May 20th, 2006

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01. have you ever been/are you a bank teller?
what did you think of it?

02. what was/is/will be your major(s) in college?

03. when did you last encounter a friendly stranger that made you smile?

04. what actor/actress would you cast to play you on tv/the big screen?

05. what was your last pain (physical &/or in-the-ass)?
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I lost my voice a few days ago. I have a very slight and infrequent cough. I can only speak in a hoarse darth-vader voice. My throat only hurt somewhat the other day. Today not at all.
I'm being overly-concerned and wondering if it's possible for me to lose my voice forever? Do I have anything to worry about?
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I don't know much about American beer (yet?) so I have to ask:

What is "the" beer that most people like?

I want to buy a six pack for a friend's husband and I don't have the chance to ask what he prefers before I go to the store.

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Pending results, I am now officially finished with first year! And I think I found someone to live with next year!!

Anyway, this has taken about ten minutes to type because I went to the kayak club party tonight, so my question is...

When was the last timw you were properly drunk, and why?

Pet Owners

Admit it! You talk to your pets...

Do you...

Have Real Conversations with them?

Baby Talk to them?

Talk to them in their own language (ie. Meow/Woof)

Actually get a response?
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I'm looking for a geek tshirt for my brother for his birthday.

I saw one once that said
'Use the best...
Mac for productivity
Linux for development
Palm for productivity
Windows for solitaire'
But I can't find it anymore, I've googled a million times. Anyone seen this anywhere online?

If not, any other suggestions? Preferably pro-mac or anti-windows.
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My husband's family gets tickets to go to the Indy 500 every year. I did that once, and it's not for me. But I still have the option of going with him for the weekend, to his parents house.

The upside: We will probably go out Friday and Saturday night to see friends.

The downside: On the day of the race, he'll be gone all day, leaving me with his mom. She wants to 'bond'. There will also be lots of traffic going down there and coming back up.

An additional question: Any ideas for how me and my mother-in-law can spend the day that doesn't involve us pouring our hearts out to each other? We have very different opinions and it's best we didn't discuss them because we will end up fighting.

Poll #732729 Going to Indiana?

Should I go to Indy over Memorial Day weekend?

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when you walk around naked in your apartment, do you close the curtains or don't you care, that somebody could watch you?
I don't care. the neighbours are too far away anyway.
my ex-boyfriend always wanted me to close the curtains when he came out of the shower. the neighbours are on the other side of the street, I doubt you can even really see something from there.
I would only close the curtains, if I lived on the first floor and/or the neighbourhouse is very close.
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working =[

Today is my first real day of work. What are some ways I can keep my energy up?
I'm already really tired and unenergized. I'll be working for 9 hours at Macy*s, for someone who has never worked that's a long time. I'm afraid I'll fall asleep in the breakroom and I won't wake up.

I plan on taking a 45 minute nap in my car on my 1 hour dinner break. I'll set the alarm on my phone. Does this sound like a bad idea? My dad offered to bring me dinner during my break, would that be a better idea?
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So, I woke up this morning wanting to listen to Snoop Dogg for some reason. I've never listened to his music, though I am sure I've heard at least a couple by him in passing.

What are some of his better songs? Old or new, it's all good.
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I want to get a job over the summer that doesn't involve food. I'm so sick of Fast Food and how they over work you. My friends were able to get jobs in the area's that they like [such as working at a vets office, or a day care]. I wouldn't even mind doing office work, or if nothing else is available, working at a super market. I live in a shitty little town, and there is never listings for help wanted other then fast foods [but there is almost no unemployment where I live, and plenty of jobs available]. There just isn't advertisment, or I'm looking in all the wrong places.

I like fashion, film, being outdoors, being active, etc. I'm going to become a history teacher after I get out of college. I'm applying now [as a HS student] but when I do the bulk of the work I'll be a HS grad. Can I just call places such as historical societies/landmarks, town halls [to inquire about camps- can I do this if I don't live in the town?], Offices, State parks to ask if they are hiring? How should I ask? Anything I'm overlooking?

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So my sister and I are going on a cruise to Cozumel. Neither of us has been on a cruise before.

I've looked on the cruise's website at what they suggest to bring, but basically it just says casual wear, dressier clothing, and a hairdryer.

So my questions:

1. If you've been on a cruise to the Carribean, what kinds of things did you take with you? I know basics like clothing and toiletries, but what else? I know I need sunblock for sure since I burn easily. I'll be taking a couple books.

2. What kind of clothing did you wear? I'm rather modest and haven't worn shorts outside my house since high school. Same with sleeveless shirts. What kind of clothing can I wear that's still modest but that also won't make me feel overheated? Anything on the cheaper end will be good too since I'm rather tight on money.

3. Where can I find a cheap but modest bathing suit? I most likely won't wear it again after the cruise, so that's why I'd like one that doesn't cost $80. I'd also like something that will still be modest without a coverup. I've tried JC Penny, Target, and Old Navy. I was going to try Academy and Sports Authority. Anywhere else?

4. Also, my sister and I are polar opposites. I know we don't have to spend 24/7 together. We didn't grow up together (she's my stepsister) so this is really the first time we'll really be spending a good length of time together without our parents. What are some ways for us to prevent us from killing each other?

5. Should I bring my laptop? I am planning on taking my digital camara, but since I'm not sure how many pictures I'll be taking, if I run out of room on my memory card, I could transfer the pictures over to my laptop. I know there is a safe in the room and it could fit in there, but don't know if it'd be a good idea or not.

6. We are planning on doing snorkeling for our excursion. My sister is pretty comfortable in the water, but I don't know how to swim. Would snorkeling be unpleasant for me? I can doggy paddle, but I'm not overly comfortable in the water.

7. Anything else I should know/didn't think of?

Thanks in advance. :)
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Cheap seating

So I finally ordered a sofa, but it will take until the end of June to get here. In the meantime, I'm sitting on the floor, aside from my lawn chair. I want to just spend $50 and get some sort of seat to last me until I get the sofa, then I'll probably donate the chair.

Aside from places like Goodwill, what are some stores I could probably get a cheap chair like that from?

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A couple of questions

1) Could a uti cause you to not have a normal period?

2) And the herpes virus to arise. (I know this is very likely since my body would be under stress and I always get cold sore when Im stressed...and there are other things causing stress too )

3) When you are starting to get a cold sore on your lip what does it looks/feel like?

4) Do you touch your cold sores, are you more careful about washing your hands when you have one?

5) My iTunes is stopping and closing (itunes has encountered a problem message pops up) when I try to upload songs to my ipod. I had a problem with the ipod so apple gave me a new one, this is the first time Ive uploaded to it the ipod?

6) My body is falling apart does everything always hit you all at once?

7) Just me being irrational and paranoid since Ive taken 2 tests already but my gyno would test for pregnancy even without my asking. They are running tests to make sure of the uti but Im just worried since my period was WEIRD this month.

Images? Wtf...

Okay, something just got majorly retarded in Firefox. Suddenly, all the images on every page are 120% their original size, and I can't resize them in either Firefox options or the context menu. No clue what's going on, since the images are normal in IE and other browsers. Any clue?
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Does a darker burgundy/blood red hair dye stay longer than bright red?

When is your summer break/paid vacation from work starting? Can you still concentrate, or are you restless?

Swanson Dinners

I was never a fan of "TV" dinners as a kid, but apparently, they've improved somewhat since then. My son loves them, and I can stomach them now. Anyway, that's on tonight's menu - Honey BBQ chicken for me (it smells AWESOME!), & fried chicken for him.

I'm sure you all know how these things are set up - in a plastic tray, divided into sections for each part of the meal. When you open the box, there is a piece of plastic covering the tray - ONE piece of plastic, covering all the secions, not seperate ones. So, HOW are you supposed to follow the directions? They read:

1. Preheat the oven to 180 C (350 F)
2. Remove plastic from chicken, potatoes and brownie. Poke holes in plastic over corn.

The rest is unimportant... but HOW are you supposed to remove the plastic from the rest of the meal, but not from the corn? In mine, it says to leave the plastic on the potatoes and beans... but they're on opposite sides of the tray, and the potatoes are in the same section as the chicken, with the chicken partially on top of the taters!

How is this supposed to be done? (I just took the plastic off all of it, soggy veggies be damned!)

And, to add some opinion to this post - do you like "TV" dinners? What kind is your favorite?

EDIT: apparently, people are missing the most confusing part of this whole thing: how was I (as I've already cooked & eaten them, by now) supposed to have taken the plastic off the chicken, but not the potatoes from my meal, when the potatoes were UNDER the chicken? And also, to all those who say "just cut the plastic around the parts that need to be left alone"... then what is the purpose of poking the holes in the plastic, as stated in the directions? If it's only connected by the 2 sides, it already has ventilation.
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Have you ever been hypnotized to overcome a phobia or an addiction? Did it work? What was the process? I am thinking about going to help me stop overeating, but I am deaf and not sure if I need to be able to hear for this process.

So, asking a Hard Question...

I want to do something for a friend who is going through a really hard time (just diagnosed with Shojrens Syndrome, daughter acting out, husband traveling a lot). She lives across country so anything I do has to be something sent.

My budget. Is lame. I could probably afford 20 dollars, the beginning of next month.

She is allergic to many flowers, and most anything that you might want to put into your mouth. (Things like corn, wheat, chocolate, etc...) Heck, she is even allergic to silk.

So, she collects antique blue glass and paper weights that are blue and white. I have never seen her collection though, so I have no idea what she already has. No idea where to go to get something like that.

What can I do, to cheer her up, from so far away, on a limited amount of money?

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This is a follow-up to a question I posted about a month ago.

I'd been cursed with a chronic dandruff problem for TEN years and couldn't shake it. Pun intended.

I'd tried all the special shampoos, vinegar, "natural" remedies, etc. Nothing worked.

Then a kind soul in this community strongly suggested I avoid a common shampoo ingredient called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. I did that and guess what? The dandruff's gone.

Thanks, fella. I'm gonna cry now.

whats good?

So, my friends and I are bored. Really bored.
We need something to do. We live on Long Island. We can drive places. Two are 18. Two are 17. We can spend money. But we're watching one of my friends play video games, cause we can't think of anything.

What should we do??


so i'm procrastinating

i'm writing a paper for one of my classes and the question is: "what significant changes would you suggest in the criminal justice system in order to guarantee "justice" for all?" now, i already have my answers (and half the paper written, yay!) but i was wondering what you all thought. what is a fundamental change you would make? why?
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You know when you're listening to THAT song and you get a chill or goosebumps or whatever?

Why does that happen?

What song does that to you?
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make it stoppppppppppp

I'm just now getting over the horrible nerve pains in my arms but now my skin is acting up.

It's the unbearable itch absolutely everywhere that only gets worse when you scratch it. The only thing I have to show for it is the red spots where I have scratched really hard.

I'm not allergic to anything and I haven't had anything that I haven't already eaten before. I'm not stressed out.

But I am getting ansy to drive to the beach. I just have no one to go with me and I don't want to drive 1 1/2 hours on a dangerous road by myself :(

Anyone want to go? Will you scratch my arms for me? ;D
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Turning 21

Here's a Q for you Twin Cities folk.

I live in North Dakota (I know, I KNOW. I can't wait to get out of here. *le sigh*) and I go to the Twin Cities a few times a year, mainly to visit family there.

Here's the thing... I'm turning 21 in August. I'd really like to celebrate my birthday out-of-state (last birthday I had out-of-state was in 1997, so it's been a while), and the Twin Cities area is the nearest area I want to go.

What things would you recommend I do for my 21st? Something wild, something fun, something that under-21s can't do? I have two older siblings that live in the Twin Cities suburbs, so it would be easy for me to get together with them.
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If you have a job where you're on your feet for 6+ hours straight, what kind of shoes do you wear to keep your feet comfortable? If I get this job, Im going to need comfortable shoes, but Im on a slight budget, so they cant be too expensive. And if you have sweaty feet, do they keep your feet cooler, or are you still uncomfortable?
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Are there any things people say to you or ask you very often that you've come up with a regular sarcastic/funny/whatever response for whenever someone says it again? If yes, I'd be interested in "hearing" them if you don't mind.
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first post

Evening all! This is my first post in this community, so I'm starting with something light.

When you were little and you loafed around, did your parents/ adults in general ever tell you to "do something productive"? I'd been hearing that for years before I realized that it was just adultspeak for "stop being lazy." Just wondering if anyone else was told that, too.
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Reading Recommendations

So, summer is upon us (well, I've been out of class for two months and exams ended a month ago), and I want to do some summer reading, somehow fitting it around full-time work (plus overtime work), learning Russian and writing a novel myself.

However, I want to read something different from my typical reading choices (fantasy, alternate universes, modern political philosophy, etc.), and want to read some of the "classics" that should be read by everybody, but that I haven't gotten around to yet.

No Shakespeare - I've read a lot of it, and I loathe, loathe it. But I'd be interested in stuff written between 1200 and 1700 or so. I'm not a fan of poems, but I'll make exceptions for epic poems (as seen below).

So far, my choices are: Dante's Divine Comedy and Milton's Paradise Lost.

Looking at those, what else would you recommend?
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So you know that vibe/feeling you get when you know someone likes you? I'm talking crush kind of like. How would you describe that to someone else? My friend asked me to explain it to her, and I found it really hard to put into words.

Edit: I mean more the kind where you know the person likes you, but you don't necessarily like them the same way. :)

Quoting others

What is your opinion on quoting famous figures, literature, poetry, etc? How often do you do this yourself? If someone does this very often do you form any kind of opinion about them? I've seen some very opposite opinions, from "They don't have anything interesting to say themselves so they have to quote others!" and "They're often pretentious!" to "They're often very intelligent/well-read," "I wish I could remember/memorize as well as them!" and "I love the quotes they come up with often, it certainly makes the conversations more interesting." So I wonder what you guys will say about it.

If you do this yourself, what sources do you tend to quote from? Anyone/thing in particular you quote more often than others? Specific lines you quote often?

Is there any situation in which you think doing this would be particularly unfavorable or favorable? How do you think an interviewer may react if you did this on an interview for a job or school?