May 2nd, 2006

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1. If you could have one show released on DVD that hasn't already been so, what would it be?

My answer would be Aah! Real Monsters, but a friend of mine who doesn't have an lj brought the subject up earlier and said Animaniacs. I'm curious to see what kind of shows people watch/used to watch.

2. I have one dollar (well, a dollar 24 cents, but whatever) left on my itunes account. What should I buy, 'One Winged Angel' by Nobuo Uematsu or 'The Dolphin's Cry' by Live?

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A while ago, someone asked a question something like this:

"Is your place on this website?"

The website was like a live action map. Where you can go down streets as if you were driving. It has snapshots of the street you select at different intervals, and you can click arrows to go in any direction you want. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway... does anyone know the URL to that website?

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what to buy?

I just got my $50 iPod rebate, so now I have $50 to spend with Apple Computer online or in the store.

So what should I buy? Please keep in mind that:
A) I loathe Apple Computer* and don't want to spend much over that $50
B) I have an 3rd generation iPod with a radio transmitter as well as those cassette tapes you can hook up to the iPod and play it like an old school CD player
C) I have a printer/scanner/fax machine/copier and a digital camera
D) I have a decent stereo system
E) I can't use those cute cases these days because my "key" configurations are different
F) I have a Windows machine
G) I can't use it on the iTunes music store, which is fine because my account is fubared anyway

I could give the rebate to someone else, but I'll have to make the purchase and they'll have to pay me back. (Unless I give it to family.) I'm leaning towards giving it to my husband, who bought me the iPod in the first place, since I just don't think there's anything I could buy and use.

* = Don't even ask. Honestly.
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What are some gender stereotypes that you have witnessed?

Good brand of rechargeable battery?
Presently I am using Energizer, not the 15 minute kind, and they run out of battery life way too quickly with my digital
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I'm looking for a new/better image hosting site.

At least 100mb space
Automatically makes thumbnails
Can make both private/public galleries
Allows commenting on pictures
Allows direct linking
No branding/watermarks
FREE (GREATLY preferred) or cheap


not tinypic, photobucket, weblogimages, freeimagelibrary, imageshack.

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so, after ive been woken up at 7AM by my inability to be anything but a huge ball of stuffy nose, itchy throat, swollen eyes, and the like, does anyone have any recommendations for the best over-the-counter seasonal allergy reliever? Preferably one that is *actually* non-drowsy, since I'm in the middle of finals and can't afford to be knocked out.

I can't keep going through this season without at least taking something. The allergies are really just THAT bad....

*pushes glasses up nose*

What's some of your favorite PC games?

I generally like RPGs(I played WoW for about a year, but it got kinda old, heh.) or first person adventure games with puzzles (Half Life, Dreamfall.) I also like those Command & Conquer-esque games, like Age of Empires and such. I can't wait for Spore to come out, I think that looks pretty neat. SIM games are fun.

So yeah! Favorite PC game! Or.. other video game. I'm basically looking for new games to get after I beat Dreamfall. :]

Toyota Yaris Liftback

Anyone test driven or bought one of the new Toyota Yaris-es? (I fail at pluralizing!)

If not, what do you think of them? Would you buy one?

I need a new car with interior cargo space that gets good gas mileage, I like Toyotas, and I don't need a minivan. So the Liftback looks pretty good - but it's so damn new there's not much out there about them.

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1. There's a restaurant named Cosi -- the one you can order s'mores to the table. How do you say its name?

2. I was in the bathroom at Chili's on the outskirts of Detroit last week. Some lady was in there talking on her cell phone, recounting the fact that rapper Proof (the one that was shot) had worked there in the kitchen just 3 years ago. Not sure if it was true, but it sure caught my attention. My question: what's the strangest thing you've ever overheard in a bathroom?
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If you suspected that your significant other was cheating on you, would you ever hire a private investigator to look into it? Why or why not?

What WOULD you do if you wouldn't hire a PI? Would you look through his/her stuff?

(here is the article that made me think of this.)


Does anyone here use Xingtone ringtone maker?

I have a Motorola Razr (shitty phone, would not recommend. My $100 Virgin Mobile phone was better than this crap). Haha anyways. I was thinking about getting the Sidekick 2. I went to the Xingtone website, and I couldnt find the Sidekick on their list of phones that are compatable with their software.

But, on their site.. if your phone is not listed, you can try 8 different "Supported Formats" and see if your phone is compatable with any of those (I guess for random phones that arent listed). I was wondering if anyone knew if the Sidekick would work with one of these? Does anyone have a Sidekick with Xingtone?

Are there any ringtone makers out there that ARE compatable with the Sidekick? If I cant make my own ringtones.. Im not gonna even bother switching phones :)

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i have a ton of belts and im sick of just having them all hang off of a hanger

does anyone have an idea of what else i can do?

How do you store your belts?

yes, i know...what a weird question...

Hair dye

My hair is very dark brown and whenever I try to dye my hair lighter it ends up an orange disaster. I've googled my little heart out but I can't find any information/tutorials/instructions or anything on how to dye my hair.

So can anyone help me? How can I dye my dark brown hair without it turning orange?
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Books and magazines

Do you have any suggestions for good books or magazines relating to science, technology or cars?

I know that's a bit broad, but I'm trying to find something for one of my students and I don't usually read up on those subjects. If there's a fave you have that you'd like to recommend, I'd be happy to know about it.

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In terms of abortion, do you think that it's possible too be 100% pro-choice or pro-life?

I know you can put yourself broadly into one camp or another, but can ou honestly say that you can think of no situation where it's justified (if you're pro-life) or no situation where you would disagree (if you're pro-choice)?

EDIT: I don't mean from a political/legal standpoint. I mean as personal opinion.

(no subject) I've been watching these, and it got me thinking:

For the guys: What's one (or two, or three) things you want women to know that you doubt they realize?
For the girls: What's one (or two, or three) things you want men to know that you doubt they realize?
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Hello folks
I work at the Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts and I am doing some research and i was wondering if some of you could help me out. A student called in today and remarked that on the series Transgeneration, there was made mention of a clinic in California which provided free horomones for transgender individuals. The student and i are both wondering if there is such a resource in the Northeast, especially Massachusetts [but nearby states would also help].
any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

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birth control.

so i know that if you're on the pill and you miss a day, you're just supposed to take two the next day to make up for it. but what if you take one early? today i took my tuesday pill earlier this morning. then i accidently took my wednesday pill thinking i hadn't taken today's pill and not looking. should i take thursday's tomorrow? should i just skip tomorrow and start normal on thursday? help!
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As yet another person has been thoroughly grossed out by my myriad spider-related icons, I feel the need to ask:

What is your opinion of spiders? What is (are) your reaction(s) to a (or many) spider(s)? Why do you feel this way?
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Paintball guns!

It's my boyfriends birthday in 2 weeks and I want to send him a paintball gun.

The problem is, he lives in Australia, and neither of us are sure if I'll be allowed to send it to him. It's not a super high powered paintball gun, it's just a spring loaded little thing, but I thought it worthwhile to check.
I googled it but no luck, and I'm willing to call the customs office there, but only as a last resort, since I'm in England and international calls cost quite a bit.
So, any help guys? I'd really appreciate it.
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Apartment Listings

Do apartment listings usually list the total cost of living there, or is the price they give generally per person unless otherwise stated, of course?

I'm looking at a housing list put out by a school, and it'll say 2BR $XXX.xx and then a few details about the place.

If it's total cost, damn, Albany is a cheap place to live!

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when you make easter eggs, do you hardboil them and then dye them?

or do you just poke a hole, blow out the yoke, and then dye the shells?

i always did it the second way, but apparently most people do it the first.


So as part of my neurobiology lab, my lab partner and I are having fiddler crabs fight with each other. We're videotaping it to record data from later, but I want to play some awesome crab fighting music while we're taping. So far, I'm thinking songs like "Eye of the Tiger." However, that's pretty much the only one I have in mind so far! Any other suggestions for good fighting music?

Edit: Thanks so much for all your suggestions! Now hopefully I can find them all on iTunes and make the best fighting mix ever.
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1) I'm currently renting a room in a woman's house, and have been doing so since January. There was no formal lease, just a month-to-month agreement.

The other room was rented out by a grad student who is graduating this month and moving out at the end of May. When the owner of the house showed another person the other student's room, the owner printed up a list of new rules for her renters, including one that said "Give minimum 2 months' advance notice before moving."

I've finally found another place closer to work to move into, and plan on moving at the end of May as well.

Do I have to abide by this new rule, or can I give her my notice tonight when I pay rent for May? Like I said, there was no formal agreement, so I don't know what would be polite.

2) The place I'm looking at is a 2br, 1bath condo in an apartment complex, so I won't be living in a woman's house like I have been, with me just paying my share of utilities and rent and her dealing with the paperwork.

When i move into said condo with my roommate, do we set up electric/gas/water services ourselves, or is that done by the owner of the condos? If we have to do so, how does one go about that? Or should I be asking the owner all this?

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OK, a follow up question on this entry...

WHY THE HELL DO MEN NOT WIPE??? That's so gross!!!!!!

The reason I posted this poll was because I was informed by a guy friend of mine that he does not wipe and seems to think that this is a normal male behavior. I think that is gross! And I told him that us ladies damn well wipe after we are done.
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An Ironic Question

Hi folks,

I posted a question here a few days/weeks back... what's the easiest way of finding it? e.g. can I view all the questions for the last month on a single page (then I can search by my username)

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2 totally unrelated questions...

1. Last night on 'Medium', Allison mentions early in the show that Joe is a Senior Vice President. At the end, speaking of the promotion he just received that day, she called him an Executive Senior Vice President. What's the difference.

2. I just read where that girl who is suspected of plagerism had her book pulled and her 2 book deal cancelled. The article didn't mention anything about monry. What happens to any money she's already received?

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My PC is b0rked.
Every time I boot it up, it gets halfway through that Microsoft logo with the blue cloud sky background and then says "It is now safe to turn off your computer" and switches off. I'm using Win 98.

I managed to boot up in safe mode and I ran a virus check, I had no viruses on my computer.

What could the problem be?
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Is anyone else having trouble with Livejournal?

I can't access my journal, my filters, my userinfo, or anyone else's for that matter. I can't access my friendslist. I can access community journals, but not personal journals that I type into the address bar.

I checked the status and there's nothing wrong there.

Edit: Thanks guys. So there is something going on. We'll just have to ride out the storm. Bah.
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Let's say you wanted to refresh your memory on pre-calculus math (trig, gracefully factoring polynomials, etc.)

Can anyone recommend a way (resources, methods, whatever) to do this short of taking a college course? (College is expensive, and I already have the official go-ahead to take higher level courses. But it's been over three years.)
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I'm feeling like I'm gonna zonk out at just the prospect of studying. I think I've somehow been conditioned so that any time I study (or think about it) I fall asleep.

What can I do to keep myself awake? Caffeinated soda isn't helping...
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Name of a game!

There is a PC game. It started out with some guy in a motel. He owned a motorcycle (I think, anyway). The motel was right outside of/near to a (haunted) canyon (a canyon one eventually had to go into). There was something about finding pieces of a "baja stick" (or something like that). I think there might've been something about a deserted city/town, as well, notably a deserted trailer, where some clue/stick piece was hidden behind an art canvas. It was a horror-esque type of game.

Anyone have a clue what the title/name is? I keep thinking "Harvester" (or Harvester 2) (though I know a game called Harvester already exists; it's just what's stuck in my head).
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Hit me baby (one more time).

So... which Britney Spears song is your favourite?

The lyrics make me cringe (and on some days I'm actually disturbed/appalled by them) but I love 'Born To Make You Happy'.

Edit: Okay, you're all making me reconsider now. Used to love 'Lucky', 'I'm A Slave 4 U' is HOT, 'Stronger' and 'Toxic' are generally awesome, and '(You Drive Me) Crazy' is probably my second favourite.
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Say you're riding your bike across the crosswalk of an intersection. You have the little white "WALK" sign, but a car decides to make a right turn just as you cross into his path. He can legally make said right turn, but you have right of way as well.

Say said car hits you, and damages your bike. You are fine, but bike is now mishapen.

Who's at fault legally? Where do you go from here?
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Does anyone know what the song was that played during the Prison Break montage toward the end of the show last night? It sounds SO FAMILIAR but I can't place it...
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Senior Superlatives - "corruption free since 2006!"

A girl at my school who was in charge of helping collect and record senior superlatives changed them so her and her friends would win everything. They would have won most everything anyway so it was really a stupid move on her part. My school decided they were just going to eliminate them, but they recently changed their mind. We got new ballots in homeroom today and they included the question "Would you be willing to pay $4 to cover production costs of a senior superlatives booklet?" at the end. I think it's ridiculous for them to expect us to pay $4 when we already paid $90 for our yearbook which was supposed to contain them. Almost no one said they would be willing to pay the $4, and most included nasty comments after the question. The people who have no problem with paying it argue that it's only $4, I don't think that's really the point though. I think the girl who did it should be held responsible for it instead of the whole senior class.

Would you pay the $4?
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