April 28th, 2006

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Is ~900 words too long for a Statement of Purpose which lists its only length requirement as "a minimum of 500 words"? I have no idea which part I'd excise these words from, and I'm freaking out.

(This is for a graduate program in library science, if that makes a difference at all.)
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Oh arty people, please help me

Sorry for posting twice in the same day, but this is important. ish.

Does anyone know a link or a picture they have of Steve Martin by Annie Leibowitz? It's the one with black and white paint I think. I hope.
Anyhoo, I need it by 9 AM tomorrow so if you see this after that time, there isn't any point in commenting. It also means hurry up haha

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I have a suit that I need to have cleaned by Saturday, and I don't have the money for dry cleaning. It's made from 63% Polyester, 33% Rayon, and 4% Spandex. If I put it in a mesh bag and use gentle cycle, will I be okay? I've steam-ironed it before and no problems there.
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funeral etiquette

If someone in your family dies, who do you pick to be pallbearers--family members, or family friends?

My boyfriend's neighbor died yesterday, and he was asked to be a pallbearer. He thinks it should have been someone in his neighbor's family, and I said that in both of my grandparents' case, it was family friends, not members of the family.

I had another death question, but I forgot it, I'm so tired right now.
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Gift Ideas


This weekend is my 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend and we agreed to get each other a nice inexpensive gift. I need some help on deciding what I can get for him. He likes music (mostly rap and hip hop), sport related movies, the NFL team Dallas Cowboys, hmm that's all I can think of now. The only store nearby here is Target so I can only get the gift from there. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!!

Gift Suggestion

My good friend is turning 40. This is a big deal for her, for years she's talked about it and having a trip with just us gals where we go away for the wekeend and have fun.

So her birthday is in a month and we are all going out of town. She's rented a sea-side cottage for 4 days.

I've known her for about gosh 8 years or so now. We aren't AS close as we used to be but there is no bad blood or anything, just life and being busy has happened.

Sooo any suggestions on a gift for her? She has everything she would want I imagine. I also (of course) don't have a huge amount of money to spend, especially since this weekend trip will set me back a few hundred dollars.

I just can't think of anything significant to get her. In the past I'd get her candles, picture frames, photo albums, non-descript stuff like that.


(edit - just saw the other "gift idea" post behind me...crazy!)

Edit again Now I am thinking like a pass for a day spa or something. Facial, massage, etc.....granted that's something I would love....
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Do you think morticians feel sorry for people on their exam table that have died by means of drunk driving, drug use, alcohol poisoning, suicide...etc?

If you were a mortician, would you feel sorry or bad for any of the above?

I don't think I would. They're the ones that chose to drive drunk, get high, off themself...etc. I would feel bad for their family, however. This can be a severely complicated question, though.
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I have fingernail problems! In the past two weeks they very suddenly began splitting into layers, and layer by layer peeling/flaking off! What the heck! [They've always been sort of weak and not growing much but this is disasterous] Ever had this problem? Any idea what is causing it and what I should do? [I thought of going to a manicurest but am scared a little scared they'll just shove some chemical product at me or something]
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Hi folks,

What's the most amusing "get well soon!" card or image you've seen?

I'm ideally looking for a link to the image as well :-)

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What is the difference between "starved" and "starving"?

ETA: so is it more correct to say "I'm starving" or "I'm starved" (even though I know they are both an exaggeration, and you're not literally starving...)?
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Childhood Computer Games

I want to play one of those nostalgic games from my childhood (okay, so maybe my childhood wasn't that long ago, but still...). In particular, I miss neopets and Oregon Trail, but alas, neopets has become commercial hell and my Oregon Trail isn't compatible with my new computer.

Any suggestions for other games I can access online?
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This is mainly to the men, but women who have done this before and have been successful and unsuccessful should comment too!

Do you like it when girls actually come straight out and tell you that they like you? Why or why not?
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one of my bags got dirty and it says no washing on the instructions. I don't understand why. it's 100% cotton and there's really nothing that could get broken if I washed it.
so should I wash it or not? *confused*
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Limited audience

This is for anyone who has seen both the movies Hellboy and Silent Hill. Movies, not the comics or games.

Movie Kroenen vs Movie Pyramid Head, who would win?

I guess game Pyramid Head would count if you've not seen the movie, but movie Kronen is far more badass than comic Kroenen.
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What is your number one priority in life?
Is it your s/o? Your job? Money? Your hobbies? Yourself?
How have your priorities changed over time?

Another question.
When someone who is in a committed relationship cheats, do you think it's selfish of them to tell their partner?
Are they doing it just to clear their own conscience so they don't have to live with it? Or is it admirable that they tell their partner?

I think that if my husband cheated on me, I wouldn't want to know. I would think if he told me, that he WAS being selfish.
If he loves me and he just faltered in a moment of weakness...I don't need to know. It would just hurt me.
But at the same time, if I asked him about it because I thought it might have happened, I wouldn't want him to lie to me.

Stupid Question

Anyone ever feel shy when exercising?
Any tips on how to stop this? It really prevents me from being serious about exercising :(

See, I'm not scared about doing dangerous things, but I feel shy!
Wierd, no?
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1. What are your experiences with the question, "what are you thinking about?" Is this something boys ask girls when they want something more (more as in more than friendship related things) from the girl? Or vice versa?

2. Do you know about the question game? Have you ever played it? Why does it seem that boys are always the ones to initiate it?

3. Your age and favorite candy bar?
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If you live alone or are in the house alone when someone comes to the door to you answer it?

Personally, if I don't know who it is I won't answer it. I did when I lived with my parents but when I left home at 17 I stopped answering the door. Onto the 5th house of my own, I still don't do it. Don't really know why.
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Okay so my name is Naomi and I'm afraid I may be pronouncing it wrong. All my friends pronounce it nye-oh-me but I've always said it nay-oh-me. How would you pronounce it? Am I pronouncing my own name incorrectly?

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I got about $60 back for my books today. I need to pay off my credit card ($240) cause Im about to put another $200 on it (I have the credit but I hate having that much to be owed) Should I take the majority of the money and put it towards the credit card or keep it and eat, find amusement this weekend?

I dont think $50 will make that big of an impact....but eh.

also, inspired by an earlier question..

How do you answer the inevitable "Strengths and weaknesses" questions during an interview.

Im great with my strengths but I always suck at pointing out my weaknesses, that Ill admit anyway. I usually say something like I can get emotionally involved in my work or something like that.

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Am I the only girl that didn't like The Notebook? Every time I say I thought it was boring, I get a colletive gasp and am jokingly accused of being a lesbian. EVERYONE couldn't have loved it, could they?
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Does it bother you when people/pesky boys walk in your yard? What about your backyard?? What if they have to climb a fence to do so?

I HATE it. It feels really violating and rude to me. (I'm turning into an old crabby lady at 17!) Especially since it's not a shortcut anywhere or anything like that. And my dog barks howls his head off when it happens.


Why do people in file shareing communities feel the need to replace http with hxxp in their links? Does this have some super secret ability to thwart the RIAA or the MPAA? Does doing so automatically make the file shareing legal? Really what is the reason to do this?
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What pieces of advice have you used that have been given on this community?

Do you have a brush to clean your tomatoes or potatoes with? Where would one get such a thing?

If you had to watch two members of TQC get into a throwdown, who would they be? (Edit: Any kind of throwdown. Verbal sparring, string bikinis and creamed corn, whatever. Do specify. :)

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I filled out my FASFA [Federal application for student financial aid]. I received my SAR [Student aid report]. They sent my EFC [Expected family contribution] to my school. Now what? I haven't filled out a financial aid form from the school yet, and I filled out the FASFA next week. When I go down to the college next saturday, should I fill out a financial aid form?

What's the best deal/buy you got in the past week?

What did you realize in the past week?

New Immigration laws.

I just got an e-mail from a friend about May 1st and how it's going to be a National Day of Action against the immigration laws. It wasn't the type of e-mail you might expect (or at least the one I would expect to get) explaining about the boycott, it was an e-mail telling the "Mexicans" to go home and the "Real Americans"(TM) to buy things on May 1.

Collapse )

What do you think about this?? What do you think about the immigration laws? Have you participated in a protest? Do you plan on boycotting? or not? Why? What about these so-called "problems" illegal immigrants cause? Yes this is American centered, for the Non-Americans: do you have immigrations problems? How are they dealt with?

Im generally pretty confused, I understand the frustration of the immigrants and the people who encounter these "problems" but I see no point in purposely trying to sabotage a peaceful boycott.
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Why are there plants just randomly appearing from the ceiling in the office? (be creative, I dare you)

And who thought that putting it so you'd smack your head on it every time you got up from that desk would be a good idea? Or at least you will if you're over 5 ft...

~ K.
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Okay question....

I'm looking into getting a pay pal account since a lot of people prefer pay pal on eBay, and it's easier. I don't have a credit card, or a checking account. Is it still possible for me to have a pay pal account? If so... how would I be able to get the money off of the account?
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So, what are your favorite sites to buy CDs and DVDs (for the latter, preferably anime since that's what I'm looking for)?

Low prices are always great but I'm really looking for reliability. I'm always wary when it comes to buying things from new sites.

I've never had a problem with http://www.jr.com and http://www.overstock.com , but their selection isn't excellent.

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Does anyone have the link to YouTube, with the religious television show where they are talking about how clever Jesus is and how he created bananas and they were the first pop-top of the world and how cleverly designed they were. You know, "green too early, black too late, yellow just right!"
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How does your body tell you that you are hungry? my stomach used to growl, but now i mostly just get light headed and shakey. its like i have no warning system.
does this happen to anyone else?
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Something German?

My friend's husband is stationed in Germany, and she's about to come home for good in a month or two. She said that she could get me something from Germany before she came home, but I can't think of anything!! She showed me these funky boots that I might take her up on, but I want to know some other options. :) She said that she could get me a t-shirt or something, but I wouldn't really want that.

So, what could I ask her for? I'm 19, so nothing alcoholic!! Thank you!! :)

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Elections are Tuesday.  Do I vote for things that actually effect me.. like taxes and bringing in more jobs?  or for things I believe in, like ProChoice issues, and the support of any kind of marriage, gay or straight?  I don't plan on having an abortion any time soon, nor am I a lesbian, so I won't be wanting a same sex marriage, but I do feel strongly that people who need/want these things should be able to do so.  But, I sure would like to have less taxes, better roads and more job opportunies. 

I'm not sure what to do.  :(
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Part One:

Imagine you and your significant other are lost in the desert.
You have been struggling for days and are close to death, lacking both food and water.

Would you:

1. Let your loved one drink your urine?

2. What if you did not have a cup?

Part two:

Imagine you and your significant other are lost in the desert.
You have been struggling for days and are close to death, lacking both food and water.

In a final act of desperation, you hand a cup to your loved one and ask for a drink. They oblige, though they have little urine to spare, being so dehydrated. As they hand you the cup, it slips and your last chance at prolonging survival immediately disapears into the desert sand.


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1) Do you follow your heart or your mind?

2) Do you think people should follow their heart or mind? Why?

3) Have you had arguments/relationships like the ones in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

4) Which movie best depicts your professional life? Love life? Family life?

5) Would you leave the friend in this situation http://ethernetbunny.livejournal.com/793427.html ?
If you read the comments, too, you'll get a much better understanding of the whole picture.
(OK if you want to leave response for question 5 in the original post because I want to show the responses to my friend)