May 9th, 2006

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high school graduation presents

Did your parents get you something for your high school graduation? If they did what was it?
My dad has been asking me like everyday what I want for graduation but there really isn't anything I want that he'll get me. Anything I really want I'll just buy myself. There is a bag that I want but after he bought me the bag that I had wanted for forever for Christmas he said he would never ever buy me another bag. I know I don't deserve anything as it's just high school and I've gotten by doing as little as possible, but he is going to get me something either way and I'd rather it be something I pick out.


1. What do you think of people with dreads?
2. Do you think it would make it impossible to find mainstream work?
3. Any tips from anyone who has ever had dreads? (The process of starting them right, how to part the hair, upkeep, etc.)
4. Should I dread or not?
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Saint Cities

Last night I tried to think of all the cities that start with the word Saint in the United States. Here's what I could think of:

Saint Petersburg, FL
Saint Cloud, FL
Saint Augustine, FL
Saint Louis, MO
Saint Ann, MO
Saint Charles, MO
Saint Peters, MO
Saint Joseph, MO

(Is it obvious that I used to live in one of these states and now currently live in the other?)

Anyway, without Googling it, what cities from which states can you think of?
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lead me

last one for the night.

I have to get a filling tomorrow. I had one before but I don't remember it.

I'm scared. And upset. And it sort of hurts right now, but I know it'll hurt more tomorrow.

Anybody willing to give me some words of encouragement? Or prayers? My appt's at 8am, but I'll check my email in the morning before I leave.

Just something to get me through this, please? :(
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heavy metal

(no subject)

What was your favorite book to read in high school? Meaning one that was assigned through your classes.

Mine was To Kill A Mockingbird I read it in eighth and ninth grades and picked up new stuff when I read it for the second time. One of my English teachers told us to wait a while and read it again when we were in our twenties. And again in our thirties. And every decade after that. He told us that we would find something new about it every time and that we would be able to relate to it in different ways with each new reading. I want to re-read it this summer, about 8 years after my first reading to see if he's right.
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starting from scratch.

 A friend of mine recently lost the majority of his belongings in a house fire. I'm heading to visit him within the week, and I want to bring him some things to replace what he's lost for his new apartment.

He's still got his computer tower (and only the tower), a bunch of his V:tM books, some of his DVDs, and some clothing. Everything else - dishes, bedding, furniture, electronics, etc. - is gone.

I plan on taking him shopping when I get there, it should be said, and I'll be driving to visit him.

If you'd just lost (nearly) everything, what would you want your friend to bring you?
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(no subject)

Situation 1- Your friend hasn't been calling you back. They aren't your best friend but you had been hanging out a lot. How long do you call for until you stop and let them call you back?

Situation 2- You have a friend you had messed around with recently. A bunch of life altering things have happened to both of you in the past three weeks. They aren't calling you back. You call and leave messages and text and they don't answer or respond. when do you stop calling?
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(no subject)

Did you ever leave a long-term (3+ years), committed relationship you were content but bored with for a new, exciting relationship with no promises? If so, was it worth it/do you regret it?

Edit: Okay, I'm actually only interested in your experience if you DID do this.. no need to answer "No, I didn't." ;) Thanks.

(no subject)

Theres a new pringles commercial..(well im not sure how new it is, i dont watch tv too often) but there is a version of Everlasting love for the music on it.
Im looking for who that version is by, or that website that has a commercial and tells you the music in it.

Edit: Its the U2 version!
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(no subject)

this is my first question on here! im pretty excited

okay, so I sing for a band called the Bloody Panties (
We're 3 girls, 1 guy; thrash messy punk rock. Our songs are typical politcally angry towards all kinds of issues (including our very own congresswoman miss shelly moore capito). We recently recorded our first cd with about 8 songs on it. Like us or not, we still need a album title!!

So my question for everyone:
What would you name the first-ever Bloody Panty album???? we need something creative!
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(no subject)

For all you UK people...

What is that advert on tv..the one with the REALLY annoying woman drinking coffee and talking to her mate about some hot shop assistant who she couldn't look in the eye because she had spots and then her friend told her about this new facewash that cleared spots up in 3days. And in 3days she went back and in a really annoying voice she 'left with his number'

I think its Clean and Clear but I'm not sure. I need the full product name cos I have way more spots than her anyways!

Thank you!
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(no subject)

So, my birthday is coming up and I was considering a week-long road trip with my boyfriend. So far, starting from either northern virginia or charlottesville, virginia, we're thinking of going to NYC, Portland Maine, and Vermont (where he's from). Any ideas of places to go either on the way, or in those places?

The right time and the right place

1. How would you react if someone pretty good looking hit on you?

3. Does location matter?

a. In a bar or concert?

b. In a professional setting where they were employed?

c. In a non professional setting (Walmart, McDonalds, etc) where they were employed?

4. What if you found out after the fact that the person in question is either unemployed or works an entry level job?

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(no subject)

with enough tomatoes and cucumbers I can probably eat just about anything

like falafel for example-they are really dry, but with enough tomatoes and cucumbers they are mighty tasty

what about you? what magic food can allow you to eat anything with it?

(no subject)

What should you be doing right now (but clearly aren't)?
I should be studying for my stats final tonight.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if extra-terrestrials saw our "Miss Universe" pageant? Do you think they'd get mad? Do you think they'd want to start entering some members of their species as contestants?
This is what I think about, instead of stats. It's the last day of finals. Give me a break.


So you either love it or hate it - the Dunkin Donuts' new karate commercial. I've been trying to find it for what seems like forever - I've goggled, google video-ed, and you tubed it, but no luck.

Anyone know where I can find this commercial online?


(no subject)

What's the fastest way to find a leak in a fishtank, in case there isn't an obvious crack for me to find? (large fishtank) Is it maybe an issue of a fucked up seal? How would I fix that, jsut recaulk all the seals?
I have a run-of-the-mill, 10 gallon grey plastic kitchen wastebin. If I rinse it out to make sure there's nothing visibly gross on the inside, are there going to be gross chemicals leeching into the water that would make it not a good place to store fish for 36 hours or so?

The plan is to put the cold-water-tolerant guys in a 5 gallon bucket with an aerator, and the not-cold-water-tolerant guys in the trash bin with a filter/aerator and their heater. ... hmm. and all the live plants with my betta, and all the rocks and fake plants in my little garbage bin.

Why does firefox sometimes decide that no, the textbox is an invalid choice, and whenever I try to type someone's email address or something just bring up the find box? over and over again? Last time it happened I was able to write the address in the email field and paste it up, and then this time (different website) I couldn't write in the message box. Tried to copy/paste from the find box but it wouldn't let me.
It goes away if I close the window and start over.

(no subject)

some tv show themes are catchy and singable or danceable...while some TRULY convey the feeling of the show.

what is the best themesong on TV today?
what are your TOP 5 tv show themes of all time?
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I want to get an airbrushed custom license plate for my car. I have no idea where I might get one. I've searched on yahoo, and all I've found are websites that sell airbrushing materials to the artists. Is there an online store of some sort where I could get a license plate or a place where I can search for an artist online?

Thank you!!
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(no subject)

If you lived in an apartment building in a fire escape line, and at 2:00 am you hear a lot of noise, look outside and see the fire escape ladder shaking and then a young guy jumps off it to the ground and runs away, and this is not a normal occurence (like you know for example some teenager always sneaks in to visit a girlfriend that way without her parents knowing), would you think anything of it? Would you be scared or creeped out at all? Or just be "whatever" and go back to sleeping or whatever you were doing?

(Yes, this actually happened last night. I'm a big scaredy-cat. I've never heard/seen anyone on the fire escape before so it creeped me out. And that girlfriend scenario was my dad's thought, although I can't think of anyone in my line who is that young (male or female) except me, so if anyone else thinks like my dad they probably think he came out of my window heh.)

everybody's favorite topic: vomit.

Apparently I have some sort of stomach bug and I'm totally barfy. The problem is, I have a final tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning. I have emailed my professor about it, but all he can offer me is an incomplete to be dealt with later when he returns from being out of the country.

That being said:

1. Would you stay home and take the incomplete or somehow push through?
2. Have you ever taken an incomplete? Was it really not that big of a deal? (I have an anxiety disorder and it's not sitting well with me)
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Too many card questions

Do you like writing lots of "stuff" in occasion cards? Or are you more of a "Dear/To, Love/From" person and that's it? Of course it could depend on the person too, so who are you more likely to write extra for? What kind of "stuff" do you like to write in cards? Do you ever think what you're writing is lame? How much do you appreciate it when others write a lot in cards, or do you often think it's lame and would rather they not do it? Umm, any other thoughts about cards?

(no subject)

any of you ever had a good friendship where the first initial meetings were bad, and you never really got to hang out with them or know them too well during the semester, but yet when you asked them if they wanted to hang out at the end, they were all for it?
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(no subject)

Inspired by this post

What's your favorite non-traditional workout?

I hate doing regular cardio workouts and similar things like that. But I love my dance class and have recently adopted a set of Carmen Electra's strip-workout DVDs for the summer and plan on using those a bit. Hopefully I'll like those too.
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Lotion and Self Tanner

So, I've been contemplating my paleness - I love it, I embrace it. However, I'm thinking a little colour couldn't be too bad, so I looked at those things like Jergen's Glow schtuff and all. But then a question arose - how could I get it all over myself without help? I'd really just like some colour on my legs, but I don't want to look like I'm wearing weird chaps when I'm naked. Thoughts?

Also, couldn't I just buy any self tanner and mix it with lotion myself?!

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Losing weight and DDR

My friends have given me an awesome idea for exersice actually and I was wondering what you guys thought. A friend of mine lost a couple of stone doing nothing but playing DDR. He told me to get myself to an arcade and play OR buy a dance mat and a game for my PS2. I prefer the second option since I have a million and one social anxieties and the nearest arcade is 90 minutes and a £6.50 train ticket away. Has this worked for anyone here?
What games would you reccomend (must be available in the UK, amazon links would be awesome), and how much would a dance mat set me back?

Also, I'm a dork and originally posted this to my personal LJ. Awesome!
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(no subject)

1. How many numbers do you have memorized?

2. Do you think that being drunk turns you into a different person, or just releases more of who you are inside?

3. Do you like The Rolling Stones? Do you like Buddy Holly? Do you like the song American Pie by Don McLean?

4. I have to give a speech at graduation. What are the worst graduation cliches that I should try to avoid?

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(no subject)

Can someone please help me? Where did "O the tangled web we weave" originate? And what's the original full quote? I have tried google and it only brings back other people's's bugging me and am not sure how else to find!

Thanks in advance! :)
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Which episode is it that JD is talking about the music in his head and vocalises the actual background music of the episode? It sounds like buh duh duh duh duh... eh, you either know it or you don't.


For those who have been or are still married, is there anything you wish you knew before you got married? Or something you would have done differently?

I just watched Oprah and saw Lance Armstrong's ex-wife talk about how she lost herself once she got married, and became Lance Armstrong's Wife instead of her own person.

Do you think the time before 2 people get engaged and then married makes a difference? If 2 people are together for 5 years before they get married, wouldn't things basically stay the same once they are actually married?

Moving aquatic pets

I've googled the hell out of this, but all of the info I find refers to cats and dogs.

My fiance lives in Ireland, and is moving in with me in Boston soon. He has a large tank with 6 turtles and we're not sure how to get them moved safely here. His terrapins are his babies and I don't want him to have to give them up but I just can't find any info on getting them here. Does anyone have any info?
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Book question

OK, which is worse: a well written book with a weak plot (or none at all), or a badly written book (forced dialog, akward sentence structure)?

I think the badly written one - I'm currently reading a book like that, and it's killing me. I'm interested in what happens next, so I can't stop reading it, but when reading conversations, I'm constantly thinking, "No one would ever talk like that!". Also, I have to reread many sentences, because the wording is so bad that the sentences don't make sense. Plus, the names are all SO hokey, like soap opera names. But I HAVE to know why Lily's Explorer went off the road!

And, while writing this question, I realized it can be translated to movies, too, so - which is better on the big screen? A boring movie with no real direction, but that has excellent acting and a good script; or a film with a good idea, but hams for the lead roles and bad camera work? (Not necessarily those problems, but just an overall "bad B movie"?)
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Stupid song won't get out of my head.

So I was in The Gap a day or two ago and heard this song that was sorta' catchy.

I've looked all over the internet for a track listing of songs the retail chain is currently using... but can't find anything, much to my chagrin.

ANYWAY, if anyone could help me out? It's gotta' sort of '50ish beat to it, but modern, and the lyrics have something to do with, "sitting up in my room, all alone"?

And the singer mentions something about a Friday night as well. IF ANYONE KNOWS THE ARTIST OR SONG NAME??? It would be greatly appreciated.

xoxo & thanks in advance.

**Edit, the lead singer is a male-- and the band sounds like your typical guitar/drums/bass...**

(no subject)

where can I find a free photo program that turns color photos into black and white w/o looking too pixelated,smooths out bumps and bags under eyes.

any help would be great.


(no subject)

Has anyone here ever been in a commercial? Been an extra on a sitcom? Been in a music video? Been an extra in a movie? Or in any one of those mediums as a major/suporting character??

What was the thing you were in? (name, type [video, tv show, etc], etc)
How much were you paid?
Were you actually SEEN in the final product?
Was the thing you were in relatively popular/well known?


(no subject)

if you have a video ipod, do you only get to put movies(or video files) on it if you buy it from itunes?? if not then how would i get a dvd on to it??

also, how much do you like your video ipod??
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What are your favorite remedies for throat pain (not the cough-induced variety but the my-tonsils-are-the-size-of-grapefruits variety)? I'm already doing tea with honey and lemon. I can't do the bourbon thing because I have mono, so I can't have any alcohol.

Also, any good ideas for things to eat when you can barely swallow? I can only subsist on tea, yogurt, and ice cream for so long. Unfortunately, I don't have a blender or a juicer...which is too bad as I have a fridge full of nice veggies that I can't eat. I'm planning to actually leave the house for a bit tomorrow and buy some stuff, so give me ideas!
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(no subject)

When you're applying for a job as a cocktail waitress or a shotgirl or a bartendar and they ask for pictures along with the resume...what kind of pictures are they talking about? Just of you smiling in front of the camera? Full body shot? What should you wear? Something tight, I'm assuming...right?
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The Receptionist Classic

Relax, don't do it...

What is something not too expensive that I can do for myself to calm myself down?

This last week has been pure hell and the next two aren't looking much better right now (finals! moving! graduation!). I already went and did the shopping thing (okay, I was supposed to be shopping for a Mother's Day present, but the purses were calling to me and this nifty one was screaming at me and it even did a jig - how could I say no?) and Boyfriend is arriving in 9 days to do his part. Nice long soaks in the tub are out of the question right now.

And unrelated to that...

I don't like the color orange at all. Except in my bathroom. I love all things orange for my bathroom. Do you have any weird tastes in color like that?
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