May 10th, 2006

Broken Hearts..

So, my boyfriend last week decided to "dump" me. We had been together and may I say happily together for 19 months. He is my first love.
I am in so much shock right now, I did not see this happening to me. I am literally grieving my loss right now. With my exams in only 4 weeks, I'm seriously putting my education in danger here.
We were in love before we even started dating. He treated me like a princess. He was just everything I needed in a guy! We had so many goals that we wanted to share together. I thought he was the one, and I wouldn't of had to search any more. I know that sounds very silly, but we had a very serious relationship, and couldn't wait to be engaged once we had left school. Now, all of a sudden things changed. His mother moved away, and literally left him behind. He lives alone, and has to stay in this town because he is a senior at school. He started drinking heavily. Then, he stopped being the person I fell in love with. I try and talk to him and he won't give me nothing back, except that his mum is making him feel hurt. He doesn't even want my help. We have been through so much together, and just two months ago he was nearly killed. I thought it would make him appericiate our relationship even more then he did. Just last weekend we nearly gave each other to one another. I am ready to be with him, and i know stupidly I would if he wanted to still. I dreamt of that day, since we held out for so long, now he has took that feeling of being alive away from me. I was excitied and incredibly happy. He wants to be friends. He seems to be happy when we talk on the phone. So how does everything change. Everyone rekons I should ignore him, because he will be back within a week. He has stolen my heart and my soul.

What should I do?

know any Korean?

So I'm trying to write my grandmother a Mother's Day card in Korean... and my knowledge of Korean is semi-pathetic.

How would you say/write Collapse )

I've tried Babelfish/other translators - and I can read enough Korean to know that the translations they give me aren't correct...
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(no subject)

1. Is there a website where I can get scratch pads with, say, 200 pages? Not 50 or 100 pages. It has to be 200 pages. Am I just doomed, and need to hot-glue two 100-page scratch pads together?

2. The glow-in-the-dark bulb in my watch has been acting funky for the last 3 years. Is there a place that would replace the bulb? No, it's not the battery in my wristwatch -- it's just fine. I actually had the battery replaced sometime last year.

3. Is it weird that my wrist is under 6" in circumference? How big is your wrist? I have to wear size small/medium stuff (biking gloves, winter gloves, etc), and I usually wear a youth-size Livestrong bracelet on one wrist. I wear a wristwatch on the other wrist and have the band on the last notch (the smallest it can go). I could still wear wristwatches made for kids. I have such a hard time finding things that will fit my wrist, because they just fall off.

4. How long have you been wearing glasses? (My answer: I got my first pair in 1989.)
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(no subject)

I may have gotte() my keyboard wet, and now the h key will randomly just start making li_es of "hhhhh"'s a_d the _ lm_op (the letter missi_g) doesnt always want to work....

It seems to have gotten better since earlier so should I wait and see if it gets better and if it doesnt what could I do I get this fixed/where?

I have a laptop, and I dont believe the keyboard is removable.

(no subject)

I really want to see the trailer for The Devil Wears Prada, but the place I usually watch trailers at ( doesn't have it it not out yet? Because someone on lj told me they've seen it already...if it's out, can someone find it for me??
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(no subject)

Here's the problem:

I'm a Firefox user; my mom is an IE user. We share a computer, so both programs are installed. I have it set so that Firefox prompts me every time it opens, asking if I want to set it as my default browser (don't ask me why I still have it set like that, I just like having it that way, don't know why). Occasionally, since my computer is geriatric, Firefox will start up and my homepage will appear before the prompt shows up. I'll start typing, and if I happen to type a "y" (for "yes, set as default"), Firefox sets itself as my default.

I have no problem with that happening, since I decided to keep that prompt coming up whenever I launch Firefox (perhaps as a lingering hope that some day I might be able to select "yes" and mean it, stupid IE). The only trouble is it's never simple for me to reset IE as the default. I do what I need to, selecting that both IE and Firefox should check to see if they're the default every time they launch - but neither prompts me.

How the hell do I restore IE to the default? I've googled it several times in the past, and have never found results that work. I forget every time how I reset it the last time.

Worked it out, thanks!
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(no subject)

Has anyone bothered to write down a modern "drug dealer etiquette" book or website? My searches find random tips here and there, but I'm hoping someone would have thought to sit down and write a whole guide on the various situations involved in a drug purchase.

Collapse )
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Computer question

Sometime last week, the power went out at my house. It blew out my surge protector, and when I turned my computer back on, it wouldn't boot up. I reformatted several times and tried reinstalling XP Pro (which was what I had), but it won't install. It gets to the blue screen where it says "Setup is starting Windows" at the bottom and it just stops. I've tried several different XP copies as well as the startup disks, and they all do the same thing. I got Windows 98 to install with no problem, so I know the hardware is fine. But I really need XP because most of my software won't run on 98.

Why won't it install? Is there any way I can fix it?
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real men read

Random school stuff

1. What are your strongest or closest-to-the-surface memories about elementary/primary school classes and/or teachers?

a. English:
b. History:
c: Math:
d: Recess:
e: Gym:
f: Art:
g: Your favorite subject (if none of the above):
h: You least favorite subject (if none of the above):

2. Did you have one teacher who you consider better than all others? How about worse than all others?

3. Would you say elementary school was overall a good experience or a bad experience?

4. How do you think most people feel about those years?

5. Do you think your classmates from those years would be surprised in seeing how you are now or not surprised at all?
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(no subject)

1. Does anyone know how to change the startup programs in Windows XP? How do I stop certain programs from opening as soon as Windows opens? I've changed the settings in some of them, but I want to make sure I got them all.

2. For those of you who have tattoos, how did you tell your family? Did they know before hand? Or did you just show up one day and say "Look what I did!"
I haven't told my mom yet, but my aunt's friend got a tattoo when she was younger and never told her family. One day they were at the pool and her niece saw her leg and asked if she could color in the unicorn picture on her aunt's leg. The rest of the family turned to see what the hell she was talking about.

3. Edit- I remembered! I got a manicure the other day and absolutely love the nail color. However I forget what brand of polish it was. I think it was called City Club, I remember there being two C's in the name. Anyone have any ideas of a nail polish with a similar sounding name? And if possible, where I can buy it? I haven't seen it in the CVS near me.

4. What's a weird dream you've had recently?
I was picking my sister up from school and we had to go get our younger sister's books. But we went to the fourth grade classroom because we didn't know who her teacher was and asked if she was our sister's teacher, but she said no. Then I saw my old kindergarten teacher who left the school about five years ago and even though she loved me and always talked to my sisters about me while she was there, she didn't recognize me at all. When I woke up I wondered why I had gone to the fourth grade for my younger sister's books when she's only in second and the middle one is in fourth.


How much tolerance do you have for rudeness? I have.... zero. I find it unnecessary and childish.

Is anyone else feeling exhausted this week? Describe your week so far using 1 word.
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the first question is the most important!

1. what should i make for dinner tonight?
2. when was the last time you had a "summer vacation"?
3. do you think that tony danza is a worthless milksop?
4. would you rather fuck your mailman or your pharmacist?
5. if you eat oatmeal, how do you usually fix it? (with apple sauce, or cinnimon, or plain, or whatever...)
6. how many real friends do you think you have?
7. what kind of car do you drive?
7a. what would you rather be driving?
8. what kind of wine do you like?
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(no subject)

I just downloaded iTunes to use instead of MusicMatch (good idea? bad?), and decided to change the names to my files and folders, and ended up deleting a bunch of music.

However, iTunes isn't showing that I deleted the music off the computer - how do I clear them out of iTunes' library? I have Windows XP if it's any help.


I got my lip pierced a month or so ago, with a ring in. Due to the size of my lips plus swelling, the ring ripped a little on the inside. I got the other side pierced a few days ago, having a bar put in this time.
So I really don't know how it's meant to feel when you get pierced with a bar but my lip is swollen, possibly more swollen than it was the first time but the bar feels quite tight and i have a constant nipping feeling, which worsens when i smile etc.

Is this normal?
Or should I go and see if the piercer has a longer bar? (might be difficult. when i needed a longer one before, he didnt have any and had to put in an eyebrow bar in order to save my piercing. its not fun!)

Alternatively, does anyone have any suggestions for easing the swelling?
I've been taking ibruprofen and doing all of the regular cleaning with salt water and rinsing with mouthwash.

Any ideas?
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(no subject)

Where I work, we all have MSN Messenger running on our computers so we can talk to each other without having to yell across the hall. This morning, Messenger started acting weird for one of my co-workers. When anyone sends her a message, it doesn't go through and gives the sender an "unable to deliver" error. The weird thing is that she can send messages to anyone, and once she has sent you a message, you can reply back in the same window with no problems. She's already reinstalled messenger and rebooted her computer. Any ideas what might be causing this?

Disfuntional families

I grew up in a really disfunctional family. (Sorry but it is true).

My brothers and I fought constantly. To the point of blows. My brother once broke my nose. We really fought.

So, I have no way to measure how much my kids (especially Ricky and Katy) is 'normal' kids being kids, and how much is disfunctional -- this needs to be dealt with.

I think they fight too much. To the point of Ricky totally losing his temper and totally beating up his sister several times.

How normal is fighting?
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Wording help...

I'm doing a presentation on Graphic Novels and Anime in general for a grade 5 class at the end of May.

How do I say to publishers like Viz:

"Hi, Can you send me free stuff(like bookmarks, stickers, pins etc) related to anime/graphic novels from your publishing company so I can give it to little grade 5 kids? It's free advertisement, even if you have to send it to Canada."

in a vaguely dignified, and politically correct way?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



How can I change the text color of text that appears in JavaScript?

I have a HTML page with a small bit of JS at the bottom that just states copyright info. The text color is black but I want it white.

Do I change this in the .js file itself? I do have a .css file for the page itself, do I need to somehow reference the .js file in that and tell it there? Because the CSS file for the page is not influencing the text in the JS (the page text, set by the CSS, is white, but the JS text is still black).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance...
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(no subject)

For all you computer geniuses... I have a Toshiba Satellite M55-S139 laptop. One day, I left it running while I went out for a while (as I do somewhat often, and it usually isn't a problem.) When I came back, the screen was frozen. Ctrl-Alt-Del didn't do anything, and I couldn't get the display to change, so I finally turned it off by holding down the power button. Now, anytime I try to start it, the power light turns on and I can hear it running, but nothing displays on the screen. I assumed it was the monitor, so I plugged in my desktop PC's monitor and pressed the keys to switch to an external monitor, but that didn't work either. I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with the video driver, either, because I put a CD in and tried to play it through the express media player mode, and it didn't work.

I do have a warranty, and it's starting to look like I have no other choice than to send it in, but I was wondering- does anyone have any suggestions for me to try before I resort to that? (Nothing that's going to void my warranty, please?)

(no subject)

i'm putting together boxes w/seperate lids...
then i see this on the inside flap of the lid:


this actually needed instructions/directions?
what else is obvious to most people, but has instructions/directions?
do you always read/follow the instructions/directions when putting something together? if so - like what?
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(no subject)

Thanks for the keyboard help, its working fine this morning..thank God!

Now to the second electronic that refuses to work (and I did nothing to this one)
the other day I tried using my ipod and it gave me the sad face, I have tried to do what apple told me to -- -- but I can't. Nothing works I just either get the apple logo or the sad ipod. Im going to call Apple soon, but has this happened to anyone else before? What did you have to do? Ive had it since mid March so I think Im still covered on warranty (if its 90 day) but I really cant afford to fix it now, or afford to be without it.

It's a Black 30gb if it makes any difference
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(no subject)

Death Cab for Cutie has a song titled "I Will Follow You Into the Dark". The lyrics are in the cut:

Collapse )

My questions are thusly:

1. Are there any other Calgarys that you know of besides Calgary, Alberta and Calgary, Texas?
2. Are they referring to AB or TX?
4. Why would they pick Calgary? Bangkok I can sort of understand, but Calgary's pretty boring, too much so to be mentioned in a song, period, much less like that.
5. Do you get excited when you notice references to your hometown too, or is this just way too lame? ;)
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So I'm eating a chicken burrito from Chipotle and it's very disconcerting. This burrito is quite segregated - the chicken and salsa are squarely on the left side of the tortilla, while the rice is squarely on the right side. (No beans, not a fan.) When I go to take a bite, I find that I'm eating only chicken or only rice, but not both. This is somewhat frustrating to me, as I'd much prefer that the ingredients be blended enough so that each bite contains all elements that went into making this burrito.

Did I get a bum food product? Are they always made this way? Can I wrap it differently to make it work better? Any thoughts on the Chipotle burrito-making process? Suck it up? Learn to deal? Stir it myself?
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(no subject)

Mother's Day is right around the corner.
Are you doing anything special?

Also, I work about a million hours this week. Know any good non game, non noisy sites that will keep me busy as I babysit college students?
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A few days ago, someone I work with said that Charmed is a "guys' show" because of the girls, or something like that. I disagreed based on the very little I know about the plot, and personally think it's more a middle-of-the-road/girly show, though of course there are guys who would watch it for the girls, just as there are girls who would watch it for the girls.

So my question is, what do you think? Is Charmed more for girls, guys, equally appealing to both, or what?

I've even got a poll up, because I'm lame like that. And for those of you who don't know a thing about the show, the poll has ticky boxes, too. :)
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(no subject)

I am looking for someone and this is the information that I know:
First, middle, and last name
Brothers and sisters names
Father's name
Month of birthday (don't know the day, can figure out the year from their age)
Where they lived a couple of years ago (city and state)

Do you think this would be enough to find someone with an online person finder if I got the pay service? Has anyone used any of these services and had any luck?

(no subject)

Which is worse?

1) The offense.
2) Lying about the offense.

I hate it when people are deceitful to me.
Tell me the truth.
Own up to your actions & take responsibility.

- - -

Unrelated: Do You Want to be Loved That Way?

Currently reading: Because He Could

Page 88 --

...Hillary's words as she tried to console me after her husband's attack: "He only does that to people he loves!"

...Clinton only behaved violently and angrily around people he considered to be safe.

- - -


How are allergies affecting you this year?

Have you fallen ill otherwise / in addition to your allergies?

What kinds of treatments are you using?

Do they work?

(no subject)

My mechanics have advised me to replace my Air Cabin Filter on ym next service, 20k, for my new Toyota. Is this legit or a load of malarkey to double the price of my service? The service is only $63 but tacking on the filter adds another $75!
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(no subject)

What are your 2 favourite names for girls?
What are your 2 favourite names for boys?
If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life and not worry about pesky things like dehydration, what would it be?
What's your favourite dessert?
What's your favourite website (other than LJ) to look at?

(no subject)

We have a semester project in my AP Statistics class coming up. It's very simple,
This is what we will to do. . .
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So, of course, what I have come to you guys for is this: Will you guys contribute to the list of jokes? Any kind of joke is allowed. You may use offensive or dirty jokes, but within reason. I trust y'alls judgement. Give your favorite jokes, give your least favorite, go online and find some random ones, do whatever. :) Thank you all.

Yahooey Question

On Yahoo messanger if you remove people from your list will your status still show on their messanger?

If I can't change someone's stealth setting from offline to online does that mean they removed you from their list?
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(no subject)

Hi! I'm doing a survey for my Participation In Government class, and I would appreciate if you could fill this survey out for me...I only need about 30-40 responses.

Also, please don't turn this into a debate, I just want to see whever everyone stands, and their age/sex differences.

Poll #726294 Roe vs. Wade - PIG Project Survey

What is your gender?


How old are you?

15-20 years old
21-25 years old
26-30 years old
31-35 years old
35+ years old

Are you currently in a committed relationship?

Kind of...

How do you stand on Abortion?

Against, except in the event of rape/incest/danger to mother

Should Roe vs. Wade be overturned?

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1. How do you get rid of all those helpful-computer-filler things? As in, for example, when you type the "m" in monkey on google, it shows all the past things you've ever typed with "m" (mammal, mormon, etc).

2. Acer vs. Toshibas? (Portability, battery, lifespan, general specs)

Thank you!

(no subject)

i was petting my kitty this morning and felt a tiny lump in her fur. i inspected it and it looked like just a little bump on her skin. she's never had these before and it sort of reminded me of these bumps i've seen on old or sick animals. should i be worried? does anyone know what it could be? she's not young (about 8-9 years old), but is healthy and hasn't been sick before.
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(no subject)

What is the one thing that you could not live without? The one thing that you would do anything to keep and would give up everything else before you gave that up?

For me it would be my books. I would literally go insane if I couldn't read. I've tried for various amounts of time and I just get crankier and less able to focus.

~ K.
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Quinn Twin

Bruised Tailbone - Work Out or No?

I fell off a stool I was standing on last night and hit my tailbone really, really hard on stone or ceramic tiles - Should I take it easy and not work out today?

My mom said to rest a little, but I'm wondering if exercising might help get blood flowing in general and thus aid in healing my butt. If you need to know more about the fall to make a decision, you can read about it in my personal journal - it's my most recent entry, so you won't have to wade through other non-sense! :)
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Lately, I've been noticing that Safari shuts down randomly and abruptly for no apparent reason. It usually occurs when I surf one site in particular, but it's not limited to just that site, though occurrences on other sites are less frequent. Does anyone know what's going on? Do I need to update my browser or something? Or do I have a bug?

Annoying commercials

Most annoying commercial of the moment?

What about most annoying commercial ever?

Right now, I really can't stand those Skechers ads that mock shows like The Real World. And Dr Pepper's new Berries and Cream drinks ads. The radio commercial is worse than the one on TV...

(no subject)

I know this may sound super corny to you, but my mother would find this uber-sweet and cute.

I'm putting a "Mother's Day CD" for my mother (she LOVES personalized CD's --and don't worry this isn't the only thing I'm giving her).
When it comes down to thinking about songs, they just don't pop into my head (even if I'm a human filing cabinet of music).
I can't rely too much on my Ipod, because it's my kind of music not my mothers (although it hasn't been a total disappointment because my mother and I can find a happy medium with music).

So far these are the songs I have:
(I'm going with the theme(s): Child, mother, love, family, etc…)

1) Somebody's Hero - Jamie O'neal

2) Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

3) Stand By Me - Ben E. King

4) Joy To The World - Three Dog Night (maybe)

5) Forever Young - Bob Dylan

6) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

7) Pocahonton Proud - Gretchen Wilson (maybe)

8) Sweet Child 'O Mine - Guns 'N Roses

9) Was That My Life - Jo Dee Messina

10) Open Arms - Journey

Do you have any suggestions? Delete a song? Add a song?
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Name me!

I really need a new LJ name. This one is over five years old now and comes from my AOL SN which is even older (and which I would change if I could, but half of everything I do goes through it).

I've thought about it for a long time, but I honestly can't think of anything I like. I really wanted to find a Count of Monte Cristo-related name, because that's my favoritest book ever and a lot of the themes and plot elements resonate really intensely with me (particularly the themes of self-re-creation and ascendence. Damn whoever took dantes!). But pretty much everything I wanted is taken. :(

Pretty much everything I like is in my interests, because I'm a dork that way. My nicknames at home are Rah (SaRah, obviously), Chara (silly Japanese mispronunciation), Vera (from Firefly), and Koi (like the fish -- long story).

Any ideas, TQCers?
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Question Mark

(no subject)

Hi folks,

I posted before about careers advice or life coaching communities, and the suggestion was just to ask the question in here. So I will...

Basically my career has been varied. I'll put it in a vaguely ordered list to try and make sense of it:

1. I graduated as a Civil Engineer (in England, as I'm English)...
2. ... then went straight into working as a Military Engineer for 4 years, doing very varied work (writing reports, IT type duties, crawling over tanks etc.).
3. I left this company and then joined a software house working in their technical support. Worked their for 4 years, but then got fired while working in Switzerland, and returned to the UK.
4. After a few months of job hunting I managed to find something as an Environmental Engineer, similar to my original Civil Engineering background.
5. I worked in this position for 9 months, met a Brazilian girl in the meantime (she worked for the previous company) and decided to move to Brazil.
6. Since being in Brazil I've worked as an English teacher, a self employed IT consultant, and a journalist/technical writer/editor, but after 2+ years haven't found a full-time job (it's a nightmare finding a good job in Brazil).
7. During the period in Brazil I returned to the UK for some months to get a Brazilian Permanency Visa, and while there got some careers advice which suggested I should be a doctor or psychiatrist (very realistic).

So basically after 12 years or so of working since I graduated I'm still wondering what the hell I should be doing with my life (as I'm sure are many people). I have enjoyed aspects of the work, but nothing really grabbed me. I'm finding that the IT market is changing and demanding people who are certified, rather than those who grew up with it.

Should I perhaps carry on with the IT angle and study for something Microsoft certified, should I perhaps branch off and study something like programming, or should I be working or studying in something else?

Thoughts? (Sorry, I know it's horribly vague)
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(no subject)

Hi folks,

To follow on from my last post... I have a job interview this Friday.

I already have a list of "general questions to ask in an interview" as follows:

1. What will happen in the first 3 - 6 months?
2. Any training?
3. Reason for creation of position?
4. Typical work week/day?
5. Holiday allowance?
6. Notification of success?
7. Size of company?

Of course some of these are just checklist stuff in case they don't give details.

Any more general interview questions that you can think of? Of particular interest are those lateral ones that might help me stand out from the average candidate.

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(no subject)

How do you define false advertisment? When wrong facts are given? when misleading facts are given?

For example, if a gas company says that if you sign up for their card (free of charge) they will give you 100% of the points you'd get without the card, is that false advertisement? (Basically it's saying if you get 300 points before you get the card, you'll get 300 points when you have the card.)


1. I want to find some political focused rap or intelligent rap. Please don't tell me there isn't any. Basically any rap that isn't 2Pac or about "grillz" and "pimpin'". Examples would be "White lines" by Grandmaster Flash and DMC's "Just like me". Another good one would be "Petrified" by Fort Minor. A good beat would be nice too.

2. What would you call the Bloodhound Gang [other then sick, perverted freaks]. I know they are, but I want to know what Genre they are and if there are any other bands that sound like them. I don't care if the lyrics have the same immaturity, but I like the sound.

3. Is anyone here a B-boy or B-girl? How did you get started?


4. How do you stay calm when upset?

5. Is any one here on VESID?

6. What is your favorite shoe brand?

7. What is your favorite place on earth? [It can be as big as a country or as small as a clearing in the woods]

8. What are some tips for living on your own for the first time?

9. If you have a learning disorder, and went to college, how did you deal?

lead me


I'm hungry. I'd like to put together a simple dish of rice and mixed veggies (frozen corn/peas/carrots). But when I made this before, even with chicken broth, it was so bland I couldn't eat it.

Anybody have any spices or suggestions as to how to make this edible yet still healthy?

And brown rice or white rice? i've got both.
Me--State Fair

Here's a stumper.

Last week I got my oil changed at Jiffy Lube. They mentioned that I was low on coolant, and I said okay, I'll fill it versus paying outrageous prices at JL.

So yesterday my temperature gage spiked up to between halfway and too hot, and I was like, "whoa, better get some coolant." So I did, and later, en route to the boyfriend's, the "Low Coolant" light came on. So I felt good about getting some in time, you know?

He helped me fill the resevoir, used half the bottle, and all seemed good.

I started the car this morning, and the light was STILL on. I was baffled. I drove the car home, then to work (all told, about 10 miles or so) and checked it at work. The resevoir had a little in the bottom, but that was it. I added nearly all of what I had left, and drove home, and the light is STILL ON.

Any thoughts? It's a 1994 Corsica. I just had the heater core replaced in January, and I don't appear to be leaking anything, I had the car sitting for six hours at work and no leaks there. I didn't check the BF's garage, but I don't believe it was leaking in there, but I don't know 100%.
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(no subject)

If you drink vodka, what brand of vodka do you drink? And why?

I like Stoli (I actually can't spell the full name), and Absolut, but I don't think it's worth the extra price. And I'll do Smirnoff if it's going. Never Huzzar, too rough, and nothing cheaper then that, I like my throat just the way it is.
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

So my final project in my Technical Writing for the Web class is as follows:

For the final project final draft, students or student groups are to submit a fully developed Web site template using the MS Word file provided in Assignment Two as a basic format style guide.

The finished template should be complete in all respects and, done properly, should allow you to hand it off to a Web site designer and have the site completely constructed without further communication.

Basically we're supposed to come up with the ideas ourselves, and them write the text for the website.
My problem is, while I'm completely confident in my writing abilities, I'm not a web designer who can pick ideas out of the air! I don't really know where to start, in picking an idea for the site. My prof didn't even narrow it down to a category, such as a website that's selling something, or providing a service, etc.

Anyways, my question is could you guys just throw some random ideas at me? If you could create a website for anything, what would it be? If you run a website, what is its function?
What websites out there do you think should be designed/written better? If I was gonna write all the text for a website, which one should it be? I'd kind of like it to be something interesting, maybe even outrageous, that will get everyone's attention?

Thanks so much guys. I hate when I get stumped on assignments like this..
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Do any of you know personally someone who is transitioned from a male to a female (or female to male, I suppose)? If so, what were some of the EMOTIONAL changes they experienced while taking hormones? (I'm mainly interested in MtF but FtM would be interesting to hear as well.

Have you known anyone who has fully transitioned and they're really "still the same person on the inside"?

Or anything really. Any information or advice. I know I've sort of asked a question on this before but nothing specific.

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Is it "Son of a bitches" or "Sons of a bitch" or "Sons of a bitches" ????
Do you like the soft toilet seats or no? I hate them.
Do you know anything or can you point me to any resourcefull books/websites on lobes in the human brain?

I had like, 6 other quesions, but... I kind of have no brain left.
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1. Are you the sort of person, when if you open a program and it tells you there's a download for a newer version available-- do you stop whatever you were doing and go download the new version right away, or do you always tell it no because you're busy and then never get around to it? (or at least not for a really long time...)

(Because I NEVER download new things because I am always about to use the program and don't want to wait! And my Norton AntiVirus subscription expired and I've literally been telling it "remind me in 15 days" for half a year now.)

2. When I say "Hugh Grant," what's the first thing you think of? [Edit: Other than just "I think of Hugh Grant." ;) Like... what mental image or line or role or whatever?]

3. How many times did you cry today? If more than once, same or different reasons?

(four. same reason. I'm going crazy.)

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What can a group of college students do in Manhattan from one a.m until around four?

No seedy bars, please.

My formal is on May 19th, and we will be allowed to roam Manhattan until four. Any good lounges? We dislike dance clubs and skanky bars.

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I need to find this song, and I barely remember any of the lyrics.. the reprise is something about sitting in the rain (on the corner or curb or.. ) watching the pavement or something. Maybe the sidewalk or uh, cobblestones. It's kinda hard rock. It's from maybe 3-4 years ago. It's really depressing, something about the worst day in the world or something dramatic. The title may have had the word beautiful in it. I don't know, help, lol.

Edit: I figured it out: Hate Every Beautiful Day by Sugarcult

I can feel a change
I can feel, can you feel it
See it on the street watching heat from the pavement

Cause I'm here, ready to take it all here
Everything's feeling unclear
I wish it was raining
Cause I hate every beautiful day
long live


About how long is paper currency kept in circulation in the US?
I always thought it wasn't very long but today I went to get money out of the bank for my dad and all of the $20's were from 1950.
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reading comments before commenting

Inspired by this post, do you read comments before replying for the first time?  In reading through the comments there now, you see that in the first few comments, people bring up things like poverty and mental illness.  You look at the comments at the bottom, and people are still responding with "they're poor" and "mentally ill" as if it hasn't been said before.  So I'm curious if people just respond without reading  (not in that specific post but in general), and why...

Poll #726560 Reading comments before replying

I read comments to a post before adding my own

sometimes/depends on the post or number of comments

for those that do NOT read comments - why? 

I am lazy
I don't care what other people say
I think my answer will be different than everyone else's anyway
Other (respond in comments)
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Ok, here is the most recent Family Circus they had on the website:

I think it's a little "har har" that was very lame, but by comparison to some of the others, it's a knee-slapper.
Have you EVER found FC funny?
What the hell is up with them continuing to print a stupid, so not funny comic??

Also, is it customary to not hear back from a college at all? I applied to Berkeley as a long-shot and I just haven't heard a thing. It's not that big a deal, I got in to everywhere else I applied and know where Im going but not so much as a "fuck you" from them kinda pisses me off.