May 1st, 2006

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I'm looking to connect a PCMCIA card (notebook PC card, that is) to my desktop computer. I know drives exist for this purpose, but I can't seem to find them. Anyone got any particular recommendations?

Bonus points if the option can be found at, say, Fry's or Microcenter. I'm in Houston if that helps.

EDIT: if they exist, I'd like one that can be installed in a drive bay... I have no open PCI slots, but an open 5-1/4 bay on the front...

shippo was cool enough to find one that installs in a PCI slot, and that's close to what I need...
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another annoying myspace question

I figured out how to add an artist's musc to my page. Yay! But I'd like the song to start on its own. How can I get the music to play when the page loads and not just when someone clicks the play button? I've tried the faqs and tried looking up tutorials. I think I'm just stupid and missing something painfully obvious. answered. thank you.
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Apartment Rental Inquiry

In two to three months two of my roommates decided they want to get their own place and the other roommate I'm ready to kick them out yesterday. Because of this I need to find myself some new living arrangements since roommates are kinda tricky to gauge and I'm trying to weigh all my options. Does anyone know of any site such as or where I can look up apartment, duplex, and studio rentals? So far I've tried those two sites as well as Craigslist and the local classifides for my area but only gotten two places of any interest. Any help appericiated and thx :)

lj communities.

How do well-popularized communities on LJ always seem to bag great names for well-known singers/bands/etc?

I always thought that the names would be taken by individual users... but the communities always seem to have them! It boggles my tired mind.

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::: Can anyone tell me anything (of substance or lack thereof, I guess) about Keene State College in New Hampshire? Or even about New Hampshire in general?

I was just invited to an on-campus interview for a job there, but I've lived in western Pennsylvania all my life.
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Hi, hello.

I know we go through this every couple months, but I've been scarce so humour me please. :)

I'm specifically looking for do it yourself artsy type communities or communites or users that post pretty photos and images, but not just limited to these types. I've been pretty out of touch with LJ and trying to get more involved again.

Can you recommend some of your favorite communities and/or individual journals?

Also, any hardcore Coheed and Cambria fans here? :D
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namey name name

1. when you're on lj, do you like to be referred to by your real name or by your user name?
i definitely don't mind if people call me "echafaud" but i also like being called laur or laura if people feel comfortable with it. i'm an informal sort of person.

2. if you ever talk about lj people in real life (to other lj people), do you call them their lj name or their real name?
mostly their lj names, unless the person i talk to would call the other person by their name anyway

3. do you know the names of many people on tqc?
i know the names of people that are on a lot and people whose names are in their username

4. what's your name?

unrelated #5 if you were having a wedding in which the bridesmaids were instructed to wear anything they wanted, but they all have to be wearing black, would it bother you if one of them wanted to wear nice pants and a top instead of a dress?
i ask because i'm assuming this will happen to me, since one of the people i'm going to want for a bridesmaid (you know, if i ever get married) would flat-out refuse to buy a dress and i wouldn't care enough to make her. but my friends were sort of surprised by this and said they wouldn't be ok with that. thoughts?
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i wanted to open mozilla firefox as usual and it popped with 'what user would you like to open this with' and i never saw that before so i said default and when it opened all my bookmarks were gone! i ahd hundreds of very important bookmarks damnit and they're gone!! help me!!
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finals week debate!

All semester I've had this 8:00 class which was brutal...the class was okay (Human Relations and Sexuality!) but the time sucked.

I totalled my points for the class last night and I am one point short of an A...which is darn good, an A-!

However, I can get two points of extra credit tomorrow by going to the "final" and watching a video...but it's at 8:00 again, and I have an actual test final at 10.

Should I be happy with the A- or overachieve and be sleepy and get the A?
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I have had this odd condition for about 3 weeks now. Around the outside of my lips gets really dry--and though I keep them hydrated all day (and drink enough liquids, i think) they feel like they are swollen. They don't LOOK swollen...but they even tingle and sting sometimes. Sometimes it even itches on the skin right below my bottom lip.

basically i have to keep them coated with different lip balms at all times...the menthol kind (carmex, blistex, etc) feels the best, but sometimes causes some slight stinging. It got really bad over the weekend...and is better today, although i can still feel some slight soreness in them.

has anyone ever had this happen?
what do you suppose it could be?
any suggestions?
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Please Help Me

I posted a while ago (well, not that long ago, but since there are so many posts a day, my post got lost) and I forgot to write down peoples answers to my question.

I asked "I'm doing a project for Post WWII History Class and I need songs about distrusting the President. My songs right now are "Blowing in the Wind" "Dear Mr. President" "Mosh" and "Ohio". Does anyone know any more songs I can use?
Thanks in advance.


Fish Soup

Does anyone know any inexpensive Japanese fish-type soup?

We need it to make fish for our inductions.

If it helps, I live in Nassau County, Long Island. We need it by Friday night, because our thing is Saturday afternoon.
Please help.


Not The Who lyrics.

To which generation do you belong?

What characteristics set your generation apart from others?

In your opinion, what ages bracket your generation?

Do you feel as if you fit in with your generation, and to what extent?

Loss & Coping

My Dad passed away very unexpectly a week ago today. Does anyone have advice on how to cope? I'm thinking of going into therapy, has anyone had experience with therapy to deal with the loss of a loved on?

How did you grieve for your loss? Did you cry?

Also.... I have three siblings, a large estate, and no will. Has anyone had any experience with battles over an estate? Any advice on what to do/not do/look out for?
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I swear to god this morning as I was getting ready for school I heard a bit on the news about how either senators or reps in the GOP were trying to pass a bill for the U.S. anthem to only be sung in English.

Does anyone know anything about this? I've googled it with every word combination I can think of, and I can't find a damned thing about it.

If I didn't hallucinate the whole thing, would you support such a bill? Why or why not?

EDIT: Okay, evidently I didn't get it across in my first posting. Does anyone have any articles online that mention this? I can't find a damned thing. CNN, FOX, AP, anything.
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i can't believe i've forgotten how much fun it is to mess around in the front yard. its been a while since i play fight with my younger cousin, chased each other around all over our yard, and actually appreciate what a quiet neighborhood i live in. i guess life has trapped me inside this box that i lost sight in the beautiful world out there.

so what are your past time favorite things to do in your front yard?
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What are some new beauty products (make up, skin care, etc) that you have tried?
Recently I discovered "Bare Minerals" and am officially in love.

Have you ever used an at home chemical peel, or something similar? How often to you use? Did it make your skin look more polished and refined?
I purchased Philosophy's Oxygen Peel kit, but am a bit wary of trying it...

Any tricks for when you paint your own nails?
I always end up making a mess of my nails, and I always thought I had pretty good dexterity...

In a research paper, do Latin terms get italicized?
Things like "a priori" and "inter alia"

How often do you drink Red Bull or any other energy drink?
So funny


Does anyone remember last year there were these e-mails floating around that would scare the living shit out of you?

I remember getting one that was set up so that you could find Waldo and then all of the sudden Linda Blair's face from the Exorcist would pop up and you could do nothing but scream and barely keep from shitting your pants?

Well if anyone has a link to some of them can you let me know?

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Edit: I called back, left a message for her, and am calling tomorrow, too.

I applied for a job at the Subway in town a couple months ago.

Today I felt like hell and slept until 2:30. Then I showered and started cleaning up my room. I picked up my purse, realized it had been buried under a couple days worth of jeans and t-shirts, and pulled my cell phone out (as I figured it needed charged, having not been charged for a couple of days). I saw that I had a voicemail and listened to it. It was the manager at the Subway, saying she pulled out my application today, looked over it, and wanted to set up an interview. Score! She said to call back by four today. I looked at the clock: 4:45. DAMMIT!

I really freaking need a job in town (I don't drive), and my town has little to offer (I live in an itty-bitty town).
Do I call tomorrow and explain what happened or chalk it up as sorry luck and keep putting in applications elsewhere?

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Am I being totally irrational, or am I allowed to be pissed off?
I wanted to go to a free concert today, which has a band I really like playing. I tell my supposed best friend, and he tells me he'd like to go, but he won't have time at all. I decide not to go because a)he can't go and I'd feel bad about going if he couldn't, and b)I don't really want to go alone. This is Friday night/early Saturday morning. I find out on Sunday that he's going, because his uni friends invited him. No mention of the lack of time he had when I asked him. I get a bit annoyed, and he acts like it's just because he's seeing them and I'm not - which is part of it, but I'm more annoyed about him lying to me. I also then find out it's not just uni friends, but this utter bitch who's so far up herself I'm surprised she's not inside out.
So, am I allowed to be pissed off or should I just calm down? In my opinion, he's a lying bastard and I should kick him in the stomach, but I'm slightly irrational. I'm really hurt and have been crying over it, but..ugh. Argh. Urgh.

Now, other questions.
Did you wear a school uniform? (Yes. It's evil. Kilt, tights, knee socks, black shoes, white shirt, jumper)
If so, what colours? (Green, brown and white!)
Will YOU give me a hug?:P (I can't hug myself)

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I've asked this before, but I'll ask it again a little better: What rewards cards/loyalty cards do you have? I have the AE card, a Sub card, and a Stewarts milk card. I think I'm going to buy that Regal loyality card, since I want to see every movie that comes out this summer.

Any GOOD rap songs? [Like "Just like me" by DMC]

Favorite sunscreen? I think I'm in love with my new fake baker, so I now have no need for the sun or SPF 4 tan accelerator. I need something fairly water repellent and really sweat proof. Preferably something under $10 at a drugstore.

Favorite summer beauty products?

Favorite summer activities?

Favorite summer songs?

Favorite summer beverages?
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The Receptionist Classic

Hidden in the back of the sock drawer...

Your Super Secret Stash of Guilty Pleasures includes one each of the following:
A CD/Tape
A Book
A Candy Bar or other sweet treat
An Article of Clothing

What items are in your Super Secret Stash of Guilty Pleasures?

Mine include my Minnie Mouse underoos, Gummi Worms, Mary-Janice Davidson's "Undead and Unwed", and [please don't tell anyone this] Britney Spear's 'greatest hits' CD "My Perogative."
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Poll #720685 meatatarians ahoy!

What's your favorite cut of steak?

filet (tenderloin)
NY strip
prime rib (same cut as ribeye, but slow cooked and sliced to order)
*stalks the elusive tofurkey with rifle in hand*

If other, please explain:

How do you like it cooked?

very well
medium well
medium rare
Pittsburgh style
Don't even throw it on the grill. Ah, excellent. Can I get some A-1?
*bites its glazed white soy head off*

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This should be self explanatory but in case it isn't: Males answer the first question only, females answer the second question only. Also, this poll is only related to peeing... not any other bathroom function, JUST PEEING.

Poll #720666 Wee wee.

IF YOU ARE MALE.... do you wipe when you pee?


IF YOU ARE FEMALE... do you wipe when you pee?

m'effondre // mylene

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Microderm, yay or nay? Have you had it? What was your experience with it? How much does it usually cost to get your face done?

I won a $300 gift certificate to a laser clinic that offers it, and I'm wondering if this would be a good way to use it. I've mostly gotten rid of my acne, but I have little red scars all over the bottom half of my face, and I'm hoping microderm would help get rid of it.
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1. Do you believe in God? if yes, which one(s)?

2. If you are an atheist, when did you stop believing and why?

3. Do you believe in Evolution?

4. What is your science background?
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President Bush's approval rating has been going downwards lately... I want to know why. This question is not for people who never supported the President... I'm one of those, and I'm trying to understand what people see in him.

If you used to support Bush and don't anymore, what changed your mind? Was it something specific?

If you still support Bush, what would it take to bring you to the other side?

Edit: Further reading
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Is anybody as squeamish as I am over worms? EWWWWWWWWWW...Oh MAN, I can't stand them!!! I know they are harmless, but they still give me MAJOR creeps and makes me want to hurl every time it rains and the sidewalks are dotted with worms, just waiting to be stepped on. :-X I watch my step carefully, because I REALLY don't want to step on a worm and get worm guts all over the sole of my shoes. BARF. GROSS. Ugh... I am making myself nauseous just asking about them!
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A while ago, someone posted a pic of the Ku Klux Klan on a Ferris wheel. I Googled and ljseeked (sought?) it, but I couldn't find a very high res copy. Can anyone help me find this? (and maybe witchbabywigg's alteration).

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::: Okay, so let's say two people in two different cars somehow back into one another while pulling out of a parking lot. The driver of the one car is not the owner of the car, but rather a friend of the owners'. Does insurance generally cover damages if the accident occurs when the driver of the car is not the owner nor the insurer?
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While doing research on a paper, I learned that 56% of people surveyed would never live with their best friend.

Would you ever live with your best friend? Why or why not? I wouldn't because if I were my roommate (described in the situation below) I would kill my best friend.

Situation: You live in a 3 bedroom apartment with 4 roommates. One girl is moving out, but you already know her replacement. The remaining roommates are you, girl 1 and girl 2. Girl 1 and girl 2 are best friends and have been friends for ten years. Girl 2 is in her third college attempting to earn her associates degree because she got screwed when transfering from community college to your college.

Last night girl 1 says to girl 2 "We'll go to the real estate agent tomorrow and talk to them about renewing the lease and changing the one name." Girl 2 says "Well I don't know if I'm going to stay." The next day (today) she says "I'm definitely not staying" when you go to the real estate agent at 2 PM. At 7:30 PM she says "Don't make any plans for new roommates, because I'm staying."

However she still doesn't know what college she's going to next year and last you know of, she hadn't told her parents ANY OF THIS. You began contacting people that you know were looking for places after visiting the real estate agent at 2 PM because everyone is leaving school in two weeks and most people have found housing for next year already. You know your parents are able to afford the rent now, but to lose a person would be an extra $150 that would make it tough for you to afford the apartment.

Would you let her sign the lease, knowing she is still indecisive and may change her mind at any time over the summer leaving you with one missing roommate?

I hope that makes sense to everyone. I'm just curious what other people would do in our situation. I mean, honestly we'll end up letting her stay if she's definitely staying. But we're really tempted to tell her to find our own place for not telling us her change in plans sooner. (She told us in March that there was no way she was going and we wouldn't need to find a new roommate.)
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Barbados Resorts

In 1983, my parents stayed in a resort in Barbados called "Club St. James", in the St. James province (or state) of Barbados. My mother seems to remember that it was not too far from Bridgetown.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what that resort might be called today? I've searched and searched, but if there's someone who has been to the same resort and knows, I would really appreciate it!!

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Kay so I posted awhile ago about the photography "sculpture" that I had to do. The one where we had to use pictures and cut them out in a way so that they're 3-D. And there was a girl who made a marionette by putting a picture onto wooded cutouts. Ring any bells?

Well if it does, I STILL don't have any ideas. It's due soon and I'm worried I won't get anything done.



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There is a song from Paul Oakenfold that has lyrics that have something to do with ruling the world that I'd like to know the name of. I saw him this weekend at Coachella and that track really stood out.

Do you know what it is?
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Asking a computer related question on behalf of a friend.

My friend was doing something with his sound card so he could get all his speakers to work (he has 6 speakers and only 4 of them were working) when something happened and his computer no longer recognizes any peripherals. So no speakers, no monitor, no mouse, no keyboard, etc (this is why I'm asking for him).

What can he do now? Keeping in mind that the monitor doesn't work so he can't see what he's doing, and neither the mouse nor keyboard work so he can't input anything into his computer. Has anybody had anything like this happen to them before?

Helpful comments would be appreciated.

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Do you think it's rude to pass someone in a buffet line?

Example. You wanted ONE thing on the buffet at the VERY beginning (lets say A chicken leg) and one thing at the VERY end (a biscut). Unfortunately, a person (old, slow, and this being their first time AT the restaurant...or at least that they can remember) got in front of you right before you nabbed that chicken leg, and now you're stuck behind them when what you REALLY want is a few trays down. Do you wait behind them until they move their keister all the way to the end and it's finally your turn, or can you do cutsies without it being rude?

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I've been googling for a while now, with no luck, so I turn to you.

I'm trying to find some cute cocktail dresses similar to this polka dot halter.

The problem I'm having is finding dresses in my size.  I'm by far not a size 5 o a 9.  I'm more of a 13-14.  The stores in my town do not have these types of dresses, and I've looked all over.

Can anyone point me to any websites to what I'm looking for, preferably a site that you yourself have purchased from and has fairly good prices(Under 100$)
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Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help me out here.

I'm looking for a community/website/forum that I can go to that is focused on creative stuff, making jewellery, revamping clothes, jeans etc. (I suck at explaining myself, I think I say this in every post I make on here! But I hope you get what I mean!)

So, can anyone help me out here?

Thanks!! ♥

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I have a job interview tomorrow and I have a dilemma.

I either cannot start until the 21st because I will be out of town for a wedding, or I could work until then if I have that weekend off (It's a fri, sat, sun job)
That isnt the problem.

The problem is I have another engagement that I cannot cancel on (Money has been spent, and lots of it) on June 8th, putting me out of town for that weekend.

So, during the interview should I mention the June trip or should I say a family emergency came up if I get the job. I'd give them a few day's notice and I would be more than willing to cover someone else's shift as long as it didnt interfere with my class.

So, be upfront tomorrow and risk not getting the job
or Claim a dead relative a few weeks into the job while still being more than willing to do what I can, and risk the consequences of this?

How do I get myself into these messes?

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Do you think it's ill-mannered or embarrassing (or anything) to talk about religion/personal stuff in crowded places, or does it ever make you uncomfortable when other people do?

Does it depend on the religion?

So why do I find it so utterly obnoxious when Pagans flaunt their title so wildly, particularly when I'm with them? Like shouting "Hurry up, we must attend our heathen gathering!!" through a crowd of people? I mean, how often do you hear other people go "Oh, let's hurry on to church to praise Jesus!!" or discuss what they are going to do to promote their religion when packed in a train like a can of sardines....