May 16th, 2006

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Say you've just finished using a public toliet. You walk to the sink to wash your hands and alas; no soap! Is it more sanitary to make an effort and turn on the hot water, pretending like you have soap and then dry your hands or just forget it? What would you do?

Personally, I don't know which is more sanitary, I'm dying to know! But for me, I always get my hands wet and atleast pretend I washed my hands.
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cafe press competitors?

Does have any competitors?   I was going to have them do my company logo on some shirts but I'd like to shop around first and compare products and prices.  It would be even better if I could find a site that offers custom logos on black shirts (cafepress only offers white).
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Two quick questions:

1. I just started a job that will require me to be on the phone for a good part of the day...the only problem is that I'm not used to talking much. I've found that my voice keeps cracking, like my throat gets dry and my voice gets hoarse. I have been keeping water nearby to drink when this happens, but is there an easier remedy? Hopefully some of you have some tips on this.

2. What is the technical name for the ^ key? I tried googling it, but it doesn't recognize it as a search term heh. I've heard it called carrot, carrot top, and 'to the power of', but not sure what it is really called.

Thanks in advance!
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Phat Pants

My boyfriend loves phat pants, but he can't find them anywhere anymore. His mom made him some, but they're not jeans, and that's what he'd really like to get. Does anyone have any idea where he'd be able to get them? We live up in Canada (Calgary area) which will probably make a difference. If anyone knows of someplace online where he'd be able to get them, that'd be good too.
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When a director makes a movie or like a TV they (as in the directors) have to come up with the characters' names? Or do the characters just choose their own names?

(Did I even make sense?)

EDIT: Thanks for the answers :-D
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Hey guys.

Can anyone translate any part of this message? I'm not even sure of the language. Any translation is appreciated:

Já-pensou emgrecer enquanto-dorme?
Acaba de chegar no Brasil Liverjoice, o revolucinário produto da boa forma que faz emagrecer-de-5-kg-a-9-kg-por-mês. [Liverjoice] 5.000-pessoas-já-emagreceram com-Liverjoice no Brasil, um produto à base de 6 ervas rigorosamente selecionadas das melhores do mundo para entrar em ação durante-o-sono. Liverjoice-durante o sono acelera o metabolismo queimando-gorduras-em-nível de-barriga, quadril,-coxas,busto-e-cintura. [Liverjoice] Além de melhorar o funcionamento do intestino, desentoxicar o organismo , melhorar a digestão,-faz você-emagrecer de-5!-a-9! kg-por-mês dormindo-sem-dietas! E ao mesmo tempo enrijece os músculos e a pele dando uma sensação de bem estar e energia geral. Existem-milhões-de-motivos para você emagrecer-com-Liverjoice, um-deles é que o regime-com-Liverjoice-se resume em poucas palavras: Você toma uma tampinha bem cheia do Liverjoice-diluído em água antes de-dormir e ao acordar e continua a sua vida normalmente, a isso se resume o-emagrecimento com Liverjoice.-Você não precisa se "matar" fazendo-exercícios-em academias ou fazer aquelas-dietas que te deixam ainda mais com fome, ou quando você para de fazer o-regime,-volta a engordar-o-dobro. [Liverjoice] Você pode-despreocupar-se, pois nós já-resolvemos-tudo isso para você-com-Liverjoice!
Você deseja-emagrecer-15 kg ? Liverjoice!
Resultados comprovados! Entregamos na sua-casa em toda a-América. Se você pedir--agora você terá quarenta porcento-DDesconto! [Liverjoice] Peça-já! Aproveite! Pedido-agora! 

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Is it better to be happy—really, truly, totally happy—for a short time and never know that happiness again, or to go through life without ever knowing what it means to be really happy?

I would have to lean toward the first option: being that happy once, and never again. You might have lost it, but at least you knew, for a while, what it was like to be really happy.

So. Any thoughts?
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A young starling has somehow found its way into my house. It's currently in the storage room - although I saw it go in there, I really can't see it thanks to all the crap that's lying around.

Does anybody have any tips for coaxing it back into the garden? I can hear one of its parents going mental outside.

Will it be alright if I just grab it on sight? It's about the size of my fist.
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I'm applying for jobs and I need some advice...

I was working at Christmas in a store in town. I was dismissed just before Christmas and given no explanation for it (yup thats illegal) I really enjoyed the work but the manager was a complete bitch. She picked me out and picked on me over various things (its a long story. I would get yelled at for doign something wrong but yet, never been shown how to do the task. She would be so unpleasant if I asked her for help/advice. I got the blame for a till key being bent out of shape yet I never used that till adn when I told her so she said 'yes, well, your till key is bent as well) but in the end I don't work there anymore.

Should I mention this on job applications? The last time I worked before that was the previous Christmas so it would look better to have it listed but it doesn't look good when you were dismissed from a job when looking for a new one. What should I do? Just be honest and say that the manager blatantly didn't like me and picked on me constantly?

Also, what kind of things do you write about yourself to make you look as good as possible to the employer? Things like excellent time keeping and working well under pressure/with new tasks? I always feel that I'm a bit arrogant when I write things like that.
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So I have one loser friend and one normal mostly health-conscious female friend that come over more often than anyone else. The female friend sometimes confuses me with the way she asks, but the other friend is "that way". (Everyone has one!) So if I actually started keeping some moderately healthy and mostly non-perishable snacks and drinks here, what should I get?

Edit - The one friend usually comes over and immediately looks to see if I have anything to drink other than water. The female friend goes through pretty much every cupboard to inventory what I have, even if I tell her I haven't been to a store since the last time she was here. The general idea is that I would usually have something here when they look. The healthy part is for me in case I eat any of it.

Ack! Tifaux went down...

So, my tifaux totally screwed up last night (or more specifically, I think the presidential address screwed up my tifaux), because it didnt record CSI: Miami. Granted, this is a show that I only like a little bit, so I'm not heartbroken...but I still want to know what happened. Anyone see it?

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Everybody know the video for "The Other Man" by Sloan? You know, the one with the teenage boy with a mop of blond hair playing violin in what appears to be a school band? Remember? Good.

I've looked before, and have never been able to find this out. Does anyone know the name of the blond boy? The actor, that is.

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I'm the kind of person that almost always takes things personally and I exaggerate in my mind that things are worse than they actually are. I don't realize until like the day after I get upset about something that it was really pointless to get upset. It's really stressing me out.

If you're like me, what kind of things do you do to change this? If you're not, why?
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I have 12 minutes until I have to leave to go on a job interview that I am completely underqualified for.

It's a full time job in a daycare, but I need to be able to go parttime in the fall. They want people with child development experience. I have a minor in it, and some volunteer experience, but no real experience.

I'm 2 seconds away to just saying forget it because I'm pratically garunteed to not get this job.

Any advice?


I got one of those chain letters today, it said that the American government is releasing cellphone numbers to telemarketers. Does anyone know if this true?

Spring cleaning (my life AND my yard!)

I've been considering going into a trade. With construction booming in the area, and tradespeople needed badly, some of those fields would be a good thing to look into. I'm considering becoming an electrician - its interesting and ever-changing, and I'd get to meet a variety of people, instead of the same faces every day. The pay is good, and jobs are plentiful. Does anyone have any info about this job, or another trade I might not have thought of? has anyone gone through apprenticeship trainging? What did you think of the process?

Ginger (my nearly year old basset) is shedding like crazy. Its her undercoat, now that its getting warm. I'm taking her to the groomer, to get her really well brushed & cleaned up (I'm a soft mommy and can't hold her still for long enough to get a good job done myself) Suggestions for keeping her (and our house) loose hair free? She hates the vaccuum, I tried that way, and I felt horrible.

My back yard pond is infested with algae, and I've tried 2 different methods of getting rid of it. I don't really want to add anything else to the water, for fear of od'ing the environment. (I've tried a phosphorus treatment and barley straw pellets - no help) I'm getting a new filter system, the lady @ the store I get my pond supplies from said UV filters are really effective. Any ideas on these, or other ones? Also, I know that plecostamus-es (plecostami?) eat algae - would they be able to survive in the pond? We have a filter now, so the water stays aerated and keeps moving, and we've had 4 fish survive for nearly a year. Good idea or no?

Thanks for any suggestions you've got!

From MSN

Should you wed the first person you fall for?
How many people should you wine and dine before you can feel confident enough to say you’ve met your one and only? Believe it or not, mathematics has the answer: A dozen. “Check out and reject 12 people, then pick the next best that comes along, and you’re likely to have a very good match on your hands,” says Clio Cresswell, a mathematician and author of Mathematics and Sex. That’s because when it comes to decision-making, formulas reveal that your chances of picking the right answer improve as you expose yourself to more options. But there does come a point when you are over-researching: If you date and reject 30 or more potential mates, “you've probably met someone that you could possibly have been more than happy with, and passed them over,’ notes Cresswell. 

What are your thoughts on this?? Agree> Disagree?

Bathroom question

If you are not handicapped/morbidly obese/have joint problems/etc, do you ever use the handicapped stall in a public restroom? Even if all the other stalls are open, perfectly clean, reasonably sized, have toliet paper, locks that work, etc - so there's no real reason to use the handicapped one?

If so, why??

The women at my work (all normal sized and absolutely non-handicapped) almost all use the handicapped stall exclusively and I do not get it! Why is that stall so much better than the 4 other stalls they walk right by to get to that one?! You don't need the biggest one just because it's the biggest one just to go take a whiz in it - it's a toilet, not a hotel room!

I guess it just rubs me the wrong way, because it is like they are saying "I am too good for the normal stalls, so I get to use the special stall, even though there is no reason for me to be in there!"


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How much caffeine is TOO much? I weight 130.

Today I had about six pieces of caffeine gum [2 pieces equals one cup of coffee], two diet cokes, and a no doz tablet.

What effects occur from too much caffeine? I plan to sleep at 10 pm. If I finish off my last diet coke at 4, will the caffeine wear off in time for me to fall asleep?

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the pain medicine i was prescribed isn't working. is it okay for me to go ahead and take 600mg ibuprofen in addition to the pain meds? i'm in excrutiating pain and very swollen.

i had oral surgery yesterday

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Is anyone else having difficulties accessing their AOL mail through

Why is my printer (Epson Stylus Photo R320) printing out lines on my pictures? I changed the ink and did a "nozzle head cleaning" a couple of times. Wtf, I have a bunch of pictures to print out!

I'm Dying!

I donated blood today and right now, I think that I am in the process of dying. My stomach is killing me, my back hurts, and I just plain feel like crap. Do you think that the fact that I donated blood could be making me feel ill?
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Are you for or against the MLB instating a salary cap? If for one, would you rather there be a soft cap or a hard cap?

I personally am not sure, completely. I ask out of curiosity, as for my senior speech for English I'm arguing for a salary cap.
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More job interview questions

Have you ever interviewed to be a nanny? What sort of questions did they ask?

What sort of expected salary is there? It would be two days a week from 9-5.

How does getting paid work when you're working for a person like that? How do they figure your taxes and whatnot?
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If you had to choose..

Which would you rather have?

The ability to be very very creative, but not be skilled enough in drawing/writing to properly put your ideas into action?
Be an incredible writer/artist but not very creative?

Me, I'd rather be the first (let's forget the fact that I already AM) because you can learn how to write/draw better, but creativity is something you either have or you don't and can't be learned.
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Silica Gel

I'm looking to find silica gel that can be used to preserve flowers (dehydrating them, and preserving their shape and colour without "drying" in the traditional sense). I'm not looking for the microwavable kind.

I've found a few different kinds (or, at least, different brands) on Here are two:

Again, what I'm looking to do is dehydrate a bouquet of flowers for preservation. If anybody can help, I'd really appreciate it!
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I have Sims2 and University installed on my computer, but I only have the disk for Sims2. I tried to uninstall University so I can still play some sims, but it's threatening to delete all my saved games for Univeristy! What a rotter. Is there some way I can circumvent that and save them for future use?
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Country music fans

My husband has been trying to find the name of a country song so that he can download it. Not being a big fan of country, I'm not much help. He says it's a recent song (within the last 3 years, probably) about some buddies (possibly college age?) that go down to Mexico. It's not by Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney or Montgomery Gentry. Does anyone here know what the song is called or who sings it? Googling reveals that there are a lot more country songs about Mexico than I could ever have imagined.

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Do you ever walk on train tracks?

Do you think people who get killed by trains were suicidal?

I live in a spot where various people have been killed on this one set of tracks. Just recently a 20 year old guy was hit from behind, and apparently he was listening to his ipod. I find it hard to believe that he couldn't hear a freakin train coming, or feel it on the ground.

I feel sorry for his family, but how stupid can you be? Strolling along the train tracks for a short cut is one thing, but walking on them and taking away one of your main senses while you're at it? Oookkayy...
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I'm just full of questions today!

What's something you are looking forward to today?
Something you're looking forward to this week?
This month?
This year?

Let's be positive :)

Today - Finishing a D&D character I was helping my friend build. It's his first character and I taught him everything he knows. It's gonna be awesome seeing him so happy with his character and knowing that I had a hand in it.
This week - I'm getting a new kitten on Friday. He's adorable and I can't wait to have him in my house.
This month - My boyfriend coming home from hospital...I hope
This year - Going to Australia in October. Yay!
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"Food Service

I recently applied for a job in the "Food Service" department of a local grocery store, and have my interview tomorrow. When I saw the title, I assumed it was the deli area, but when I mentioned it to somebody else, they thought it meant a different department. What is the "Food Service" department at Top Foods?
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Last question, I swear!

So, I want to make something nice for my friend for his birthday and he's a HUGE fan of Something Positive. Thus, I had a wonderful idea to make him a plushie Choo-Choo bear.
Now, I fully intend on getting Randy's permission for this (and possibly sending him one) but how should I go about it? Just make a pink cat or go for something with a little more stretch to it for that true Choo-Choo feel?
Has anyone here done it before? Would you other S*P fans appreciate it if a friend made one of these for you?
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I know this is a bit of a random request but I'm getting desperate and I don't have access to a scanner!

I need a very simple, small, black outline of an eye (looking at the eye front on - not the biological diagram!) for a lesson I'm doing with my class later this week. Kind of like a clip art style image, I want the children to colour the eyes the colour of their own, and we're going to make a chart. I have the larger eyes for the children to colour on that I drew and photocopied. BUT I'd quite like a small computerised version that I can use to make into a worksheet.

Google is failing me. If anyone happens to have something that might be useful lurking around on their computer somewhere I would love you forever if you could let me know?

Thanks so much xx
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car buying advice

Okay, it looks like I'm going to have to buy a car, here. Unfortunately, I've got nasty credit (I'm working on it) so am I totally hosed when it comes to getting a loan for a car? Hosed as in, uber high interest?

And what should I look for? What should I avoid like the plague?
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Hey, I'm doing presentaion tomorrow and I would like to use the Dylan Thomas reading his own poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" but can only find it on this site. So, does anyone know how to gank it from this site or does anyone know where to find it or does anyone have it? Thanks.
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i few days ago I asked what the title of my band's album should be, and we picked one of your suggestions! specifically firefly062, so thanks! the rest of the band seemed to like it

so keep in mind, i made this with a scanner and my hands. its the cover and back cover, and sorry if its too offensive!

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1. how does a pedometer work? how does it know the distance i've walked? I've never used one before, but i'm curious.

2. has anyone ever gone to Bonnaroo? What was your experience like? How far did you travel to get there? How did you travel? Did you camp? Was it safe? I want to go this year but i'd like know what what i'm getting myself into, first. i've never been to an overnight festival before.

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Whats the best digital camcorder to get? and where? is it naive to have to only want to spend a maximimum of 350$ on a decent digital camcorder?

let me clarify what i mean by digital camcorder-i mean i can use it to 'videotape'[obviously not on video] a birthday party, then i can hook it up to my compy and uplaod the video to. ..lets say utube or something.likewise i can hook up my camcorder and watch whatever i taped on the tv.
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Okay kids... I'm so confused!

My friend has this in her profile:

... have they played 36(!) games already???
I really thought there were 24 regular season games...
(What am I thinking of??)
Now that I think of it... that may be somewhere *around* the number of regular season games for my high school 's football team...

Please help! Thanks :P

While we're at it, what's your favorite team?

I used to be a Yankees fan... but I don't really follow baseball anymore... uh, obviously!
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This is one of my favorite questions.

If you could take five movies with you on a Desert island, what would they be?

I'm torn. I feel like one would be Moulin Rouge, because its very watchable, and interesting. Possibly two would be Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Number three would very likely be Velvet Goldmine because it is also very watchable, and has Ewan in it. Four, maybe Field of Dreams, because I really liked it, and you need a feel-good movie. My fifth... ehh, may as well toss in Titanic, because although it is about a shipwreck, its melodic and beautiful.
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smells and sounds...

1) what can you smell right now?
Right now I can smell a trace of the clorox that I put in my load of wash just now and I can also smell a Vanilla candle that I'm just about to blow out.. so it's a v. odd combination of smells, and I'm glad that I'm heading upstairs to bed so that I can get away from these smells.

2) what can you hear right now?
I can hear said load of wash turning to the rinse cycle, the sound of my fingertips on the keyboard, and the sound of an early 90s Human Geography film that my husband is reviewing for his class tomorrow.

Nite nite..
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I was reminded by rawbery79's post that I needed to ask this...

I need a new car. I have a '97 Saturn SC 2 that is quickly breaking down.

I'm not big on cars, so I have no idea what to get. I need something fairly cheap, $14,000 max I'd say. It has to be good over long distances, since my folks are moving to Kentucky and I'll be traveling between there and the East Coast a lot.

Any suggestions? Because seriously, I'm at a loss as to where to even start with my search.


If you were deleting a few items from your thumb drive/flash drive/ USB drive, midway you hit cancel because you realise you forgot to copy one set to your harddrive. How do you recover the ones that got deleted? Is there anyway to recover? Or I should forget about it? :-S

There is a "backup" but it's not the updated one. So would very much like to recover it if at all it is possible!!

(no subject)

FUCK! Is there absolutely any way to trace back those "temporary files" again? I just wrote up an English assignment which took me so long.. and I had opened it from my e-mail, not saved and I forgot about that.

Please tell me there is a way to get it back..
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I want to post a poll in my journal, but everytime I click on Update, it goes directly to rich text mode. 

1. How can I get OUT of rich text mode? (It's been doing this for two days now.)


2. How do I post a poll in rich text mode?
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