May 19th, 2006

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1. My desktop clock has randomly been eaten by my monitor, like so:

Is there any way of... de-eating it, or am I stuck until it sorts itself out?


2. The Da Vinci Code! Yay or nay?

Myself, I cannot stand the damned thing. Admittedly, I'm probably horrendously biased as I've only read two/three pages of it, but my God they were pages of absolute crap. May see the film one day, when it comes out in the shops, but only for Sir Ian.
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Hey question club, I've got a question!

I'm writing thank you notes for the people who sent me graduation gifty things, and I have come upon a dilemma. I know how to address my grandma, my aunt, and even my dad's lesbian friends, but I'm stumped on what I should say to my mother's husband's parents. She remarried only a couple years ago and lives a good 5 or 6 states away, so I rarely get to see her or my awkward fourth set of grandparents.. But they sent me a check for $25, and I know I can't just skip over them in the thank yous. How should I address them? Dear theirlastname? Dear grandparents? Hey you people I see once a year?
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Normally you have to wait 24 hours to file a missing persons report right? Well what if evidence of foul play was found? Like blood on the floor. Can you start searching for the person right away?
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Are there certain shows you used to watch religiously when you were younger, and now you have ABSOLUTELY NO RECOLLECTION whatsoever of watching them?

I have that problem with Step By Step and Ready or Not. I watched both quite frequently when they were still on, and now I don't have ANY recollection of any of the episodes from both shows! All I can remember is that Suzanne Somers was on Step By Step, and that one of the girl characters' names on Ready or Not was Busy, yet I can't even recall an episode from either show. It's really annoying. :x
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I found my first white hair [hairs, actually] today. I graduate high school in a month.

Is something wrong? It doesn't seem right that someone who isn't even in college yet has white hair. Could it be something else?

Could this be caused by stress or rapid aging? Again, I really don't want to die at the age of 20.

Any way to stop more from coming in? I don't want to have white hair by the time I'm 20.

Please help.
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I'm making a mix for my SO, just a general romantic mix with a touch of  "we'll get through this situation."

He's into punk and Celtic traditional stuff, and a mix of the two. Occasionally uber-sugar pop like Toybox and Aqua. His favorite bands are Social Distortion and Rancid, if that helps.

So far I've got (these are also the bands he likes, as well):
Allison Krauss - 'Take Me for Longing'                
                               'Just Let Me Touch You for a While' 
Catherine Wheel - 'I Want to Touch You'
The Cranberries - 'Dreaming My Dreams'
Frank Sinatra - 'I've Got You Under My Skin'
Carbon Leaf - 'Life Less Ordinary'
Rancid - 'Who Would've Thought'

I'm looking to also include some u2 stuff, but can't think of anything perfect at the moment.

Recommendations? Thanks!

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I can't see the buttons on the left side of this page, except for "Getting Started" and "Help." I've tried opening that page through the latest versions of Opera, Firefox, and IE, but none of them work. I don't know what to configure or change in my computer/browser so that I could see the bulleted buttons. Any help, please?
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Sad Death Type Stuff

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of a friend's death. Since she and I were not uber close, I had my moments of reflection and sadness and went on.

Today is the one year anniversary of one of my best friend's death (unrelated to the other one). This one, obviously, affects me a little more. What can I do to honor, respect and celebrate our time together without things getting... more sad/miserable/unbearable than they already will be? I thought of driving the two hours to his grave site, but I think that might push me even further into depression over it. Any thoughts?

PS - To make up for the gloomy tone first thing in the morning, riddle me this? Is this not one of the cutest things you've ever seen? Anyone who tells me animals aren't kendred spirits/don't have souls is full of rubbish. RUBBISH I SAY.
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favourite sensual scene (intentional or not) in a movie (not porn)?
favourite war movie/movie about war?
favourite movie that you hate to admit that you secretly like?
favourite old b/w (1930's-1960's - give or take 10 yrs.) movie?
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I eat too much chicken.

I'm not sick of it, I just want to broaden my horizons. I'm interested in trying any dishes described on this website, aside from Spanish food.

Do you have any suggestions/favorites? Any recipes that you're partial to?

Thanks in advance. :}
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As a child wre you raised to wash (as in shampoo) your hair every day? Do you still do it, why or why not?
Were you raised to take showers or baths? If you switched from baths to showers at some age, when did you start taking showers instead?
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1. At what age did you finally consider yourself an adult?

The other day I was talking to my mom about something I had to do, and she said "Well your father and I do that." and I said "Yeah, but you're ADULTS!" and she laughed and asked me what I considered myself, but I had no answer for her.

2. I put music into my itunes by dragging it from my desktop music folder into my library with iTunes open. Sometimes songs will not go into iTunes, no matter how many times I try to drag them over. Why is that?

Giving you ideas for lunch

The TQC sandwich has been picked from yesterdays's sandwich poll

1 -whole wheat bread, mustard and mayo, lettuce and tomato, bacon and diced onions, with turkey and roast beef, served with a side of onion rings

Runner up sandwich, the TQC Jr., has the following

2 -sourdough bread, ranch and mozerella cheese, olives and sprouts, with swiss cheese, avocado and pickle, and ham and chicken, served with a side of fries

If these sandwiches existed, would you eat one? Could you eat one now?
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800# Help

Anyone here have Vonage or any other phone service via the internet? 

Got a question for those who do...   Do you have problems dialing 800 numbers with that phone service? 

See, our main line for customers is an 800 number.   I've had a couple of people insist that they just can't get through on that line - during business hours on a weekday when we are open (and when other people are calling us).  My boss wondered today if maybe they're using the new internet phone services and if that could be the problem.  Of course, he forgot to ask the woman that called on the non-800 number!  D'oh.  So yeah, we're just curious as to whether or not that could be the problem.  Thanks!

Edit:  And these are for calls within the US.  We know that callers from outside of the US can't use that number (except for parts of Canada). 
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Birthday gift for an 11 year old girl?

I need gift ideas for my 11 year old niece. I can afford to spend up to $30. I don't have kids, and other than my sister, I don't know anyone who has kids. I have no idea what 11 year old girls are into these days. I was a late bloomer, and played with Barbies and My Little Ponies a little longer than everyone else did, so I can't really refer to my own childhood for ideas.

A little bit about my niece - the two activities she spends most of her time doing are softball and dance. She is apparently very talented at softball - she is the youngest on her team, and the shortest, but is one of the most valuable players. She is also on a dance competition team. She seems to like crafty stuff like knitting and scrapbooking, but "never has time" for them because her schedule is so full with the above-mentioned activities. And she loves animals.

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just curious.

1. if you have joints that are in pain, preventing you from moving them correctly... and you take a pain reliever... are you just tricking your body into thinking that it's ok to move it? Are you making the "injury" worse by moving it since it doesn't hurt to move anymore?

2. do you think that "turning into your mom" is a nature or nurture thing? Do adopted kids "turn into" their bio mom or the mom who raised them?

Have you turned into your mom yet? (or your dad, for the males)

Bizarre bedroom question

Interesting thing I heard just now on the radio

I don't know your sex life with your significant other and I don't mean to pry, but let's say that you roleplay and dress up in the bedroom. Lately, your SO has been requesting a certain look, with a wig and particular wardrobe style. When you wear this outfit, your SO is so much more into the sex.

Then it hits you in the face what's so familiar about this outfit. The hair and clothes remind you exactly of your best friend. It's how they have their hair and dress.

You obviously have doubts and questions, but maybe they're acting out their fantasies this way instead of actually making a move on your best friend. So my questions are:

1 - would you keep on wearing the outfit to bed? Because you know that they're less likely to stray?

2 - would this be a deal breaker? Would something like this end the relationship?

3 - would you bring up this insight to your SO? Ask them how they feel about your friend and if you find them attractive and try and get an answer out of them, or just leave it all unsaid because you don't want to know the truth?

insufficient kitchen implements

So today I bought two cans of soup, which I really want to eat, and realized as I was walking home that I don't have a can opener. I could go back to the store and look for one, but I'm currently sick (hence the soup), and would rather not.

How would you recommend I open them? Any experiences/recommended methods/etc.? I feel like taking a serrated kitchen knife to them might be a pretty terrible idea. I also have scissors and a pocketknife (just with blades, not the cool ones with a million different things).

(Oh, and I'm studying abroad, which is why I have such a pathetically under-equipped kitchen, in case you were wondering.)

EDIT: Okay, okay, I'm going to the store. But I'm not happy about it. Thank you practical, level-headed people!

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Hair question!

Tonight is my senior formal, and incidentally enough, day of awful rainy weather... Nevertheless, I'm putting velcro curlers in my hair so hopefully I'll get some big and bouncy curls. What should I do about the product situation? Do I put gel on the entire lock of hair that is going to be curled? Or should I put a little bit of mousse on the lock and gel on the end? How long should I keep the curlers in for? My hair tends to fall limp if I use a curling iron, do you think that the velcro curlers would be better?

After how long of taking Tylenol cold should I wait to drink alcohol? I'm pretty congested, and do want to enjoy the festive merriment of tonight, but am afraid of interaction...
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Answers from anyone are appreciated, but answers from people in Georgia would be particularly helpful.

Is there a big difference in gas quality depending on what gas station you buy it at? Have you noticed whether one brand in particular seems to last longer? Preferably one that isn't priced a good dime higher than everything else?
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what sort of punishment should be doled out to someone who asks an attention-whoring question...and when they don't get the answers they want...deletes the entire question...?

what punishment is appropriate??
DarkEyedWolf... sex!

Sex makes the world go 'round...

Can you remember the names of all the people you did something sexual with, online or offline? (consensual cybersex and such included... non-consensual is NOT!)

I can... then again, the list isn't very long: Darren, John, Stephen, and Palmer.
(I'm not including Scott since he was one of my brother's friends who had a teen boy crush on me, hehe)
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Is legit? Also, if I don't get tickets that way and wind up trying to buy them off some jerk outside of the venue right before the show, how do I know those tickets are authentic? I don't have $600 to throw away..

Girls beating up girls...on skates!

I have decided that I want to join my local roller derby league in the fall. Ive wanted to since I found out about them about 7 months ago, but couldnt because of finding a babysitter who will watch my child while I practice (its late at night).

Girls: Would you ever consider joining roller derby? Why or why not?

Boys: Do you consider roller derby to be a "real" sport? How would you feel if your S.O. joined? Your sister? Your mom? (Ok, I just wanted a chance to say "your mom". That question doesn't count)

NOTE: I already know that I am going to try to join; I'm just curious to see what you guys think about it as a sport.


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I always feel a need to ask SOMETHING here every day [or twice a day...]. Sorry if it's annoying [and thanks to every one who assured me that I wasn't dying this morning and helped me out of my panic].

FourCorner's TCQ sandwich made me wonder if there are any food assemblying games or selectors online [like maybe Mcdonalds or BK or similar has one to make burgers?] I know Wendy's has one that will tell you how many calories you have in a meal.

I want to recut a movie over the summer [which is pretty much taking a movie and making a trailer to change the plot of the movie]. An example is the Shining as a comedy or West Side Story as a zombie flick. I would like a pretty classic movie [no obscure cult films or 2fast2furious or House of wax]. What movie should I recut? The Godfather? Breakfast club? Breakfast at Tiffanys? The Three Amigos? Attica?

What should I do over the weekend? Mall? Beach? Prison Takeover? Or go pay 32.50 to see Mike Birbigula briefly and then see two crappy comics for two hours?

Is it normal for 1 year old cats to attack everything they see [including humans] and NOT be affectionate in the least? My other cat never attacked anything and he always jumped up on people to sleep.

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What are the signs a person has if they are an alcoholic?

See, I am worried about my ex-boyfriend. From the start of this year he has hit the bottle hard. He seems to get this overwhelming joy from drinking alcohol. A weekend isn't a weekend without drinking a bottle of say Jack Daniels. His whole attitude to life has changed, he started abusing me, we once had this wonderful relationship, and I feel his drinking is a reason he dumped me.
He spends hundreds each week on alcohol, even in one night. He would lie to me and tell me he had no money for food, and I would feel all sorry and cook him food, I would find out later this was not the case.
During school nights if he is bored he will drink alone, just because he can.
He would drink two cans of beer whilst in the shower after playing sport. He even whipped out a can of coke and poured straight liquer into it and walked around the shopping mall with me. :S
I walked into his bedroom the other day and there were bottles piling up. His fridge is stocked with alcohol. His juice containers contain tequila. He goes to work drunk even most weekends.
I think it's so lame that he finds it so amusing about his drinking.
His dad is an alcoholic.

What do you think?

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1) Do you have "deal breakers" in relationships? Things that you would end the relationship over no matter what the circumstances?
I only have one, and that's no physical anger or hitting. Ever.

2) I do however joke and tell my girlfriend that my deal breakers are if she ever takes me bowling or dutch-ovens me or kills my d'n'd character, it's over. Does anyone else joke with their SO that way?

3) What is your favorite household chore? Your least favorite?

4)Have you heard of "the sweater curse"? (if you knit your bf a sweater you will break up?) Do you believe it's true? Have any stories to prove it one way or another?

5) Are things like "rainbow parties" and rubber bracelet sex games where young teens have random anon. sex really going on? I've never seen or heard of actual people saying they really happen, just shows like Dateline doing sensationalist new stories about them.

6)Is it weird to like Hello Kitty as a 21 year old?
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I hate public speaking.

I am graduating from high school next month and I have to give a speech because I'm senior class president. I want the speech to be something that isnt too preachy or fake (i.e "I love all of you guys and will miss the memories that we made throught the years dearly, blah blah blah"). I've tried writing a few drafts, but they all fake. Any ideas on how I should approach this or where I could possibly find *gulp* good graduation speeches for, uh, inspiration?
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Okay, so I'm working on some databasing with Excel and entering in different columns and whatnot. It's cool with the phone number column but won't let me put numbers into the Zip Code Column. I can type the five digit ZIP in, but when I move onto then next bracket to fill out, it turns the Zip into ##.

How do I make Excel not care that these are numbers? They're going to be used for mailings, so I don't need or want to do any funky math stuff with it. Thanks :)

Edit: Thanks! I should have thought of that, so simple but brilliant. Clearly I've been burning the midnight oil lately.
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Dog? & Graduation Gift

Today, while driving home, I saw a lady walking her dog on the street. From the back I saw a large, gray, long-haired dog. By the size I immediately thought great dane. But when I passed them and saw the face of this dog I realized I was wrong. He/She looked old (mostly because of the dry, gray texture of his/her hair) and walked with his/her head hung. He/She was very lanky looking.

1 - What kind of dog is this?
I think it might've been a Scottish Deerhound.

2 - Also, this dog seems super familiar, like I've seen it on tv or in a movie, does anybody know what this could be?

3 - And what should I get my sister for her high school graduation?

cough cough

Up until last Friday, I smoked (cigarettes) like a train. Your average pack-a-day addict.

But on Friday night I quit cold turkey. YAY FOR ME! I'm over the physical addiction by this point, but I still need to overcome the psychological addiction, which is the harder of the two.

I've been eating A LOT (stuffing cotton candy into my mouth at this point), and I don't want to keep doing this.

I have the whole evening to myself tonight, and I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions as to what to do to get my mind off this. I don't have a car, so going somewhere is limited. I know that exercise would be good, but I had a hard week at work and I'm kind of exhausted, so I want to think of something low-key to do, but active enough that my mind will be stimulated. Can you give me some ideas?

This is so hard because I don't really want to quit. I'm forcing myself though, because the cigarette tax is going up again and when it does I won't be able to afford it anymore.

Can you tell me about your quitting accomplishments? I want/need some encouragement.
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If you're applying to a college and already have college experience do you HAVE to send in the transcript from the first college?

I'm looking to apply to FIT for the spring 07 semester. I had gone to community college for 3 semesters but did terribly and don't really want them (FIT) to know that if they don't have to. Can I apply as a high school student (instead of a transfer) and just pretend I didn't go to school for the passed 3 semesters?
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Why do people hate on Mervyn's?

Do you shop at Mervyn's?

Have you ever known anyone named Mervyn?

Is there a more specific term to refer to "child-free" people who just hate kids and people who have kids? I know a lot of child-free people don't care if other people have kids, but I mean the type who are like "I went outside and there was a crotch-dropping and my whole week was ruined."
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Suite inspections and lightheadedness

I've just received notice of a suite inspection by the management here at the apartment complex. Do they just go in here and inspect stuff? What sort of stuff do I need to do before May 23? (Tuesday) Clean up? Get rid of my alcohol?

What do you do when you feel lightheaded?
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Sometimes, when I'm listening to Pandora, the audio suddenly and randomly turns into static. This happens in both Firefox and IE, and seems to be entirely random. It's not my speakers, because they don't do this when I listen to a CD or Winamp or something.

Does this happen for anyone else?

Also, what's the best thing you've ever put into Pandora? What kinds of references bring you the best music?

NJ Drivers

I've had my provisional for quite a while now, and I can go trade it in for my basic license.

I just need to know, do I need the six points of I.D. when I change it, or do I just have to bring my current license?

edit// Answered, thanks!

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I seem to have acquired a gigantic lump of infection (I estimate about 1.5 - 2 inches long and about 1 inch wide) in a very bad place. It hurts to sit and move my leg and go to the bathroom. I don't want to call the doctors office until Monday because they'll just tell me to go to the ER and while painful, isn't bad enough for that (yet). Is there anything I can do until Monday to make it hurt less or take the swelling down? Besides not moving much and taking Motrin/Advil, because I'm already doing that as best I can.
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first major purchases + MP3 players

1. What was your first major purchase? Major purchase (for me, at least) being defined as an item that cost more than $100 (American). I ask mostly because I made my first one today--a Zen MicroPhoto MP3 player.

2. If you own an MP3 player, which one do you have? Before this, I had a Sony Lyra player that my dad bought me for my nineteenth birthday. It has 156MB of memory on the drive, but I had a 1GB memory card in it so that it could hold more songs.

3. Why did you choose the MP3 player that you own?
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My family and I are going on a cruise in June. My aunt's doctor told her to start going to the tanning bed back in April because she's so pale. Because of this, my mom has started going to the tanning bed, and she's going to make me go, too.


-I have never been to the tanning bed before in my life. What should I expect? Without sunblock, I burn fairly quickly.

-I'm aware of the cancer risk associated with tanning... I don't really want to go to the tanning bed to begin with, but anyway, how much tanning is too much?

-What else should I know?

Thank you!!
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I'm looking for a song that's in the movie A Beautiful Mind. Unfortunately, Google only gives me the official soundtrack, and the one I'm talking about isn't an original score but the jazz/swing music that's playing in the background... I'm pretty sure it's during the scene where they've all finished their exams and they're at some sort of party. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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My sister (12) and I want to try some new things over the summer, any ideas?

She's enrolled in an acting class, and i'm going to teach her html, but we're trying to think of interesting things.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever seen people smoking pot at a concert?
Yes, last night in fact. I was talking to my friend today and she has been to a lot of concerts and has never encountered people smoking during any of them. I thought it was really common, maybe that's just because I always seem to be right next to them.

2. Do you like salmon?
I don't think I would like it, though I've never had it. People always think that really strange but considering I stopped eating meat in 5th grade I really don't think it is.

3. What do you think about people who force their kids to be vegans/vegetarians?
They annoy me.

4. Which of the following would you rather have?

a GPS thing for your car
a Tempur-Pedic mattress