May 13th, 2006


The Office

Did any of you watch the season finale of The Office? Wow. Any comments or reactions to it? Did you like it better or worse than the BBC season finale of season 2?

Have any of you watched the BBC Office and the Steve Carrell version? Which do you like better?

Who do you like better?
-Jim from the American version or his BBC counterpart Tim?
-Dwight or his BBC counterpart Gareth?
-Pam or Dawn?

Who had better romantic tension, Pam and Jim or Tim and Dawn?

My opinions below the cut
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Betta Fish

I bought a Betta fish tonight and I'm really excited. He's awesome.

I'm not sure when I should put him in his bowl though. The temperature of the water in the bowl and the water he's in is quite a bit different. I'm assuming the bowl is room temperature, or close to it because it's been sitting there for about 3 hours now and it's not a huge bowl. The water he's in is warmer though. Is that just because he's in it? EDIT: He's in a tupperware type container, so I can't plop the bag in the new water because there's no bag.

Would it be really horrible to put him in the water if it's a few degrees cooler? I'd really hate to kill him.

Anything I should know about bettas but probably don't?

What should I name him?
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Connect mp3 player to car stero...

Ok I can't remember what this thing is called so I thought I would bring it up here. I know on a bunch of newer cars they have an Aux output jack on the stero. I know I've seen them for years and I kinda got that they were to attach mp3 players and the like to ones stero, but I never really paid much attention to the details. So my question is what exactly is needed to hook up an Mp3 player to this jack, what kind of cord would I need to buy and where can I get one preferbly cheap?

Thanks in advance :)
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(no subject)

Please only answer this question if you have taken an online defensive driving course.
I was about to end section 2. I clicked the next to get to the test questions. the computer froze the internet explorer, so I ended up doing alt,ctrl, and delete to close the window. i opened it back up with a new window and i logged in and instead of taking me to the test questions, it took me directly to section 3. i don't know what to do, i don't know if the fact that i didn't answer the test will affect my score or what. What should I do? Should I just keep taking the test or should I call the 800 number provided and ask them?
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(no subject)

What are the small things that annoy you about your significant other?

My answer: My girlfriend and I are currently a few hours apart because I'm on summer break from school so we don't get to see each other much. The only time we can really talk is after 9pm when we both have free minutes or online. Whenever she comes online we will talk for a few minutes and then she'll quickly say gg ttyl bye! and leave without waiting for me to say goodbye. Not only does the "gg ttyl" annoy me, but so does the leaving without waiting for me to say goodbye. I can understand if she's in a hurry sometimes, but it happens almost every time.
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(no subject)

Why do some people consider it bad to not write in cursive?
I'm just wondering, because when I took the test to see if I was dyslexic, one of the questions was "Do you print your writing, or do you write in cursive?" I've never ever been able to get the hang of cursive writing, so I print everything I write, but it's still readable - so why is it seen as a bad thing?
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(no subject)

1. How late do you have to be before you call the person to tell them you're running late? Does it matter if it's your job as opposed to a friend you're meeting up with?

I usually call if I'm going to be more than 5-10 minutes late to work. I don't usually call my friends because I'm almost always earlier than them anyway

2. How much weight do you have to lose before you start to notice a difference?

For me, 5 pounds is huge but my mother-in-law, for example, fluctuates around 5 lbs daily. She has to lose around 20-30 pounds before anyone can notice.

3. Do you get seasonal allergies? What do you take for them?

I do every year and I never take anything for them but they're REALLY bad. The only thing that helps is Benadryl but it makes me fall asleep so I sometimes just take it at night. I just recently went to the store and the entire allergy aisle was wiped out so I tried whatever was left which happened to be generic Claritin. I'd tried it years ago with no success, but it's worked wonders.

4. Next Sunday, I am getting married. We're having the rehearsal Friday because I didn't want to do anything important on Saturday. I'm getting a pedicure with a friend and then going to see The DaVinci Code . Any other ideas of things I could do to relax and not think about the fact that scaryterrifyingfrightening day is coming up?

Work question, and a random one...

This question relates to the post here: (as well as the previous post that is linked from that one)

Basically, the short version: I work in a bowling alley, doing "Disco bowling" - and am the only employee who does this program. We have a no loitering policy. Group of 4 came in last weekend, only 3 wanted to bowl. I told them they couldn't, they cursed at me, and went downstairs to complain. Down there, they explain that the one not bowling is an aide to another one of the group, who is handicapped. this was not mentioned to me. They left, and called the manager on Monday, who gave them free passes for this weekend. They are also having some sort of gathering in one of our "party rooms" tonight. I will have to deal with these people.

So, the question is: how would you react towards this guy and his guests tonight? Would it be a clean slate, like you'd never met before? Would you apologize? (I'm not crazy about this option, as I have heard from management that I did everything exactly right, so I don't want to apologize to the guy when HE was the jerk)

Also, I'm quite sure he'll bring people not planning on bowling, just to prove his point, as well as try to do other things against the rules. Should I let it slide, and then speak to the boss afterwards, or stay tough on him? (He accused me of being on a power trip last time!) Would it be a good idea to call the other employee working tonight on speaker phone when I have to deal with him, just in case?

And, totally unrelated: a couple of days I took an "IQ test" online. I don't really trust it so much, especially because it was a joke (when you get your results and post it to your LJ, it says the "real" score to you, but a borderline-retarded score to anyone else viewing your page. It has a cartoon rabbit face on it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? What are some other, possibly more reliable IQ tests available online? (A friend of a friend wants to take one online, but I can't remember where to find one!)

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(no subject)

If you're in a relationship, do you have a "song"?

If so, what is it and is there any story behind why it's that?

If not, are there any songs you've always wanted to be "your song" with a significant other?
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(no subject)

1)Do you have OnStar in your car? What do you think of it? Have you ever used it?
2)have you ever bought any clothes off of ebay? If you have, did you end up liking the clothes? Who did you buy them for?

1)I have OnStar in my car. It came with my car and I have a free year of it. I've never used it before.
2)I buy a lot of clothes on ebay. I think there was only one shirt that I got that I didn't like. I buy them mostly for me, but I have bought a few shirts for my boyfriend from ebay.
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random phone calls

This past week, I've gotten about one phone call per night (right around 6pm every night) from a phone number I did not recognize. Each time I answered it, and there was just nothing.

This morning I got about three of these phone calls.

When I try to call the number back, it's always busy.

I just googled the number and there are lots of links saying it's a debt collector.
a) I don't have any overdue debts
b) Even if I did, wouldn't they like, WANT to talk to me?

Has this happened to anyone else?
What should I do?

One-act play

So, I have to write a one-act play for a writing class. Question: Generally, approximately how long (page-wise) should a one-act play script be? I really have no idea...I know how long it should be time-wise, but I'd like to have a number of pages to shoot for. Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

How did the events of the time -span from 2000 to 2005 affect you? Not personal events, but the culture and politics of that time period?
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NYC neighborhoods

1. What is the cheapest NYC neighborhood [I know, NYC isn't cheap, but entertain me- which neighborhood has the least expensive apartment/housing costs]?

2. What is the most expensive Neighborhood?

3. What neighborhood has the best value?

4. If you could live in any neighborhood in NYC what would it be [I would like to either live in Alphabet City or Throgs neck]

5. What's the most overrated neighborhood?

6. What is the absolutely WORST neighborhood?


(no subject)

So, it's mother's day tomorrow. I'm baking a cake. However, my mother has multiple sclerosis, so she has a problem with cakes that are really flakey and fall apart easily because of her poor sight and motor skills. It'll just fall apart and then she can't eat it because she can't get any on the fork or spoon.

Does anyone know of any tasty, relatively simple cakes that I could bake for her that won't fall apart when she starts to eat it?

Or, if anyone has any suggestions for possible gift ideas for someone in a wheelchair and nursing home besides clothes/stuffed animals/room decorations, that'd be awesome, too.
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Nerdy question!

Say you were making a D&D character based on yourself. No difference in personality, beliefs or philosophies. It would be the regular you with some nice magical powers and/or weapons depending on your class.

1) What alignment would you be and why?
1a) What alighnment would you LIKE to be?
2) What class (or classes if you like to multiclass) would you choose?

If you don't know much about D&D alignments, there's a little bit about each one here (Wikipedia link)

My answers:
1) I've been chatting with my friends about this and we've figured out that I'm nothing but True Neutral. I do what's right by me and while I do have certain philosophies and beliefs, I don't let them dictate how I act because a lot of the time, the situation doesn't call for that kind of thinking. Sometimes I do things percieved as good, sometimes I do things percieved as bad, but I'm bever clearly one or the other.

1a) Chaotic neutral. I'd love to have that kind of freedom to do and be whatever I want with no reguards for the law. Especially if I didn't have to worry about getting caught. Right now the only thing that's stopping me from totally shunning the law is that I'm a complete pussy, and too much of a nice girl on occasion.

2) Druid/Barbarian multiclass. As a Druid, you can get an animal companion to protect you, as well as some fun spells, but with the fighting class, you can get really awesome with weapons. If you levelled both of those classes up equally, you have a nice mix of spells and physical attacks to protect yourself AND you have a pet in case that's not enough. What could be better?
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(no subject)

I have an interview for a TA position (yay, free grad school!) on Monday. The people conducting the interview are people I already know pretty well (my advisor, the head of the department that's gotten me out of a lot of shit, a professor I've had, etc.), but I'm wondering how professional I should look (or uh, pretend to be, lol). I keep my hair in these little hippy braids and wear long skirts from India and so on, and if this was an interview with people I didn't know, I'd take out my hair and wear *normal people* clothing, etc. but is that stupid and desperate looking if the interviewers already know that's not me?

Uh, let me restate my options.

1. Go to the interview as me, which the people are used to seeing, but risk looking unprofessional.

2. Look professional, but have the interviewers know I'm not being me.


90's movie ?

I have to write a "Senior Memory Book" for my Literature class, and one of the chapters is about movies we liked as a kid and now. There was this movie I really liked, but have no clue what the title is. I hope someone can help.

All I can remember is that is was made in the mid-90's. There were 3 brothers, and either their parents were dead or they would spend time with this older asian man, who taught them martial arts. Oh, and the youngest brother's nickname was Tom Tom. There was more than one movie, IIRC there were 3.

If anyone knows thank you so much :D
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(no subject)

Does anyone know why all my daughter's custom emoticons on MSN Messenger have vanished?
She's been collecting them for a long time & is understandably upset.

(no subject)

Weird Question....

I have message in my Spam e-mail at my box. It's a postmaster, MailerDaemon thingee where the message doesn't work. I looked at the original messages with all that fun information as to where it was coming from and things like that and it appears to have come from my e-mail address. Although, my name has been changed and fun stuff like that. This is not the first time, these appear all the time. I've changed my password since this whole thing stated a long time ago and before I changed my p/w, I scanned and scanned and scanned again, removed, etc. any virus I could have had.

I'm going to put the message behind a cut for any of you technology prone people to look at it you are interested.

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(no subject)

About gyms...
I've never been to one but I have a membership to one so I might as well go. As far as I understand, all you have to do is go, scan/swipe your card in the entrance and then you are free to roam about. Is this right?

Also, is there any general gym...etiquette I should know about? If I bring a bag with me, where do I put it while I am working out? Anything else a first time gym go-er such as myself might want to know? Thanks.
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(no subject)

I've always wondered this and I've always wanted to ask someone but I didn't know who. So, it's perfect to ask it here cause none of you know me.

Let's and your significant other are doing it, right? And like the Does it sound like a fart to the guy or will the guy know that it was a queef? How should a girl react after she does that? Should she laugh it off or hide under the sheets?

Yeah, I know. -runs away- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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(no subject)

Is there some sort of thing that just charges a battery rather than needing to charge the whole phone or something similar?

In other words I need something I can take the battery out of and charge JUST the battery, not the battery inside the phone.

I know it varies by types of phones but I just need to know that something like this exists before I go to Verizon.

(no subject)

Do you have a favorite breakfast food?

Do you have a favorite slightly-more-nutritious than donuts/sugary cereal/toast breakfast food?

Do you have a favorite eating-in-the-car food?

What would you suggest for someone who wanted to eat breakfast in the car? (other than to not do so, or to hit up a McDonald's or something.)