May 12th, 2006

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Push pins

Where can I find cute push pins?  I'm trying to find push pins where the head of the pin is something other than a normal push pin head...duckies, doggies, smiley faces, anything.  I saw flower push pins at Target today, but I was wondering where I could find more of a variety of push pins.
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i'm having a taco party
let's say thirty people
i don't eat tacos
so i'm in the supermarket, and the question is:

what do i need to buy?

a couple boxes of taco kits doesn't seem like the way to go.
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I swear this is related to finals...

1) My friends and I are going home for the summer within the next few days. We're renting an off-campus apartment as opposed to living in the dorms this year. What things should we do to prepare our apartment for the summer while no one is living here?

The obvious things I can think of are:
Taking out all garbage
Cleaning out fridge/freezer/cabinets of perishable & open items
Unplugging all electrical things
Locking all windows and doors

Any other ideas? I'll be the last one to leave, so I want to make sure I do everything right. And yes, the super of the building knows we won't be around. He has all of our phone numbers since we're friends and babysit his kids lot. And worse comes to worse, he set me up with my boyfriend so he can reach me through him.

2) What are you doing to avoid studying for finals? I'm posting here.

3) For the girls, what is your favorite place to buy sexy bras and lingerie? I usually go to Victoria's Secret for my underwear but I can only buy sexy bras at Frederick's because of my size.

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how often do you compliment the people you love?
not nessicarily significant others, but friends that you are close with, people like that.

what are you good at?
what are your talents?

who is your best friend?
abby genius

To sleep, or not to sleep? That is the question.


So say you work Monday to Friday, 3:30pm-11:30pm. Your job is offering overtime on Saturday (voluntary). Catch is, that overtime is only in the morning - 7am to 3pm. Being as overtime pays time and a half, and your regular hourly wage is $18, the idea of getting paid $27 an hour is very appealing, so you've signed up for the overtime.

With travel and everything, you would be getting home from your Friday night work at around 12:30am, just six and a half hours before you have to be at work again for your overtime shift. You'd have to leave your house (budgeting for the difficulties of early Saturday morning public transit) around 5:30am to make it there on time, so that leaves you five hours for things such as sleep, computer and getting ready for bed and getting ready to go to work.

You know from experience that if you get very little sleep, you have a hard time the next day, so it may be better to have no sleep at all.

So what to do?

Options so far (other suggestions welcomed):
-go home and sleep for four hours or so and go to work with little sleep
-go home, stay up all night doing laundry and messing about on the Internet, leave earlier to grab some sugar and caffeine, and go to work with no sleep
-not go home, spend the night in an all-night diner downtown, then head to work with no sleep from there
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she blinded me with science!

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Do you ever randomly think of words you're not sure the exact meaning of, and want to look them up, but when you finally have access to a dictionary, you can't remember what they were?

Drives me nuts...
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(no subject)

I live in the United States and I need to mail a letter to Canada. Is there any sort of special procedure that needs to be followed? I've never mailed anything out of the country so I'm completely lost here.
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Unlocking Phones

I am dying to unlock my Motorola v220 phone.

Now for the dumb question: Is it legal in the US to unlock your phone? I don't see why it wouldn't be, but you never know...

Also, does anyone know a way I can unlock my phone for free (assuming it IS legal?) I don't see a need to pay someone a large fee to do it.

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Cowboy Boot Sizing

I decided not too long ago to get a pair of cowboy boots. I haven't had any since I was a wee lass, and I miss them. I've gone to the store and tried some on, but I'm having trouble with the sizing. I know they're going to feel different on my feet than other types of shoes, but I have thin feet (not narrow). Anytime I find a pair that fits over my instep, my toes feel cramped. When my toes feel ok, the rest of the boot is all over the place. The best fitting pair I've tired on so far still felt snug in the toe. They were a pair of Justin boots in size 9.5. Does that seem weird considering I usually wear an 11, or are boot sizes that far off?

p.s. I don't want ropers, but I'm not looking at super narrow toes either. I'm just looking at average boots like these.

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stolen from so_new:

I'm still mad, however, that I don't have the ability to reach thru space and time and beat people up with random comedy props.

if this were possible, what props would you use?
and why?
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Peas in a Pod

Are Liza Snyder (Christine on "Yes, Dear") and Holly Marie Combs (Piper on "Charmed") related to each other?

They look alike and I kept thinking all this while that they were sisters!
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The entrepreneureal spirit?

My boyfriend and I were noticing that a lot of our neighbors in our apartment complex just leave their trash out in the breezeway. This is against the rules of the apartment complex and it seems to be a pretty big problem.

So he came up with an idea. What if we were to haul their bags to the dumpster for them once a week, say, $1 a bag?

The question is, is this legal within the bounds of a private apartment complex?

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Where can I buy a cheap swim suit [I know H&M, but I can't access their site to see pictures]? I don't REALLY need uber-durable ones, but it would be nice. Give examples of your favorite swim suit this season.

Just out of curiosity, if you combine Birth control pills and condoms they're more effective then just one type of BC alone, right? Would a girl be even more protected with BC, Condoms, and any type of birth control [like spermicide or withdrawl]?

In your opinion: Why are there still unwanted pregnancies? Is lack of information? Lack of available birth control? Apathy? or something completely different?

How much did you pay for your MP3 player? Why?

Is the Creative Zen Nano 512 MB MP3 Player any good? I want a Player under $50, and this is the only thing I can find. How many songs can 512 MB hold? I only need like 60.

If you were moving to a new city where you never lived before to go to college in the fall would you: Get an apartment in June when they're all available and get a job there and pay rent [$300] to get accustomed to the city [also I have an LD, and it was suggested that I take a pre-college math during the summer], or get TWO jobs and live at home to save money but risk not getting a decent apartment [and definitely not as cheap as $300] and definitely not get the help in math?

^ Same question, but what if your boyfriend and you were going to colleges 100 miles apart, but both of you currently live close to each other?

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(no subject)

I'm 18, and I have severe hearing loss.
I wear hearing aids on both ears, and suffer from tinitus.
Is there anyway I can become "classified", or technically handicapped, to get finacial aid, student loans, or get a job?
My eyes burn


What are some movies that are out on DVD, that you would recommend? That I can easily pick up at a movie store (Hollywood Video)?

I feel like watching a movie I haven't seen yet but I browse through the movie selection and nothing really ever appeals to me.

It doesn't have to be new.

Finally, why are you recommending this movie?

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What is the appeal of catching someone's guitar pick or getting an autograph?

As I see it, they're just people. Anything they do like that means nothing to them, it's not like they know who you are.
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these are my sons: lach, stok, and barryl

so, the social security administration just announced the top names of 2005. (emily and jacob, ftw!). and, if i may c&p from the article:

"For male twins, parents like to combine Jacob with Joshua, Matthew with Michael and Daniel with David. The most popular combination for female twins was Hope and Faith."

my question is- if you were to be the parent of twins, would you go with alliteration à la daniel and david? would you go with theme names à la hope and faith? how about rhyming names?
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Neighbors and garbage

Our neighbors (who have just moved in) are using our garbage can and our recycling bags. Normally this wouldn't bother me so much, but they tear open our recycling bags and put trash in them. When the city sees that, they decide they will no longer collect your recycling bags. I like to recycle. The recycling guy goes out of his way to come over here and collect our bags - I talked to him about it and asked politely and I hate to disappoint the guy.

They're also filling our trash with used women's personal items which is pretty gross and un"sanitary."

Neither one of us can catch them, but we know it is them. They never seem to be at home. How can we stop them? I'm not against using pranks.


How can I amuse myself on a Friday night?
I would be going to our school dance but my friends decided to get ready and go without me, and as getting ready is far more fun than the actual dance I'm not going anymore.
Help me. :(

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out of curiosity, can you go a whole day without saying a word to anyone? but you can't lock yourself up in a room all by yourself either. i believe i can accomplish that especially when i'm in a bad mood. where i just don't wanna put up with anyoen's shit. but ya.

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Who was/is the better cook? Your mom or your dad?

My dad is by far the better cook. He does wonderful things with ribs, chicken, and sausage. He also makes some mean mashed potatoes- very garlic-y and cheesey. Also every year after Thanksgiving, he pickles carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, and other assorted veggies, using his own 'secret' recipe. Then come Christmas, he gives a jar to everyone he knows. Everyone complements him and most people say that they're the best pickles they've ever had.

Gah. I love food. I wish I saw my dad more often. ;-)

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Tomorrow morning I'm going to a group interview for a sales position at a department store. I've never been to a group interview. What are they like? Is there anything I can do that would make me stand out? Any little things I should know?
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Sort of random: Dialects and plays

Can you hear the difference between "should have" and "should of"? (edit: Although "should of" is considered incorrect, I'm asking if you can hear a difference when they're spoken. I've gotten mixed responses when I asked people IRL)
If you can, are there dialects where you can't? Do you pronounce it?
What dialect would you consider yourself to have?

Have you ever seen/read Cyrano? Did you like it?

Have you ever been in a play? If so, do you think you would rather be in it again or be in the audience?
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Great Lakes

If you've been to the Great Lakes and the ocean, how big of a difference is there? I'm from Michigan and I've never been to the ocean, but of course I've been to the lakes. Everyone I know says they pretty much look like oceans, but I kind of have a hard time believing that.

And do people actually underestimate the size of them? lol, some girl asked me "Can you see the other side?".
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subs, Belle & Sebastian, and missing buttons.

Poll #727861 Wedges?

1. Before now have you ever heard anyone call one of those a Wedge?


2. If you have heard someone refer to it as a Wedge where do you live?

Don't answer #2 if you answered no to #1.
My mom always used to call them Wedges but before she said it me and my dad had never heard anyone call them that before.

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So I just spent the past two hours playing with my shiny new copy of Dance:UK and dance mat.

Two questions.
1) My legs hurt like hell. I don't want to be stiff in the morning because I want to play another couple of hours tomorrow so how can I make sure it either doesn't happen or that it hurts as little as possible?
2) How do I save the settings and high scores in my game? It doesn't come with a manual, since it's pre-owned and I can't seem to figure it out on my own. My PS2 memory card isn't full so that's not the problem - is there something I'm missing, or can you not save it?
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Has anyone here ever gone through the patent process? Or known someone who has patented a product?

Approximately how much did it cost for prototype manufacturing?

And how much did they spend on a retainer and patent lawyer fees?

Did they ever successfully market their idea or product?

(no subject)

I've heard that birds masturbate. A friend recently wrote about a pigeon masturbating to other pigeons. I'm not into birds, never owned one, so I never would have noticed their behavior, decent or indecent. So, is there some truth to this statement that birds masturbate? Have you ever seen one? Read about them? How do they do it? Do they use their beak or foot or just rub against things?

Anyone have any knowledge about this seemingly immoral avian proclivity?

Ralph Lauren

Do you pronounce it Ralph Lauren (Lore-in, like the girl's name), or Ralph Luh-REN?

Is it supposed to be an either-or thing, or is there a definate answer? There was much debating about this today between a whole classroom of people.

My body hates me pt. 2

Ok, so Im not pregnant, but Im still 2/3 days later.
It isnt quite like period bleeding and Ive never had breakthrough bleeding before so is it common to have it for a few days?

I can postpone my period for a day, so I can hit the gyno appt. on monday but what if Im still bleeding due to whatever reason I am it ok for me to go in, I need to get my annual done and switch BC pills and I live out of town for school so this is the only convenient time.

I called the office and they were absolutely no help.