May 5th, 2006

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Are any of you afraid of flying? What do you hate about it? How do you deal with it?

I'm terrified of airplanes - takeoff and landing are the worst - this has just started in the past few years. I'll be on a plane tomorrow for a total of ten hours and I'm *freaking* out. :(

Firefox and LJ layouts

So, I'm trying out Firefox again. The last time, the sucker kept crashing, so I gave up and went back to IE.

I like Firefox a lot, I really do. Honestly. The only thing I don't like (unless it keeps crashing again) is the fact that my webpage layouts always look different when I use it. For instance, my current LJ layout (iamleaper) looks centered on IE, but on Firefox, it's aligned left. It does this for every page I code.

What's the difference that makes it do this? More importantly, how do I fix it so that it's both IE- and Firefox-compatible? Can anyone advise, if they've had a similar problem? (I can't be the only one, can I?)

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so i'm supposed to give a talk on a highschool overnight retreat this weekend.

my subject? BALANCE. (note the irony in starting this at 1 in the morning)

any suggestions for what i should put in? i'm mostly stuck on how to start.

thanks for all responses.

two unrelated questions (both are bugging me)

1) my university library says that i still have a book out that i distinctly remember returning. i turned it into the drop box with a bunch of other books. i'm going there tomorrow to return the rest of my books. what do i do? am i going to have to wind up paying for this book?

2) during my stress of finals, i coughed with a small amount of coffee in my mouth, and this went onto the keyboard of my laptop. well, now my "f" key is sticking. it still works, but it's really bothering me. this is the only key that is misbehaving, as it was a very small mess. (i actually didn't think anything had gotten into the keyboard.) so, how do i go about cleaning this safely? can i clean this? do i need to take it somewhere, as i know absolutely nothing about computers?

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Can someone well-versed in the art of *playing* help a girl out? ;P

I'm a very straight-forward, hate-games kind of person, and that's always worked out wonderfully for me, but I'm in this vague *thing* with a commitmentophobe, freedom-loving, game-playing guy and I'm totally out of my element. What are the "rules"? Are there any? How long am I supposed to wait before I call him (ie. When I asked when I'd see him again, I got "Let's keep this spontaneous." AUGH), etc.. I do not understand this crap. This is ridiculous, but I do want to give it a chance, so someone please tell me what those no-strings-attached, don't-hold-me-down kind of people want from someone else. :/

Thank you!

Edit: I'm not "doing nothing", so please don't suggest that. ;)

Edit again: since apparently this is necessary, yes, I know he doesn't and never will want a relationship, and I know I'm just sex. I'm fine with all that - moving on~

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i think im just going to restore my computer in in its entirety.

What would be the best way to save all the pictures that i have on it?
And music...i have 2000 + songs so burning them on to cds isnt an option..
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hold me like the river jordan?

1. which country do you think has more racism per capita?

a. america or the uk?
b. america or france?
c. america or italy?
d. america or germany?
e. america or australia?
f. australia or the uk?
g. the uk or france?
h. france or germany?
i. france or italy?
j. america or sweden?
k. america or canada?
l. canada or the uk?

2. which country do you think has the reputation as "most racist?

3. which do you think is "least racist"?

4. do you think there are any countries whose reputation is either unfairly bad or unfairly good?
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Help me choose a belt?

I'm having a miserable day today, and I've decided to go out in my lunch hour and treat myself. I want to buy a belt. I've only got one belt at the moment, which I'm not wearing today. It's a blue-green canvas one and the silver shine is rubbing off the clasp. I'd like to get something a little different. What should I get? I'm currently wearing black bootcut jeans, black leather ankle boots and a navy blue cap sleeve top. I'd like whatever I get to be something I can wear for the rest of the afternoon. I'm a UK size 14, and have the shops in the city centre in Cambridge (UK) to choose from. I don't want to spend more than about £10 if I can get away with it. What should I buy?

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Could anyone tell me how much I NEED to have in my account (without being charged) for both my checkings and savings @ Wells Fargo (I believe they're just the basic accounts...I have no clue.) I can't seem to find my answer online and I need to know. thanks.
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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo - is this a big thing in the States? I had heard of it before, but only realized this year that it's a festival of some sort, commemorating...something.

So, again, is this something that alot of people in the States celebrate (maybe in part due to the proximity to Mexico and South America)?

***Answered, thanks alot!!

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- I'm 20. I feel like I can't dance. I actually don't know whether or not I can, but I feel self-conscious in trying. You know, when you're out somewhere, a really good song comes on and people just bop around naturally? Yeah, that's so not me. Is there any hope for me? What can I do to get.. better?

- If you were a font, which one would you be and why?

- What did you dream last night?

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1. How do you eat your popcorn?
2. What flavor popcorn is your favorite?
3. What TV station do you watch most?
4. Do you regularly watch the news? (local or national)
5. What's better: power or money?

1. I eat my popcorn one kernel at a time
2. Extra butter, for sure
3. NBC or TNT
4. I usually watch the local news, and I usually have dinner when the national news is on, so yes.
5. I'd have to go with money.
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It was my belief that the majority of men are folders and the majority of women are scrunchers. According to a TV ad (in Australia, so don't worry that you haven't seen it ;)) a lot of men are scrunchers. So, how many people do NOT fit these toilet-paper stereotypes?
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mmm, foood.

Yo, TQC--

what's your favorite carryover-from-being-a-little-kid food?

(like macaroni-n-cheese, or fish sticks, or goldfish crackers... stuff that little kids will eat, that you still like.)

I had fish sticks last night, actually. wahah.

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Which trait could you best tolerate in a significant other? Which could you least tolerate?

-addicted to watching porn and masturbation
-chronic pothead. They're always carrying and smoke out every few hours
-2 pack a day smoker
-born-again Jesus freak (one of those types who name-drops Jesus every other sentence)
-ignorant no-nothin underachiever, with no interest in learning or improving their intellect

Procrastination strikes again!

So, as always, I've put something really, really big off until the last second. I'm in charge of decorating the stage for a choir concert...on Tuesday. I have absolutely no idea what to do. We have very, very little money to expend but boxes and boxes of fake flowers. There's also a place I can maybe go to, to get real flowers which we can..."borrow" for the concert. (I would have to get that number from my Director, and that would be a little tricky, as I don't have her phone number...Though I could find it.

Anyway, I realize this is a really open-ended question, but if you have any good ideas or pictures of cheaply decorated stages (god this is getting more pathetic by the minute!), I'd love if you could pass them on to me!
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How do you pronounce "turquoise?"

Edit: I am surprised no one pronounces it like "ter kwaaaahhz" like my grandma does. I don't even pronounce it that way, it sounds funny, but meh.


Where is the WEIRDEST place that you have a mole?
I have one on my fingertip, where the skin meets the underside of the nail.

What kinds of things give you the CHILLS?
I get the chills from broken fingernails ::shudder::, or anything resemling a broken finger.. like a straw bent back, or a scraggly popsicle stick. My friend gets chills from POROUS materials. Whatever that means. Oh also cardboard gives me the chills.

Do you get moody after orgasm?

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1. I would like to cook up lots of yummy food, freeze it in individual portions, and give it to my sweetie to take to work so he doesn't get fast food anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions for recipes or ideas for what I should make? Last night, I made turkey chili (it was quite yummy).

2. I've been having a problem with my bedsheets. I put them on the mattress every day, but in the morning, they've always come off the corner. This has never happened before, I have no idea how to stop it. I don't wiggle excessively (even if I did, i wouldn't be able to stop it). Any ideas to keep the sheets on the bed through the night? (I don't like waking up on the bare mattress)
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That 70's Show question

While channel surfing last night I saw the last 5 minutes of an episode of "That 70's Show" in which Jackie told Fez that she wants to be with him. Fez turned her down, and not very nicely. Was this a new episode? And if it was a re-run, what ever came of that situation? Did they never speak of it again? Or did they end up together eventually?

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Hot. I got laid off 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave work, I assume to prevent me from pillaging the supply cabinet. Fuckers, I still got correction tape! So my question is, aside from packing for a move and applying to new jobs, what fun stuff should I do with this two week vacation?
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anybody remember that show that used to be on in the late 90s, kind of like charades, and for one of the challenges you would have to stuff marshmellows in your mouth and say a word, and your partner would have to guess it???

o pioneer!

Have you read the Little House on the Prairie Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder?

My aunt gave the whole set to me when I was little, and I just gobbled them up. To this day, I still love those books, even though I can finish one in about 45 minutes. The imagery is wonderful- I know these are good books because when I read them, I can imagine myself in that world.

What's your favorite book in that series?

Mine is On the Banks of Plum Creek. I love the idea of living in the side of a hill, with a creek running through my front yard. I also really like Farmer Boy, as well. For some reason my least favorite is By the Shores of Silver Lake. It just didn't really get me interested.

If/when I have kids, I'm going to give these books to them with the hopes that they'll love them as much as I do.
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Cat stuff

First off: if anybody knows of a more appropriate lj community for me to ask this question, I'd love it if you'd share with me. Thanks.

My cat has been acting a little out of sorts for two or three days - he seems tired, or maybe even like he's got a little bit of a tummy ache or something. He hasn't been eating and seems disinterested in his food. He's laying around quite a bit (though he does that alot anyway, it just seems like he's doing it a bit more than normal).

Could he have some kind of tummy bug that's making him feel under the weather, or does this sound like something I should go to a vet about?

Rabbit help

Well, I went out to mow my lawn today (push mower not electric/gas) and I barely get started when I startle a baby rabbit into my window well. One of it's siblings has joined it down there. There seems to be a rabbit lair in my new lawn. I need to know who to contact in the McHenry county area of Illinois to help assist them. I don't want to touch them and potentially cause their demise. Anyone have any idea of who would be best to contact and what I can do for them in the meantime?

EDIT : Bunny Update - Boyfriend came home and helped me coax them into a box to move them back up by the nest. Checked on them a bit later and the nest was fatter and no more bunnies in the box.

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For those of you who use your digital camera a whole lot and share the pictures...

What is the easiest way to crop a lot of photos at once? (Sony Cybershot DSC-T9+picture package stuff)

No, they are not still on the camera.

Yes, I plan on making prints of some of them at some point.

Main point: I want to send them in an e-mail and have them be small enough to view and at the same time still preserve the quality (I know that I'm going to need 2 different pictures for this). Also, I want something existing or free. I really don't want to have to buy anything more.

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Why do movie trailers sometimes say at the end "Only In Theaters"?

Does this mean the movie isn't going to come out on video eventually?

And if it just means that the movie is only in theaters at this specific point in time...well, DUH! why bother saying something that should be common sense?

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Oh no. This amazing camp job I got fell through [on my part] thanks to the NYS Chemistry Regents. So, I'm looking for a job. I'm really tired of fast food [Subway and Dunkin Donuts really sucked]. What are some other TYPES of jobs a almost-high school grad can get? Do I just call these places, and ask if they're hiring? The only places that advertise are fast food :(

There's a little coffee shop that has a help wanted sign. Unforcently, it was close when I drove past, and it closes around four. And thanks to my lack-of-license, I can't get there while it's open. I want to see if I can work weekends until June 9th, when I can work whenever. Can I just call the place? It's a small, independent coffee shop, but is there still a formality to doing this? What should I say?

And, if I have to work fast food, is Panera a good place to work at?

What is your favorite thing to order at Panera? [I'm a fan of the Mango Ice and the Caesar Salad]
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So tomorrow I'm babysitting my 8 year old and 3 year old sister. What are some things I could involve them both in that doesn't involve lots of running around on my part (physically, I mean... I have a car, so I can take them places), doesn't involve the TV and doesn't cost a lot to do? The only place I could really take them would be to the park, but that would only last a few hours, and I'm not sure how the weather will be tomorrow.

Artsy-fartsy ideas? Games? Something? I suck at amusing young kids.
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Man, I am pissed off. I'm a clean freak and keep my part of the house spotless and immaculate. The rest of the people I live with live in almost squalor-like conditions.


1. Why do ants, centipedes, and other bugs stampede to my part of the house? I thought they liked living in filth! I never see them in any room other than mine!

2. What can I do to keep them out? Aside from letting the place get as filthy and nasty as the rest of the house.
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1)what are some good websites to look for jobs that are not or i dont know anything, and i need something entry level, and im willing to do almost anything but food service.

2)have you ever had your wisdom teeth removed? were the impacted?

3)have you ever had a root canal? has it gotten infected and you had to go to an endodontist and have surgery about it?

4)do you like to chew ice?

I want to do a music poll, but i would feel like i was infringing on echafaud, plus they dont give the sponsered+ accounts polls yet, or they do and im too stupid to find it.

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I'm a HS sophomore and I need to read a 350+ page book, and make a presentation on it about the themes/morals/whatever in the story.

Any suggestions on what to read? Something with a clear theme or moral, and I want it to be an enjoyable book.
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My sister is getting married in October. She's my only sibling, so I have no experience with a wedding this close to me.

My questions are technical. ;-) Her fiance (let's call him BB) will be my brother-in-law, but (a) are what are his brothers to me? And (b) what are BB's parents to me?

If there is even a term for either of these things. It just seems like "my brother-in-law's brothers..." sounds to clunky and there'd be a better term. Thanks. :-)


OK here is my quandary.  It's been a long time since I was in a stats class and I am drawing a total blank.  I'm sure there is a simple formula, but I don't remember what it is.  Let us say there is a 30% chance of an event succeeding, rolling a 1, 2 or a 3 on a 12 sided die.  For one try the chance is 25%.  What if I roll 2 dice at the same time now what are the odds of getting a 1, 2 or a 3on either die?  Just looking for one success. Then the same question of 3 dice.

I want to compare this to the results of changing the percentage of success up to 33%, are the odds better at 33% with one die or 25% with two dice?  Sorry if this isn't clear.
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Poll #723512 the "f word"

Have you ever used the F Word?

maybe, it's not something I'd remember.

I was watching something and they said that a recent poll had found that 37%(maybe 27% I'm not sure) of the population had never used it. There is no way that's possible, I really don't see why people would bother lying about it though.