April 29th, 2006

minnie and zeus


how do you make big decisions?

go with your gut, make a list of pros and cons, wait until you're backed into a corner and forced to, talk to someone, flip a coin, what?

I have some big decisions to make, and I'd usually talk to people, but everyone I'd talk to about it is biased in conflicting ways, so I don't know what to do to figure things out.  :\
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queen of hearts

(no subject)

Have you ever shouted something at a concert and had the singer or band hear you?

For example, at a concert with a lot of flashing I thought there should be equal opportunity. So, as the band (Either Seven Mary Three or Three Doors Down. It was awhile ago.)came out I jokingly yelled, "Show us your dicks!" However, at that exact moment the crowd went quiet and the lead singer grabbed his microphone, looked at me and asked, "What did you just say?"

(no subject)

For all you homeowners: when you bought your first house, you factored in the cost of everything, but what did you forget? I mean, there are obvious payments (insurance, maintenance, closing costs, etc), but did you forget that you have a lawn, so now you need to buy a lawnmower?
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(no subject)

Is there a word that basically means:

a) The opposite of "faith" (not just religious faith, but faith in any thing)

and is also:

b) Not an "opposite" word? (distrust, disbelief)

I've found some, but they more mean "without faith" rather than "anti-faith"; e.g You have faith that the horse will win the race, therefore, you have <blank> that the horse will lose.
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

(no subject)

I want to get opinion on a band costume idea...

Collapse )

Does anyone think it's annoying that my second hard drive exploded in the middle of typing this up the first time and locked up the computer?  Any idea what it means if it makes random chirping noises when being accessed, and more recently locks up XP occasionally (less than once a day) when it happens?  (Although that may have been a coincidence.  Silly me, I forgot to check the system temperatures to decide how my overclocking the CPU and RAM is going when it crashed last...).


Help with a present

Anyone know any sites that sell small, engraved things? Maybe like a small stone? My boyfriend is a musician, and one day before his big recital I put a little construction paper heart in his pocket that said "be cool" and he said it helped, so I'd love to get him something a little more permanent. Any ideas? Googling has just turned up rocks you put in your lawn, and I don't really want to get him a keychain :]
syringe meme


Is your gag reflex stronger when you're a little dehydrated?

Edit: I need a sun hat that a.) covers my ears, b.) covers the back of my neck, c.) is lightweight and made of a fabric that dries quickly, and d.) preferably doesn't look too dorky to wear off the trail. Something like this or this, perhaps, except I'm not paying $70 for a freakin' hat. Any suggestions?
petit prince

bored already!

1. what's the most-played song in the music player on your computer? how many times has it been played?
mine is "those pearls" by rachel's, it's a mostly-piano instrumental song. i've played it 1001 times

2. what was your favorite book as a kid?
mine was matilda by roald dahl

3. if you read harry potter, which is your favorite?
prisoner of azkaban, no contest

4. what kinds of salad dressing do you like?
i like caesar, italian, and balsamic vinaigrette
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I&#39;ve got quiet shoes!


I have to write a four page paper on a famous mathematician of my choice. It has to be "interesting and exciting". I can't think of any exciting mathematicians.

Who are some interesting mathematcians?
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Birthing technique

Has anyone seen (or is watching) the documentary "Oh baby ... now what" on A&E where two 20 something year olds, Brad and Sara, get pregnant 3 months after they start dating?

So, the mum is an "earth mother" (no clue what that is right now) and during the birth the dad sits behind the mother as she pops the kid out. Is there a name for this birthing technique where the father sits behind the mother with his legs spread out outside of her's etc.? The dad said he felt like the kid came out of both of them! Is this technique something they just made up in the show or do more people do this?
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(no subject)

My dad, who doubles as the lost & found when he DJs, had a digital camera turned into him. No one had claimed it by the end of the night and by the time he was finished loading, everyone except the janitors were gone. So here's the first question-

1. Would you keep the camera?

And now let's say I hypothetically have a brand new camera, present from my dad, that lacks an owner manual. I'm wanting some help so I can get the most out of this digital camera.

2. It's a Sony DSC-W1 Cybershot (actually, I don't know WHAT it is, those are just all the official sounding things written on it and I'm guessing what you would really call it) with 5.1 mega pixels and MPEGmovieVX and a smart zoom. It seems to not have an 'action shot' standard option and I want my pictures to be less blurry. Is there a way to increase shudder speed or something like that so pictures are more clear?

3. What kind of files will any movies be that I take with the camera? Are they of a high enough quality that they can be edited in with video taken from a DV camera without too much of a difference?

4. Is there an online guide/manual for this kind of camera?

Please and thank you.

(no subject)

I need some advice.

Last August I moved into an apartment in the city I went to college in (Marquette). I was living with a good friend of mine. I didn't have enough established credit to sign the lease, so my Dad signed it and my roommate signed it. Well, I moved to a different city (Ann Arbor) in January. I am still paying full rent for my apartment in Marquette. A couple days ago my Dad got a phone call from the landlord in Marquette. Turns out my roommate hasn't paid her rent in two months. My Dad ended up just sending a check to my landlord (since my roommate not paying effects HIS credit). He called my roommate and left a few messages and she has yet to return his calls. I sent her a message on AIM just saying "Hey" and she didn't respond, put up an away message but didn't go idle. It seems like she is avoiding me and my Dad. The electric is in my name and while I was visiting there last weekend I saw an overdue notice (the bill was for $100+) and she joked that there wasnt a shut off notice yet so she wasn't paying it yet. I have not lived there since before Christmas (I moved once Fall semester ended) so none of that bill is mine. I just sent her a message online that said: hey ***** - i was wondering if you could let me know how much the electric bill for the apartment is, if you haven't paid it yet? so i can just send a check in and pay it off. i guess it being overdue is going to effect my credit so i want to get that taken care of asap. thanks! :-) She has an away message up.

More to the story... a girl she is friends with (but is basically my sworn enemy) broke up with her boyfriend in February, and my roommate asked if she could stay in my room for a couple days, I said sure since I wasn't there. Wellllll turns out that this girl has been staying in my room ever since. In fact - while I was visiting people asked me "So where are you staying? **** is living at your place right?" I don't know if this is something I should care about or not - I pay $400 a month for an apartment that I don't live in. All of my stuff is still in my bedroom there, so this girl is sleeping (and most likely sleeping with people) in my bed.

What do I do in a situation like this? How do I get my roommate to take responsibility and pay back my Dad? How do I ask her to not let her friends move into my room?

(no subject)

So all of a sudden, limewire decided to go nuts on me and give me an error message. When I try to open it, it says "Limewire was unable to initialize and start. This is usually due to a firewall blocking Limewire's access to the internet or loopback connections on the local machine. Please allow limewire access to the internet and restart Limewire."

I've already tried putting it as an exception with my firewall. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling about 20 times. Nothing has worked.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Please and thank you.

Other questions...

What is the highest game you have ever bowled?

How often do you change your sheets on your bed?

Do have a song in your head at this moment? What is it?


Does your Gmail page take a long time to load when you log in? Sometimes, does it give you a short message that there was some problem encountered?
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Bad Day/oops/embarrassed

(no subject)

I was supposed to work today, but slept right through my alarm until noon (I was supposed to wake by 6am to be there at 9:30) because of lack of sleep at night and 99 hours of work in the past fourteen days (I work two parttime gigs).

What would be a plausible excuse? I love this job and don't want to lose it, but I'd have been utterly miserable today if I'd woken on time and went it.

Should I 1) tell them the truth, 2) that I'd made a scheduling error and let myself be scheduled for today at the other job, 3) had a doctor's appointment, or some other excuse entirely?
Halloween 2008

I apologize for two questions in such a short time!

In Alison Krauss' song, "Crazy as Me," she has the chorus:

Just don't ask me for the truth if you choose to lie honey.
And don't try to open my door with your skeleton key.
Some folks seem to think I only got one problem.
I can't find nobody as crazy as me.

What does she mean in the skeleton key line?

I've looked at songmeanings.com or whatever that site is, but got nothing.
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(no subject)

Does anybody know of some good pet supply websites? Where they have things that are both practical and things that can just be decoractive...lol, I'm so bad at explanations. Hopefully someone out there has the same thought pattern as myself. ^_^;
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Me--State Fair

theoretically speaking...

As if my boyfriend didn't have enough to deal with this week what with his neighbor dying and all, his sister is flying in from Spokane on Wednesday.

She's known about me essentially from the start (our relationship started out a bit on the rocky side) and so she's been aware of me and my involvement in his life. I've never talked to her or anything like that. She takes a very "big sister" approach to him, wanting to know everything about him and his life, etc.

I'm betting she's going to want to meet me. He seems to think she doesn't. If I were her, I'd certainly want to meet whomever my brother was dating. It isn't a serious relationship, so we haven't done the "meet the family" thing, but I would think if she's flying all this way (and hasn't been here for a couple of years) that she would at least want to put a name to the face. I told him it's up to her/him.

Do you think she's going to want to meet me? I don't have any idea what she knows about me, and I don't know a ton about her, but I guess what I'm saying, if it was you, what do you think?

I'm indifferent--if I meet her, fine, if I don't, no biggie.
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(no subject)

Awhile ago, I had really loud, crappy downstairs neighbors. I complained more than three times, and they moved. Not sure if my complaints got them asked to leave, or if they were just moving. Now, I have new neighbors who are just as anoying. Last night, they had loud music going until 11:45.. had it gone past midnight, I would have called the cops. It's CONSTANT. Like I come home for lunch, and they have loud music, I come home from work, and more music. It's been on and off all day long today as well. And they have a bastard dog that barks all the time. Am I just being too picky? Is it too much to ask that music isn't loud all the damn time? I try to keep my tv/music down to a normal level... why are other people so stupid?
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(no subject)

I have a bit of a weird question but hopefully some of you will have some ideas! I'm teaching a lesson to some 7 year olds about plants and animals. I want them to do a sorting game where I will give them some pictures of plants and animals, and they have to decide which is which. However, I don't want the game to be easy, and want some pictures that will make them think and discuss whether it is a plant or an animal.

So, basically I was wondering if anyone can think of any plants which may look like animals or vice versa? I already have some pictures of leaf insects and butterflies which look like they have blended into their surroundings, but any other ideas would be great!

Thanks very much xxx

(no subject)

I was talking with someone about music and he mentioned to me someone that I might like. It was Stephen something, but I cannot remember what he said the last name was.

I know I'd know it if I heard or saw the name. The suggestion came after talking on Dresden Dolls and Rufus Wainwright. Other artists we both like are Interpol, Death Cab, The Decemberists, and Radiohead.

Does anyone know who it might be?

(PS: No, I can't ask the person. Long story.)
Good and Evil

What do you do with a BA in English...

To those of you with college degrees (or those who are currently getting degrees):

1) What's your degree?
2) What were your major and minor?
3) What job did you HOPE to get with your degree?
4) What job do you actually have?
5) Do you wish you would have gotten a different degree? If so, what?

I'm having trouble deciding what I want to do when I go back to school in the Fall. Just wanted to hear what routes you all took.
Keira - breathe

(no subject)

My best friend is currently undergoing a lot of stress - she's getting married in a few months, her boss (of a job she loves but is draining) has been an asshole to her and is treating her like she's worthless when she literally is the backbone of the company (he's one of the laziest people I've ever met), and she has a great deal of other issues on her shoulders.

There's a massive event she's coordinating and planning for coming up in a few weeks, and the boss is going to make life a hell for the next month or so, so being that I'm 300+ miles away (we use to partner in readying and planning said event, but I moved), I'm making her a care package.

So far I've included a gift card to Aldo (a shoe company), pedicure set and nail polish, random toys, a letter, and stickers, but I need pick-me-up things to make life seem a little bit better, that this event is for a good cause and she's amazing.

Anything else I should include? Any ideas for songs or poetry with those sentiments?
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Iron Chef!

How does Iron Chef actually work? Do they give the chefs a list of possible secretingredients and let them make up a menu? I can't imagine that the ingredients could actually be secret, because the chefs seem to have a plan. Anyone know for sure?
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Arty peoplessss

I have to do this "sculpture" for my photography class. It's not really a sculpture, we're just supposed to use our pictures and make them 3-D.
We build it ourselves out of wood, paint (how is this 3-D?), collaged, or with found objects.
And I have NO CLUE what to do. None. I've tried three different things and they sucked.

I really don't want to use wood because I've seen other peoples' and they ALL used wood.
One girl took a picture of her friend and made into a marionette which was awesome. Another person took a picture of someone swinging on the monkey bars. He cut the person out and mounted it onto a piece of dowling so it swings back and forth. That was also cool. Someone else put their image onto a pop can, which wasn't as cool as the first two.

But anyway, we can pretty much do anything, as long as the picture is 3-D.
Hmmm. I hope this made sense.

So helphelphelphelp!!

Oh and does S.0.S. mean save our souls or save our ship?

Sorry for the longness by the way.

(no subject)

My roommate and I are feeding some rescued newborn kittens. They are about a week old. I was fine with this until a coworker told me she did the same thing, and her kittens died. Now I am completely paranoid. So TQC, I come to you.

1) Do you like pets?
2) Have you ever rescued kittens? Do you have any helpful tips/advice for me?
3) Does this person have a point?
4) How can I politely tell a coworker to shut up? I've told her quite a few times that I don't like kids (personal decision, don't hate people who want them), but not only does she tell me I'm wrong and that I will change my mind when I get married, she tells me 3 or 4 times a week.
5) How do you become a veterinary tech?

(edited to take out a terrible attempt at humor)
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audrey bicycle

(no subject)

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Monday. The doctor required me to take the medication a day before. They gave me two medications: amoxicyllin and ibuprofen. I'm not sure when I'm supposed to take each one, nor do I know if I'm supposed to take them both at the same time, or if I'm supposed to take one the day before and the other the day of. If anyone can help, that'd be great. TIA.

(no subject)

What are the rules of getting your prom date a boutonniere? For example, do you have to get one, does the flower color have to be the same as the dress, do you pin it on him, etc etc etc? I'm clueless. :)
kihei akahi

(no subject)

Ok..if you're under 25 you might not know the answer.. but..
there was a kind of popsicle I would get as a kid via an ice cream truck
(yeah, back in the day a little truck would slowly drive around the neighborhood
& ring a bell and pull over and you
could buy ice cream bars and popsicles and stuff from him.. what a concept)
and I'm trying to think of the name of this one kind in particular...
it's not
this, which is a missile pop:

and it's not this, which is an orange creamsicle:

and it's not this, which is a twin popsicle:

(getting hungry yet? :P)

but it was one long smooth cylinder and it
was swirly tie-dyed pink, purple, orange, blue I think.
(it was NOT called 'swirlwinds' which I saw when I googled 'popsicle'.. that's new-fangled. hehe)

Any ideas what the one I'm thinking of was called?
i don&#39;t want to be friends

(no subject)

Is Christian Slater Native American? If so, do you have a website or something to back this up?

I just watched The Wizard with my friend, and I think he looks like it, but she says I'm wrong.
breaking news!

sup bbs

So, how is your life so far? Is it going as you planned back in kid days with your i'm-going-to-be-a-whatever drawings and dreams to steal all the stickers from your teacher's drawer? eh?

1. What's an appropriate song to lose your v-card to?
I'll say My Bloody Valentine's soft as snow

2. What movies are you looking forward to see this year?
I'd like to see Omen, A Scanner Darkly, An Inconvient Truth, and motherfucking Art School Confidential shit that isn't showing in my state/city. ;____;

and this



This is going to suck so hard. But I can't wait.

3. What do you think about my icon??
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(no subject)

Is anyone here a teacher? What grade/subject? Do you ever regret becoming a teacher? What are the pros and cons of the job? How much do you get paid? Was it easy or difficult to find a job?

If you have a degree in education, but don't have a job as a teacher, why? If you were persuing a degree in education, but stopped, why?

I have best friend, who's a guy. Recently, we've gotten a little closer then we formally were. The problem is that he's going to prom with another girl who he asked, and I don't think she has any interest in him other then as a friend. I'm not going to prom because of a sketch show I'm working on, and I'm not jealous in the least that he's going to prom with this girl [they're both really cool, and I'm friends with her]. However, me and the guy might start dating before the prom. Would this be rude, or cruel to do to her? Should we hide it from her [if we do in fact start dating]?

self checkout, books, and post-its

1. When self checkout is available do you use it?
Only when I'm not buying a lot of stuff.

2. What was the last book you bought?
I don't remember. I was going to buy Generation Me : Why Today's Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled--and More Miserable Than Ever Before, and The Mole People today but I figured I would read some reviews of them first and now I probably wont be buying The Mole People.

3. What was the last thing you ate?
A Classic Cafe salad at Panera.

4. Do you use Post-its?
No, not really.
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(no subject)

Having trouble finding the list of songs that were on The Benchwarmers.

I've tried numerous sites including IMDB.com and Soundtrack.net

Don't know where I can get them and theres a few songs on there I want to get.

Anyone have any ideas?

Site for printing large images

last week I think it was someone linked to a site where you could take an image and print it on multiple pages. I thought I'd bookmarked it, but alas no go. It also included a downloadable utility if you didn't want to do it through the web site.

Anyone got the link?
*EDIT* actually this doesn't provide fine enough detail even on 1mm dots. I need something that will spread out a large image I have over multiple pages but not hose the quality as this has some detail and words I need to be able to read.