May 14th, 2006

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Gah, I keep meaning to post about this and forgetting.

So about... I guess three weeks ago, maybe a little more, I got this weird little mark on my upper left thigh, high up and near the inside of my leg (basically right below where the leg meets the hip). It looked pretty much exactly like a bug bite -- pink, with a little raised bit in the middle, so I figured it was just a mosquito or something and left it alone.

Rather than go away, though, it's simply kind of faded, so now it's this little patch of skin that's just barely darker than the rest, with a tiny sort of dot in the center where the raised bit was (it's not there anymore, it's just a dot). It doesn't itch or hurt or feel like anything at all, and I've felt absolutely fine since then physically except for having my period this week and getting a random stomachache today.

Any ideas, kids? I don't really want to spend 60 bucks at the doctor when I have no symptoms of anything, but it seems really weird that this thing is still there. I'd take a picture, but it's seriously so faint that I don't think the camera I have would pick it up.

eta Oops, forgot to mention that it's also kind of big. I thought it was a big bite at first. It's an oblong patch of skin about an inch or an inch and a half by half an inch.

eta Edited to clarify further. Yikes.
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Where's the strangest place you've ever spent the night?

Mine would have to be a field at a park. Where this crazy psycho cokehead apparently walks around with a knife? I def. needed a chiropractor afterwards. And I'm sure the kids who saw my friends and me emerging from the forest with blankets and pillows (and the whole thing with my friend pointing and shouting at them, "DON'T DRINK BEER!") needed a therapist afterwards.
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they're real, I swear.

Last week I asked about some $20's from 1950 I got for my dad out of an ATM at Sovereign Bank, well there were 12 of them and my dad gave me 3 to compensate for gas & groceries. The trouble is, people think they're fake and they won't take them. The don't have the same markings and security things that current ones have and the markers don't work on them so people won't take them. We have managed to spend two of them but still have 10 left. The man at the gas station wouldn't take it, the people at Macy*s wouldn't take it. Money doesn't expire. I know there is no way they could be fake, I'm sure a few fakes get by the bank but not that many. Plus they smell like an attic so I think someone had them stored away in their attic since 1950.

My dad is going to bring them back to the bank on Monday, they will give him new ones right? Why do they even put ones that old in the ATM? They must know that they will cause trouble for people.

Also I cashed 2 checks a few weeks ago and they gave me a few hundreds from 1981, I spent one today and the lady gave me the biggest WTFuck?! look ever, she put it under the black light thing but obviously the ones from 1981 aren't the same as today's so the lady had to got talk to her manager and they finally took it. I thought I was going to end up having to use my credit card. Can I take these back to the bank for newer ones? I mean they did accept it but it took them like 15 minutes to decide they would. I don't like people thinking me and my father are some hardcore counterfeiters, it's embarrassing.

How rude!

What's one really rude thing you wish you could do without any negative responses from others?

I'd personally like there to be a new rule where people should have to submit a form before initiating conversations with me that state what they want to talk about. Then I could check off topics that annoy/bore me.

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Strange question, but you know the lightbulb joke? "How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?"
Do you know any variations? Either general or specific to a certain school or area?

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Kind of stupid, I know, but any others?

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ok, so this is a question for people who eat chex mix.

do you think the white chex are the best? do you think the white chex to wheat chex ratio is good? what about the general make up of chex mix parts?
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"Full Moons are traditionally associated with temporal insomnia, insanity (hence the terms lunacy and lunatic) and various magical phenomena such as lycanthropy." [Source.]

Do you believe that full moons (or rather, the people under the influence of them) cause more disorder than usual?
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For all you fellow Canucks out there...

1. Have you filled out your Census form yet?
2. Did you get the short one or the long one?
3. Did you do it/will you be doing it online, or on the paper form?

For everybody else...

4. When was the last time you filled out a Census form? When will be the next time?
5. What kind of questions does your country's Census ask?

My answers: Yes, short one, online.
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swollen eye =[

When I woke up this morning the outer corner of my right eye was hurting. I looked in the mirror and it's definitely a little swollen. This happened to me once when I was on vacation in California and the next morning I woke up it was swollen shut, and I had to walk about Disneyland like that. It did go back to normal in a few days. I have my first real day of work tomorrow and one of my eyes cannot be swollen shut. My dad thinks it must be from the pollen and he gave me 2 Benadryls.

Does anyone know what it could be? Anything I can do to prevent it from getting worse?

If it does get worse obviously I'll go the eye doctor but they aren't open on sunday and I need it fixed now.
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I'm back with more D&D related questions! Yeah, I'm a nerd, so sue me.

Anyway, what's the silliest campaign you've ever done? Funniest moment in your gaming life? Amusing things your character/teammates have said? Just share funny gaming stories :)

I've never been in any silly campaigns - they were all pretty serious, but with some funny moments because our DM liked to fuck with us a little.

My funniest moment would be when there was a rope hanging down in one of the dungeons. Me being a curious little druid, I pulled it and a little imp dropped on my head. Lovely. This imp was to follow me around for the rest of the campaign. If that wasn't enough, when I thought I'd gotten rid of it, I would open a door and it would be there, grinning at me, look up and say "I like jam". It was both frustrating and hilarious.

Funniest thing anyone has ever said was when I was playing a character I have named Zarya. She's a little on the impulsive side and it tends to annoy the other players. At one point, we got to a town with merchants to stock up, and our warrior turned to the rest of the party and said "How much money could we get for Zarya on the black market?"

And one more question. I'm DMing a game on Friday and my players have all decided that they want my trademark silliness. Any ideas? Only one I had so far was starting the whole thing with the characters in a tornado, armed with nothing but a toothpick and some string, but that's a little too silly even for me.
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the clock

I bought a clock today. I've seen it on some tv show, but I can't figure out which one!!

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I keep thinking it's "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" but I really don't know :/

edit was it Back to the Future??
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Hey guys,

So I'm seeing this message on LJ:

liivi, get more features for free:

15 userpics
More style options
ScrapBook photo hosting
Mobile posts
Voice posts
Make your own mood themes

Switch to the ad-supported Plus account level.

When I check out the link, it describes this upgrade as:

Sponsored+ beta Account - Free
More features than a free account, with advertising that keeps it free of charge to you.

What's the deal with the "advertising" catch? Are there gonna be ads all over my LJ if I upgrade to this?
Does anyone here have this upgrade, so I can check out your LJ and see what it looks like?

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I do not understand this whole concept of "blacks can't be racist" that seems to be spreading around LJ. From what I get, black people can't be racist because they have no power in society as a whole, so they can't systematically be mean to other races, so they can't be racist.

But what if a black person did have power? For instance, I worked (for two weeks) in a job with a black manager. She slowly but surely took all of the white people off of the schedule (really, in two weeks I worked 5 hours). Since she was in a position of power, was it racist? Or is it still not, since black people don't have power as a whole?

What if a white person has no power? Say I was mean to a black coworker (because she's black), but I wasn't a manager and had no say in who was hired or scheduled. Was I still racist because white people as a whole have power, or was I not because I have n power myself?

I'm really just curious about the answers to these questions coming from the "black people can't be racist" point of view. It's not a point of view I have, so I would think it's racism in both situations, but I think the 'only whites can be racist' point of view muddles that a little.
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Okay, so I was in that car accident a couple weeks ago. Everything is fine, the other guy claimed 100% liability (thanks to a witness statement) and I don't have to pay a dime. Yay for me. Now, I want to file a depreciation claim for my car b/c there was over $4500 in damamges. I know that if/when I go to sell it I won't be able to get the full value for it b/c it's been in an accident. I know I have to gather statements from dealerships and provide solid proof that my car has depreciated in value specifically due to the accident and the other driver's negligence.

So, can I do this now even though I'm not selling the car now or probably anytime soon? Do I have to be selling the car to make a depreiciation claim? What if I never sell the car and drive it til it dies? Will I ever be compensated? has anyone had experience with this kind of stuff?


ps: It's a 2001 Hyundai Elantra w/ about 69000 miles on it, if that makes any differece.

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My ex and i broke up not long after i fell pregnant. He said he wasn't ready for a family. I loved him. still do. and had no intention of 'trapping' him or making him do anything he didnt want to do. But at the same time was not willing to go through with an abortion just to please him.
I'm not going to ask him for any support as going through with the pregnancy was completely my decision. And i made the decision knowing he didn't want a baby.
His parents have been wonderful and want to play an active part in their grand daughters life. So moving on completely is not an option.

Do you think it is still reasonable of me to ask him to put his name on my daughters birth certificate when she is born?
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What are some possible reasons behind losing control of parts of your body?

This morning my alarm went off and I got out of bed, only to have my legs buckle and I greeted the floor earlier than I would have liked to.

Not only that but when I tried to get back up, I got half way. But my legs were against me and I fell again.

I had to climb with my arms to turn off my damn alarm and move around with my arms to get back into bed. I couldn't feel my legs so I figured I was useless and might as well go back to sleep.

What the hell happened to me? haha.

I woke up an hour later and my legs worked fine. I had to do a couple tests before I started walking around though ;)
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I just got Photoshop, and was looking for some good beginner tutorials, find your way around and basic effects type of things. Does anyone know of any good tutorial sites for Photoshop?


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so, ok
from one mother to another, or many others, happy mother's day to all you mom's out there...

and how is the day going for you?
are you enjoying the day?
did you get any gifts - if so, what?
did you go anywhere/do anything?
if so - what?
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What can I do to help myself get over a cold?

So far I'm; keeping warm, lots of fluids, eating well, drinking ginger tea, taking echinacea.
I'm really not good when it comes to dealing with colds :o(
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how many credits does one need to graduate from a 4 year university that is on the semester system?
i have no access to my un-official transcript any longer so i can't see how many credits i earned. nor do i happen to have a official transcript... or anything from my school on me at this moment in time.

Car Accident

My sister got in a car accident yesterday, and it was after business hours, so the tow truck dropped her poor little car off at a body shop, and left it there. This morning, my sister needs to call the body shop and then probably go over there (because she has the key). She rear ended a truck (she drives a VW Golf) and so her front end is pretty much crunched. Nothing was leaking, though, so does that mean it's probably just body damage? What I'd like to know is what kinds of questions she should ask the people at the body shop. Also, any tips on standing her own when she's a 22 year old who doesn't really know much about cars?
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What is the number for the 24 hour nurse informaton line thing? I know it's been posted before, but it's not in the memories. I'm feeling sick, but I'm not sure if I'm sick enough to run to a doctor's office.


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Where can I find the percentage of starburst brand jelly beans that are green (or any other color)?

M&Ms list theirs on their site however I can't seem to find this information on the starburst site.
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I'm watching the movie The Producers, and I don't get it.

How can you make more money with a flop than a hit?
He said something about not paying somebody back, but I don't understand what he meant.

Could somebody explain it to me?
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canadian t-shirt sellers

I live in Canada, and my boyfriend and I are looking for online stores that sell t-shirts, along the lines of, busted tees, etc. We were going to place an order with, but the shipping was almost as much as the order itself.

Thanks for the help!

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on my brothers computer, a little icon shows up on the start up menu (right side) and its a green handicap sign shows up and it blinks to a "no" sign (the cirlce with the line through the middle) i click it and it says that my computer is infected, and it takes me to spy falcon website... how do i get rid of this??

i went to add/remove programs and nothing unusual was there... windows also sent a message that said there were too many(4 or more) spyware removers (i only put 2 on there)

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1. How are the clothes in your closet organized? By color? Season? Sleeve length/pant length?

2. How do you feel about those guys that stand outside of stores (like Rite Aid) and ask for money? Not homeless people, but people from presumably legit charities/organizations (for example, there is always a guy from the mission dressed in this white suit standing outside of my Rite Aid holding a can for money). How do you treat them?
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Hi I'm going to Berlin for a week
curfew midnight
I need a list of things to do there.
Not only look at this or that historical monument kinds of things, things like, go to ---straße and climb the gum tree or... whatever.
It's going to be an awesome trip. Please help!
(Sorry, really pressed for time, kind of nonsensical, I'm also majorly excited and caffienated, don't know if that's spelled right)
Thanks for your help!

PS yes, I'm a (major) Ärzte fan (AUS BERLIN!).

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I upgraded my lj account to the sponsored thing, but it also completely warped the layout of my livejournal.  It has the heading repeated and most of the background is now white, but there's only a little advertisement at the bottom.  Any way to fix it?
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I just heard a song by some R&B or rap singer (I don't know who it is because I don't like R&B or rap) and the chorus went something like 'I'm gonna touch the sky' or something like that.
The music at the start of the song seemed SO familiar. It sounds like it's being played on a saxaphone or something. I was wondering, where is that from?


Poll #728885 cheese!

Which of the following kinds of cheese do you like?

I don't like any of those/I don't like cheese
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My paid account runs out in a little over a month, and I'd like to renew it before the account ends. If the money is recieved before the account ends, will they begin charging the new money once the paid accound ends or once they recieve the money?
Also, how might I be able to send cash in a way that will eliminate the chance of someone stealing it?
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How old were you when you first fell in love?

How old do you think a person should be to fall in love?

How old do you think a person should be to date?

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Im trying to play a dvd on my computer, Im sitting in the airport in Las Vegas and Im hoping to watch this DVD during the flightHowever, wmp is telling me to mess around with the screen res etc in order to play it, but even when I do that it still wont play. Its done this before, it's just a normal DVD as far as I will play others. Is there something I can do or a program I could download?
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Do you think a guy's first girlfriend usually ends up "training" him in? (by this I mean, does a guy not know how to be a boyfriend until a girl teaches him? and vice versa, I suppose, but it seems that girls have more demands than guys do.)
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A friend of mine is looking for button-up or polo shirts. The catch? He wants them to be "comic-related." I'm assuming he's not referring to big huge Batman symbols (though Batman is his fave; he already has PLENTY of Batman shirts :-P) but something a bit more subtle. Are there any online shops that would have this type of clothing?
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Adult Playgrounds?

Is there such a thing as an adult playground? Anywhere in this world? With things like swings and see-saws and slides and climbing frames etc. That would be fun. (Most of the time, children's playground equipment is a tad too small.)

Google is no help.
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I've been having pains in the left side of my chest for a couple of months now. They feel like my heart is being stretched out really really tight and it's been getting more and more frequent.

I'm going to go to the doctors and see about it, but I was just wondering, because I'm a little worried, what sorts of things it could possibly be? It'd be really good if someone could help to put my mind to rest about this. I'm sixteen - are these common growing pains or something? What is the doctor likely to suggest? Could the pains be because I'm a little overweight? The pains aren't constant - they come and go. What exactly should I tell the dcotor? "I've been having pains here in my chest for a couple of months now and I'm starting to get a little worried - I have no idea why and I figured that I should get it checked out?" I don't want to think I'm fussing over nothing... although, it probably is nothing much, I just get worked up about these things.

Also, I've found that sitting back and taking lots of long deep breaths relieves the pain. Should I mention that?

It's been a couple of years since I visited the doctors last :P