May 8th, 2006

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01. would you rather watch best week ever on vh1 or the soup on E!?

02. do you have an accent/are you told that you have an accent?

03. if you could pick an accent to have what accent would you pick? or wouldnt you?

04. kraft macaroni and cheese: the blue box blues or velveeta shells and cheese? or sick!?

05. what do you look forward to about growing older?

06. what age do you think of when thinking about "growing older"?

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Okay, I've run this through my PC-theasaurus, so apoligies if anyone gets offended.

You are Gender A. You are involved in a long-term relationship with another person, who leaves you for someone else. If your partner had always been attracted to Gender A, would you feel differently finding the person they left you for was Gender B? If so, why?
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Wireless Internet

I need a new wireless internet card for my laptop. Up untill about a year ago, I had a very nice retractable one, but then I sent my laptop in for repairs, and the shop broke it. They replaced it, but the new ones they give me break within a week. The one I have now is on it's last legs. I have to keep it propped in position with a pen, or else it won't get a signal.

I know nothing about computer parts, and dont have all that much to spend, but I am willing to spend a good ammount if it means the damn thing wont break a week after I get it.

I can't seem to find any companies that make retractable cards anymore, and all the ones I see are similar to mine, as in, metal for the part that goes inside, and plastic for the part that sticks out. This is what breaks, it gets loose at the junction of the two parts, and that weakens the wires inside.

Is there anyone who can help me out here?

And for shits an giggles: Do you use wireless internet, or a land line?
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My whole working life I've always had pretty standard retail/service jobs that had a schedule I had to keep to and supervisors to delegate tasks. Recently I started a management job that has no real set working hours. I'm naturally both a procrastinator and a night owl. The end result of all this is I tend to not get things done that should be simple.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? What techniques did you use to keep yourself on task and in the game?

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I got my nose pierced yesterday.
I know I'm not supposed to touch it, but upon waking my first instinct was "something is in my nose!" and poked inside until I felt metal and went "shit!"
So, now it seems it's out of place- you know, more than the dome is poking out of my nostril. I tried to gently correct it, with two problems: I don't know where the of the jewelry my nose should really be resting, and I tried to gently correct it with a q-tip, which makes me sneeze, which throws it out of place again.
How can I fix it?
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I don't know of it's just a thing, but a lot of the users on there rate the sites and leave only

"also cocks" as a comment.

Also there's been a big "horsedick" epidemic.

Where did these come from and why are they said?
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keeping up with the joneses

(as inspired by this article)

1. how important is it for you to "keep up" with your friends?
2. do you feel competitive about how much money you make and/or what kind of possessions you have with your friends?
3. do you have a variety of friends from different socio-economic backgrounds?
4. do you find it difficult to socialize with people who make more (or less) money than you do (or come from families who have more money)?
5. do you feel comfortable talking about money issues with friends who make more or less money than you?
6. how do you normally split the check when at dinner with friends?
7. when dining with someone who makes more money than you, do you feel obligated to pick up the check?
8. when picking a place to have dinner, do you normally choose a place that is lower than what most people can afford or higher?
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Maze 3


I don't like my job.

I would like to talk to my Manager about it and see if he can help me get placed elsewhere in the company.

How do I broach the subject when the group I am working in is hurting for personnel?

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planned on going to the cemetery this weekend, but wound up taking a whole morning/early afternoon trip to sacramento and went to the jellybelly factory...
ahhh, the plans of mice and men...

so, what plans did you make this weekend, but wound up doing something else instead?
did you have a good time anyways?
how far in advance do you make plans to do something?
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What are some good supper ideas that (preferably) don't have a tomato sauce base? Anything Italian is out, basically...I am Italian-fooded out and I'm looking for good, different things to try.


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For those of you who have one child (and are with them all day) or babysit one child (on a daily basis), what is your daily schedule like? Especially for one on one time with the child, do you just play all day with the kid or do you have specific play times? What do they do at the other times when you aren't playing with them? Do they seem satisfied with the way things are set up?
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What Are Your LJ Habits?

I have a weird habit of checking to see which communities on my friends page haven't received any comments whatsoever. I like to help people with questions and such and besides it's no fun being on an awesome site like LJ and have nobody respond to it.

What are some of your odd LJ habits?
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Jury duty.

I was summoned for jury duty. It was supposed to be this morning, but it was postponed for a month. Anyway, I have a few questions regarding it.

Have -you- ever had jury duty?

When it happens (unless it gets cancelled) what should I expect? I've never done this before.

They ask questions before deciding if you stay, right?

What should I wear?

Will my being a Criminal Justice major disallow me to sit in the jury? It seems weird that it would, but my friend's aunt had that happen.

And even though I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, would they hate it if I brought a book? Even if I only read it while waiting, and not during actual important stuff?

Anything else I may need to know?

Oh, one more, totally unrelated. One of my cats likes licking banana peels. Why? And it's not bad for him, is it? I don't think it is, but you never know.
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Fuckin' English lit.

I am a n00b at English lit and I'm writing an essay on two plays. First of all, do you underline or italicise the names of plays?

Secondly, if one of the plays has an anonymous author, how would I refer to s/h/it in the text? Can I just say, "Anonymous takes a different approach."? That sounds odd to me.
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Has anyone ever taken Geology or Italian classes in college or high school? Is either subject difficult? I'm taking elementary Italian [I have a background with English, French, and Russian]. Is this very difficult? Any online sites that can help teach me a little overview of the language so I don't get overwhelmed? Is Geology difficult? It's only going to be the basics [like a Geology course in high school].

What jobs have you gotten [list all, why not!] without a college degree? Especially if it's not fast-food [like office work, or golf course designer, etc.]

Has anyone applied for EOP? How did you do that?

Has anyone taken a work study or on campus job? How was it?

Has anyone done a college [especially Community College] sport. Was it difficult to get into?

What are any college or time management tips? What about living on your own for the first time?

Also, I am no longer going to get an apartment with my now ex boyfriend. I have a list of affordable housing with phone numbers. When I call up, what do I say? Classes start in late August, but I wouldn't mind moving a little early [maybe even as early as August 1st] when should I call? Now? What should I say?

Need help in the next hour..

so, the boyfriend wants to take me to this "cute venezualan place" after work today...

I'm not super fussy and I eat everything from Mexican to sushi...but I've never had Venezualan food....what is it like? Any recommendations or personal favorites?
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Okay, so tonight I am auditioning for the musical Oklahoma! at my community theatre. I was in this production last year at my high school. All I know is that I need to have 16 measures of a song to sing and I need to bring shoes I feel comfortable dancing in. I'm trying to figure out what to sing and I'm just going to wear my show choir jazz shoes.

So, with that said, has anyone ever auditioned for something pretty big like this? Does anyone have any tips for auditioning? Should I wear jeans?
My mind is kind of mush right now because I'm really nervous!
I audition at 7 p.m. central time!
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DVD-in-the-mail services?

I'm not bitching about Netflix this time, I promise.

I'm just curious, of those who have any DVD-by-mail service (Netflix, Blockbuster, Walmart, etc), how many movies do you have in your queue/list?

EDIT: Wow I guess I'm a freak? I have 336 in there right now, but I've had as high as 438...

Station wagons

Doesn't anyone make station wagons anymore?! I checked Toyota, Mazda, Lexus, Chevy, Kia, Cadillac, couldn't get at the Saturn site at work - I can't think of any other car manufacturers.

I don't need a minivan, I really don't need an SUV or a truck, but I need more trunk/cargo space than a hatchback or a sedan. So I was thinking station wagon....but apparently not!

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Does anyone here use ImTOO DVD? Well I just got it and put an episode of SATC on my iPod it worked wonderfully. So I decided to try and put Almost Famous on next. Well the picture is perfect but there's no sound. Anyone know why and/or how to fix this? Thanks! :)

Did you take time off before going to grad school? How long?

Girls, when you shave your legs, which leg do you shave first?

Anyone have any tips for getting a comforter to stay in the duvet without bunching up? That gets really annoying! Haha.
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car question

The muffler fell off my car. The pipe on it was very rusted and it fell off where it connects to the cat. I took it to show a mechanic at an exhaust system repair shop, and he said they would have to replace the cat as well as the muffler. He also said there was a minor exhaust leak, which I don't understand. If there's no muffler, then *all* the exhaust is just pouring out, right? That's hardly a "minor leak..." I don't get it. Can anyone explain?
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I always used to 'wtf' whenever I'd see a movie/television show and the women on it would talk about lying about their weight on their driver's license. It wasn't until recently that I realised that, duh, some states do have that stuff on them.

So my question is, what state(/province/country) are you from, and is your weight on your license? Is it the correct one? What information is on your license?

(DOB, DL#, expiration date, class of license, height, eye colour, sex)

Another thing I've been wondering is about abbreviations. 'TDL' is the shorthand for 'Texas driver's license', but what do you call, say, a California driver's license, since CDL is a different class of license? I have to write down license numbers of many different people at work sometimes, and I always just use the state abbreviation unless it's a Texas one.

On a similar subject, when people refer to the Texas Department of Transportation, they typically call it 'Texdot'. What do you call yours?
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Jigsaw puzzles

Does anyone else still like to do jigsaw puzzles, or am I the only person on earth under 80 years old who does?

.... And seeing as the first few responses says "Wow, I'm not prematurely ancient" in my taste in entertainment, would prople be interested at all in a puzzle-swapping community? Since paying $15+ apiece for individual puzzles can get old quickly.

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So, I'm hoping to see what's-his-name-who-lived-in-a-globe-of-water-for-eight-days on tv tonight. What time is it on (hopefully I haven't missed it!) and what network? Oh yeah and it'd be nice to actually know what crazy water guy's name is, too. I used to know but it has slipped my mind.
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1 Wish

If you could have 1 wish with the following restriction:

It can not be for material gain, i.e. money, car, a lover.

Think of it as a wish to alter an aspect of reality, or bring a change in something...

What would your wish be?????
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Do you think that the way a person looks has a serious effect on what they're personality?

The reason I ask: I know this girl from high school, and she's been a friend for four years now. Recently, I met another girl who looks amazingly similar to the first girl I mentioned, and as I've been getting to know her I find that she has a lot of the same mannerisms and habbits. I've asked them both, and they have never heard of or met the other. I thought this was quite strange. (And no, neither are adopted, so that rules out the possibility of being long-lost sisters.)

what did I get myself into?!

How hard is it to drive a U-Haul truck? Keep in mind I'm from the midwest, the biggest things I've ever driven is a station wagon, and this would be a 14-foot Uhaul truck. Oh and we would be driving to New Jersey (I'm not worried about the trip on the interstate, but driving in town in NJ in even my little car is difficult).
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Oh dear

So today a friend of mine comes over and tells me that she's taking me somewhere Saturday, but won't tell me where or anything about it other than I "might enjoy it."

The only thing I can think of that would make her say that would be a strip club or something, and it's kinda close to my birthday... I can't think of anything else, though!

Where do you think she's taking me?

Do your friends/relatives do stuff like this? Does it drive you mad?

Does your library name the computers? If yes, do you always use a certain computer?

I normally use Edinburgh (what's with naming them after cities?) because he has a scroll wheel on his mouse, but he's almost always taken lately. D:

EDIT: Oh, I knew I forgot a question!

Lately I've been waking up an hour before my alarm goes off. This really, REALLY sucks and I'd love to stop doing it, but it just happens every day. Any suggestions on what I could do to help myself avoid this?
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I know this is lame, but...

I was watching the very last 7th Heaven, and my boyfriend called before the last commercial break. What happened? I think they got married, right?

Also, I'm applying to Old Navy, and thinking of applying at Barnes and Noble, B. Dalton, and Waldenbooks. Any suggestions?
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Landlord Troubles

I recently moved and I'm having difficulty with my landlord. She keeps letting workers in and out of my apartment, and I'm tired out it. I've only gotten over 24-hours notice one time, and the rest of the time she calls me either after they've finished or after they've already gone inside.

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Any ideas on how to take robitussen(sp?) without gagging, or getting sick? Anything to mix it with or SOMETHING. I have a terrible cough and I have some pretty bad issues with the flavor of it.
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kahlua commercial music?

Anyone know what the music (lots of strings, other orchestral, no vocals) from the kahlua commercials is? I can find sites that give the ad agency, and stuff that says when and what channels the ads start. no luck on the actual song title.

These are the "kahlua, the everyday exotic" commercials, with the people walking alligators, and pet baby tigers, and all that.


Answered! y'all are awesome.

The song is apparently Bajofondo Tango Club - Montserrat

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Anyone know what happened with David Blaine? That was tonight, right?

Edit: Thanks for your quick responses, guys! And yeah, that's lame. Glad I didn't watch it then. Well, on second thought, I guess holding your breath for 8 minutes isn't really lame, because I sure as hell couldn't do it, but that was a whole lot of hype.

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Should I stay up all night and study for my final tomorrow?

Considering that I have to be at work at 730am-4pm and my final is at 6. I really don't want to be sleepy at work and fuck things up, and I'm not sure how much good it would do to take a final on no sleep.

However, I have a bad grade in the class and studying for a few hours might at least get me a C or D, which is better than an F. right? But maybe its not worth it, since I am probably leaving school/changing majors anyway.

But if I don't study, should I even bother showing up for the final, just to get a bad grade? Really, what is the point just to get a 50%. But if I don't show, my friend who works in the grad office will be pretty mad at me for blowing it off. What should I do?