May 11th, 2006

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who sets out the regulations for building roads in this country (united kingdom)? or dose it just come under building regs?

i know you dont like me but no silly answers please, lets keep question club a nice place


What was your favorite toy/game as a child? As a teenager? Tell the era it's from, too! If you have a story to tell about your toy/game, don't be shy :]

Mine as a child was Stretch Armstong. Apparently it was a toy from the 70s, but this was in the 90s. I loved that guy. I dragged him everywhere. I was so certain he would never break that I allowed my brother to climb up the basketball pole, tie one of Armstrong's arms to the hoop, and pull him back about 10 feet. I give the man props; he held himself together for quote a distance. But he did break, and I was devestated. I was in shock for about 3 days, haha.

As a teenager, I was really into board games. My favorite? Candyland, hands down. Somehow I convinced friends to play with me. I still have the original game, too. I got it when I was about 2, but only started playing it in 2000 or so. Sad. I think this game is from the 50s or 60s.
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Ugh, sorry to ask another question, but this is driving me crazy and google attempts have not worked. So I'm procrastinating hard on a paper and I'm browsing old Veronica Mars threads at TWP to see how people who knew spoilers knew them. Everyone kept talking about "sides" that apparently have shots or scenes from episodes that hadn't aired yet, and saying how in this side you can see such and such and conjecturing for that.

My question is, what exactly is a "side"? How would people get to see them?

Thanks in advance...
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website people, help me, please!!!!!!!

Okay, I own a website and everything works perfectly on it. The subdomains, however, have a problem. Images won't load. Please tell me what to do... The permissions/CHMOD are the same (777). I've tried changing the img src from "/folder/something.jpg" to ""

If it helps, this is my actual website:
My subdomains are and

Please help!!
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I have been on birth control for a year and havent had any problems.

I am not due to start my period until monday but there has been some very light spotting. Ive already taken a pregnancy test (about a week to two weeks ago) just because Im irrational and psyche myself out. (havent had sex since the pg test)

I have been taking my pills a few hours later then normal, but I have done this before with no side effects.

Is this normal? I have a gyno appt. Monday and plan on talking to her about it but, for now Im scared to death.

Ill post in birthcontrol later but I gotta go to work and I dont have time right now. thanks for any help.
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another etiquette question

When you're outside in public and you have to pass by someone who is exhaling smoke from a cigarette, how close to their exhalations do you pass? At what point do you consider them too close or rude or whatever if their smoke drifts onto you (assume they tried to blow their smoke in another direction to be polite and that they are already 20 or 30 feet away from you)?

Edit: Everyone seems to be missing the point. Right now, it's legal for a smoker to be smoking outside in a designated smoking area away from building entrances. I'm not asking for your opinion on where they should stand or whether it should be that way or not, it just is. Now, let's say you are walking past, and staying as far away from the smoker as possible, and they are far away from the walkway/entrance as possible, and they are moving even further away to accomodate your clean airspace, as they exhale smoke, and they are blowing it away from your direction. Is that as rude as walking up to them and blowing the smoke in their face, like the passer-by who commented at me accused me of doing? What's the accepted polite way for the non-smoker to deal?

See I always figured that at most, you could ask the smoker to move a few feet away, or if you are nonconfrontational, you walk fast and just keep as far away as you can and hope the wind doesn't change directions.

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How much liquid can a human bladder hold at one time? I'm talking you've held it as long as you can, and you feel like you could burst. I'm not doing this, I'm just curious because I drink a lot of water, green tea, and pop and I'm always in the bathroom every half hour. :)
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I want to make red velvet cake. there are a lot of recipes out there online, but i'd ideally like one that's been tried, tested, and approved.

can anyone help me out, please?

Also, where can I get buttermilk? Would that be the same as cream?
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What's the name of that one band that plays the toy piano? They're really recent (I'm not talking The B-52's).

further clarification:

I think they're Scottish
Two dorky guys
Really recent means within the last six months they've made it into Rolling Stone as "new".
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A Jedi goes on vacation

Suppose you collect Star Wars lightsabers. (Replicas, of course. In case there was a question about that.) Now suppose you have to fly to a destination, but you need to bring one of these (or two) with you for this trip. Say as a gift.

How would you do this?

Do you take it someplace, have it packaged up and check it below in cargo? Do you take it on board with you? It's too large to fit in the overhead without getting damaged... (They're both about 3 1/2 feet long when broken down.)
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Questions of pedophilia

Interesting topic on the radio

Suppose you have pictures of yourself as a young child. Maybe 3-4. Your mom took pictures of you in the bathtub as you were playing cause it's something parents might do. You were about to put them in a photo album but never got around to it, so they're sitting in a pile on a shelf. Your home gets mistakenly raided one night in a snafu by the police, who were out to bust your neighbor. They had gotten a warrant for your home mistakenly thinking you were the one involved in the wrongdoing, and they sniff around your home. They find the pile of naked baby pictures of yourself.

A) Could they bust you for pedophilia? You'd have to prove that the pictures were of yourself, but would unlikely be able to do so quickly. But even still, wouldn't it qualify as kiddie nudie pix? Does it matter, really, if the pictures are of you or some other kid? Does the law make allowances for sentimentality or the identity of the models, or does the contraband of all children in stages of undress qualify as illegal?

Another thought they brought up was this

B) Suppose an artist were to photoshop faces of children, but put them on the bodies of naked adults. It's a decent crop job and you can't easily tell it's fake. Considering that these are naked adult bodies and not the children themselves, would the art be considered pedophilia?

Another recipe question

My friends and I have been obsessed with Alias (as ingetting together every week to watch it) since we were freshmen. This year, we're graduating, and since it's the last episode of Alias, I've decided to make Alias themed cookies for our party. So I need a reliable recipe that works really well for decorating cookies (and keeps/transports pretty well too). Any suggestions?

Also, I was planning on using royal icing (and putting it in squeeze bottles since we don't have any super-small pastry bag tips) for the decorations. Is that the best to use? If I'm doing a base layer of icing, would it be better to use a powdered sugar/water-type glaze?

Also, where can I find meringue powder? I've made royal icing with raw egg whites before, but I don't really want to give everyone salmonella.

And the last question -- for all you who watch Alias, what should I put on the cookies? I'm planning on doing a 47, a rambaldi eye, and am going to attempt making the show logo/font. Anything else that's small and relatively simple?


The carton strawberries I bought less than two days ago, most are now fuzzy and rotten. Will the birds/squirrels enjoy them if I toss them out in the yard?
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Anime and Gaming

Question for the anime and gaming geeks on the list.

What specific games would you like to see at an anime con? This includes rpg and cards.
What types of tourneys? Offical rules? Free for all? Starter decks?

EDIT: I don't mean video games. I'm talking tabletop.
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Would you rather shop at Jean Coutu or Pharmaprix?

What's your favourite place to get poutine?

Do you think the Tories should have approved $1.9billion for the former students of Native residential schools?

Do you think Stephen Harper's been doing a good job so far? Would you vote for him again?

Did you think it was funny when the Bloc Quebecois was the official opposition party?

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so, not only do "ducks" use the women's bathroom at my place of work (cuz none of them can wipe the damn counter when done washing their hands), but they turn off the light every damn time i go in there...
am i supposed to pee in the dark?

what has annoyed you today?
did you/could you do anything about it?
what will make the rest of your day better?
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Hello all.

I have a question about facial hair. Female facial hair. Yes thats right. Recently its come to my attention that at the age of 26, the hair on my upper lip has gotten a shade darker. Hmm. Why all of a sudden is it doing this now? I have no idea. Maybe I just need some sun.

Anyways, until I get some sun...what products would you recommend to get rid of this lil problem.

*I've heard of creme bleach, but I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with the fact that my hair will be a bright blond/orange? instead of brown. Whats better you know? Lesser of two evils....?

*I'm scared of at home wax kits ever since I saw my friend get a sticky strip stuck in her armpit.

*Salon removal? What if it makes my skin all red and blotchy??

*I always get a rash from using Nair. I haven't tried any other depillitory simply becasue I am still trying to shake off the bad memories from previous usage.

Please help. Thank you.


I forgot to put the zip code on the Mothers Day card I'm sending to my Granny. It came back with a piece of paper stuck to it which said "Returned for Better Address" and the envelope already has the mark at the top with the date/location that it hit the mailcenter. Do I need a new stamp/envelope, or can I just stick it back in the box with the zip?

I'm such a dope. :p
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the things I used to do in eighth grade...

One of my friends in middle school taught me to play this matchmaking game with a deck of cards. You choose the ace whichever suit to represent four people, and each of the other cards in the suit represents a certain thing--all I remember is that spades represented money. You would lay out the aces, then deal the cards until one of them matched the suit that the ace was or something. In the end, you would tally up the points.

I can't remember how to play the game--all I remember is that we called it Aces, and that I used to play it over the phone with that friend all the time. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or how to play it?
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Following on from my last question, how do you drink your vodka?

I usually take it with white lemonade, or pomegranete juice. But it has to be strong enough that I can still taste the vodka, I don't want to drown out the taste with my mixer.

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Hey, I'm trying to remember alternative rock songs from the late nineties.. my best friend and I have been reminiscing and making all these mixed CDs. Any ideas? We've got things like The Freshman - Verve Pipe, Push - Matchbox 20, Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon, One Headlight - The Wallflowers, Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind, etc. We have lots, but we're making sure we're not missing anything. Thanks!

Pirate vs. Ninja

What's with the pirates vs. ninjas thing, and where did it originate? I thought it was just some web thing, but lately I've been hearing about it in real life. Mostly anomg the anime/video game subculture, if that's significant.


I have multiple websites on my computer. When I go to publish them however, Frontpage doesn't prompt me for a username or password so I can only publish one site. I know I have found the answer to this before and it was fairly simple but I can't find it anywhere! Any ideas?
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Spider bite

I was helping trim my Camphor tree 3 days ago and a teeeeeeeny light brown spider fell onto my wrist and bit me 3 times.

The bites are now driving me INSANE. In fact I woke up last night from them itching so bad. I'm trying REAL HARD not to itch but it's very difficult, I've already broken the skin in one area.

the bites are all red and swollen/raised. They don't really hurt but like I said it's the itching that is intense.

I put some of that clear medicated whatever anti-itch gel on it but doesn't really help.

PLus this is more than like a mosquito bite.

Any advice for the itching? Anyone a spider expert and know what kind of spidey it was? It was SMALL and almost a pale/see-through brown color. Yikes!
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I should have gotten my license in September, but it never happened for various reasons. I'm taking the road test, finally, on Tuesday. I'm pretty nervous. I really need the damn thing, haha.

Did you get your license on your first try?

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What does an octopus have to do with hockey?

Do you have any weird sleeping habits?
(I have to sleep with a body pillow, 2 regular pillows under my head, no blankets [or atleast just a sheet], and a fan on at all times)

Do you drop your cell phone a lot?
(Today is the first time I dropped my RAZR on cement, grrrrr I need to get a case)

Are you a light sleeper?
(I am a severely light sleeper - I hate it because I wake up at any noise. I also hate sleeping with people who snore for the same reason).

Do you think there is a difference between home-grown tomatoes and store-bought?
(I definitely think there is a difference. I prefer home-grown and could live on them the rest of my life).
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I had to buy a new monitor back in January even though I knew I'm getting a laptop soon. Back when I bought it, a friend agreed that he might buy it from me when I need to get rid of it. So my question is, what's a fair price?

I believe I purchased it at $300 with a $50 rebate so it was $250... how much would you think is fair for a monitor that has been used for 6 months, no problems or scratches, never been moved, still has original packaging, etc?

If it matters, it's a Samsung SycMaster 730b.

Now a poll because I'm suffering from serious procrastination, and to make this more interesting.
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For that last question, you can also answer "I don't know" if it's in between. Whoops. Yeah, it's not perfect, but skip anything you want and elaborate in comments.
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Does anyone know the password for the Red Hot Chili Pepper presale tickets on Ticketmaster?

I'm trying to get my Best Friend tickets for her 19th birthday.
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MP3 Player Help

My player only seems to want to play the right speaker of my ear phones and I would have to jiggle it to make it work. It seems now though it will only play the right side, once in a while fluking and playing the left for a few seconds until I move the cord again. Now this is not my headphones problem as it does this with all headphones which work normally with other systems.

I was wondering if anyone knew what was wrong and how to fix it.
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I'm putting the finishing touches on a painting for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day.
Its a still life of a bottle of wine and a glass with red wine in it.

Heres where TQC comes in:
I don't know French. I'd like to paint a French saying on the painting-something poetic and preferably about wine. Any suggestions as to what it should say? Suggestions in English would be appreciated too...they could be translated. I'm not a wine-o, so I'm looking for any help that I can get!

Could someone accurately translate this into French for me?
"For when the wine is in, the wit is out."

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So, say you had a leaky fishtank(which we remember that I, in fact, did). The wood where the fishtank was looks a bit crap, which is understandable, but whatever.
however, just now, some 36 hours after having taken all the water out of the tank and started caulking it, you were in the basement and you and the maintainance man saw water dripping from the baasement ceiling... which is your floor... where your fishtank was. 99% chance that's your water.
When will it stop dripping?
How much damage has been caused? (We're looking at maybe 4 gallons in a 3 foot square area over 4-5 days.) I don't know what's under the floor other than more wood- I don't knw about insulation or anything.

Is there anything I can do to lessen potential damage? The maintainance man had me put a fan up blowing over where it's been wet.
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Is it possible to pop your bladder by holding too long? I heard a story this famous scientist (an astronomer . . . someone around Galileo's time, with an odd name? I can't remember . . .) was at some dinner, it was impolite to leave, and his bladder exploded inside of him, killing him. Is this really possible? I would have assumed that you would just wet yourself before the bladder exploded, but . . . I wouldn't. I've held it for hours on end, to the point of it being painful, and never come close to losing control, just extreme pain. I don't think I'd ever "have an accident."

Does anyone else have this? Do I just have an iron bladder, or would it pop if I waited long enough?

Would you rather...

Would you rather be fat or have a big nose?

Would you rather have amputated your non-dominant hand or your dominant foot?

Would you rather die today or live forever?

Woud you rather be a bird or a fish?

Would you rather have breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?

Would you rather have a million dollars that could only be spent in pennies or never have to pay a mortgage?

Would you rather work seven days a week or never have human contact again?
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Another song request post...

1. I'm going to make a scrapbook of this year and I wanted to write song lyrics on each page. The majority of the pictures will be of parties featuring various levels of intoxication. What are some good songs along that line? Thus far I have:
David Bowie "Rebel Rebel" "Never Get Old"
Dean Martin "Sway"
Michael Buble "Feeling Good"
(Yeah I'm kind of a mixed bag with music from Bowie to Rosemary Clooney)

I don't want anything sentimental or extraordinarily sappy, I'm only doing one page like that: The final page with graduation pictures, where I'll put the lyrics of "For Good" from Wicked

2. Has anyone here ever been to a drag queen cabaret? My friends and I may go to Lucky Chengs in Manhattan after our formal, where they have karaoke until 4 a.m! Eek!
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quick apartment question/job question

Is there ever such a thing as a REFUNDABLE pet deposit?

Is it just hopeless that I'll never have the $300 for a measly cat, and my best odds are to sneak one in?

ETA: Not that I would, but I'm starting to feel like that's my only option. Hey, my stupid landlords put mail in my apartment without 24 hours notice. Grr.


Son of ETA: I thought of another question, so just edited. If a job application wants complete job history, and I've had about 15 or so jobs, should I put them ALL, or be selective.

(I hate having AD/HD, I didn't know for years and I was a bit spacy, also I worked several part time jobs at once several times.)
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A kick in the balls, and a slap on the face.

A week ago I had my heart broken by my best friend.

My mum just asked my dad for a divorce.

I feel like this is a billion times worse then my break up. I do not have a relationship with my dad and he is abusive.

But, I really need advice..

How do you deal with divorce?

How is the transition period?

How can I keep it together?

It would be really appreciated...I have no one to turn to really at the moment.

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-Whats your favorite amusement park? (Cedar Point is mine).
-Fav & least fav ride at Cedar Point, if you've been there. (Mine is a tie between Millenium Force, Power Tower, and Raptor, but I HATE the Mantis).
-Pizza topping? (Just cheese).
-Chinese food? (Kung pow chicken).
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baby, let's get out of this town.

Lowest site for airfare? (So far is being good to me.)

Book with hotel or book hotel separately? Experiences?

Any advice for somebody who's never flown before?
Specific advice for someone who's never flown alone? (I'm flying into Vegas with a friend, but I'm flying into LAX and then back into Vegas by myself.)
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family recipes

What generational foods and recipes does your family have?

(For example: if you're Italian, maybe your family makes their own sauce. German, a delicious rouladen. Maybe your mom's meatloaf equals none.)

If you know how it's made and feel especially ambitious or generous, will you share the recipe?