May 4th, 2006


what would I be considered? Also, help me for I have no tact

Ok, so am I pro-choice or pro-life?

Here's the deal. I am against abortion. I think it is wrong. And, yes, I'm a bad person and would lose some respect for a woman who had one. This is all in general. I'm not talking about when conception or whatnot starts or cases like high-risk birth/rape 'cause I'm too lazy to go into all of that. I just think the act is wrong. Again, think general purposes.

But, I think that a person should have the right to choose no matter how wrong I think it is.

I'd consider that pro-choice, but my pro-choice friends don't argee. And my pro-life friends won't claim me either.

I'm a person of gray areas. There are very few things that I see as black & white. That's never going to change. I just want to know what I'd be considered.

Also, please do not turn this post into a debate about the issue, tell me why I'm wrong for my beliefs, or something like that. If you comment, please just answer the question. (explainations as to why are fine too) I'm sorry. I know that I'm being rude by saying this, but it's the only way I can think of to make sure I don't get annoying comments that have nothing to do with my question other than being on the same general topic.

Which brings me to another question: What's a polite way to go about getting an answer to a question and not an opinion on the question? ^^;
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an icon question..

I've seen icons similar to this one: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting around LJ lately and was wondering if anyone knew who made them. I haven't found credit on the ones I've seen.

Also, does anyone know of icons for the other houses that are similar to this one? I've seen several "sexy" Slytherin icons of green lips and short green skirts and stuff like that, but very rarely do I see it for other houses. Anyone know where I can find them?

And yes, I've been looking around the HP communities & HP icon communities, but searching through every page of icons gets quite tiresome after a while. If anyone knows of a community where they've seen them or a maker I have no problem searching the archives, I was just wondering if anyone could help with the search.


What are the possible consequences of being exposed to asbestos for about two hours. say walking around inside a building with a bunch of it. Could a nasty, weird cough which lasts several weeks after, be directly related?
I know it says it's cancerous, but could you get sick at all from such a short term exposure?
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(no subject)

How long can orange juice be sitting out at still be okay? It's in a single-serving plastic bottle, unopened,

Thirsty tummies need to know!

Edit:// Answered. Thanks, TQC!
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MSWord 2003 question

Hey all,
Does anyone know how to change MSWord 2003's annoying habit of opening in "Reading Layout" when you open an attachment from an email? I've looked through the help files and can't find how to change it. I would prefer that it default-open in "Print Layout."

ETA: This doesn't really bother me all that much, but I have to install Office 2003 on other computers in the office and my coworkers will freak out on me.

Any help is appreciated!

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If you were given the opportunity to know everything the everyone has ever said about you, would you take it?

What is the greatest/most horrible thing someone has said that you found out but weren't supposed to discover?
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we're all blind in a way...

I have a friend who is in an abusive relationship right now. It is obvious to everyone around her what is going on, and it's hard to understand how someone so smart could be so blind...
I've talked to her about it, and she listened but hasn't made any move to change things. I can't get too involved, since it really isn't my business. She's and adult and she can live her life as she wants. And I think this is a lesson that she needs to learn on her own. She is not in any physical danger... it's just hard to see her this sad cause I love her.

The point of this rant:

Have you ever dated someone who was very controlling or abusive?
How long did it take you to finally leave?
During the relationship, did your friends try to talk to you about it and if so, did you get angry with them? Or did you listen to them?
If you have ever had a friend who was in an abusive relationship, how did you handle the situation?
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i wonder who it's from?

1. what's the last good thing you got in the mail?
my mom sent me some books and skittles a while ago

2. what's the last good thing you sent to someone else?
i sold a purse on ebay that i found in my closet

3. what will you be mailing out in the future?
i'll hopefully be mailing shoes that i'm selling and i'm going to mail a package to my friend in germany
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So, I have a question.

Does anyone have some good sites for boys and girls that explain sex and reproduction? I think that I need to have 'the talk' with my kids (8-9-10) and would like some help with pictures and graphics.

... and no won't work.
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(no subject)

We're doing a drug abuse unit in health and I have to do a presentation on inhalants. A big part of the grade is coming up with a creative title, I just can't think of one. So I decided to come here. :]

Any ideas?

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(no subject)

Do you wait with baited(bated) breath? Do you like to argue mute(moot) points? Do you tow(toe) the line?

Okay, my real question is, are there words or phrases that you use (or have used) regularly which are just wrong? If so have you always known they were wrong and continue to use them anyway, or did someone have to point out your mistake?

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Okay so I'm going out today to pick up 50 live baby peach fuzzie mice.

How would you go about getting them back home all alive?
Bring a big box? Bring two boxes?.....

Thanks. I found an old bin and put them all in there.
Also yes I do have a snake, that's why I was getting baby mice.

digital cameras

so, for my birthday, my mom and my sister went in and got me some cash and a gift card (best buy) to put towards my "camera fund" so i could buy myself a digital camera. i've gone this long using a regular camera, you know, the kind with the film inside? :) i realized that i'd like to upgrade myself and maybe jump-start my creativity with a really good digital camera. however, i'm kinda clueless and this is where all you fine people come in. i'm also on a budget, so good cameras that were at a great price are a plus.

1. what kind of digital camera do you have?
2. do you like it - would you recommend it?
3. how much did it cost?
4. any brands i should look out for, either good or bad?
5. is there a huge difference between 5 megapixels or 6?

(no subject)

what is a good, cute, 'happy be-unstressful' present to get a boy? My boyfriend of about a month and a half has a tendency of leaving flowers and cute cards at my doorstep whenever I wind up getting stressed or sick as a cute way of cheering me up/helping me deal with all the crap that's going on, and I sorta want to return the favor. But I somehow feel that I can't exactly leave flowers on a guy's door, especially since he lives in a suite where lots of people would probably make a joke about it. He can't really have chocolate so I can't buy him that (he's on a mandated diet, and the caffieine in it sorta gets to him) He doesn't really like my music tastes, and Ive already given him a cd and stuff like that.

So, the question, what should I give him. He's a college senior right now, trying to finish up all his final papers and such/prepare for his last round of finals before graduation, so he's stressed also.

Any suggestions?

Class Trip questions

I can't find this on google or the MTA web site. I'm hoping someone more internet-savvy then me can help me out. What is the round trip fare to take the metro north from Poughkeepsie, NY to NYC [Grand Central Station] per adult rider? Is there any group-discount deal [there's about 11-13 people going, and it's a class trip]. If it helps at all, this is going to take place in early June [maybe the 2nd or 3rd] and we are arriving and leaving the same day.

Other then Liberty Island, Ellis Island, and Ground Zero, where are some good spots to visit? What about some really off-beat tourist spots?

Are the NYC Jamba Juices usually crowded? What are some NYC-only cheap[er] resturants or fast food places? Ideally, we want to get in and other quickly.

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(no subject)

If your significant other made enough money so that you didn't have to work, would you still choose to work? Why? If not, what would you do with your time?

(Assuming you have no children.)

I definitely wouldn't. Maybe I'd get a part-time job with low-responsibility or I'd volunteer or something but I think I'd like doing absolutely nothing. I'd like to travel and read and do other things that I don't have much time for as well. I think work is highly overrated.

Random questions

1) How many of you had crazy parents that wouldn't let you trick-or-treat when you were younger in fear of people drugging the candy?

2) Anyone else getting really bad allergies this year? What are you taking for it?

3) What's your favorite way to eat peanut butter?

4) If you could choose to be either gender, which would you choose and why (and what are you now)?

5) Flat or sparkly soda?

6) Do you thank all the posters who give you advice/answer your questions after a post on TQC? If you are a poster giving advice, do you feel offended if the original poster does not thank you?

7) What are some good deeds you've done lately?

Weird ass question.

So, I'm cutting my hair, and I'll be taking off at east six inches off it, which is not enough to donate - nor would I, at least not to Locks of Love, because they're full of shit.

So what can I do with it? I don't really want to just throw it out. I'm willing to sell it, but I don't know if anyone would want it - what about people who are into crafts?

As silly as it sounds, I just kinda want my hair to go to some use after I cut it.
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peeing & stuff.

Do you always flush the toilet when you pee if you're at home?


Also a completely different question. I have to start training next week at Macy*s. When I left yesterday after my interview the lady filled out a schedule with the dates and times I have to be there. She put all the stuff I needed in a big envelope and gave it to me. I didn't open the envelope until I got home, and the schedule wasn't in there. What should I say when I call to find out when I have to go? I don't want her to think I lost it.
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Service at dealer

I've heard a lot of mixed responses on this, and I'd like a wider array of answers.

I bought my car brand new last summer. I have been taking back to the dealer for service ever since. I am under the impression that having the dealer perform and then certify in my little booklet that all service and maintenance has been performed by them maintains a higher resale value for the vehicle.

Is it really that big of a plus for me to continue doing this? Dealer service is not the most cost effective way to go, but if it will maintain the resale/blue book value of my car I'll keep doing.

I guess I just want t know if I am wasting money doing it this way, or if I should continue with it.

I have a 2005 Corolla LE if that matters...
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(no subject)

...What's the name of that (new) book with the claddagh on the front??
The cover is teal I think...
(Oh--and is it any good?)

edit: It's The Realm of Possibility. Thanks ;)
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(no subject)

This year (ninth grade) I was supposed to take Spanish I, but I skipped out of doing that to take art, figuring I could make it up next year. Dumb thing to do, because now that I have to take Spanish I for tenth grade (besides being with a grade younger than myself) I can't take Integrated Math II, and the only other hour that's offered is first hour, which is when band would be.

What options do I have?
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(no subject)

How do you listen to music (on your iPod or other music player of choice)?

For example:

-I almost always have it on shuffle, but sometimes I will just choose an artist and listen to everything by that artist at once.
-My boyfriend usually just plays his top rated, or occasionally shuffle.
-My best friend mostly uses playlists.
-A friend has it all split up by genres so she can listen to oldies, or "party country" or whatever strikes her mood.
-Another friend refuses to rip CDs to his computer or use an mp3 player, so he just uses CDs.

(no subject)

what do you usually do on the weekends??

everyother friday me and my boyfriend just stay in and watch movies because i have work early on saturdays. On saturday night we usually have people over for a few drinks and such, or go over to someone elses place. i almost never go to clubs or bars..its not really my thing.

(no subject)

What's the difference between a sophomore, a junior, a freshman and a senior?

My dog often "eats" imaginary bugs. Like she'll look at something really intently, and then "eat" it, except nothing is there. Maybe they're a bug I can't see but she can. Does anyone elses' pet do this?

My brother wants to get dredlocks, but he's going to camp in the summer where he'll have to swim everyday. Is there any kind of extra large bathing cap type thing he can wear, or a specific kind of water resistant cap that people with dredlocks wear? (I Googled to no avail)

What should I get my brother for his 16th birthday?
He's already getting tickets to Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, having dredlocks done, and getting boy clothes

What's an album I NEED to own?
I have all of Sufjan Stevens so don't reccommend his amazingness
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(no subject)

Do you know your dad? Have you always known him? Tell me all about him.

Basically, my real father buggered off before I was born and was never really to be seen again. My mum has seen a few members of his family every so often so we know that his whole family knows about me. My mum married my stepdad when i was 10 but we never got on, we hated each other. I didn't know til after he died (when i was 20) that he actually did care about me a whole lot. Now I've found out that my real father is in hospital, he has alzehemiers and its really bad. All my life I have been angry at him and vowed if I ever met him I'd give him hell for running out on us. Now the time has come I am going to see him at the hospital but I can't say anything like that cos he won't know.

If you're father hasn't been around, ever, do you think it has affected you? In what way?

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I am so aggravated with my computer..
It's been acting funny for a few months now and by this point i am about ready to throw it out a window.

My computer wont restart...i have windows XP so when i go to shut it down it gets all the way to the blue screen that says "your computer is now shutting down" or something to that effect. But heres the never shuts down. It just freezes there. I can leave it on all night and it just stays there.
The only way i can shut it off is by unplugging it or maybe if im lucky just the power button.

I try to do a system restore and who would have guessed? That doesnt work either because my computer wont restart.

The time sets it self back 4 hours all the time.

Itunes just wont work anymore.
I open it up and a
"iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
window pops up..
deleting it and reinstalling it doesnt work either.

so i guess what im asking is this..
does anyone know how i can possibly fix this?
I use McAfee and it just doesnt seem to find viruses or anything.

What program do you use to scan for viruses?
Does it work well?

Preferably free, im on a tight budget right now.

(no subject)

i love watching certain documentary-type shows on channels like tlc, a&e, and discovery. the ones that are about medical oddities, crimes, or the paranormal (there was one recently on discovery about people's haunted houses or was awesome). but it seems like they always come on randomly.
do you know of any shows like these that have a set schedule?
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(no subject)

Is anyone familiar with making a website through earthlink? I am trying to edit a website that was purchased (and probably built) through earthlink, but i can't find the source anywhere. All i see when i log in are the htm files. Help...
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I'm such a loser.

See, I kinda busted my Nintendo DS.

I was using the touchscreen and sort of hit it a little too hard *mumblegotmadatitmumble* and now there's a big diamond-shaped spot where the cursor dealy goes bonkers. If I try to tap at the edge of it it taps outside (resulting in much fury when I play Sudoku on Brain-Age and try to move letters in Animal Crossing) and if I try to tap in the center it does nothing. If I drag across that area the portion of the line inside wanders off in a random direction.

Is there any way to fix whatever the hell I busted, or am I going to have to admit that I'm a total moron and have it repaired/replaced?
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stuffed animals are a shifty bunch

Are you afraid to sleep with stuffed animals on your bed?
At lunch today we were talking about really stupid irrational things we're afraid of. I said that I can't sleep with stuffed animals on my bed because I can't get the thought of them biting me out of my head. They seriously thought it was the strangest thing ever, and I had thought it was fairly common.
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(no subject)

What is something you do that makes no sense?

My hands tend to get dry so I put lotion on, but I hate the feeling of the lotion on my hands and it gets in between my fingers and gets really annoying. So I wipe it off and nothing is accomplished. I do this a lot and I don't know why I keep doing it.
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(no subject)

Sorry to post so soon but I really need some help here!!!! I just burned my finger on the steam from the iron and it is absolute agony. I'm currently sitting with some frozen peas and when I have them on it, its fine but whenever I take it away it stings like hell. I can't sit like this all night and I have no way of getting to a there anything I can do? Its soooooooo sore!!!!
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(no subject)

What/how many pets do you have? (number of pets, breeds/type/etc)

Now, for each pet [or, if you have a lot of animals, just pick a few of your pets to write about]:
Pics if you like to show:
Approx how much did it cost to acquire it? (include setting up costs like cages and stuff if neccessary):
Approx how much does it cost to keep it? (can be a per week/per year/per month cost)
Whats this pet's habits? (is it mean, affectionate, calm, hyper, loud, or quiet?)
What's this pet's best qualitites? [your pet or this pet species in general]
Whats this pet's worst qualities? [your pet or this pet species in general]
Anything else/unique/special you want me to tell you about this pet? (your pet or this species in general)
Would you recommend this pet to someone who hasn't had many pets in the past but would like to learn?

Also, what do you do if you go on vacation? Bring them with you, leave them at home, hire a pet sitter?

In the future I'd like to get more pets and I'm just curious about my options.

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Philosophy final tomorrow. Ok, In our syllabus we have the breakdown of grades, and it says this
Attendance: 25
Participation: 25
Four Exams: 400
Final Exam: 50
Total: 500

However, we have only take 3 exams and even in the original week to week syllabus it says we only have 3 exams scheduled. So is the final Im taking tomorrow (which is not cummulative) counting as both an exam AND the final?

I missed two days of class and therefore do not have notes, we have a study guide but even when reading the book it makes no sense, without notes in my own words Im pretty much screwed. We're being tested on 8 chapters tomorrow. I only have notes on six

So...Should I study the six I have and know those very well. and maybe glance over and try to figure out the other two but probably not succeed.
Or maybe get some info on the other two but not know any of it backwards and forwards?

Also, how do you calculate the grades? say I got a 90, 95, and 98 on the exams...full part. and atten. could I figure out what I need on the final to get an A in the class?

People have told me the equation before but I never remember it
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(no subject)

In honor of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow I need a good frozen margarita recipe.

I have Sauza Blaco tequila, Triple Sec, orange juice, frozen strawberries, and obviously ice.

Someone combine all that into a good recipe please!
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(no subject)

1. I initially have very dry skin when I step out of the shower, so I use moisturizer. In the afternoons of my office work day, I find my face very oily, especially my t-zone. I don't wear makeup. What can I do to prevent so much oilyness? Any tips for quick fixes without having to rewash my face? If I were to wear make-up, what is a good brand to use? Personal experiences with the product would be great.

2. My floor is pretty high and the elevators are divided into sections. The elevator I take stops at only 6 floors. Until it gets to those floors, the electronic screen (which counts up/down the floors) says E-Z. What does that mean?

3. What's your favourite tv show at the moment?
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(no subject)

I've googled for awhile and have found nothing to help me, so hopefully some of you can help. There was a PC game in the early to mid 90's where you sailed around on a boat, you could sail around the tip of Africa or South America, traded supplies and such, and fought off scurvy & enemies. It is NOT Oregon Trail, Yukon Trail, Ultima, Tradewinds, Tai-pan, Seven Cities of Gold, Treasure Island Dizzy, or Amazon Trail. Any ideas what game it could be?
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(no subject)

Okay last post today, I promise.

Can anyone tell me what kind of dye I need to use when tie dying? (I'm in the UK) I have googled it but my googling skills aren't all that great...

Thankies very very much folks!!!