May 7th, 2006

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HIV testing

So I was thinking about HIV testing and spreading. As of now, it is illegal for someone to disclose that another person has HIV/AIDS (I don't know all the specifics, but it is). Because of this, someone with the virus can easily spread it to other people without possible victims being notified. I thought of a solution which is very idealistic but I think could work in practice.

Have free HIV testing, which already exists, but you would be given a number and you could decide who to make your records available to. Since the testing would be free, there would be no excuse not to get it. If you wanted to sleep with someone, you could ask them for permission to view their records, which would be accessible online or by phone with some kind of username or number and password. Breaches of privacy would not be an issue because records could not be seen without your consent, but if you did not consent, the person would know something was wrong.

It is obviously not a perfect solution- if you have contracted the virus within 6 months, it may not be detected. And you could still give someone your testing results now, but I imagine this to be a bigger and more widespread thing, with frequent testing.

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How do you cure loneliness?

(I tried ramming my head into large steel objects, but that seems to only work for curing frustration and anger.  Works well for that, though...)
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Commercial Clip

Ok Questionclub, I need help finidng a video clip. I was telling a friend of mine about it and he demanded I send it to him, but I have no earthly idea where I saw it.

It's a european commercial for... something. The premise: A guy walks into a bathroom and uses the urinal. Another guy comes up and does the same and asks for a light. First guy says, "Sure.. oh, hold this for a second." ... Yes, that. It basically ends up with 3 guys, uh, assisting each other, and the product/service pitch after they leave.

Anyone know what I"m talking about or where to find it? And it's really not as dirty as it sounds. :P

Bleeding out of place

Have you ever had sex and bled? And not been on your period and it wasn't your first time either? What does this mean? I heard that it's skin tearing or something like that...
I'm just wondering, because it happened recently and I'm curious/worried/scared as to why this happened, and hopefully looking for a way to prevent it in the future, because it scared me and my boyfriend just a little. :)
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I've been extremly depressed the past few days.
Does anyone have any good ideas about what I should do to feel better?
The only person I can talk to is extremly busy until Tuesday, so talking to a friend is out.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

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when i was little (late 1980s/early 1990s) i had some sort of board game with grasshoppers. they were plastic with little metal legs and little green plastic "feet" (the feet were round). they had suction cups on the bottom and you'd stick them to the board and maybe you had to catch them when they popped up, but i'm not sure. i'm also not too sure this was a board game at all, actually, but i remember the grasshoppers very well because they hung around my house for a long time.

anyone know what this was called? i tried google but only got stuff about real grasshoppers.

this is my mspaint of the grasshoppers. the plastic part was pretty detailed and they had a head with bug eyes and POSSIBLY antennae as well.

EDIT: tried a different google search (i didn't mention suction cups this time) and found it. it was grabbin' grasshoppers! MAN I AM SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA. also here is a real photograph of those grasshoppers. i did that so well from memory jsdfkdsk i am an arTEEST

so here's a new question...

what's your favorite kind of cheesecake?

Drinking/Partying songs

There is only so much googling one can do before they turn to their other sources...
I am looking for songs about drinking or partying or just having a really good time. they can be from any genre of music from any decade. So can anyone give me new ideas of what to download?
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in a hurry...

I need to get to my sons baseball i need some quick answers. My sink/garbage disposal is all clogged...even after taking apart the pipes and checking to see if anything was clogging it...there is figuring some liquid plumber or something will take care of it. Not in the mood to spend a lot of money on something that won't take care of the problem. What are your suggestions and/or what have you used that works?! I'm gonna finish getting ready while i wait for some responses...THANK YOU! :)

stolen from cwnojr on randomthought

to be "p.c" (politcally correct) or not...
"mexican/american" "african/america" "chinese/american?

what gets me is - where the fuck was all this when i was growing up?
when i would fill out some kind of form or another - the question was:

black (check box)
white (check box)
other (other)

i was always "other" and that didn't change until i got out of high school and somewhere in my twenties i went from being "other" to "mexican" to "hispanic" to "of latin descent" to "hispanic origin"
fuck that
i want to go back to being "other"

in checking the boxes/marking the lines -

what do you chose as ethnicity?
are you old enough to remember choosing "other" if you had to?
do you think it matters to those who read the forms what you are?
should it matter? why?
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I just made a myspace...for whatever reasons, and I need to know how to add friends. Like, how do I becomme someone's friend? I know there are dozens of MS users who read this thing, so, any tips here?
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How exactly does one go about expatriating his- or herself (or emigrating to another country)?

I don't know if I'll ever actually do it, but I've looked into applying for citizenship in another country (mostly Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Britain, and Australia), but I can't find info that really goes into it. The most I can find is that you should apply for a work visa but then you can only really get a visa for certain work, work that I'm not in. Is there another way to do this? Maybe everything I'm reading is just contradicting something else I've read so I'm just really confused.
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Cry me a river.

01. What's your crying "technique"? For example, do you sob silently, or are you a wailer? Do you prefer to be alone, or are you comfortable crying in front of other people?

02. When was the last time you cried because of "real life" reasons/issues?

03. When was the last time you cried because of a song/book/TV programme/film?
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My eyes burn

Not sure how to feel.

Say you had been dating someone for the past two years who was everything you thought (and still do) you wanted and considered in a significant other. They came over to your apartment recently unannounced to break up with you because they didn't want to progress the relationship any further.

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You wake up the next day and you feel like absolute shit and balled your eyes out and ended up writing about the situation. What would you do in that predicament?


Hi, I'm in the midst of a religion project, and I am wondering if there are any Anglicans or Episcopalians who could answer these questions:
Are non-Anglicans allowed to share in communion?
Are lay people allowed to distribute communion?

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If I were to get a phone card... or whatever they are called and use my home phone, would it show exactly where I was calling to and that I was using a card.. and how long I was talking for??

I am paranoid.
Thank you for your help.

Self cleaning

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In the interest of delaying working on the project I have due tomorrow, I shall ask a couple questions about it. So, TQC members, I need your opinions.

The project is a proposal for a health promotion program. Mine is to improve knowledge of osteoporosis in a certain population. It's meant to be written as if we were submitting this for approval and funding for our program.

There are certain sections the professor requires, namely a literature review, the rationale and justification, the program itself, the evaluation of the program (surveys, etc.), and then the appendices. Should I put in a divider sheet in between the sections (what I was thinking was a page that just said "Literature Review," or whatever the section would be? If I do that, does that page get numbered or not?

Also, with the appendices, I have to include all handouts that would be given to the program participants, the surveys, my resume and then the research approval forms from the university. Are those considered separate appendices (Appendix A: Handouts, Appendix B: Survey, etc)?

Thanks TQC, you always help a girl procrastinate!

(no subject)

1. How much do you judge a potential love interest by his or her occupation/career path?

2. Do you have any actual "tests" you have given a s/o or potential s/o? Have you ever been "tested" yourself that you know of or suspect? What is your general opinion of doing this?

3. What is the most recent thing you learned for the first time?

4. Do you feel that it makes a male any less masculine to shave his genitals (or any other body hair)?
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Any percussionists out there? I have to analyze the movie music to Finding Neverland and I'm pretty sure this one instrument being used is the one where it's short little silver chimes and you play them by running your fingers through. They make a very shimmery, magical sound. I've been calling them "finger chimes" but I want to know, is there another (better?) technical term for them? Or am I right?

They might look something like these:

which is described as "finger chimes," "classic chimes," and "tree chimes." huh? Are those all right?

No guesses please, I'm looking for one specific answer here or else I'll just stick to "finger chimes"
The Receptionist Classic

How much is in that pocketbook?

How much did a gallon of gas cost when you started driving? What year was that?
(1997 and gas was $1.47/gal.)

How much would you pay for a purse? What if it was The Purse, your own holy grail?
($25, tops. Ever. Even if it was the Holy Grail of purses. Although I am beginning to believe that my Holy Grail doesn't exist.)

And speaking of cheap-ish purses, do you know of any places online (besides eBay) that have good ones I can check out?
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yarrrrrr windows yarrrrrrr

i'm currently running XP professional. the latest windows update i installed caused a notification upon restart at the log-in screen that i have a non-genuine version of windows. when i logged into windows, a pop-up and notifications came appeared saying i might be a victim of "software counterfeiting" as they put it. there's also an icon in my system tray (wgatray.exe)
has anyone else experienced this? is the latest windows update meant to annoy the crap out of those who might have an illegal copy of windows installed? anything to be concerned about or should i just get rid of this nuisance?
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Is anyone here good with photoshop and willing to help me for a small assignment?

my computer completly died yesturday, and I'm having alot of trouble finding access to another computer with photoshop. It's a really easy assignment, and it's due tommorow. If I could get my computer working it would be so easy for me to do :(

I took my computer to get fixed, but I don't know if it will be done by tonight. any help would be appreciated alot and I would be forever in your debt =)

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A few years ago, I stumbled onto a website that showed an extrapolated view of Mona Lisa, from the front. They took the image, mirrored it, and combined both sides to create an approximate front view. There was also a very short video clip showing the Mona Lisa from the left, then front, then right, as if she was turning her head slightly. I've searched and searched, but can't find that site. Does anyone know the url?
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Every time I bring up the Internet, my mom thinks I go to

I don't think so!

What are some misconceptions your parents have about your online habits?
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LOTR question

This is for the college students...

Has anyone ever been assigned or heard of classes that have assigned The Lord of the Rings for reading in college? What about in survey classes?
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Who sings the version of "I might like you better (if we slept together)" that they've been playing on the radio (well, certain radios) recently?
I keep downloading older versions or crazy remixes, I want the electro pop-y one.

and while I'm asking, this song is for a "Freud"-themed mix cd. any more suggestions?


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A good friend of mine is studying abroad in Italy this summer, and she leaves after Mother's Day. What are some good gift ideas? She already has a journal, but I wanted to get her something relating to Italy.
Thus far I was going to print out a cute picture of her and I and put it in a frame, but after that, I'm lost...

I graduate from college in exactly two weeks, and absolutely loathe that hat I have to wear. My friends and I have decided decorate ours. For those who graduated college, did you do anything like that? Did you get in trouble?

I'm planning on putting a thin pink ribbon around the edge of that part that goes into a point on my forehead, and then on the top, my friends and I were going to put our nicknames in fabric paint.
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I recently got the first "peeling" sunburn I've ever had in my life.

I had a tiny tiny mole on my leg that's been there as long as I can remember. However, after the burn, it suddenly got bigger and darker. It's still not very big...MUCH smaller than the size of a pencil eraser. More like...the tip of a veryvery blunt pencil. However, it has itched, peeled a bit, and now it's started bleeding a teeny bit from the center. The border appears smooth, but up veryvery close it's a teeny bit asymmetrical. Or maybe I'm just freaking out. It's worrying me...should I get it checked out?

How many times have you had a bad, peeling sunburn?
Do you purposefully tan? Using a bed, or the natural sun?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A75 that turns off whenever I lay it flat on my desk because it over heats. I can prop it up so that the back's an inch or so off the table and it happens less often, but it happens once in a while. I bought it in October from CompUSA and purchased a 2 year service plan as well. Should I take it to CompUSA to see if they can do anything or should I buy a laptop cooler? Any suggestions on a laptop cooler?


1. How do you cite an essay used as a source on a MLA-format Works Cited page?

[edited] 2. About how much would it cost to ship a car from Sacramento, CA to western Massachusetts?
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What President do you think has been the best OR worst since World War II in terms of fulfilling their official and unofficial functions?

Harry Truman
Dwight Eisenhower
John Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George Bush
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush

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1.) What's the most efficient way to cut a mango?

2.) Today I went to the Franklin Institue and the employee working the iMax theater let me and a friend in for free, and gave us free passes to the rest of the muesem. We wrote him a thank you note and left it with his coworker.
-What's the last time someone did something randomly nice for you? What was it? Have you ever done something randomly nice for a stranger?

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Did anyone watch Cold Case tonight? Why was Scotty beating up that guy? Did he do something to him, or did Scotty just decide to go Sean Penn?

And what Financial aid are you/did you get for college? How much per year? [Like $500 from Pell, $5000 from Stafford, $4000 from EOP]

What's the best way to tell someone that you love them? Because we're close, but not dating [he might not even be aware], should I say "love", "like a lot", or "care deeply". Another one of my friends said to say "care deeply", but I'm afraid he might think it's a platonic sentiment [we're good friends]. Should I try to be creative? Serious? What are some ways NOT to back out?

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(no subject)

What's the most utterly moronic thing you've seen, read, or heard lately?

For me it was this article in my local newspaper.

I especially like the "obedience to Christ bringd hope" part.

What are you still not doing?

I'm still not showering or doing my homework. I suck.

Do you feel like a man/woman?

EDIT: Link fixed.
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(no subject)

1. Say Person A says something less than flattering to Person B about Person C. Person B doesn't believe it and tells Person A that Person A is wrong. By correcting Person A, is Person B also effectively defending Person C, although defence may not have been their intention?

2. What is your definition of love?
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Okay. My skills at Wikipedia are failing me. Is there any article there that deals with large families? If not, never mind. Thanks!
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i used to have this problem before with my break lights, and then it stopped. every now and again it resurface, and it's doing so again now.

when i turn the car off, the break lights will not go out. it started a couple days ago, and at first if i just tapped the break pedal, they'd go out. today i could not get them to go out for anything, and i'm afraid whne i go back to my car it'll be dead.

what the hell's wrong?

and more car problems (this car's a shitter lately). it's acting lately like the power steering fluid might be low, occasionally the steering wheel gets really hard to turn, especially when driving really slowly, like pulling into a parking space. but, the fluid looks pretty good to me.

and finally. every now and then, when i'm pushing the gas, the car does not respond at all, at least not for a bit, and then it sort of jerks forward and finally will accelerate. my sis thinks it's the fuel filter... and i will get it checked out this week, and probably this other shit, too, just wondered what people thought.
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(no subject)

for the person looking for the cooking site where you can pick what you have and it comes up with recipes:

i tried to find the post to comment but i have no patience and after awhile every post looks the same. :(

now for my question: what do you collect? i like giraffes and paper. mostly stationery, but other kinds, too.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have any logical, academic reasons as to why a country would publish a newspaper in a language other than their native language?

For a specific example, and the paper I'm looking at, The China Daily is a Chinese newspaper written in English. Why would this be?
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What's the most truly beautiful thing you've ever seen on the Internet?

Mine: The week of John Peel's death, "Teenage Kicks" made a sudden and unprecedented appearance in the (which was AudioScrobbler at the time) weekly charts. It disappeared the week after, and I haven't noticed any similar trends, but I thought it was really lovely.
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