force base (definately different than Army bases, thats for sure). This Air Force base is in Florida. Well, I had some spare time this weekend, so I did what any other teenager was doing. (Besides those that were working of course.) I went to the beach. I only spent a total of 3 hours there, with spf 50 sunblock on. Well... now I am burnt. As in deep red over my entire torso. Not good, I know. I have tried to get some aloe vera, but havebeen unsuccessful in acquiring it. Anything else that I can do?
I also tried taking a cold shower... unfortunately, the engineers who designed this place mangaged to make it so there is NO cold water. *sob* I turned the shower on cold and it was still warm.
Oh, and to make matters worse, as the name states, I am from Alaska. Definately didn't get a lot of sun up there...



i'm baking cookies (plain ol' chocolate chip) and the recipe calls for softened butter. what's the best way to soften butter other than letting it sit for a couple of hours on the counter? i don't want to melt it, since it would sorta change the properties of the butter for cookies. any ideas?
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Can you help me find the title/author of this book?

I read it years ago and I really enjoyed it. I'm desperate to find it again. i think it had a green cover. The lead character was a woman who went to a Greek Island on holiday. She couldn't leave, the island kept bringing her back somehow and I think she ended up staying there. I know it sounds like Shirley Valentine but it's definitly not. The pull of the islands was supernatural in some way and wouldn't let her leave..

Please help me! Thanks!

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Warning: I know next to nothing about computers and electronics.

I have a wireless cable modem thingie, and I want to password protect it, because I think other people are using it in our apartment complex. How do I do this? It's nothing obvious.
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hurricane season. here we go, guys.

1. Are you tired of hearing about Katrina?

2. For those of us living on the gulf coast, are you ready for hurricane season? What have you done as far as planning -- anything different from last year?
*My mom and I live about an hour north of I-10, but we usually lose power for a few days during hurricanes so we're putting together a kit of stuff we're going to need and we got a generator.

3. What do you think should be done, whether on an individual or a regional/governmental level, to better prepare the gulf coast for the next Katrina?

4a. Have you ever evacuated because of an approaching hurricane?
4b. Where did you go?
4c. Has your city done anything to plan for the next evacuation?
*I noticed on I-49 in Louisiana that there's a couple on/off ramps being built between the two sides of the interstate to accomodate contraflow out of Lafayette from I-10, but I haven't heard any new plans on how it'll work. I live near a military base and the signs for FEMA trucks are still there too.
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Vapid questions ahoy!

So, me and my friends are in a debate (more like squabble, as it has zero to negative one to do with anything intelligent) and I thought I'd enlist the people of this lovely community to give their opinions.

Collapse )

1. There is a gun to your head and you have to sleep with one of those guys in the picture. Who would you pick?

2. Which one of them would you most like to hang out, go drinking, just be friends with the most?

3. You're stuck on a remote island with only one of these guys; which one would you most like to have with you?

4. Let's say that they're in a band (they are, but shh, if you were walking down the street you wouldn't know that). What instrument do you think each one would play?

5. Let's be shallow! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you look at each of the different guys? If you want, get creative and tell me if one looks like he's a Steve and that you want to punch him in the face because he looks like a twat or something. 

And also -

6. Is it legal to pull off to the side of the road on a highway and just get out to walk around, watch a sunset, pick some flowers, have a picnic in the meridian, ect?
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Hey you guys! I died!

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does anyone know of youth hostels to stay in when visiting new york city? i think even in staten island would be okay since the ferry is free [though safety is also an important issue]. how expensive are they?
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Before you google....

Do you know what 'A Modest Proposal' is, and who wrote it, and why?

I thought this was common knowlege but the friends i've been talking to lately have never heard of it.

While we're here, do you know who these people are...

1. Nabokov
2. Dostoevsky
3. Pushkin
4. Gogol
5. A. Huxley
6. Sartre
7. Simone Du Beauvoir
8. Salinger
9. Mark Twain
10. Hemingway
11. Ingmar Bergman
12. Tolstoy
13. Sherwood Anderson
14. J.S. Bach
15. Frederic Douglas
16. Roquentin

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i need an answer real quick!!!

i am about to go rinse out the dye in my hair, its Revlon, it says i shouldnt shampoo before, but what about after?? can i shampoo after i rinse and condition?? i read the instructions and there is nothing

help me pleaseee!!
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Today I was stopped by a couple from out of town who were looking for an "ABC store" which I didn't understand what it was until they said they wanted a bottle of wine. I didn't get to ask them where they were from-- where are you from and what do you call a place to buy alcohol? Bonus points if you can tell me where they're called "ABC stores".

I'm in PA and we call places to buy wine or liquor "liquor stores" or "state stores" and beer can be bought from bars or beer distributors.

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i tried googling this....

i was just watch extreme makeover: home edition, and they had enrique iglesias, and he sang a beautiful song, anyone know what it is??

some of the words were:
"will you remember me like i will remember you"
"somebody needs you, somebody dreams of you"
"and that somebody is me"
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Da Vinci Doce and Disney?

There's a part in the Da Vinci Code where one of the characters (I totally forget who it is) mentions Walt Disney movies and how some of them appear to be based in Pagan mythology. I'm talking this over with a friend and he asked for examples and I can't remember any of them. Can anyone jog my memory about this part of the book? It's really too much work to look through the book for that specific part and I suck at Google.


What is the most unusual or unique punishment you have ever recieved. (While you were growing up).

Things like pounding in nails into a board in a fence, then having to pull them back out, to show what words do to people?
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Job Hunt!!

Most of tomorrow for me will consist of finding a summer job. To start out, I am 19, and I have never had a job (I know, I know).

1. The first place I'm going to is a camera shop. I have no idea if they're hiring or not, so I'm just going in to ask if they're hiring. Should I ask to talk to the manager, or should I just ask whoever's there if they're hiring or not? Also, this camera shop sells photography equipment, and they have a studio there, too. Does anyone know if this could possibly require experience?

2. While I'm out applying for a job, do you think I should wear anything special? Is there something I should NOT wear?

3. It might be of interest to know that my family and I are going on a nine-day vacation in mid-June. Is this something I should bring up right away?

4. I am ONLY interested in a summer job... I most likely will NOT apply for a job when I go back to school in August. Is this something I should bring up right away, as well?

5. Anything else I should know?

Thank you!!
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How is apple for allowing you to customize a macbook?

I'm looking to buy one in the fall, but the standard out-of-the-box specs aren't the best, according to my brother. He says I should upgrade this and that, and what not. What I'm asking is, is it possible to customize with macbooks, or do you pretty much buy the premade predesigned system exactly as is?

answered, thanks!
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I want to start using make-up for professional situations. Thing is, I have no idea how to use make-up appropriately nor what to buy. For those of you out there who know, what are the essential basics (like "foundation"? powder?) that i should get and the order in which they should be applied? I don't know anything beyond how to put on lipstick and basic eye shadow.

Not interested in mascara or eye-liners. Just basic stuff to look more polished :-D.

Cross-listed in my journal.
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i know i already posted, but this is sort of important to me.

have you ever had a wisdom tooth pulled? i'm getting it done tomorrow morning. honestly, how bad does it hurt? and how incoherent might i be from the novocaine or whatever it is they use?

Hey Indiana people!

Here's a question for the Indiana folks here.
Have you been to Holiday World (you know, the amusement park in Santa Claus)?

My best friend just said he's never been and he's seventeen years old! His boyfriend and I are both pretty baffled by this. I thought going to Holiday World was part of growing up in Indiana! haha

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1.) What kind of sick monster mixes 'butter popcorn' flavored jellybeans in with regular ones?

2.) Where's a good place to get T-Shirts that don't suck? Most of my shirts are either really old or freebies from work.
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1. If someone has an interesting name, is it rude to ask them about it? A regular customer where I work shares a name with someone famous (and is possibly related?), and I'm dying to hear the story behind it. But I also realize that it could be annoying if he gets asked all the time. EDIT: Okay, this is apparently a bad idea.

2. My dad is trying to convince me to read The DaVinci Code, but I am wary. The only things I've heard about it have been equally rabid hype and backlash. Could someone who's read the book describe why they did/didn't like it? (I'm looking for reasoned responses, not just "IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!" or "DAN BROWN IS A HACK!")

I know it's not a "quality" book, but my literary tastes are bizarre and range from Hawthorne to chick-lit, so I tend to enjoy things that most people think are awful.