April 30th, 2006

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Do you have big boobs?

Do they touch each other?

Do they touch the skin underneath them?

Do your boobs get sweaty in the middle?

Do they get stinky from sweat?

If yes to all of the above -- How do you deal?!?
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English Boodles

I've heard tell of a cross breed of dog, named 'English Boodle'. (English Bulldog / Poodle.) So far I haven't found a photo of what in my mind must be an abomination above all else. When I think of what one must look like, I also imagine a pack of mad cackling breeders in the background, grovelling over what a grotesque thing they have created.

So. Anyway. Does anyone have a picture of such a creature? Yes, I've googled. Of COURSE I googled. I've worn down my fingertips googling. I desperately want to know what this dog looks like, because until I do I can't think of it being anything but a bizarre internet joke.

The usual what to get the SO for their birthday ?

K, so my boy's 21st birthday is coming up and Im getting him a room at The Wynn in Las Vegas (Yea, I had to tell him =/ ) but his birthday is a week before we will be in vegas so I wanted to send him something{s} small on the actual day of.

What does he like?
Dale, from Chip and Dale
Anything Kevin Smith
and movies in general, but especially The Boondock Saints

Im going to be sending a thimble (we both love hook) so cute shit can be added to the list; he's getting the hotel room plus lingerie night later.

Speaking of which, where could I buy some nice lingerie? (not necassarily nice as in not obscene)

Im already going to fredericks of Hollywood and a sex shop (for other reasons but Ill look anyway) but any other places where I could find good lingerie that's fairly cheap (a whole "outfit" for under $100)

I've tried google. I've tried wikipedia.

Tell me what you know about "near beer".

I know it is [A] alcohol-free or [B] contains under x amount of alcohol, but tell me...

- What are age restrictions on near beers that contain alcohol?
- I've heard near beers are available in Ohio. If this is the case, what near beers are available in/near Columbus?
- Have you ever had near beer? Preferences?

I've heard my fair share of "myths" surrounding near beer.
If the one about "You can get barely-alcoholic near beer at age 18 in Ohio" is true I may have to try it just to say I have (I'm going to Ohio a week from Tuesday).

Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

Inspired by a picture a few posts down...

What's the funniest thing you've heard about this snakes on a plane business? I think it is hilarious, hahaha that picture is the funniest one I've seen yet :D
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(no subject)

I've been collecting writing prompts lately, and thought I'd ask some of them here. So...

1. If money didn't matter, what job or career would you go for?
2. What are you welcoming into your life?
3. If you disappeared today, who would be affected?
4. Do you have reoccuring dreams? What are they about?
5. Do you have regrets?
6. You have to give up one of your senses. Which one will it be?
7. What did you accomplish last year?
Stepfanie @ Universal Studios
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Inspired by therainman1000's post about underwear...

What brand of socks have you found to last you the longest? I had a lot of trouble in the past with Walmart's and Target's crappy ladies' socks (I'm a female). I started to buy mens' Hanes socks about 2½ years ago, and found them to be a lot more durable than ladies' socks.

I'm always open to suggestions for better sock brands...I like that my Hanes socks were relatively inexpensive but durable, but I wouldn't mind picking up some other brand that is better in quality...especially extra-low-rise socks.
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(no subject)

  • Favorite scary movie?
  • Scariest scary movie?
  • Why do you watch scary movies?
  • Worst scary movie experience?
  • Last movie you saw?

    What'd you think of it? Did you think it was scary? Why/why not? Did you think it did the games justice as best it could?
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    (no subject)

    I have mushrooms, pearl onions and potatoes....Should I throw them all in a pan and fry them up? I don't have any meat though. Would it be good, or should I make something else?

    Moving out

    How old were you when you moved out on your own for good?

    Was it hard for you (as in emotionally, not financially)?

    Were you close to your family at the time when you moved out?

    Most of my friends have no problem moving out on their own because they are not close with their families. I however am close with my family, and I think I'm going to find it hard to move out. I'm 20 right now and have lived on my own for a year for school and then moved back home, but I'm working towards moving out with my SO permanently at the end of the summer. I guess I just don't want to miss things with them, because they aren't always going to be there...
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    (no subject)

    I've made some goals for an ambitious, but do-able reading list/project this summer, and I need some suggestions.

    I plan to read at least one Shakespearean play, and one other play. What plays by Shakespeare and others do you suggest?
    I have read Othello, Romeo & Juliet, and Twelfth Night

    I want to read one poem a day (at least). What poems do you love? What poems should I be sure not to miss?
    it's okay if you want to just post the title and author, unless it's something I might not be able to find

    Of the following, which should I read first? Anna Karenina (Tolstoy), Vanity Fair (Thackery), Middlemarch (Eliot)

    Abs question

    Starting out with average fitness, having a little belly, how long with steady work outs will it take to reach a firm slim 6 pack? Assuming you are exercising regularly and eating right etc...

    I always wondered if it is a matter of a month or 2 to several months.

    Any success stories?
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    (no subject)

    I'm going to be on a ship for 12 hours in a few weeks. I'm planning on being as silly as possible, apart from the Captain pugwash theme, what music shall I take with me?
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    (no subject)

    I have a background picture I'd like to use for my LJ. It's the same one I now use on myspace. I tried to customize it on s1 but it won't take. Is there something I should or should not be doing to apply it?

    To drink?

    What kind of drink would be best to keep cool when it is hot out and you don't use the air conditioning at all? Currently outside it is 89°F and we don't use the air at our apartment because it costs too much and doesn't work very well anyways. What would be something to drink that isn't horrible for you, helps to hydrate you, and is relatively inexpensive?

    EDIT: Oh and the water around here tastes funny due to the chemicals so it has to be purafied first. Currently our water purification pitcher has gone MIA so until we get paid again we can't get another one.

    (no subject)

    Do computers give off rays of any kind? If so, what kind? Are they dangerous?

    Edit: That sounds ignorant. My mother has been electrocuted shocked before. Does this make her hypersensitive to computer rays?
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    (no subject)

    As a kid, I had asthma. I lived in a house of chain-smokers, so an attack happened about everyday. Now I'm all grown up and for two years after not being exposed to those triggers I no longer have attacks. The occasional wheeze when it's cold or I'm in a bar. Nothing that a little bit of coughing and fresh air doesn't help. Again, since I'm older, I'm told that asthmatics can't do certain things that I may want to do(join the army, egg donation, etc.). However, at what point would you consider someone to no longer have asthma? Is it something you can "officially" claim?

    service plan

    My tmobile contract is about to end within a month and i've been searching for a new service plan but i can't seem to find the right one for me. i'm curious as to what service plan do you have and why did you chose it?

    VHS tape lengths

    My best friend has no cable, and so I've been given the dubious honor of being responsible for making sure she doesn't miss anything important (namely, Gilmore Girls and America's Next Top Model, along with a few other things, when the mood strikes me).

    Also, they play Angel for 2 hours every night, and I can't keep staying up until 2 AM every night. They're due to start the series over again soon (the next couple weeks), so I can just set my VCR up to tape it from the beginning, and not have to buy the DVDs! (I already have to come up with $300 for the Buffy full series box set!)

    Luckily, I have about a gazillion old VHS tapes to work with. Most of them have no labels anymore, so I can't be sure how long they are. I'm assuming that most of them are a standard length, so the question is:

    I know there are 2 "speeds" or whatever, SLP and SP (Super long play and short play? I don't know, but I'm fairly sure that's what the display says when I switch tape lengths) So how long ARE each of those in hours?

    ANSWERED!! Thanks, you guys! Ummmm - to keep the thread going: What shows do you record religiously? Do you do it to watch them over & over, or because you're busy/asleep when they're on?

    (no subject)

    Okay, my friend heather just said this totally random thing in response to my observation that an advantage of Paganism is that it has holidays revolving around fire, sex, and food. She said other religions did too. I said not so much on the sex aspect...
    Apparently she heard that some sects of Judaism take "be fruitful and multiply" to be "have sex on friday nights" or something like that?

    Is she on crack or is there some truth behind this?
    Moi 10/08

    Please Help!

    On my way home from my friend's house, which is about an hour from my house, I saw a dog on the side of the road who looked very thin, like he had not been fed or taken care of in a long time. I called my friends and we tried to get the dog to come to us, but he just went further and further back into the field/woods. I called animal control and all the shelters in the area, the ASPCA, the local news station...everyone I could think of or look up in the phone book, and they are all closed. I called the Sheriff's department and they said they will call animal control (apparently they have another number because when I tried I got no one). The woman I spoke to said that animal control may not come and get the dog since its not being viscious and that the Sheriff's department can't do anything because they are "too busy". The area where the dog is has been having massive brush fires since last night and all the police and fire and resuce workers are busy with that.

    I don't know what else to do. I felt horrible leaving the dog there, but we tried for about an hour to get it to come to us and it just would not. What else can I do? Does anyone have any ideas? Please help!

    EDIT: We went and gave him food and water, which he gobbled up. A lady drove by that said she has seen him out there for four or five days now! Well, way to go and call someone lady! I will be making calls again in the morning when everything is open again. He seems to be staying in the same area so hopefully he won't be hard to find when someone goes to get him.

    EDIT 2, Next Day: I got ahold of animal control this morning and they said they'd put in a call but if the dog kept running from them and did not want to be rescued, there wasn't much they could do (argh!). I talked to my friend at school who works at the animal shelter (I tried getting ahold of her yesterday when all this was going on and couldn't). She said that if they get the dog, they won't automatically destroy it, they will put it in the shelter. He had a collar on (I couldn't tell if there were tags), so hopefully they will see that he is/was somone's pet and try to save him. My friend who lives out there passed by the area this morning and said she did not see the dog. :( But, he could have been seeking shade in the nearby field where he kept running away to. Keeping my fingers crossed that they rescue him!
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    (no subject)

    If someone was to file a missing persons report on you, knowing you are alive and well, but just wanted to stir things up because you refuse to speak to them, could they get in any trouble for doing that?
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    (no subject)

    what makes you feel better when you have a fever? i can't take medecine because i already did.

    and is there a better way to repair broken nails that doesn't involve superglue? my nail tore about halfway down and it's gonna be very painful if it ripped off. the superglue only holds for a few hours.
    snow AC


    I really can't figure it out... And I've tried google and even www.dubblebubble.com .

    What the heck flavors are green and blue gumballs supposed to be?? And even the white, what is that supposed to taste like, though they're not so bad.

    To me green and blue gumballs taste like Pinesol. Not that I ever tasted Pinesol, but the gum tastes like it smells.
    jim, serious

    ap tests

    My English AP test is tomorrow morning and my AP US History test is on Friday morning.

    Any last minute tips concerning AP testing-ness in general?

    How did you do on your AP tests?

    (no subject)

    What are some activities I can do instead of prom? I decided I don't want to go. I sort of want to do something that I'll always remember, so anything is welcome as a suggestion [as long as it isn't more then mildly illegal]. Sky diving? Interpretive dance? Color me mine?

    I ideally want to see Monkeys in the Atrium, but my parents might not allow me to go to NYC with some of my non-school friends. The prom is May 12th, so what movie would you want to see that will be in theaters/open in theaters May 12th?

    Oh, and I have the whole day of prom off, so I can travel [I live near Albany, NY- so Boston and NYC aren't too far away].

    And, does any one go to a "free" college? Berea college? The Cooper Union? Basically any college were tuition is paid for completely. Would you say that your college experience differs from the traditional view of college life?
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    (no subject)

    What should the title of my editorial piece for school be?

    For our English class, we need to submit an editorial piece. The topic is about an umpire refusing to allow a Muslim girl who was wearing a white headscarf to play soccer.
    I'm with the side that the girl should have been allowed to play with her headscarf on.

    Any ideas? I'm completely stuck.

    Edit: Also any ideas on a starting sentence for the editorial? I'm hopeless with starting sentences but once that's out of the way, I can write tonnes.

    (no subject)

    Okay so i bought a new cell phone cover today...the guy wanted to charge me 10 bucks to put it on. I told him i would figure it out

    Now looking at my phone and not being able to figure it out, i turn to google...the only explanation i could get is this...Collapse )

    Collapse )

    That just seems like its wrong to me....and i really dont want to break my phone over this..

    Does anyone here know how i can change the front cover of this phone?
    lead me


    does anybody here really take care of their nails? as in like, filing them down, pushing back cuticles, etc...?

    what all do you do to take care of your nails? what's the best way to maintain them?
    gasp zooey

    (no subject)

    I really really REALLY love Forrest Gump, and I really like the scene where Jenny is about to jump off the building. I would like to make a user pic of that scene, when she's on the balcony, but I can't find an image for it. Does anyone know where I can find that image and/or an existing user pic of it? I can't find either anywhere, and it's REALLY bugging me!
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    (no subject)

    I want to recycle the motor oil that I changed today. I didn't have a "mechanical" pan of sorts and just used a clean kitchen mixing bowl. Is there a specific container I need to put it in or can I give it them as-is?
    • libram

    More Fashion

    Where are some places online (or in New York) to buy cheap clothing patches in bulk? Stuff like band, souvenir, or name patches - not necessarily the ultra new and popular stuff, but maybe extras that didn't sell, or surplus or something.
    at seven

    (no subject)

    I don't think this has been asked... I'm assuming this only applies to folks in the U.S., here we go:

    1. Is anybody here participating in pro-immigration boycott/demonstrations tomorrow? What will you be doing to participate?

    2. Why or why not?

    3. Do you identify with any specific immigrant group, and which? (Whether as an immigrant yourself, child of immigrants, great-great-great-great-great grandchild of immigrants...etc... if you really *identify* with it)