May 17th, 2006



In order to edit a PHP file, do you need a special program? I didn't have anything to open it up into and when I tried to save a text document as a .php, it didn't "take". :P
I'm clueless with this stuff, just thought I'd take a chance by asking here.

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seeing as how i'm dating a guy that i met online, i'm curious. how many of you guys meet your significant other online? was it embarrassing for you to admit that you met online? maybe that's just me, and maybe it has to do with the fact that this is the first time i've done this. what do you think?

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So, who else is sad and watches the Eurovision? What's your favorite "scandal" this year? I particularily like the Former Soviet country (maybe Latvia?) dareing to flaut the maximum-six-performers rule by having a puppet as well.

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A few weeks ago, I was reading a recap of a morning radio show in my area and they had been talking about sex games that kids are playing at parties nowadays (whatever happened to just plain ol' Spin the Bottle?). It mentioned "Filipino Poker" but would only say that it was kind of like "Caribbean Stud." Does anyone know what this means? It's been driving me crazy!
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Where is this from?!

Where is this saying from? "You're heart's bleeding all over my shoes."

I am thinking it is part of a bigger lyric/quote but for the life of me can't think of where it's from. My google foo is poor tonight also.

Help me question club!
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1) In the past few months my cat has been increasingly affectionate. She is about 11 years old. She was also somewhat affectionate, but not like this at all. It's like she has a routine where she'll sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, and then come to me and beg me to pet her. She's acting like I never pet her and I do all the time. She does anything she can to get me to touch her. She paws at my leg, attempts to jump into my lap (it's difficult now at her age), and when she finally gets in my lap she will try to get on my laptop and push my hands away from the keys to pet her. What is causing my cat's sudden change in behavior? How did she become so lovable all of a sudden?

2) Do cats get hiccups?

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I just tried repeatedly to download "I Could Fall In Love" by Selena on iTunes. It kept saying there was an error and to try again later. Being pushy as I am, I kept trying. It finally let me purchase it, but was not downloading. So I keep trying and it finally tells me something along the lines of, "You have already purchased 'I Could Fall In Love' by Selena, but have not downloaded it. Click OK to download now." Naturally, I click OK. It says "Downloading 1 of 2" and proceeds to download not only the song I bought but "Sheep Go To Heaven" by Cake (downloading the Cake song before the Selena song even).

Not that I mind the free Cake song in the slightest (I love Cake in fact!), but why on Earth would iTunes randomly just toss a song at me like that?
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Essay Thesis

Can anyone please rewrite my thesis for me? It's for my research paper, but my teacher says it doesn't sound right. I don't know how to change it without changing my ideas.
Please help.
It's about Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut.

"Even though Vonnegut employs multiple science fiction themes throughout Slaughterhouse Five, the Tralfamadorians are created by Billy Pilgrim's imagination as a defense mechanism to escape the horrors of Dresdan and War."


EDIT: for grammar.

having trouble waking up!

ok, so i slept like *really* heavy last night, i know this as i woke up with intense pain in my left shoulder where i'd fallen asleep cuddling my pillow with my head on it (lying on my front) and woke up in the same position early this morning!

that pains now pretty much gone, but i slept like the dead and am having really big trouble concentrating as i still feel really dopey!

apart from a strong black coffee - which is do-able but i really don't fancy it, and a shower (i have builders in and i kinda don't like the idea of being in the bath or shower while they are about!) what else can i do to wake myself up enough to get on with my work? (i work on my pc at home)

*yawns muchly*

have a great day peeps and thanks for reading :)
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Rotating an .avi

I recorded a video clip using my digicam. It's in .avi format.

But I took it in vertical format. (I turned the camera.) Is there an easy way to rotate the video, preferably using free software.

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okay so you have a real unique username, one that you possible made up. would it bother you if you tried to create an account somewhere with that name, and you couldnt because it was "already being used" ?
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Next year our theatre department is performing a show called A Company of Wayward Saints. It will be performed outdoors, and from what I know, it involves a commedia dell'arte troupe in the beginning... basically things like tumbling, juggling, physical activity, and so on.

Anyway, I am no physical activity guy. I was raised on delicious foods, which caused me to be overweight for most of my life. Two years ago around this time I weighed about 238 pounds (was probably around the same height, 6' 3") over that summer, I had a relevation, cut calories, stopped soda drinking, and began to do a little more physical activity. I'm down to 180 now, pretty good accomplishment. Still, I am entirely lacking physical strength. 16 years of pure laziness has my muscles in mush. I am probably exagerrating, but still. I don't think I could audition for this show with the way I am now.

So, I have a whole summer plus some months during school to get fit.

I don't know where to start. One of my drama teachers talked to me about possibly creating an exercise plan for me, but that hasn't happened yet.

Anyone have any advice for quick warm-ups or exercises I can do:
A) Without any exercise devices at my disposal [real ones, makeshift alternative suggestions would be accepted]
B) That I could perform every day or so for about an hour in the morning or night
C) That would build up strength and flexibility. I am in no way interesting in becoming 'buff' or 'swole'. Oh man. I'd much rather be scrawny than buff.

I guess that's what I wanted to ask...

Thanks again,

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So, what's so great about being pregnant (other than the result after 9 months?)

I'm currently due in Dec and I find this whole pregnancy thing to be a pretty much a pain in the ass. I'm just not getting that bouncy maternal "zomg I conceived!!1" vibe thing. So, hey, my uterus works. Woo. *waves a bitty flag* That's what my body was designed for, like it was also designed for walking, and sneezing, and growing hair in weird places when I get old. It's kind of neat but I am not all wowzed by it and if I had never been able to have my own kids that would probably have been ok. I am also nearsighted and have one boob that is smaller than the other and can't scuba dive because of my ears and that's just how things worked out.

Of course I'm taking care of myself and the kiddo during the pregnancy and am ok with the whole physical process of it. But I'm certainly not all atwitter that I'm pregnant. I feel kind of bad, though, because everyone else is bouncing off the wall about it and I'm just not that excited. I kind of wish they'd stop squeeing over my rather personal biological processes, really.

I AM really excited to have the care of a very small human being come December and am also really looking forward to raising the podlet. I must just not have got the OMG PROPAGATE POP OUT A GENETIC IMPRINT gene or something.

Actually, what I guess really don't understand is, why it is SO important to some couples that they have a biological child between them, to the point where they go through amazingly expensive/painful/difficult treatments to try and concive. What's it about being their child gentically that's so important? Why not foster/adopt?

Maybe I'm missing something here you all can enlighten me on though. ;)

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Have you ever taken a break in a relationship? Did you end up getting back together or breaking up? What caused the need for a break, and if you did get back together, what caused you to get back together with your SO? All stories welcome
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contemplating an iPod

One last question before I jump in and buy my first iPod. How difficult or easy will it be to convert my huge mp3 collection to a format that I can put onto my iPod? Is there software that does this for you?

And for anyone interested in the answer to my last question (I got the answer today): Yes, you can buy a doc that will allow you to plug an iPod into a receiver. Except that it's more a "kit" than a doc and it costs $79. How ironic, considering the iPod is only going to cost me $50.


Hey everyone... I'm looking for some moving tips. My husband and I are planning to move from California to Portland later this year. We don't have anyone we can stay with while we're looking for a place. He'll have a job lined up when we get there (transfer), but I won't. We have enough stuff to fill a two-bedroom apartment, anyone have any rough idea how much this would cost to move? How can we make this work?

Stuffed Animals

I'd like to get started in making stuffed animals, and am unable to find any communities based on the making of stuffed animals, and not the "relations" that you can have with them. Sooo, anyone know of any pointers to get started or maybe a site that explains it well? I'd really like to get started making some stuffed animals.
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If there's ONE THING you can know about your future in the near or in the distance, what would it be?

For example, any ONE of the following:

When and how you will die

If you're in a relationship, if you'd break up and if so, when, and if you get married, if so when

How many kids you'll have and their names

What career you'll end up with

Where you would end up living

How much money you'll be making

What would you look like when you're "insert age here" years old

or anything else... but just one aspect of your life in the near or distant future
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kids kids kids

Can you name a store (internetish, even) where I can shop for lots of cute baby necessities?

And for a friend: If you had to give gifts to three 11-12 year old girls (in the $5, maybe more range) what would you get them? (They like pretty, sparkly things...but are too old for Barbies.)

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I'm fairly athletic, but a beginning runner. What program should I begin [I would like to run every day, no exceptions]? I get bored REALLY easily too, what can I do to prevent giving up after REALLY light exhaustion/boredom?

I know running slims legs, but what else helps shape or slim them?

I NEED a reliable diet. Something with results, but I DO gain weight if I eat more then 1200 calories. So what's a 1000-1100 calorie diet that's not so soooo expensive and hard to make [like "freshly caught salmon drizzled with virgin oil oil- I'd like something like two slices of bread+tuna+slice of cheese and water].

I'm not over weight, I just really want to lose weight in two weeks [I'm not too sure about crash dieting- all popcorn or jello is sort of annoying].

I'm looking for some free games online. I like things that are not too involved [like Halo type things or Final Fantasy] and not overly simple and boring [like pong or the like]. My favorite online games are Urbandead and Oregon Trail. Can you suggest a good one and/or your favorite?

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Hello, I'm procrastinating again! Two completely unrelated questions:

1. Have you ever been streaking? Under what circumstances? If not, would you ever? Why not, or under what circumstances?

2. What are songs with your name in them? What's your opinion of these songs?

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what's the opposite of annoying?

edit: i ask because i thought of many of the answers that people have given, but you can always say "well, you know, she's pleasant/etc, but kind of annoying."

they're not necessarily mutually exclusive, you know?
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A building full of linguists, and no one reads Japanese...

For my job, I need to scan this document and give it a title... in English. I don't read Japanese. I've scanned a .jpg of the top page. Does anyone read Japanese? Would anyone mind giving me a translation of the title of this document? (Note that it probably has something to do with Linguistics, if that helps.)

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"There's nothing like the irony of a criminal who wants to go straight, without actually having to go straight." (relating to a book in which a guy murders and thieves and such his way through the court system to get his name cleared so he can return to his homecountry)

Irony... not used correctly there?
How would you fix this?

And what's the plural of faux pas?
this is what my user name is from

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I totally know I'm being stoopid here, and crap at Google besides; but I can't find anything on line about The NHS in Scotland's policy on ultrasounds. Namely whether you just get one at 12 weeks or whether you are entitled to a second one at 20 weeks or not. MAny people on pregnancy forums have claimed you are entitled to two scans, but that is not exactly decent amo to use against the doc who told me I would only be having one.
I need to know soon, to use emotional black mail on my husband to make him shell out for a private one if the NHS wont. Just so I don't sound to weird/paranoid/self obsessed, finding out the sex will really help us work out how to reorganise the bedrooms for New Newbie, and the less uncertainty the other children have about bedrooms the better.
So anyone know the info I need or know how to make Google tell me? I even tried Jeeves!

Two Semi-Related Questions...

1. I'm wanting to go to a concert in August, and it says "No Professional Cameras or Video." Does that mean I can't bring my digital camera? It doesn't do much... it can zoom in a little bit, but that's pretty much the most exciting thing it does (*points to icon* That's the best picture I've probably taken with my camera... I did a little altering on it). It really wouldn't do me any good if I can't get any decent seats anyway. Does that mean I'm confined to bringing a bunch of disposable cameras?

2. Has anyone bought VIDEO of the contestants' performances off of If so, do you know if it'll work on a video iPod?

Thank you!!
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Hair dyed black. Finished hair may or may not have gel or other holding product, but will definitely have metallic colored sprays applied.

What would you recommend for leave-in conditioner? (Some I've used make my hair stay how I want it without any gel at all, which is why the gel is optional. If it changes your answer if you can pick one that gives shape by itself, go ahead and consider that, :) )

Tonsil Questions

1. Have you ever had your tonsils out?
2. Is it supposed to hurt like hell?
3. When can I expect to be able to feel normal again?
4. Any idea how long I have to wait until I can play an instrument?
5. What color is your day?
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What does *\o/* mean?

As far as I can tell, it's someone waving pompoms in the air.

Edit: I'm actually wanting to know what it is generally understood to mean, not what you think it means. :P
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The 80's

1. What's your favourite 80's song?
2. What's your favourite 80's movie?
3. What's your favourite 80's soundtrack?
4. Who's your favourite member of the bratpack?
5. What's your most memorable moment of the 80's - personal or otherwise?

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Can you get video clips off of You Tube? To import into Windows Movie Maker?

IF NOT, is there a place online where you can get video clips? I need ones of a celebrity [any] saying "and now for the show" and a few other things, but I don't want to download a whole movie just to get a sentence. Is there anything where I can pre-watch the clip before downloading?

Thanks so much.
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Hello, first question here. :)

It's a technical/computer-y one: I have a laptop (Dell Inspiron B130, in case you need to know), and I was wondering if anyone knew how to insert symbols (such as é, ©, â) on the internet (like on LJ) without having to just copy-paste from Microsoft Word (which is what I just did there). On my old desktop I just used alt+0233 or whatever on the number pad on the side of the keyboard, but obviously a laptop doesn't have one, and the regular number strip at the top of my keyboard doesn't seem to be working for that. It works in Word (I can add symbols there), but not on anything online. Any ideas?
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This is as much as I know.

My mother missed a doctor's payment a few months back. As a result, she's been placed on a collection agency's list and this lady calls every couple of weeks or so asking for the money. My mom did pay the debt, but she gave the money to her doctor's office. From what I've heard, she refuses to deal with the collection agency. And despite her paying the owed money, the CA still calls her. Since my mom's not sending some payments in the full amount due, she only pays what she can afford to pay. She claims that as long as she's sending money to the doctor, she cannot get into trouble.

She called the doctor, and they said that they could not have her name removed from the CA's list.

Obviously, my mom wants nothing to do with the agency. She'd rather deal with sending her money to the doctor's office. She says that she can ignore the CA, but I don't think it's that simple.

Can she disregard the collection agency without getting into trouble?

I'm just concerned because she had a heated argument with the collector representative on the phone this morning.
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1. What is the OLDEST piece of clothing you own that you STILL wear?
(My answer: I have a T-shirt that used to be my mom's. She got it when she got her membership at a gym, back in 1988. That T-shirt is 18 years old, yikes! lol)

2. Do you have any tips you can share with me regarding being outdoors? You see...I tan EXTREMELY EASILY (yay olive complexion!). Last time I got sunburned was 3 years ago, and it was gone within the next day. I tan so easily that if I'm outdoors for 10 minutes tops, I have a noticeable tan line. I bike a LOT. I used to wear biking gloves, but stopped when I started getting tan lines on my hands/wrists.

Yeah...Help? It's pretty annoying, and I like my biking gloves, but really don't want weird tan lines. =(
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I want to fill out a survey that asks me whether I've done random things within the last month, last year, my entire life, etc.

For example,
In the past month, have you gone on a date?
In the past five years, have you been abroad?

I googled it and I didn't like what I'd found. Lots of Myspace surveys that were filled with retarded questions. I really just want one that has whether I've done stuff in my life or the past month, etc. So, if you know of a good survey like this, could you give me the link? Or could you give me some good questions to put on a survey and I'll answer it? Thanks.
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So i'm going abroad next semester (to Denmark), the program has a week to go on study tours, and i must pick one of the following options:

(1) Amsterdam/ Paris
(2) Vienna/ Budapest
(3) Berlin/ Prague

Now my first instinct would be #1, but i think i'll be going there anyway after the semester is over, plus i've been before.
I'm clueless, i feel like i should choose #2 because i don't think i'd go there otherwise, but what if i don't make it to the places in #3 either? Plus i think they are going to some concentration camps in #3 and i would like that. They don't give me itineraries though, so I don't know for sure about anything. I'm not sure what's in Budapest, but i know i won't be going there otherwise.

Where would you go if you were me?

I have made my decision and e-mailed my order of preference:
3, 2, 1

Thanks for all your help!!
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Architecture In Helsinki & Late Notes!

1. I was late to school today and I'm going to leave early tomorrow. I promised the attendance ladies I'd have a note that explained I was late because I was sick so they would excuse it. I also need to give them a note saying I have my dad's permission to sign myself out early. Should I combine them into one note or make two separate ones?

2. How long do you think an Architecture In Helsinki concert will last?
My dad needs to know because he wants to drive me to the city instead of having me take the train. I'm hoping it will be longer than he's willing to wait because I really don't want him to bring me.

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when you wash your face, do you do the whole 'spashing water all over your face' like they do in the commercials? I just make a mess when I even attempt something like that.
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Do you personally believe that Nostradamus could predict the future and has in fact predicted a few very important things in our time, such as the Nazis rise to power and 9/11?

Me, I'm undecided although I do find it incredibly interesting reading the reasons both for and against him being some kind of seeer or prophet, and it is weird to hear some of the verses he wrote while thinking of current events, because a lot of them do seem to fit rather well.
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