May 6th, 2006

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Is it fair of me to not be attracted to girls that are excessivly overweight but hate the socialized tendancy of girls to always think they need to lose weight and look thinner?

6 or so comments late edit - My preference is "normal". Someone that looks like they could run a mile (even if they can't) but will still eat at McDonald's and not order their plastic salads. (Not the container... the lettuce is plastic.)
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For you medically inclined TQC peeps

Last night, at 2 am, I woke up feeling like I couldn't breathe. My heart was pounding at a fast rate in my chest, and I took slow, steadying breaths to calm myself down. I didn't have a nightmare, and this has never happened to me before; I'm curious.

My background: I have hypothyroidism and take synthroid. For the past three days, I have been having a medium-sized mocha at breakfast and Dr Pepper at perhaps more caffeine than I usually drink. Can this be the cause for what happened last night, or something else? Thanks in advance!
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Peaches and Migraines

Two very unrelated questions.

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2. Do you get migraines? If you do, I have a few questions.
a) How often do you get them?
b) Have you been able to pinpoint what triggers them? If so, what?
c) What symptoms do you experience?
d) How do you deal with them? Do you take medicine? If so, what kind? How long does it take to work?
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What is barring FDA approval of the HPV vaccine in the United States?

Are there other countries presently working on the vaccine?

Edit: Yeah, I know "the fundies" are against it. But popular opinion isn't the only thing that affects FDA approval -- there has to be a key person/people or funding that affects it. Can anyone be more specific? And oh, please keep value judgments out of here. We know that there's no good reason to delay this vaccine.
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1. Why do you think that exes so often can't get along? Not meaning to imply either that there's only one reason or that all ex-couples can't be friends.

2. Why do some parts of the body bruise so much more easily than others? I crushed my finger at work the other day, and there's barely a shadow of a bruise, but that same force would have turned my thigh all sorts of rainbow colors. Is it a fat/soft tissue kind of thing?

3. For someone whose primary computer need is "isn't a piece of crap" (read: not a Dell), what would you recommend? I don't do a lot of intense computer stuff (no gaming, video/sound/picture editing, etc.), so I don't need, like, a 5GHz processor and six gigs of RAM, but I'd like it to last a while (3 years) and be under $1500. I'm also open to windows or mac. Oh, and I think it needs to be a laptop.

4. How much do you pay for broadband service? As far as I can tell, there is no standalone service in this city (Chicago) for under $50/mo, and that's fucking RIDICULOUS. If you're in Chicago and have found this to be untrue, please, share.

5. If you were required to change one aspect (or pair of matching aspects) of your body, what would it be, and how would you change it?

6. How would you feel if your livejournal and all its contents were irretrievably deleted right now?

7. Am I a boy or a girl? HAR HAR HAR. [Edit: I didn't really intend for anyone to answer this one.]

Yet again, I had a mental post composed with, I swear, a dozen questions, and they're all gone now. I need to write this crap down.
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Who's your "type"?

Everyone is attracted to different things. That's a given.

So, is there one physical characteristic that gets you every time? Are you an "ass man"? Do you go for a guy with a nice head of hair?

What about things other than body parts? Certain traits or personalities that make you melt immediately? Not something you find out over time, like he's nice to stray budgies or helps orphans carry their gruel bowls, but something you notice immediately?

For me, its a nice set of arms, and a British accent.
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where to park?

Hi all ~

The gym that I go to is located in a complex with many other businesses - dry cleaners, restaurants, and the like. A trend that I've noticed is that these other businesses will put homemade signs in front of the parking spots in front of their stores that say "parking for dry cleaners only" or "parking for restaurant only."

More out of curiosity than anything else, I wonder what's going to happen to me if I park in one of those spaces while I'm at the gym. Will I get a notice, will I get towed, or are these hand-painted signs pretty much unenforcable? Especially in the after-work hours, every parking spot in the complex is full, so I'm always tempted to park there, but haven't done so yet.

Is there any kind of law or ordinance which says a business can block off certain parking spots for their customers, when they're located in a complex full of other businesses? Does this vary by state or county? Do you have any experience with this? Again, at this point I'm more amused by the homemade signs than anything else, but if I ever get serious about this gym thing I think I'll get tempted to park in the first spot that I find, regardless of whether it's "protected" or not.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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Does anyone know any good sites that has-

Information on different college majors (all kinds- from associates to bachelors to masters to phd)
including: description about it, what kind of classes you would be taking in this major, what possible jobs you can get with it, average salary for a graduate of this major, job market, etc.

Also, a site (can be same or different) on different jobs, including information on: salaries, "a day in the life of..." this job, market outlook, what kind of major needed, what kind of responsibilities this job has, and what kind of person does well in this job, etc.



I have to do a whole presentation for one of my classes and it is due tuesday, it was assigned to me yesterday so I don't have much time to do this, I plan on working on it majorly tomorrow. I will do a power point, mabye a poster, and some other things.

The presentation is on American Sign Language. I would love to use music in my powerpoint, does anyone have a good song???

Any other suggestions on ideas or things that I might want to include is always welcome, I don't have a lot of idea and haven't started searching for info yet, the only thing I know for sure is I have a class list and everyone will get their name in sign language on a piece of paper, and some other words, what other words should I put that are essential??

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This is a really weird question.

I've been having horrible nightmares lately. I'm not a lucid dreamer at all, so I don't realize it's "just a dream" until after I wake up (and sometimes even then it takes awhile). They're bad enough that I'm starting to dread going to sleep at night. Do any of you have any suggestions for dealing with them?

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What's that nurse hotline? I could really use it about now.

Can not eating for ~15 hours make you get nauseated, then hot, then make everything go black/grey until you sit down? (I didn't do it on purpose. D: )

Anyone here a Gaiman fan? Favorite Gaiman books? I just finished Neverwhere and just got to the third part of American Gods.
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About a week ago there was a female comedian on Comedy Central, around 3am... I'm trying to remember her name. She mostly did racial humor-- her whole schick was being horribly offensive, making fun of audience members, etc. I remember her using the word "cunt" like five times. Any idea who I'm talking about?

Edit: It was Lisa Lampanelli. Thanks guys!
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Air Conditioning

Ok...with the summer months coming, I have a question.

Ok.... I think this an interesting statement, but I have been told if you have a wall unit air conditioner, that the energy consumed is the same if you have it on "low" or "FULL blast"......right or wrong???

See because I can kinda belive him about the energy intake would be consistant, but it seems to good to be true that you would not be conserving energy having it on "low" verse just going the 9 yards...."FULL blast"

What do you think??

Does anyone know?
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Just bought a Continental L-35 never-before-used camera for a few bucks, with a detachable flash (Continental FL-300). Unfortunately, it came with no manual. The only other info I know about it has a 50 MM lens and was FPC Quality passed (or so says the sticker.) Anyone know anything about this camera? Or any good sites that would help me find out more info (preferrably one about older cameras, since this looks to be a bit old.) Is it just a piece of crap camera? Help. Anyone?
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I'm going to my friend's sister's engagement party next week. How much is appropriate to put in the card? I'm not close to her but still.

What are some good dress ideas to wear to an engagement party? Obviously not a ball gown but I have no idea. I've never been to one and I'm bad at stuff like this.
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Looking for an MMORPG...

All right, I just started playing again on a couple of games I forgot about, and now there's a memory of another one nagging at me.

It was one of those MMORPGs, downloadable online, 3d graphics. It started off on a newbie island and there was a helpful fairy or two hanging around. The thing that I remember best was finding a flower or leaf hat and putting it on, and it was actually a big plant on my head.

I'm certain it isn't: Fairyland, Nexus TK, Dark Ages, Silkroad, Monster & Me, MapleStory.
I'm not as certain, but fairly sure, that it isn't: FlyFF. <- I see some people on there selling 'Leaf' outfits but I don't see anyone running around wearing leaves...
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Has anyone had any issues with their laptop screens going to black? As I sit here with mine, it randomly now and then goes black (not screen saver black, but black like the screen is off). I bumped it and it came back on, and since then, I've noticed if I tap or bump it when it's black, it comes back on. Moving the mouse around or pressing keys doesn't have the same effect.

Any ideas on what might be wrong? I have an extended warranty on it, so I will probably end up taking it in on Monday. However, I have a huge project due Monday, so I'm hoping I can get through the weekend with it.

Printer features comparison

My Googlefu escapes me.

Is there a website that allows you to select printer features you want (must have this, must have that, etc) and return to you a list of printers that fit the description?

I'm looking for a printer that is portable, actually works, doesn't cost a bazillion dollars inkwise, and has individual colour inks (not tricolour). having a scanner and a copier is a bonus but not necessary.
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It's been a while...
I just want random stranger's opinions because not one of my friends have seen my possible dresses. lol. I refuse to let anyone except my mom/grandma see. haha!

warning, they're BIG!

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most important question, how do you like the first one? will it do?
right now, it's what i think i might restort to wearing as my backup... since i can't find anything that i absolutely LOVE or looks good on me... i hate not being 5'9" and a size 2. :(
what would noel edmunds do?

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do you know any instances where a group or individuals have made an impact on contemporary politics? for example a protest that brought about changes in policies, preferably in the last 2 decades


what do you put in salads?/ what is the ideal salad?

what websites and communities are your favourite at the moment?

what food makes you feel good/bad?

has anyone ever taken St Johns Wart or Oregano complex and do they work?

can anyone lick their elbow? (it is possible)

do you have a type of film that you always like? i like british gangster films, films about football hooligans and films about drug trafficking. anything with real cockney accents

what is your favourite/ least favourite accent
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If you were an igloo, what kind of igloo would you be?

I ask this to pretty much everybody I meet, and some people that I don't meet, but just see on the street or in the halls. There's not a ton of depth into it, but I love different answers.
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Would your average gas station carry Djarum Blacks? Also, what's the correct way to pronounce Djarum? I've heard it said many different ways, but I'm not sure which one is right.

Edit: Thanks guys! Luckily, even my small town in Maine has a tobacco store. And now I won't sound like an ass when I ask for them. :)

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I currently have a horrible cold and headache. My exams start on Monday (and continue for another two weeks) and I am not completely prepared for them. Should I study tonight (tomorrow is a study day anyway) or get an early night to try and get rid of this cold?

Answers to the usual address.

P.S. I have been working at my part time job today as well which is why I haven't been studying today.
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Augh. I apolgoze for the repeat question, but I can't find the answer anywhere. The site that lets you say "I have these ingredients", and gives you a list of recipes. What is it?

Do anti-histamines knock you the fuck out?

What are you not doing?

They knock me the hell out, and I don't trust myself to work on my psychology homework or my English paper right now.
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In laws

1. How close are you with your SO's relatives?

2. If you are close, did this happen easily or did you have to work at learning to like each other?

3. Which family member do you feel the closest to?

I can't stand my boyfriend's parents. I wish they would move to another country. Really.
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Okay, I've been to a few free music downloading sites and I can't find the song I'm looking for. It's called "The Question Song" by Tom Wilson (the guy that played Biff in Back To The Future), it's been run on the Bob & Tom Show before, and I just can't find it. I've tried Ares and Limewire. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks a lot!
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I have a sinus infection and I started anti-biotics today. Any quick fixes for the laryngitis/chest congestion though? I really need this to go away by tomorrow night. I need to be able to speak/sing well. Thanks.

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So I like flavoured vodka, and wanted to try flavouring some myself. The flavours I like are strawberry and vanilla. Has anyone here ever flavour vodka at home, or know how to do it? I was talking to a friend who said I should just shove some chopped-up strawberries in a bottle of Smirnoff and leave it for a while (having done this herself before), but another friend said I'd get a better flavour by pulping the berries before mixing them with the vodka, leaving it a while and then straining out the fruit pulp. Neither had any idea as to how much vanilla I should use for that flavour.

Any ideas? Cheers.

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Anyone have a yoga DVD they'd like to recommend?

Favorite pose?

Age you got started in yoga?

Have you ever taken a break from yoga, and if so, did you have a hard time getting back into it?


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Why did my digital camera just stop working?
I changed the batteries and it did not get whacked, it just won't turn on.

If your roommate forgets to flush the toilet, what do you do? This isn't a daily instance, but it does happen more times than I'd like.
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mandated paid sick leave

what do you think of a city requiring businesses to have paid sick leave?  and why? 

my city is going to be voting in a week on creating an ordinance requiring all businesses with 5+ employees that work more than 12 hr/week to give them all 70 hours of paid sick time per year. 
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If you were on your way to get ice cream with two of your friends and you ran over a cat would you cry? Would you still go get ice cream?
My friend ran over a cat when we were going to get ice cream tonight and he really didn't seem too upset about it though he said he was. I couldn't believe that he still got ice cream. I wanted to kick him in the face.
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Tzatziki sauce

I've had tzatziki sauce in my fridge since Monday night, in a closed container. Will it still be safe to eat tomorrow morning / afternoon / evening, or should I just throw it out now?
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