May 3rd, 2006


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Today (or yesterday depening on where you are) i bumped my friends car while following her. A guy 2 cars ahead stopped suddenly and i could not quite stop in time (i was not going very fast but he stopped with absolutely no warning). We pulled over and checked the cars and on the one i was driving there was a small dent (which can be popped out by another friends uncle today) and her car was 'fine'. When ariving at our destination and double cecking we noticed that the back of her car was slightly impresses so that where normally the wheel would have a bit of space all around, at the bottom it was pushed in (i was driving a suziki jimny and she was driving a rav 4, so mine is a bit lower). We are both relitively new drivers and these are our parents cars. Her parents are away and don't come back until tommorrow but before we saw the squished space we decided we would not tell our mums and her dad. If her parents notice then i have told her i will find the money to fix it (i plan on getting a job anyway and it probably just needs 'popping' out again. What should i do? Tell my mother now or wait to see if there is any point worring? I am up at 1 in the morning now because i don't know what to do. TIA.
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I'm in one of my artsy-fartsy moods...

1. Without looking it up, do you know the differences between oppress, suppress, and repress? What are they, in your own words?

2. Besides money, what are you saving?

3. What do you believe in?

4. What don't you believe in?

5. What was the last book you read that, when you were finished, made you pause to contemplate something really deep?

6. What color are you right now?

7. What are some really good independent films for my to see this summer, either new releases or old stuff that I can rent?

8. How do you know when you love some one?

9. What is one thing that you have lost that you really would love to get back?

10. What is your favorite indulgence?


Please answer even if you dont like tea; I need your comments as statistics for a project. ;)

1) Do you like to drink tea?

2) What is your favourite type of tea?
                                              - black tea
                                              - green tea
                                              - oolong tea
                                              - white tea
                                              - other(s)? please list
                                              - dont know/none

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I am making a booklet of poems for a friend complete with my own illustrations and the theme is insanity. I have searched the internet for famous poems dealing with this subject but I am really having a hard time coming up with them despite google's considerable skills. Do you have any favorite poems by famous poets that are about insanity? I would write the poems myself but this tight canvas jacket with the extra long sleeves and all the buckles is precluding me.
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More questioning of mens' bathroom habits! Inspired by this one.

I am not going ask about the leaving the toilet seat up issue. I share a bathroom with a guy. When he needs it up, he puts it up. When I need it down, I put it down. Simple!

The question club wants to know: For a normal household toilet, rather than a urinal or something... why don't some men flush after urinating? It seems like all the guys I know just leave urine in the toilet for the next person to see/smell.
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1. When you see "xmas" and "x-posted" do you read it in your head as ex-mas/ex-posted or as the full word (Christmas/Cross-posted)?

2. Geeky: Do you have any favorite "educational" games that are available online?

3. This is a tough one to explain, and I feel kind of dumb asking it, but I figure anyone who has seen this will know what I am talking about: When I wear glasses I can often see what looks like I'm looking through a microscope if I'm looking at a certain angle and looking more at my glasses instead of through them. Seriously. There's a circular shape and I can see a few little round "things" that look like some kind of bacteria/cells/organisms/whatever that you'd see in a microscope. What is this, why do I see it?
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secret secret, i've got a secret

let's say you and you roommate are friends with a guy and the three of you go out to dinner at least once a week and go out with each other on the weekends. you have long-suspected that your friend is gay. your friend knows that you and your roommate are incredibly gay-friendly and have talked about your other gay friends before, etc.

some information surfaces that essentially confirms that your friend is attracted to men, but he still hasn't come out and told you that he's gay. would you be offended? would it make a difference to know that he's purposely been evasive when talking about relationships in the past? is there any reason he'd be more OK with letting acquaintances know, but not friends?

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1. What steps would one take if one were interested in learning web design?

Do accredited colleges have relative programs, or is it just as well to go with one of those companies who advertises on daytime TV (the ones who always say, "You could have a great career designing video games instead of just sitting there playing 'em!")! Is there an advantage to either?

2. And while I'm at it, anyone out there have any good experiences and/or horror stories from anyone who attempted higher education after age 30?
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cows milk

This is a stupid question but do cows have to have had a baby before they make milk?

And does cows milk have antibodies and antioxidants like human milk? If so, does it still have it in it by the time it gets to our refrigerator?

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How often do you carry a backpack today?

In middle school were you allowed backpacks?
My middle school did not, and when it happened, students threatened a “walk-out”, naturally it did not get put into fruition….

What was the “cool” backpack to have back in those days?
Everyone had to have the Jansport ones, and then there was that mini-back-pack trend when the big ones were banned. I actually had a teddy bear back pack and a rabbit one, I was lame.

Do you really believe that backpacks are a factor in the development of scoliosis?
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1) a prior question got me thinking about food... SO whatchya havin' for lunch today?? (or had, depending on time difference)...
I'm having some salad w/some cold chicken breast leftover from dinner last night. Can't wait.. I'm pretty hungry and I've got about an hour til lunch!

2) what did you do last night??
Me: I did some speed clothes/grocery shopping, and watched half of 'Mrs. Henderson's Presents'.
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i don't usually have long setups...sorry.

i work at a place that employs several documented workers (aka immigrants). Most, if not all of them work year 'round doing various types of physical labor.

we also are a seasonal business....and we are heading into the off season. Ergo, some people leave their jobs in May and return in October. From what I understand many of them collect unemployment. I know this is common practice in towns that rely heavily on tourist seasons.

Anyway...there has obviously been some discussion about the immigrant marches going on lately. Last month all of the documented workers stayed out one day, and none of them attended the march on this past Monday.

Anyway...I have heard a lot of employees talking about the immigrants and some of them getting mean about them "getting a day off." Then...I recently found out that a lot of the American employees who collect unemployment over the summer have cushy jobs waiting for them that pay under the table. So they can collect unemployment AND not pay taxes on money they earn off the books.

This whole thing makes me mad. On one hand there are hard working year round (probably illegally documented) immigrants...and then lazy Americans who think nothing of working illegally while collecting a government check.

So what would you do?
Would you call the labor board?
Report individuals to the IRS?
Do nothing?
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cat tea


1. How many times a week do you eat out or get takeout?
2. Is there something that you normally eat for lunch or does it vary?

At most, I eat out once or twice a week but I generally don't eat out at all.

It varies but lately, I've been bringing a sandwich or I bring leftovers from the night before.

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Should the media report the names of people who claim to have been sexually assaulted in the following circumstances:

1) No charges filed?
2) Charges filed?
3) Before a verdict is returned in a court case?
4) If the accuser comes out with the claims during a high-profile event, putting themselves in a position for personal gain?
5) After a verdict is returned in a court case?
6) After a verdict is returned in a court case, if the defendant is found innocent?

For the sake of simplicity, assume all parties are over the age of eighteen.

Keep in mind that for the first four examples that nothing has been proven and the alleged offender's name is published.
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Job applications

In the section of job applications that asks about former employment, it almost always asks for someone to contact there and a phone number. What do you put down if your supervisor no longer works there, either? I think it would look bad to put down just the phone number of the place and hope that the new boss has records to look at about me or something, but on the other hand, I don't know where my former supervisors are working now, so I can't give their new contact info, either. Ideas?

dumb stuff

1. What's something dumb that you repeatedly do, even though you know it is a bad idea? To those wiseasses who are tempted to answer "replying to your question."... It's not cute or funny. And we all saw it coming.
I myself insist on having chocolate, even though i know it'll totally fuck up my blood sugar.)

2. What's a dumb habit of a friend of yours that drives you crazy?
My friend lets her cat drink from her coffee cup, and I think it's disgusting. but she'll never stop, and i'm not going to tell her to cause it's her choice.

3. Do your parents have any dumb habits?
My father is an alcoholic. Enough said.

4. What is a bad habit that you had, but have quit doing it and are proud?
I quit smoking after almost two years. It was much easier than I thought it would be.
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more x-posts

Don't you find it funny when someone does something obnoxious and immature, and it's obvious they did it to upset you, and you really don't give a fuck? And when they realize that you don't care, they get all pissy and start yelling or throwing random unintelligent insults at you?

I find it damn funny.

Also: don't you find it funny when people make really dumb assumptions about you that couldn't be farther from the truth? I find that entertaining too.
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the ER is.... Fun???? x-posted

I had to go to the ER on monday... it went better than I thought it would. (The hospital I went to wasn't great, but I was lucky enough to get the "good" doctors.)

1. Have you ever had to go to the ER (for yourself, not someone else?)
2. What was your ailment?
3. How did it turn out (both your diagnosis and the general experience)?
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dos questions

1) how long does a marijuana high last?
2) i have multiple bumbs on the back of my head. a couple are small, but there is one that is large. they all hurt when i push on them. you couldnt really tell just by looking at them - theyre not discolored or anything, you can really only notice them by running a finger over it. what could these be? what could have caused them?

sorry to keep bothering you...

This is my last question, I swear, and then i'll leave you guys alone...

Do you/have you ever had real sympathy pains? For example: you watch a movie where a guy gets hit in the head with an axe and you then develop a headache for a while?

The reason I am asking is because it happens all of the time to my mother, and she is the only person I know who has it consistently. I've been curious as to whether or not anyone else has this.
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Can you buy a hotel room at the age of 18, or do you have to be 21? Does it vary by state? (Ohio, PA, NJ, and NY in this case)

Does anyone here have any experience using

How much money would you be willing to spend to follow your favorite band on tour for about a week?

What websites do you think are good for finding cheap hotels/motels?

Do you have any tips on how to save money on hotels/motels?

wet nurse - solved!

What is a wet nurse? I mean, I know what one is but how does it happen, medically? How is it they can produce milk and not be pregnant?

I read a novel about a wet nurse who was one for YEARS. Like, her whole adult life. She was pregnant once, lost the baby (stillborn I think) but was able to nurse other babies the rest of her life, without getting pregnant or having sex. She was considered a savior in her town for nourishing people during a famine (this novel took place a looong time ago like the 14th century).


(inspired by this post)

Edit: I am stupid, bbsy is smart!


Rum + what = delicious?

Vodka + what = delicious?

I'm talking about mixing it with one thing that turned out to be surprisingly good (like, I don't know, Dr. Pepper or something), not a complicated drink with a complicated name.

Also you can omit the standard rum & coke.
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What do you think is the sexiest/steamiest song (or songs) you've heard?
Can be old, new, fast, or slow.

As in a "I want to ravage you all night" type song, not "I am going to make sweet sweet love to you" type song.
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There's probably a glaringly obvious answer to this, but I can't think right at the moment.

In my civics class, we're doing a project. I picked Oskar Schindler, and now I need some ways that people can make a difference or help with the 'issue'. Obviously, the Holocaust is done, so my question is this:

What are some things a class of about, say, twenty, could do to help stop anti-semitism?

Also, we're presenting this infront of the class, and we need a prop. I was thinking Schindler's list (the actual list, not the movie), but I'd be open to other suggestions too.
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drinks anyone?

Inspired by redlightlove's recent post:

What do you think are damn good tasting mixed [alcoholic] drinks?
What does it taste like or compare to?
Is is sour, sweet, etc?

I love Mudslides, they taste like chocolate cake to me, which is ironic because I hate chocolate cake otherwise. I also like White Russians, it's a bit on the sweet side, kind of reminds me of sweetened coffee.

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Where can I read those HILARIOUS movie summaries found on LiveJournal? I've seen some icons around for V for Vendetta and they're awesome!

And one more question for fun:

A date with Wolverine or Nightcrawler. CHOOSE!!!

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I have the worst armpit sweating problem. I used to use secret, that stopped working, moved to degree which worked for a while, but has since stopped. I've heard Secret Platinum is the best, and it does work better than degree, but I still get pit stains. I use the gel kind, and not the powder kind, does that make a difference?

Anyway, mostly what I'm asking is: what's the strongest deoderant out there?


I remember making a milk jug skeleton in middle school; however I no longer have the pattern to make them again.

I want to make another one for my semester project for biology (inncidentally on the skeletal system) but all the directions I seem to be finding are even less complex than the ones we used six years ago.

Where can I find an online stencil or ideas on how to cut out "bones" from milk jugs, that are not targeted towards elementary school kids?
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Inspired by the earlier cow question:

Do we eat different kinds of cows than we drink the milk from? Or are the cows we eat the same cows that gave milk for a while? What's the difference between the cows? Different breeds? How is the life of a dairy cow different from the life of a meat cow?

And also, how come adult humans will drink the breast milk of a cow but not the breast milk of a human? What is it about cow milk that we like better than human milk? Wouldn't it be healthier to drink breast milk (if it happened to be readily available) of a human than of a cow?

How come we don't drink the breast milk of a pig or a cat?

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Kind of an odd request, but I need an exerpt from a book for a college thing, but I've lent the book to a friend.
If anyone has "The Eyre Affair" by Jasper Fforde, could you tell me the section from the beginning of the second chapter? The part that's the quote from the tie-seller about time.


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I'm about to make burgers and home fries in the same pan...what should I cook first? The burgers so I can just use the grease for the taters? or the taters and use what's left of that for the burgers? thanks...

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Today I had a brilliant idea to make rice krispy treats. It sounded good at the time, anyway. I like Kellog's rice krispy treats, so I found a recipe off of their website. It called for butter, marshmallows, and rice krispies. All I had to do was melt the marshmallows and butter in a pan, and then mix in the rice krispies. Easy, right?

Well, first I burned the butter (this should have sent up a red flag, but no; it did not). I threw in the marshmallows anyway and when they were melted, mixed in the rice krispies.

Anyway, basically I burned the marshmallows, I think, and the rice krispy treats tasted less-than-delicious. So, I want to you have tips for making good rice krispy treats? God knows I love them, but apparently I suck at making them. How do you make them? What should I remember to do next time, aside from not burning any of the ingredients?
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Weird question

Is there any particular reason why a lot of guys feel physically ill when they get hurt in the crotch area? I don't know much aboit biology and stuff, but I've always been curious about it, and a thread on SomethingAwful brought the question up in my head.
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yahoo! widgets

does anyone here use the yahoo widgets engine? i do, and for a few weeks now i've been having a screen pop up that says version 3.1.2 is available. but when it takes me to the main site to dl it, it's just version 3.1. this is getting really annoying. does anyone know what i'm doing wrong, how i get to the newest version?

Birthday Party

My daughter is 5 and has been invited to a McDonald's birthday party this weekend.
The birthday girl is in her class.

I also have a 3 year old son.

My question is this: Since I'm bringing her to the party; which is listed as only 1 hour.. should I stay with her?
Should I bring my son since it IS Mc'D's?

It's the first time I've been unsure wether to stay with her or go back home for such a short party.

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Does any of you think you're psychic? Or like, you can dream the future?

I get deja vus quite often, then I'd realise that what's happening was the exact same thing I dreamed a few years ago. Of course, nothing major, only like having a certain conversation with someone, or eating at a specific restaurant in a certain position, etc.

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I've lived by the beach my whole life, and I'm getting ready to move to Kentucky, where there is no ocean.

1) Why would you need a swimsuit if there's no beach?
Feeling really dumb, didn't know that there were lakes/rivers clean enough to swim in (there aren't any around where I live) and I forgot about that thing called the swimming pool. I live so close to the beach, I just always go there.

My next question is for those not on the Eastern shore:

1) When the ball drops in NYC on New Year's Eve, do you watch it early (live), or a taping of it? Or is there another ball out west that drops for you guys?
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I just saw a commercial about twenty minutes ago during American Idol. I think it was for some medical company. I think the beginning of it was a car accident. The paramedic went over to the person's wallet/purse, and there was a card sticking out that looked like a medical insurance card. He pulled it out, and ran it over to the other paramedics. The end of the commercial had a website. All I can remember of it was that it had three letters (I think the first letter was e, and the last one was t), and it was a .org website.

Did anyone see the commercial and remember the website? Thanks!!
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Do you believe in dream catchers? What are some "rules" you've heard go with them? Have you ever had any experiences with them?...

I mean like, my experience. I got mine from a Native American, handcrafted with turkey feathers and rabbit skin, and I kept it by my window for years. I didnt have any really freaky dreams for years. A week ago I moved it to above my bed, and Ive been having crazy dreams. Like, vivid, upsetting dreams. So real life, ect.

Share a dream/dream interpretation with me?
I would share a great one with you, but it wont mean much to you, so...
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Inspired by eamane_elensar's most recent post...

This question is for those of you who DON'T live in NYC.

- Have you ever gone to NYC to stand in Times Square for New Year's Eve?
- If yes to the first question, how many time(s) have you done this?
- What was it like? (your experience)
- Did you like it or not?
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im writing a story for my english lit class. the father of my main character dies but i havent decided what he died from yet.
what should he die from? please try to give one serious brainstorming effort to every zainy idea, ha!

my husband and i are considering buying our first house. about how much would you say realtor fees would be for those that purchase a house? if youve bought a home, about how what percentage did you pay?
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I feel like I never learn a lot in school. I taught myself about things like Hitler, pagans, and space when I was in middle school. I like learning things on my own. What are some interesting things I should learn about next?