May 15th, 2006

what would noel edmunds do?

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do you know any instances in which a woman who was not directly involved in politics has made a difference in the world?

and preferably how?

for example Rosa Parks, Unity Dow, Kate Sheppard and Doreen Lawrence

& inspired by the cover version post. what is your favourite song that is dedicated to another famous person? I'm thinking candle in the wind or tunic song by sonic youth (about karen carpenter)but then I cant really remember any others at the moment
Mara Jade

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Does it creep you out or annoy you when people randomly friend you without leaving a comment? Do you prefer a comment? Will you friend someone back even if they haven't commented?

Getting an agent. . .HELP!

I am interested in acting in movies. Does anyone know the steps or have any suggestions on getting a legitimate agent to get in movie roles?  I am also interested in modeling, to help get me noticed, but my ultimate goal is to act in film. I've already done Google searches on the topic, but I'm looking for people who have had personal experiences with this or anyone who has any suggestions - really any information would be very helpful. Thanks!

Edited to add: I don't know if this will help in anyone's response, but I live 50 miles from Los Angeles.

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So, I watched Memoirs of a Geisha last night.

If any of you have seen this...this question is directed to you.

In one scene where Chiyo is learning that instrument,she has her fingers sitting in a bucket of ice. She takes them out, wipes them off, and begins to play.


One laundry question and one girly question

Any ideas on how to get ground-in mud and/or grass stains out of corduroy and denim?  My 9 year old is currently on a misson to destroy every pair of pants she owns. LOL.  She does have some pants that are "play clothes" that she can get muddy, but I'd really like to get the stains out of her school clothes.  So far, OxyClean and Tide have not done the job. 

Also, what sort of eyeliner doesn't run?  No matter what the weather, my eyeliner seems to leave black smears under my eyes once it's been on for a few hours.  Or is there a trick to applying it that makes it less likely to run? 
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So you think you're psychic.

Here's a fun game!
Think you're psychic? Don't think you're psychic, but want to send me on a wild goose chase?
Utilize your psychic powers (or lack thereof) to find Brain Age.
Specifically, tell me where the hell I put the Brain Age game card for my Nintendo DS. It's really small, smaller than a saltine cracker, so it could be anywhere! (Although I'm relatively sure I didn't leave it anyplace absurd like 'in the fridge' or 'under the bathroom rug')

And a question for the non-psychics in the audience, although it requires knowledge of The Sims 2: Is there a way to copy a house, which currently has sims in it, but get ONLY the house and not the sims? I have a house I want to copy to another neighborhood but I don't want to move the sims living in it.
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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Any ideas for triple dates? We've already decided on playing apples to apples and eating pizza (maybe chinese food), but I was just wondering what kind of triple date outings you guys have been on?
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Do you smoke?


If you answered yes, what do you smoke?

a pipe
crack/other drugs
something else (comment)

If you smoke cigarettes, what brand do you smoke?

If you smoke cigarettes, how many do you usually smoke a day?


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1. What is your definition of a person with a "delicate constitution?"

2. If you don't know or aren't sure, what is the first possible definition for "delicate constitution" that pops into your mind?
Erin Blue

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I am an ordained minister and have performed the wedding ceremony for 2 sets of very close friends, and each time have been told I did a wonderful job.

So now I want to do weddings as a sideline, to make some extra pocket cash and help people have the weddings they want. (It's hard to find a minister sometimes!)

Anyhow, my question is this: I already had business cards printed. Now what? How do I advertise, and where? How would you start out?

What word am I thinking of??!!

People incorrectly tend to call it a "hologram" but it actually starts with an L. It's when you move a picture from side to side and the image changes because of these ridges that are covering two images on one plane. What is it??

EDIT: Answered in the speed of lightning :O
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Are you friends with your ex SOs? If so how long does that take to work out and not be weird after a long relationship?

My ex and I broke up 8 months ago. We're not on bad terms, but we're not anywhere near the point of being actual friends. Our break up was pretty clean, and while we both were pretty broken hearted from it, it wasn't anything dramatic or horrible.

I really miss him being there as a friend. Our relationship while we were together was 95% friendship. We were like best friends who hugged a lot. That's exactly why we don't work as a couple, but we support each other really well otherwise.

I'm trying so hard not to write him an email or something about it, because I feel like that's a crazy ex girlfriend thing to do, and emails always come across so cold. I'm sure it would be taken the wrong way. I don't want to call him because his gf is really possesive and weird about him when he's on the phone. (Mutual friends of mine tell me she takes the phone out of his hand, and gets on and asks who it is. I don't want to start unnecessary crap between them)

Do I just wait? There are so many things I want to tell him, and want to know about him. Just normal friend things, what I'm doing, what he's doing etc. It's really getting to me to have lost such a dear person in my life.

ps - My betta is doing great! Thanks for all the suggestions and advice the other day.
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I have one of those "learn something new every day" calendars on my desk at work, and one of the facts for this past weekend was that nearly all boys grow up to be at least as tall as their mother. So...

If you're a guy who has likely quit growing, are you at least as tall as your mother?
If not, how much difference is there and how tall is your father?

Girls, you can answer this too if you know enough about a guy to answer for him.
SS Klondike

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Inspired by this post.

I'm interested in what everyone thinks about this, but if you reply, it'd be helpful if you'd say what your sex and orientation are.

Suppose someone had a crush on you. Suppose they decided to act on it. From your perspective (that is, the perspective of the crushee), how would you want the person to go about it? Some humourous pickup line? An earnest email or note? Just straight up ask you out?


Errr, I just now accidentally deleted everything in my "Sent" folder from Outlook Express. Like, every email I've ever sent. This is at my work email.

I don't have any sort of like regulation where I have to keep work emails I've sent out but I like to have them on hand, esp. if I need to "prove" I replied or that I sent something.

So I guess what's done is done?


Cut off times

I was watched Curb Your Enthuasim and it was the episode in which Larry phones people after the 'cut off time'.

My question is do you have a cut off time for phoning people in the evening? EDIT: In the mornings do you wait until a certain time before calling someone?

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My fiance and I have a membership to one of our local zoos (we're lucky to live within an hour of two zoos). We visit at least once every two months, and usually more frequently than that.

On Saturday, we took his grandmother with us. She hadn't been to the zoo in 20 years! That just amazed me - since we go so regularly, it seems weird to think that other people can go years and years without visiting.

When was the last time you went to the zoo? Do you go frequently?
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purse cleaning?

i have a handbag that is made of white synthetic material and black patent leather type material. the white parts are pretty dingy. i've tried just using a rag with water but that didn't help much. how can i fix this? and is there anything i can do to prevent it from getting too dirty again once i clean it? thanks in advance.


If you got a C in a class would you retake it?
Even if it's an everyday or three day a week class?
What if you are sure that the only reason you got a C and not an A is because you never bothered to study?

So I totally bombed my Calc final. Do I retake it?
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My eyes burn I guess

Does life love you? Do you love life?

Do most situations end up in your favor?

If there was an ideal world, when would you start investing money for retirement?

Realistically speaking, when do you think you'll actually start/ when did you start putting away/investing money for retirement? Do you have any plans/ideas/wistful thinking on where you are wanting to put the money?
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video killed the radio star.

Some things I've wondered about music videos, and the state of.

1. Considering that MTV, MTV2, and VH1 shows music videos for only about two to three hours of the day, do you think that they should even bother showing videos at all?

2. Because these stations don't show videos as much, do you think that artists should stop making music videos all together?

3. Did you ever watch Pop Up Video?

4. Who is your favorite music video director?

5. What's one of your favorite music videos?

I can't give a direct answer to 1 or 2, but the rest:

3. yes, I was a huge fan of Pop Up Video.
4. I liked Herb Ritts's videos, as well as some of Hype Williams's earlier videos ("The Rain" with Missy Elliott and the Busta Rhymes videos he did). And Wayne Isham's not that bad either.
5. a-Ha's "Take on Me". But "Fell in Love With a Girl" by the White Stripes is also amazing. The Legos!
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Friends: Unagi.
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I got some empty DVD-R data/video cds. It says they're 4.7GB. I wanted to use them to put some tv shows on I downloaded but the iBook just spits them out. Any ideas what kind of cd I might need instead? Or how can I stop the iBook spitting these out?
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What's the minimum self-employment income required to pay U.S. taxes?

Can I get a student credit card or a co-signed card if I don't have a regular job?

How about if I'm self-employed? Or does it only count if my income comes to a taxable amount?

Is there a different way to build my credit score for the future?
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Sad Magic

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What programs do you use to keep yourself/your computer organized?

I'm trying to get myself back on track, so I'm looking for decent programs that can help. Right now I'm just using Sunbird and Thunderbird, but anything else (or even any alternatives) that you find helpful would probably help.
Play with me by runfromtears

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I'm looking at possibly buying my first iPod, a used 3rd generation iPod.  The owner was not able to answer all my questions so I was hoping some one here might know.  Does the dock it come with work with a PC, or only a mac?  Is it pretty easy to find a doc for it that will plug the iPod into a receiver?  And where can I find a copy of the directions that would normally come with the 3rd generation iPod? Thanks!

Word Association

Ok, it's been a while, but it's time for another word association game!
What is the first word/short phrase that comes to mind when you think of these words?

Today's theme: fruit!
1. Strawberry
2. Peach
3. Mango
4. Papaya
5. Pineapple
6. Apple
7. Grape (yes, only one)
8. Banana
9. Watermelon
10. Avocado

What's your favorite type of flower? -I love Gerber Daisies-

Doing the nasty.

Have you ever made love listening to Barry White?

What song do you rember making love to the most?

If it's not the same as the last answer, what's the stupidest thing you had sex listening to?
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Where is my tv remote?

a) On/under/inside my bed.
b) Inside one of my drawers I was stuffing other things in earlier.
c) Somewhere on floor.
d) Somewhere really obvious and in plain sight.
e) Somewhere really obscure, like the fridge or bathroom.

Edit: found! It was A. Damn thing.

iPod Type Question

I have some short .avi videos that I want to put on my iPod. I have converted them to .mpeg files and converted them again through iTunes so my iPod would play them.

The picture is fine on my iPod, but there is no sound. Did I do something wrong? I really want to put these video clips on my iPod, but it isn't working. :(

Thank you for helping!!


I really want to start making icons, doing 100 challenges and the like. Mostly so I'll have the ones i want XD But I have no idea how. Does anyone know how to make icons and how to walk a newbie through it? What programs do I use? how much does it cost to use them?

thanks in advance
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Something I've been pondering

Oh my god! It's fatchocobo and she isn't asking a D&D question!

Anyway, I know why some people like to type in shorthand (example: how r u 2day im gr8) because it saves time, blah blah blah.

But what posses people to TyPe LiKe DiS? It doesn't take less time than shorthand (in fact, it probably takes just as much time as typing normally) and it looks like total crap. Why do people do this?
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So, anyone else have a roomate that does little strange irritating things? Mine is fine 99% pf the time, aside from the fact that she keeps her toilet paper on her shelf and brings it to the bathroom with her, possibly so I don't steal any, though she's totally fine with using it when I buy it.

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What is your favorite ride at Disneyland? Or any of the Disney parks, for that matter.

Assuming you've been to any of the Disney parks, of course.

I could never pick just one ride. But a few of my all-time favorites at Disneyland are the Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones Adventure, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Pirates of the Caribbean..

for the ladies...

While on the Pill, in the past or in the present, did you/do you take the inactive pills or do you throw them out?

(I wanted to post this question in the form of a poll, but everytime I open the Update page, it goes directly to rich text mode and I don't know how to get out of it.)
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I applied for a job a long time ago...probably like a month ago. And the place where I applied to finally responded back. And I'm supposed to go to an interview on the 22nd of May. The e-mail said to come in form-fitting party attire that I would typically wear going out of town. But I'm not really sure how to dress. I don't want to look overdressed or underdressed. I think it's a job as a cocktail waitress.

Some of the pictures of the parties are here:

Help me out, guys :)
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Is anyone else having hotmail trouble. It was fine earlier, but I'm trying to sign in now and it won't let me, even though I'm signed in to messenger, and that's all fine.
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learned my lesson

I tried Google, but I can't seem to find anything helpful.

I'm in a slight... predicament. I planted a vegetable garden a few weeks ago, but didn't mark where I put the seeds (whoops!). Now, everything is starting to sprout, but so are the weeds, and I have no clue which plants are weeds and which are vegetables. Is there somewhere I could check to see what sprouts of various garden plants look like? I planted lettuce, spinach, green onions, carrots and zucchini.

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Have you ever cut a friend out of your life?

How long had the two of you been friends for? Why did you do it? Were you successful? Does the other person know you actively cut them out or do they think you two are just too busy for each other now and fell apart?

Has you ever cut someone out of your life after only a few months of knowing them?
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Hi everyone... I'm back after a long hiatus studying abroad in Spain. I had a fabulous time, but while I was gone, I missed the second half of this season of Gilmore Girls. Of course, it won't be out on DVD for months, and no one taped it while I was gone. My question is... where can I download these episodes? I'm willing to pay for them, I just don't know what programs or websites are good, and iTunes doesn't have shows from the WB.



How would i go about writing an email to a company asking them about internships?
I don't even know if they take interns, so i don't know what the extent of the email should be.

Should it be just a short simple little "feeler" email?-
"Dear [company], I am wondering if you accept interns and are in need of any at this moment."

Or a longer email to pimp myself?-
"Dear [company], I am wondering if you accept interns and are in need of any at this moment. My name is [name] and i graduated from [school] for [thing] with a special interest in [stuff]...."

Seems creepy to pimp myself if i don't even know if they take interns, and yet i can't decide which is better.....
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What show(s) do you always try your hardest to catch (or tivo) every week?

When you look at other people's livejournal userinfos, are you intimidated if they have more friends or are in more communities than you are?


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My brother reminded me of this movie I watched in class almost 10 years ago, and now it's bugging me because I can't remember the name of it. We only watched part of it in class, and it was based off of a book that we read an excerpt of. This isn't the main idea of the book/movie, but it's what I remember.

The main character is a Chinese-American girl, and I think she and her parents lived in California. The excerpt we read and watched focused on her piano lessons, where her teacher was deaf so she got away with not playing the music correctly. Then the recital came and she was humiliated.

I also remember that her mother, before coming to the US, had twins that she had to leave behind in China for some reason.

Anyone have any idea of what book/movie I'm talking about?

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What was the song at the end of the last Grey's Anatomy (not the finale) that keeps repeating the phrase "I can do most anything" in the background? Google is not helping.

Edit: Answered in the usual two minutes, thanks. ;)

caffeine & skateboarding

What is the highest amount of caffeine one should ever take at once?

What happens if you exceed that amount?

If one were to consume a lot of caffeine before a blood drive, would that have any kind of impact on them giving blood? 

You open the dictionary and the first word you see is 'skateboarding'. What person do you most strongly associate with that word/sport?

Can you name more than two professional skateboarders? If yes, go on and name a few.

mweep? boop?

i have a jetta, and two of those keys that when you press the button, the doors unlock. but one of the keys isn't working.

1. do i need to buy a battery? or a whole new key from the dealer?

2. how do you spell the sound that your door remote control makes?
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Ok, a quote from the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, what is it exactly? Something like..."I can't breathe, I can't breathe when you look at me." Any help?

Edit: Thanks, I had it right! Also, second question, anyone know who made the dress Izzy is wearing? It's freaking gorgeous.

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Isn't there a website somewhere that will tell you all the songs played on a tv show? most of the songs on Greys Anatomy tonight got me all teary eyed!
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does anybody know who the book Grunge is by? it's abut a depressed girl, i think, and it is by a woman. my professor recommended it to me, but he couldn't remember the author's name, and i can't seem to find it on google/amazon/library networks. thanks
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Supercuts, Procuts, Great Clips, [feel free to name any more examples like these] etc...

Which one of these is the best in quality and service for cutting women's hair?
And which ones to avoid like the plague?
Meta - Berries

since urbandictionary didn't help me

1) What is someone trying to say when they say "story of my life!"...? I came across that phrase in Resident Evil 4 and other situations so I'm just wondering. :P

2) What are some other phrases you like to use on a regular basis? Do you ever say things like "sigh" or "WTF" aloud? As in, not sighing but saying the word "sigh", and saying the letters w-t-f instead of "what the ----"?
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Computer Question

I have Logitech 5.1 Speakers, and I just moved my computer and had to set it up etc. I know they have worked in the past, but now only the subwoofer and the front two speakers work. When I go to control panel, audio devices, I am sure that I have selected the correct speaker settings but it seems to have no effect. I have done a diagnosis from my own computer and all the speakers WORK (for example a voice will make a noise) and all of them are connected properly, but when I play music again, it only comes from the front two speakers. I am sure it is a settings issue. Can anyone help? By the way, I have Windows XP Home. Thank you =)
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