May 18th, 2006

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Are there any bands where you like pretty much all of their songs, yet they're still not among your favorite bands because their lyrics don't usually match your mood or whatever?

Garbage meets that description for me. Their music is awesome and Shirley Manson has a sexy voice, but I'm just not that dark and angsty.

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So last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the Rennesaince Faire. Yay!~ While we were there, we saw a stall that was selling various talismans or charms with different protection spells or things similiar to that. Ther was one called the Devil's Curse and it was really cool, but alas, we didnt have the money! Does anyone have a picture of it or even a website where I can buy it?

ALSO: Is anyone else haveing problems logging onto Hotmail with Firefox?
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Why oh why is this happening? Whenever I open a link in Firefox that leads to a Flash file, for some reason the window it's in is always the same size, and it's usually not the right size. I can't figure out why, I've never had this problem before. Could it have something to do with Flashblock? :/

About the morning exercise schedule?

I get up on 5:00am every morning, and begin to have my breakfast on 5:20am after 20 minutes of cooking. Since many expert say that people can not go exercise within 1 hour after dinner, I have to wait till 6:40am -7:00am to go out and take a jogging. I come home on around 7:30am and after some rest and a shower, I go to work on 8:00am. The above means from 5:00am-8:00am, I just have a very low efficient schedule.

1, I can not skip the breakfast, I will starve to death. But once I have breakfast, I have to obey the “1 hour after dinner” exercise rule, which is a big waste of time. Somebody says people can eat a little of something at first and then have a formal breakfast after the exercise; does anyone have a concrete list of food which is recommended to eat before morning exercise?

2, Somebody once told me several pieces of biscuits or bread is ok. which is definitely not enough for me, I will pass away during the jogging then. So if I eat too much, I have to wait an hour, if I eat too little, I will feel dizzy during exercise, is there any scientific means to balance it?

3, I will greatly appreciate if someone has a more efficient morning exercise schedule and would like share with me.

4 are there any online forums or message boards which focus on jogging or morning exercise thing you can recommend?

Thanks a lot.
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calendar service?

Anyone know of a good, online calendar that can be integrated into LJ?

I have a lot of stuff that is turning into long-range plans, and if something exists to log all that, online, that would be outstanding.

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You know the gay friend on Will and Grace? Is he really gay? I just saw him on some morning talk show...and he was talking like how he does on the show. Or maybe he was acting. I'm not sure. Me and my friend are curious now.
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Question I thought of this morning

Jon and Sue are married. The house is in Jon's name and it is in his will that it's left to Sue if he dies. Jon and Sue die together in a car accident. Who does the house get left to?

Does it go to Sue's next of kin, or Jon's? Or someone completely different?
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The Receptionist Classic

Random Stories

Do you ever lose something and then make up a story about what has happened to it?

I've discovered recently that my keys like to disappear for a while.  I'm pretty sure that they're off having an orgy in my sock drawer and my  bathroom key is the Dominatrix of the group.

So, what have you lost lately?  What was it REALLY doing while AWOL?
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online scholarships.

I really need some money for school right now..due to several circumstances..

I've been applying for scholarships through websites like and stuff.

has anybody here had good luck with scholarships they found through places like that?

any advice/tips/good places to find scholarships..?

any help would be appreciated.



What is your definition of rape?

Can women rape?

what im trying to figure out is, how could a women rape a man without the mans consent, surely the man would have to be aroused for there to be any penetration...and if he is aroused is he not in some way consenting?
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Ebay and paypal question.

I bought something off ebay just yesterday and went to pay for it. The seller wanted me to go through their own payment system (, which I did. When I got to the PayPal site though, I got a message saying that the transaction was cancelled and that the recipient is currently unable to recieve funds. I contacted the seller about this and they said that apparently it's my paypal account and to contact them. I sent off an email to paypal a couple minutes ago, but I don't have much faith in customer service. Does anyone have a clue what's going on and how I can fix it? I don't really understand how it can be my account...

Music Organization Question

I just bought my self a new 160 gig External Hard Drive and I've
decided I need to use all this empty space to re-rip my CD collection

Now what I'm wanting to know is how do you organize your MP3s? Right
now I put everything in one big folder the tracks are labeled as

Artist - Album - Song

Should I make sub-folders for each artist or folder for each artist
and album? what are the advantages?

What do you use to play/ browse your MP3s (itunes /winamp/other)

Do you save playlists or just make them up as needed?

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All right, soo...

I know that there are certain jobs, such as a nursing aid, where you only have to get certified, but you don't need a degree. Does anyone know what specific jobs there are like that, and how would I go about obtaining information about classes to get started?
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I'm helping someone look for a wedding dress for her second marriage. Thing is, she's in her fifties. She doesn't want sleeveless, low cut, backless styles - something short sleeved, informal (no trains!) and appropriate for July. (Yes, we're cutting it close. :/)

Can you point me toward some resources for such things? We seem to have no luck with the average bridal websites, or even bridesmaid dresses.
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Hi all,

My mum was rushed into hospital this morning with a (suspected) slight stroke. I have say 6ish hours before I go to see her. I have no money at all and I would like to take her something. Maybe make something in paintshop? I'm mainly thinking about things I could do/print/edit for her using the computer. Any ideas? IThanks!
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"Dong, where is my au-to-mo-bile??" "AUTOMOBILE?!?!?"

1.) My phone plan ends in November-I realize it's a little early but I'm looking at phones to get now. I'm interested in the Motorola RAZR and the Motorola PEBL, can any of you give any input about either of them? Also, what phone plans do you use? (How many minutes/texts for how much per month?)

2.) My birthday is June 4, and I'm going to throw myself a party. I know this question has been asked before, but I can't find the post--can anyone suggest fun party themes that don't involve lots and lots of money to make fun?
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the calm before the storm

You know how they say "the calm before the storm"...

Does it really get calm before a storm, or is it just calm by comparison to the storm?

If it really does get calmer, what makes it do that?

Have you ever used a rename token? Was it worth the $15?
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Sorry to ask another question so soon...

This is for people that have quit smoking or tried to quit.

Have you ever used the Commit Stop Smoking Lozenge? And if you have, how did it work out for you?
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questions as i clean my room...

1) How long is perfume good for? I haven't worn any in ages, but I have two bottles that are easily five-six years old. Are they still good? Do they go bad? Or does perfume magically last forever somehow?

2) I know that all makeups expire after a while, but what about other beauty products? Nail polishes and lotions? Or is it just a general when it starts to look gross, toss it out?

3) Has anyone ever used one of those ebay stores where you drop off your stuff and they sell it for you? Which one? Was it a good experience? Bad? Please tell. I have a ton of shit that I'd love to bring in and see if I can make anything off of it instead of just tossing it out, but I don't have the time/patience to do it myself. It's mostly CDs, but I might have books to throw in and there's some printer ink for a printer that I don't have anymore.

4) What's your favorite candle scent? Do you use candles to mask odors or just to make a place smell/look pretty? What rooms do you use them in?

Thanks in advance to all those who answer. :-D

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I have Windows XP or whatever, and want to set my screensaver to need a password before it lets you back on the main screen. I figured that option would be in properties when I right-click on the desktop, but no.. any ideas?

Edit: answered in two minutes, as usual, thanks..
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Have you seen any of the following movies? Were any of them good?

1.) Aeon Flux
2.) Le Divorce
3.) The Four Feathers
4.) Foul Play
5.) The Interpreter
6.) King Kong
7.) The Notebook

Do you have Netflix?
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my b/f is having a b'day at the end of the month...i've noticed things about him - a type of different attitude, as it were...i spoke w/my oldest sister and as we talked - i mentioned his behaviour (or lack of) and she said he's going thru a change/mid-life crisis...and that, in fact, he may go thru several changes on down the road...

my questions to you are -
do you know of someone (male and/or female) who have experienced these things (a change/mid-life crisis)?
what was their behaviour like?
how much did they change?
your thoughts?
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I found this terribly creative video today. It's called "Gone with the wind horror" and it's basically clips taken from Gone with the wind and placed so it resembles a horror movie trailer. It has creepy music and is [in my opinion] cleverly done. So I'm inspired to ask....

Are there any you tube movies that acutally make you say "wow, that's well done".

Are there any other amateur "remakes" of films or television? I'm not really interested in seeing some kid try out his handycam and try to recreate "Attica", but a trailer of actual clips from the movie.

What trailers/movies/internet videos/etc. do you consider clever or interesting?

What are some really interesting concepts [be it storylines, inventions, micronations, any thing] that you've seen?

And, unrelated, have you ever kissed a friend [more preferably, a crush] without them knowing you liked them first? What implications followed? Has anyone ever been kissed by someone that took you by surprise? I'm writing a script and would like to know how some one would react?

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Hi folks,

Is there such a thing as a Semagic questions/tech support forum? Or even a wishlist forum?

I know there's ljwin32_sema, but obviously this doesn't cover the above.

Failing that, does anyone know of a way of getting the "edit friends" dialog to open and/or automatically update when opening Semagic? With the aim of advising what friends list changes have occurred.

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Local Artisans, Fair Trade, Wedding Registry

Okay, a bit of a pickle.

I am getting married next summer in Pittsburgh. My fiance and I would like to have a lot of our gifts be either fair trade or made by local artisans.

Other than ten thousand villages, where else can I find this stuff in one location?

A lot of people will also be from outside of Pittsburgh, which makes this issue all that more difficult. I don't want it to be so difficult that they go the easy route and try to fool me with Pier 1 products or something from Macy's.

OR, perchance, do you know of some ethically-made companies that are carried in the big stores like Macy's?
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So I have the MyMail plugin for Trillian Pro and I can't get it to work for my gmail. I've put everything in that it needs to know and it still tells me there's a connection error. What am I doing wrong? I've tried everything and it just won't do it :(
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Is anyone here a fan of 7th Heaven? Did you watch the last episode? If so, what the hell?!? My mom is freaking out and wants to commune with fellow fans.
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Self cleaning


Do you like grilled cheese sandwiches? If so how do you like them made? Do you add anything besides cheese?

Is there something about you that always surprises people when they find out?

What is your favorite book that's pretty much just a fun read? Nothing too deep or thought provoking, just something that is fun and an easy read.


In your opinion, what is the most overplayed song right now?

For me, it's Green Day's when september ends song. I am so freakin' sick of hearing that song. If I hear that song one more time I just might commit homicide, suicide, or genocide. Possibly all three.

Good luck charms

I consider myself a spirtiual person. I really want to bring good luck and peace into my life. I'm pretty much open to any kind of belief.

Do you know of a good luck charm and how has it worked for you?

How can I bring in positive energy into my life?

I really want something I can carry on me always to ward off negative energy.
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I have a couple pictures on my computer that I want to send to a friend so she can use them as her wallpaper on her phone. We don't have internet on our phones, and neither of us have a cable to hook up to our computers.

Who wants to teach me how to send free text messages/picture messages to a cell phone from the internet without making either sign up for anything?
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Hair color and jobs

Last Friday I interviewed for a position at a local pharmacy as a pharm. tech. At the time, my hair was a light auburn color - nothing wild. However, I've had to deal with having a socially acceptable hair color for 9 months now after 10 years of having it vary between bright red, pink, purple, and blue, and I wasn't feeling like the auburn was me, so I went redder this week. Not nearly as red as I'd like to be, but most definitely bordering on the natural/unnatural line. So, anyone think they'll have a problem with this one?

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I searched, but if I missed this somewhere in the archives, I deeply apologize that you have to scroll for a tenth of a second.

How much do you tip movers? I'm moving this weekend, and they're moving it all up two steep flights of stairs. I've been charged a flat fee, but I feel like I should tip, definitely.


Crossposted a few places, if you care.

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Quick: What happens when your boyfriend disappoints you or says he'll do something but doesn't?

Normally I'd say fuck it and break up with him but this is my first forray into actually trying to make a relationship really work. It doesn't seem like a fair option.

Boyfriend said he'd call and we'd go out hours ago. Didn't. Went golfing with friends instead. I sent him a text message saying "I'm going out. Ttyl" He replied with just "K".

And now I'm angry. I turned my phone off.

What do I do?
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Does anyone have a picture of a prom hair that would look good and be do-able with about midback length brown hair and a strapless blue dress? My sis has been searching online for days, and cant find anything she likes. So if you have a hairstyle you did sometime, or just a picture saved you think she would like, if you could please send it to me, thanks! Prom is tomorrow, so were short on time ;) My family is good at procrastination.
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Day spas!

Poll #731712 Day Spa

Let's say you have a $100 gift certificate to a day spa. Pretend all these services cost exactly that. Which service would you choose?

Massage (regular or hot-stone or any other variation)
Cut & Color
Full body waxing

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hi! i've never had a down comforter dry cleaned before. the first one i've owned that i bought with my own money and it's soiled after 5 months. last night i went to a bar with the boy and we both got marked with a sharpie on the hand. magically the next morning my hand misses adorning the spread with blue xs but his hand didn't cos the stains are only on the edge of the bed and i sleep on the other side. saturating the stains with soap and hand scrubbing didn't work. so i was wondering two things:

- before i take this to a dry cleaner's, are there any homemade solutions or products i can get to get this out?

- or should i just take it to the dry cleaner's? how much would that cost?

i mean i should anyway since it's been half a year since i owned the thing.
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A north Chicago suburban school district could become one of the first in the state to adopt rules holding students accountable for what they post on blogs or social-networking Web sites like

Good idea, or no?

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I'm not sure how best to ask this, but is there - preferrably online, but a book would be ok - a reference to the structure of Indian (as in from India) names? As in how they're constructed, what some common prefixes or suffixes are, that type of information.

I'm a European-American and I a good grasp of how European names from a variety of backgrounds work which makes them much easier to remember. I understand the relationship of "O" in "O'Malley" and "Mac" in "Macaulley" and the "-sen" and "-son" suffixes, and various other types of rules and guidelines, and even know the meaning of the more common ones, where they came from. That knowledge makes it easier to remember.

Even with east asian names, I have a rudimentary understanding of how they're formed and some common roots and name origins and meanings.

But I haven't found anything about Indian names, which makes them very hard to remember because they just seem to be a random string of vowels and consenants.

Anyone able to point me in a direction that could help me start to make sense? Quite literally half of my coworkers are Indian and their names just aren't sinking in unless they're really common, like Sanjay.
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So, I bought a lawn mower and gas can a couple weeks ago. I went and got gasoline and it seems some of it leaked or something into my car. What's the best way to get gasoline out of fabrics like the generic stuff in trunks? Any ways to neutralize the scent? It's really getting annoying :/
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Is it weird to eat croutons (just croutons, no salad or whatever) as a snack?

I eat them like most people eat potato chips, haha. I've never seen anyone else snack on them, though.

Do you have any weird snacks you like?
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Spray Paint question

I have a can of spray paint that was working just fine, now all of a sudden it isn't. The spray nozzle goes all the way down, but nothing comes out. Not even air. Before you ask, it's a nearly full can. How can I make it work again? Thanks!
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I plan on getting to the library sometime this weekend. Any suggestions on titles to pick up? No new releases, as I'm doubting they'll have them. (Their computer system did not list Possible Side Effects, much to my dismay.)

I like fiction and memoirs/autobiographies. No fantasy, no sci-fi, no romance. I like realistic stories. My favorite authors are David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs.

I hope that helps.
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