April 27th, 2006

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question about PAYPAL

My boyfriend has a dog walking/training/boarding business with a website and would like the possibility of accepting payments online. I signed him up for Paypal today... but i'm unsure about the process. I understand the there is a 1.9% + 30cents charge for every deposit that goes to him, but I am unsure about other fees he'll incur. How do I add the paypal option to his site? Does doing this cost something? What other information from your experiences can you give to help beginners like us.

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We got penpals for this assignment in French. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE TO MY PENPAL. What am I supposed to say? I don't want to be all "My name is ---, I'm -- years old, I like ---." That's so boring.

Has anyone ever hada penpal? How should I make my introduction interesting?
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1. Which TV shows have you seen every single episode of (including on DVD, iTunes, etc)?
2. Which TV shows have you seen every single episode of on TV, when it was originally aired?
3. Which TV shows have you seen in their entirety on DVD and never watched once on actual TV?

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I'm looking for help with editting a MP3.

Long story short, my Dad died Monday night unexpectly. We're planning his funeral right now and wanted to include some music. My Dad and I were both really into Flogging Molly, it was a big bonding point for us. I wanted to play the opening to Flogging Molly's "The likes of you" and then have it go directly into Flogging Molly's "If I ever leave this world alive" if anyone is willing to do this for me, or can point me in the direction of a cheap music editting download I'd really, really apperciate it.

Also, does anyone know of any good father/son songs that would be appropriate for the funeral? I've found lots that talk about father/daughters, but I'm afraid my brother will be left out.

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i read IN COLD BLOOD when i was in elementary school (5th/6th grade) cuz there were no children's books around the house and my older siblings were in college...from that book, i learned a few christian songs that when i sung them later in front of others - they thought i learned them at vacation bible school...
then i would tell them where i learned the songs from...


what was something surprizing you learned from a book?
what subject from a book interested you so much, you went out of your way to learn more about it?
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And now for my most absurd question yet..

1. Stand with your back against a wall, does your entire back touch the wall? Or just shoulder blades and butt?
I had surgery to correct severe scoliosis when I was 12, and recently I'm noticing differences in appearance between that of a "normal" spine and my not-so-normal one. Only my shoulder blades touch the wall.

2. How do you slouch?
It is physically impossible for me to slouch.

3. Is good posture something you have to constantly remind yourself about?
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week begin

What day of the week marks the beginning of a new week for you?

For me, it's Saturday because I spent four years working at a place where the schedule ran Saturday to Friday, and I would almost always work Saturday through Wednesday. But Monday still feels kind of right too...

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I would like to get my half-sister a going away present. She's moving to Ireland in a few weeks, and this is significant because she has lived in the US up until this point.
She is 37, I am 20. We didn't grow up together because of the age difference, but we are still quite friendly.

Any suggestions??
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sticking foil to a window

I'm going to cover my window with tinfoil to keep the sunlight out. I just purchased 200 feet of foil (it's a huge window). How do I secure the foil to the window? In my experience, when the room gets warm in the summer, the adhesive on duct tape melts and the duct tape eventually falls off. In fact, most tape doesn't stick in summer heat. Suggestions?

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1. Do you use a PDA?

If yes, a. Do you have any programs (paid or free) that you love?
If no, b. What do you use to keep your life organized?

2. What do you think of people who use PDA's?

BONUS question for those with no opinions on PDA's... the jeans I'm wearing today won't stay zipped, just the top 2 inches or so. Any idea on how to fix this?
What did you do today that will cause you uncomfort for the rest of the day?

Collapse )

Also, Do you know of any good health programs for a Palm? I have a trial of BalanceLog but the website portion of it is no longer available. I need something to help track calories mostly, but exercise would be nice as well.
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How do you cope when you CANNOT stand your friend's ex & s/he is a huge part of your friend's life?

Do you ever think, "How can my friend have such bad taste in wo/men??"

Have you ever broken up a friendship because of an ex?

Tell us ex stories!

okay, randomness.

1. if you eat hot dogs, do you ever eat them straight out of the package? i am convinced that a solved the whole 10 dogs/8 buns enigma. you are supposed to eat two of the hot dogs cold while cooking the other eight.
1a. do you prefer your hot dogs grilled, boiled, or prepared some other way?i dig 'em microwaved, actually. haha.
1b. if you don't eat hot dogs, why do you feel compelled to answer this question with, "OMGZ NO THEY ARE GROSS HOW CAN YOU EAT THEM?!?!" do you realize nobody gives a shit if you're vegan? or whatever.
1c. can you tell that i have a few pet peeves that involve this community? heh.
2. what are some songs about california? i'm making a mixtape. Collapse )

3. i'm going on a downloading spree later. what songs should i get?
4. would you consider yourself a music snob? 'cause i am.
5. what kind of car insurance do you have? is it expensive? i have geico. they're robbing me blind.
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So I'm doing a short irreverent article type thing on how to hide stuff like tack holes in your wall and stains in your carpet so you don't get charged when you leave your apartment.
Any suggestions?
I know toothpaste for tack holes, but anything interesting like how to fix any stain, how to direct their attention -away- from something...

Is there a statue of limitations on being charged for damage to an apartment? like if you move the couch to cover a stain, and the new tenant doesn't move the couch till 6 months later, can you still be charged? (Iowa)

(no subject)

In the 90's there was a line of toys that featured cars that had teeth and claws. It wasn't transformers or even related- they didn't really transform, but the claws and teeth sorta could hide inside the car parts. I can't remember the name of them, can anyone help?


1. What are you doing right now?
2. What are you doing this weekend?
3. What was the last show you went to?
4. What is the next one?
5. What are you listening to right now?
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Do you prefer Submarina, Subway, or other?

Do you know what sub Subway has on $2.99 special today? (I live in SoCal if that helps).

edit: I drove past and its cold cut combo. The onyl thing worse than that is tuna. Which is tomorrow. ew!
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I wanted to clean out my purse this morning before I went out to run some errands. I dumped the contents on my bed, only to see that my tub of loose eyeshadow had somehow come unscrewed, thereby coating the contents of my purse, and now my bed in silver eyeshadow.

Is there any possible way to clean the sheets on my bed without removing them and washing them?
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Any doctors/med students/anyone with some knowledge of illnesses here?

My boyfriend's been sick for the past few days, and I'm rather worried about him because I can't pinpoint what is wrong with him. His symptoms don't seem to point to your normal fever or cold. I was hoping that someone here could analyze his symptoms and give me an idea weather or not I should chill out or take him to the emergency room or something.

It started on Tuesday night. The boyfriend began to have "shooting pains," as he put it, in the back of his head and neck. The pain was so bad that he couldn't sleep, and he tossed and turned most of the night. I was sleeping over that night, and it broke my heart because I could tell how much pain he was in; my normally very "manly" sorta man was actually whimpering! He was sweating quite a bit, and I remember feeling his arm and it was very hot.

The next day the pain continued, though with the help of some pain killers it was somewhat lessened. I had to go to class and stay home that night to do homework, but he told me over the phone that he felt rather weak and would go through spells of either being too cold or too hot, as if he had a fever. He couldn't eat anything but soup. My mother (a phychiactric nurse) said it sounded like he had a bad migraine, but I've never heard of migraines making people feverish. granted, I don't think I've ever had a really bad migraine, so maybe I just don't know.

Today he still feels feverish (he hasn't taken his temperature, but his forehead feels hot) and the pain is still there. He's been unable to sit up without discomfort and has spent all day in bed. He can't even sit up enough to play any of his video games (he's a massive gamer) which makes it even worse for him. He said that the pain seems to be concentrated around one ear, so could it maybe be an ear infection? Does an ear infection normally cause the fever symptoms?

Could the shooting pains in his head just be another symptom of an otherwise normal fever? Or is the fever maybe a symptom of a bad migraine or earache? Or is it something else? I dunno, I think I might be overreacting, but I keep remembering times when I've heard about people getting shooting pains in their heads that turn out to be brain tumors and other awful things, and I don't want him to put off going to a doctor if whatever he has could be somehow serious. Maybe not as serious as a brain tumor, but still. Any ideas of what it could be?

Also, I'm going to see him tonight, and I want to pamper him and try to make him feel at least a little better, if at all possible. What makes you feel better when you're sick? Any techniques for alleviating head pain or making the feverish feel more comfortable?

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celebrity baby names...
some of these parents need to be smacked in the face w/a chair for giving children these names...i mean - for heaven's sake, even brittany spears, in all her blonde moments, gave her kid a decent name...

which name did you like?
which one did you hate?
an interesting name you would give girl? boy?
ever thought about changing your name? if so - to what?
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meme surveys

Does someone have one of those meme surveys handy? Me and one of my friends want to get to know each other better and he thought he'd be a grand idea for each of us to pick a survey and send each other the results. You can just post it all in a comment or link me to your blog if you've done one recently. ^_^ Thanks :D Even if you think they're lame and should be banished from the Internets. :P
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So I have these glasses (and they are actually glasses, not like plastic cups) and I've never packed glasses before. They look like this and they stack up neatly like this. I have newspaper to cushion them. They need to go into boxes, then in a truck for a 3 hour trip, into a garage for nearly a week, then into my car, up the stairs, and into my new apartment. I don't plan on shaking them, but I also don't want chipped cups.

What's the most efficient way to wrap them up and pack them? I know wrap them in newspaper, but should I put newspaper between the cups, then again around them? Or just stack them and wrap the stack in newspaper?
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Me again. I'm SUPER DUPER procrastinating.

1. Is there an actor/director/etc where you have seen all this person's films? (Use your judgment and don't list, like, the Hermione Granger girl because she's only been in Harry Potter movies.)

2. Was this intentional, like you fell in love with so-and-so's films and set out to watch them all, or did you only notice after you watched them all?

3. Is there anyone who you haven't seen all their films but you're working on it?

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My friend wants me to go on a blind date (with some boy she knows).
I'm REALLY anti-social. Or maybe I have social anxiety. Or maybe I'm just super duper shy.
Another thing is, I won't know that he's even interested in me because we were set up. So he could be polite the whole time and not really be interested.
I have had some bad experiences with boys. Like heart-on-floor-being-stomped-on bad experiences.

Should I go?

And P.S. If you're going to be rude and attack me or insult me PLEASE do me a favour and not comment. Some people here get very angry. Although I'm not sure why this post would make anyone mad.
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The things you like.

In High Fidelity the Rob Gordon says "What matters is what you like, not what you are like." Do you agree? Why? What do you think the things you like say about you?

(If I remember correctly, he was specifically talking about taste in things like music, movies, etc. if that helps answer your question.)
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calling all vegetarians & vegans...

so, i have recently stopped eating all meat besides chicken... before i would eat hamburgers and hot dogs here and there. anyway, my body hasnt been liking me too much for this, is there anything i should eat so that my tummy dosent get upset,and i spend another morning in the bathroom??

never mind, lol

(no subject)

For the girls out there:

If you've been dating a guy for a long time, and you've talked about marriage, how do you think your guy would react if you proposed to him

I've been with my guy for nearly 4 years now. We've talked about marriage before, and I've always wondered what he'd do if I was the one to get down on one knee :-D

Edit: I wasn't actually asking for advice as to if I should propose. I was genuinly just curious as to what people thought about it. Haha, my boyfriend and I aren't quite ready for marriage yet.
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Okay. So I just upgraded my journal to Sponsored and because of it, it totally effed up my layout.
My journal entries used to be small (in width) on the far right of my journal.

I am basically 100% lj-customize-layout stupid.

Can anyone teach a dummy? (in a not so complicated way?)

If the layout cannot be restored, I would like it to just be off to the left side as much as possible so the background can be viewed. If it can't be done I guess I have to change everything. Do you think it would just be easier to start all over, with a new layout? /c:

*shakes fist at the internets*

*EDIT*: I'm just goint to start from scratch.
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Hey guys,

Got a couple grammar/spelling questions. I'm editing the following letter, and in the red is everything I've changed. We aren't supposed to change the tone of the piece, only to edit it technically. Questions are below.

Dear Mr. and Ms. Beamish,

As I am sure you must have been aware, a survey of Lot 271-06 was done recently, on June 14, to determine the exact borders of the Lot at 960 Bidwell Street, to your North. While the survey was being done, markers were positioned at the Southeast and Southwest corners of the Lot, to establish the exact dividing line between your Lot and that of Mr. and Ms. Antony at 960 Bidwell Street. No markers were placed at the Northeast and Northwest corners of the Antonys' Lot.

Unfortunately the fence is incorrectly positioned between your Lot (No. 271-07) and Lot 271-06. At the Southeast corner of Lot 271-06 the fence is 0.37 metres too far to the North and so encroaches onto your neighbors’ Lot. (Actually, the fence slants towards your property as it progresses Westward and at the garage end is properly positioned.)

I can only assume that you are unaware of this discrepancy, so at Mr. Antony’s request I am writing to you so that you will know of the circumstances should Mr. Antony choose to reposition his fence. I am equally sure that you and the Antonys can come to an amiable agreement.
Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you need more information concerning this matter.

I remain, yours truly,

North should be capitalized, right?
Is it South-east, Southeast, or South-East?
Westward is capitalized, right?

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This could be a matter of, ahem, life or death!

I stopped at Burger King after work Tuesday night (midnight) and bought fries and two double cheeseburgers (with extra pickles, of course! ....though I often wonder why when I ask for extra pickles they think only one more will do the trick...) I wasn't as hungry as I thought so I stashed one of the burgers in the fridge. If I pop it into the microwave will it still be alright for tonights dinner or should I toss it?

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so...I'm Jewish. very very Jewish. Not so much in beliefs but in culture. I grew up in a conservidox household, we went to shul every satuday, and i went to solomon schechter (a jewish private schol) until 8th grade.

Now I am in college, and far enough away from home that i can really appreciate other peolples cultures.

I LOVE christmas...not so much christmas....but the stores! the ones that sell the ornaments and the decorations and the tiny christmas villages!
Since i am moving into my own place, i really want to buy some of it and put it up in my house, not because i want to be a christian, but because it is cute and awesome!

However, if i do this, my very-jewish-mother and very-jewish grandmother might throw a fit /have a heart attack respectivly.

so, the questions:

1. do any of you have these obsessions with other traditions (of other faiths, cultures, etc) even though you dont know /care about /believe in the actual meaning?

2. How the hell can i get away with putting up christmas stuff this year?!?! Give me some good excuses (non-serious answers welcome)
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If you were on the jury, would you say this man is guilty of rape?

Basically, he was super drunk and couldn't find his way back to his one night stand's room. He went to her roommate's room and initiated sex. The roommate started having sex with him thinking he was her boyfriend. She was sleepy and the room was dark and her boyfriend had been sleeping on the sofa. Then the roommate realized and screamed rape and went hysterical. He's on trial now.

I don't think he raped her. I'm sure she feels awful and its a horrible thing to have happen to you. But, she never said no and he never said to her I'm your boyfriend. He wasn't misrepresenting himself. She said yes, regardless of whether she knew who he was.

I don't understand why he doesn't accuse her of rape right back. Maybe he didn't want to have sex with the roommate either. He didn't come home with her. Why is it suddenly his fault?

(no subject)

Where can I go to download Quicktime without iTunes? (the free version)
Every review site and download site just links me back to Apple where it appears I can only get Quicktime with iTunes.
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(no subject)

i'm going to europe this fall/winter.

I'm going to be travelling to (probably) italy, france, the netherlands, belgium, spain, and greece.

What city should i be in on new years (best party city)?
what city should i be in on christmas (i'm jewish and i don't want everything to be closed)?

where should i avoid?
any off-beat places i should consider?
any must-sees??

also, what is the best way to get around? anyone have any experiences with the eurorail passes? how does that work?

thanks in advance!

Friendship, blah.

Just curious: What's the longest that you fought with a really good friend over something really stupid? Did you guys ever end up making up?

I've been fighting with my friend over the supidest thing ever. Today has been one month in which we haven't said one word to each other. We're both just too stubborn to do anything about it though, but I feel like if this goes on any longer, then our friendship might be permanently ruined over this, or maybe it alreay is...I don't know. :(
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(no subject)

Is anybody here in a relationship with somebody who has strongly different views on a religious or ethical matter?

Does this cause problems for you? Do you enjoy the opportunity for debate?
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"What are you doing tonight?" "Hangin' out, playing with my Wii."

For the gamers..

Nintendo Wii. Will you buy one?
Playstation 3. Will you buy one?
Xbox 360. Did you get one?
Do you ever get into arguments about games with people who have a strict loyalty to a certain line of game consoles?

I'm getting a Wii, I've always been a Nintendo kid at heart. My boyfriend's a playstation kid.. We get into arguments over whether or not Zelda is better than Final Fantasy.
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not the lamest question ever

What are some of your favourite words that begin with the letter A? I need some ideas and I don't really want to read the dictionary, thanks.

Any kind of word. From any part of speech.

Edit: Any part of speech, but I am mostly looking for nouns. Names of interests, places, people, ideas, other things.
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Tennis Q's

Other then the tennis balls and rackets, what do you need [or, rather, would be helpful] in playing tennis? So far I have sweatbands, water bottle, and a bag, but anything else? Do tennis outfits help in any way other then being cute? Or am I just as well of playing in workout shorts and a tight shirt [I can see how a loose shirt might be difficult]. Are Plain white payless-style tennis shoes the best to wear while playing tennis, or are sneakers the way to go?

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(no subject)

As a lot of you know, I'm getting married in less than a month. We recently sent out invitations and we chose not to invite "guests" of people who are single (unless they were coming from out-of-state alone).

One of my boyfriend's friends just called and said that he now has a girlfriend (I saw him a couple weeks ago so this is NEW) and asked if he could bring her. The invitation was clearly addressed to him and only him. What is the appropriate way to handle this? Do we tell him we're trying to stick to a budget? Or do we just accomodate him?

It drives me nuts that there is all this special etiquette surrounding weddings that doesn't apply in most other situation.

Another hypothetical IQ question cause I'm not creative that way

If it was discovered that having no hair on your head raised your IQ by 50 points (something to do with folicles siphoning off cerebral stimuation), and the more your scalp was exposed (allowed to 'breathe'), the higher your IQ would rise.

So, the question is, would you affect your hairline at all to get at them elusive IQ points, and if you did, what 'do changes would you make?

Would you shave your head once just to know what it's like to be so intelligent?

gym bunnies

Do you have a membership to a gym? How long have you had it? Do you think it's worth the money?
What does your workout entail?
Have you ever had personal training? Do you think it's beneficial?