April 26th, 2006


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Let's just say I happened to miss an episode of American Idol. Where might I be able to view the missed episode online? Preferably before tomorrow's results show. Thank you!

Edit: No torrents, as they are probably illegal per TQC rules and also I lack torrent software :)

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1. All right, so explain it to me. What's the big deal with My Space? What's it about, why is it so popular? Most importantly, should I join? Am I emo enough to have a My Space? ;)

2. And another--a poll of sorts. I'm a crazy person who seems to change my sn constantly. I want to quit...I want to heal. ;) So, should I change my e-mail address and my IM to my name or something generic like that?
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Drinking games!

So, I'm sure at least a few people in the community have seen something along the lines of Beer Checkers.

So, the question is: What other non-drinking games do you think would be awesome drinking games?

For example, I think Twister and Spoons would be AWESOME. Especially spoons. Especially if played with sporks.
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What's a good counter/tracker I can use on a website? Such as one that will have a counter (show how many people has seen your site), how they got to your site (through what link) and all that stuff? And free?
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We've had some related discussion about this, but the answers seem to be fuzzy and/or vary depending on the subject matter. So here it is more directly:

Do you believe that it is your responsibility to your significant other to be / maintain their definition of attractive? (Why?)
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Burning Man

I've wanted to go to Burning Man ever since I was a kid. I first heard of it about fifteen years ago, on an early-morning show called Weird TV.

But I feel like it's become too well-known, and thereby lost most of its mystique. It seems like people go there to compete on how weird and outrageous they can be, instead of to chill out and just be themselves among fellow weirdos. And tickets cost $250!


Have you ever been to Burning Man? What year?

Do you agree with my perception that it's gotten kind of lame?

Do you know of any similar but smaller and less-hyped gatherings for true devotees of slack and hedonism? (Other than X-Day...)

first david gilmour, now roger waters...

i had asked my sister in riverside, calif. to see if she could get tickets for my and my b/f (phil) to see roger waters at the hollywood bowl in october...
i just got this email from her this morning...

I entered that I wanted "best available" and while we aren't real close, the seats aren't too bad. Total cost per ticket is $57.48 - and this is all that's left presale (for American Express customers only). By the time they go on sale to the public this Sunday, there won't be any decent seats left!

you cannot believe how stoked i am!!!
i've never traveled out of the area to see someone like this...

ever travel way out of the area to see a performer?
farthest place you've gone to see a band/entertainer/singer?
if possible, where would you go to see someone perform?
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What, exactly, is ear wax? Is there a reason for it, or is it just there to unsuccessfully drain and cause me to hate my ears?

I have to use Q-tips every day (don't tell me I shouldn't, I hear that enough from my fiance), and have tried the prescribed ear wax removal drops. The shit didn't work. My doctor used to have the nurse use a hot water pick on my ears to get all the gunk out, and it was quite uncomfortable and owie. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)
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If you were making a Disney mix cd, what would you put on it?

Here's the track list so far. I only want one song from each movie. What movies am I missing?

Mickey Mouse March- The Original Mickey Mouse Club
Cruella De Vil- 101 Dalmations
You Can Fly-Peter Pan
Be Our Guest-Beauty and the Beast
One Jump Ahead-Aladdin
Winnie the Pooh Theme
I’m Late-Alice in Wonderland
Give a Little Whistle-Pinocchio
Under the Sea-The Little Mermaid
Be Prepared-The Lion King
Heigh-Ho – Snow White
Why Should I Worry- Oliver and Company
Bare Necessities- The Jungle Book
He’s A Tramp- Lady and the Tramp
Oo-de-lally- Robin Hood
A Spoonful of Sugar- Mary Poppins
The Virginia Company- Pocahontas
Everybody wants to Be a Car- The Aristocats
Yo ho, A pirates life for me

un bra

does that unbra thing really stay on? you know the one that doesnt have straps and kinda looks like two chicken breasts with a clasp in the middle? im a dancer and have a great top that leaves the back completly open but-woe! it shows my nips, so i was wondering if that un bra thing stays put even if you get really sweaty, if not that then what?
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I feel so silly having to ask this but I can't find it in my handbook.

I'm writing a research paper (MLA) and I need to find out how if I have to underline or italicize Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde.

Anyone know for sure?
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Can anyone think of good songs about going home?

For my final video production project I'm making basically a music video about what home is to me. I'm looking for a good song that will fit well and was wondering if you guys had any good suggestions.

I already have:
Back Home- Yellowcard
Feels Like Home- Chantal Krevuziak
I Want To Go Home- Michael Buble
Home- Marc Broussard
You're My Home- Billy Joel

Any other suggestions would be cool, as long as the song isn't too long. The project can't be more than 5 minutes long.

Thanks for any ideas!

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A question for all you botanists, which I'm guessing isn't much of you, haha.

I have neighbors below me who constantly smoke (I'd say two packs a day). I just recently put up a tarp to hopefully cut the fumes a bit.

My friend just recommended to me that I put a lot of plants either in the house, outside on the porch, or both because the plants will remove the toxins. So my question is, what plants would probably do the best in an environment exposed to cigarette smoke? And what plants would do the best at removing toxins? If I remember correctly, I was watching Discovery Channel once and it showed that certain types of plant will do better at filtering air.

Me--State Fair

oh, ack.

I took a Yoga/Pilates class for part of this semester, and I can't remember--are the balancing poses a part of yoga, or pilates? And for that matter, does anyone know the name of the pose where you are balancing on one leg, with one leg behind you and your arms in front of you, in a T shape? I think I'll have enough poses to write my workout, but I can't remember the name of that one and it bugs me!

And hey, any kick ass yoga/pilates sites for my future reference would be killer too.
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Did anyone grow up without grandparents? I'm not talking one or two missing, or on one side of the family, I'm talking about if all four grandparents were dead/missing/etc. I can't find a statistic of that, but I did. Is there a term for this, and what percentage of children in the United States grow up without grandparents?

What's the best way to quit a fast food job. At my last one, I just told my manager that I couldn't take it any more and left [it was a TERRIBLE job, and the manager was a terrible person, AND this happened after she took two of my pay checks] so obviously I wasn't on the greatest of terms with her. I'm leaving because I'm kind of tired, want a better job with more stable hours, and said that I can absolutely can not close the store [which I was made to do for all seven of my hours this week]. I won't work alone at night anymore, yet I'll be made to.

So, should I write a letter or just tell her? My new manager is really nice, but she DID say she hired too many people. Should I give a two weeks or say that I will work a month longer? How should I write/say it?

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BMG Music

Here's the backstory. I'm in college at this moment, and I still live with my mom, because I go to college here in town. It's cheaper to live with her, rather than on campus, blah blah blah. We moved into our current house 2½ years ago (November 2003). As is expected when one person moves out and another moves in, the new resident will usually receive mail addressed to the previous resident. That will last for a few months, until all incoming mail is finally being sent to the previous resident's new address.

That's exactly what happened when we first moved in...we were getting mail addressed to the previous resident for a few months, and we finally stopped getting her mail after close to a year of living here.


As mentioned before, we have lived in this house for two and a half YEARS. There is one company that is STILL sending us mail addressed to the previous resident. That company in question is BMG Music. In the past, I would just scribble RETURN TO SENDER - NO SUCH PERSON AT THIS ADDRESS, and mail it back to them. That has always worked, BUT now I am getting pissed off BECAUSE AFTER TWO AND A HALF FUCKING YEARS, WE ARE STILL GETTING HER MAIL FROM BMG MUSIC.

I plan on making a few phone calls, etc. to see if I can get them to remove the previous resident's name off their mailing list. Here is the question...What do you think would be the best thing for me to do to ensure BMG Music will stop sending us mail addressed to the previous resident? I do NOT find this amusing in the slightest. >_<
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Here comes the judge!

Have you ever been on one of the TV court shows? (Judge Judy, People's Court, etc...) Do you know anyone who has? Did you/they feel it was fair and unbiased?

I ask because I keep seeing mentions of online journals and such in the testimony of these shows, and, though I watch them a lot (there's almost nothing else on during the day! I could go from 9 AM till 5 PM watching them constantly)

Have you, or anyone you know ever been on a talk show? Which one? Why?

The closest I ever was to a talk show guest was when a girl from my town was on... Jenny Jones, I think it was, because her boyfriend wanted her to get a boob job, and she wasn't sure about it. In the end, IIRC, she decided against it, and was soon thereafter employed by Hooter's. Which just goes to show that her chest was OK to begin with!
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yay for end of semester!

Today I finished my observations in my first grade classroom for child psychology. I got a lot of opportunities to interact with the kids and every time I walked in, I would have several kids get up and give me hugs... it was awesome. I loved it and the kids loved it and the teacher loved it, and it's really hard for me to say that today was my last day because I loved it a lot.

I asked their teacher if I could come back during one of the last weeks of school and visit them and help out again, just to surprise them. She asked me if I would want to teach a lesson on something and made some suggestions, like teaching them a book or a social studies lesson or something, and to just let her know beforehand so she could plan to have some time for me to come do that. We had been talking about how I'm into music, so I suggested maybe we could do a lesson on music -- basic rhythms, counting, math, playing with kindermusic instruments, writing little songs, things like that -- and her eyes just lit up. On the way home, though, I had another idea -- I could teach them sign language. I'm planning on doing this one week and then having a followup lesson the next week to see if they've retained the information and give them a little reinforcement.

So, which do you think first graders would rather learn, basic music or sign language?
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Jessie- Story of my life!

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What is something nice someone did for you today?
I was working in the library today, and one of the directors of the staff came over and gave me a small plate of fruit and cookies. Although there was an event in the room next door (hence where he procured the cookies from), he said I looked stressed, and like I could use something sweet.

Any ideas for a research paper relating to cognition and cultures?
My original topic is not going to work, and now I have about 100 dead trees worth of articles on cultures and cognition, yet I cannot think of any common thread to write 15 pages about. My brain is fried at this point...

If you cannot think of anything, or feel I should do my paper myself...

What are some good brainstorming ideas?

What is it?

I hope that someone recognizes what this...thing in my yard is.

We moved into this house about 7 1/2 years ago, and we have never given it much mind because it's facing towards the forest behind the house and it's covered in ivy. But last week my little sister, brother and me brought out the camera and decided to go investigatin'.

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i have this "celebrity couple" guilty pleasure and it's tom cruise/katie holmes...
i don't know why i am so interested...
i suppose it's that theory of watching a train wreck...
this is the only couple i have ever been interested in...

do you have a guilty pleasure dealing w/celebrities?
why do you think people are interested in couples like this?
who do you consider a talened entertainer/celebrity?
in your opinion - what's the difference between an actor/actress and a "moviestar"?
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cold sores -_-

about how many people get cold sores?

what is the best way to get rid of one? (they're really annoying)

and yeah I know its a form of herpes and that a lot of people get them. But I'm just posting to see if any of you know a quick way to get rid of them. aiopsfaopsduhfasdf;
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Are there regulations about the distance between a parking spot and the front door of a residence can be, as it relates to delivery service people (like pizza or certified mail)? Or how safe the walkway has to be? I mean either city regulations or rules of the deliveryperson's employer.
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I am looking to improve my vocabulary! I want to know what is the best way to go about this? I read a lot so I don't want that suggestion. When we took vocab tests in school I would usually write the words on notecards and the definitions on the back. I would keep saying the words/definitions to myself until I knew them. But after the test I usually forgot most of the words! How can I learn words/definitions more quickly and how can I remember them better? I suppose I'd just have to use the words more often but any other advice would be great.

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I was thinking of putting myself through the rest of grad school as a high school teacher - English or bio, I don't care, really, I have both degrees. However, I never did any of that teacher certification shit - so.. is that it, am I screwed? Or is there some backdoor way to get that certification or whatever? I'm in NJ if it matters and I really have no idea where to start even looking for this sort of thing.
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there's this guy on hollywood squares a lot and he's blonde, and fat and i think he's in hairspray, or something.

I don't know how else to describe him. He's suppossed to be funny, maybe a comedian??

anyone know who i'm talking about? what is his name?

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Why don't a lot of guys like talking on the phone? (Or is it just me)


Is it really illegal to be a homosexual in Texas (or did it used to be until recently)?
And I'm not accusing or bashing Americans or anything; it's just a question so relax


What's the difference between a minister, a pastor, a preacher and a reverend?
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Random questions.

1. What's the weirdest thing about where you work/go to school?

2. Where are some good sites about urban exploration? I'm looking specifically for abandoned hospitals and mental institutions, I love seeing those kinda of things.
2a. Have YOU ever explored an old, abandoned building? Where was it? Tell me a story about the experience!

3. How are you today?

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Hi folks,

Is anyone of aware of any similar sites to Experts Exchange and Google Answers, that are "patrolled" by experts in their fields, just a bit cheaper or ideally free in terms of getting answers?

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Okay I've been meaning to ask this question for awhile but I keep forgetting and I just saw a post about vitamin C tablets so ..
With vitamin & mineral tablets - when they say to take them in the morning with your morning meal (breakfast) do you HAVE to take them in the morning?
I hardly eat breakfast and the very rare times that I do, it's usually only a breakfast bar or museli bar or a slice of toast or something while I'm in the car.
I've been taking them at night at around 6pm and I'm not sure if there are any bad effects to take them at night if it says to take them in the morning?

They're just general multi vitamins by the way if that makes any difference.

Barbra Streisand

How do you feel about the music of Barbra Streisand?

If you enjoy it, what are some of your favorite songs?

If you are not a fan of Barbra Streisand, do you have respect for her as an artist?
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::: I have a student (I work at a college in the residence halls) who wants me to help her write a resume. I have agreed to do so, and told her I would put some good resources together for her to pick up later tonight.

What are some GOOD resources online that I might be able to share with her?

Keep in mind, she is a college freshman, and often this is one of the most difficult times to write a resume, because you have your high school events/jobs and now you've started college activities/jobs.
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Grad gifts

As grad season is rolling around, what are you planning on getting your friends and loved ones?

My cousin is graduating from college next month, and I always have the hardest time getting gifts for him.  He's planning on going to med school in the future, but is taking a year off first.  He's a history major who only likes to read non-fiction books and travels to Beijing a lot.  He's a bit of a nerd, and would probably appreciate a userful rather than sentimental gift.

Any ideas?

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1. Every single person in the world has paused to listen to you. And magically, they all understand English so don't worry about that. What is the one thing you tell the people of Earth? Make it short-- the people of Earth do not have long attention spans.

2. What is one band that everybody must hear before they die?

3. Why the hell am I STILL on the computer when I have a math test tomorrow?
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Graduation! Now say cheese!

Okay, I know that it is kind of standard practice to get senior pictures taken to send out with your graduation announcements/invitations. But um, what about college? Just wondering if there is just one more thing I need to do before I mail these sonsabitches out.

And unrelated:
Is there an "Idiot's Guide to" kind of site for this anime show called Naruto? The SO is a huge fan and I feel like a dork sitting here listening to him ramble on about it and I have no clue what the hell he's talking about. And after my day today, trying to read these fan sites is making my head explode. Even just the basics would make me feel less like a loser. Thanks!
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iPod Type Question

I have an iPod and an iPod mini that I want to be able to use in my new car. I was going to get the cassette tape adapter to use, but my car doesn't have a tape deck. Does anyone have any personal experience using one of the FM radio transmitters (or anything else that I can use in my car)? Does anyone have any personal reccommedations? I'm wanting something to be able to use with both my iPod and iPod mini, but I'll most likely use it for my iPod mini.

Thanks much!!
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Does anybody know when the 'traditional/modern family' setup began? (By this I mean, how long has a family typically consisted of a mother, father, and children as a family unit?) If you could point me in any direction research-wise that would be greatly appreciated too. :)

Edit - Answered, thank you!

Verizon, and 4/26


1. Does Verizon support the new Motorola Pebl phones? I really want a green Pebl, if I can afford it. I am in Sacramento CA, if it's a regional thing.

2. What did you do, if anything, today for the Day of Silence? Check out my newest public entry to see how it went at my school.

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Does it drive your nuts when someone corrects your manners?

I mean, not like "no, this fork". I mean like when I was working at mcdonalds and told a guy to have a nice day... he said thank you, I said "sure thing, come back soon" and he snapped that you're supposed to say -THANK YOU- when someone gives your business money.
Which I fumed a bit over. Old farts who get pissy when someone tells them to have a nice day...
I'm sure it counts as an over-reaction, but am I the only person who does this? like, does the entire rest of thw world go "Oh! Thank you! Right sir, I'll be sure to remember that!" or does the rest of the world go "[curt]Ah. Thank you[/curt] cranky old geezer." ?

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1. What CraigsList city should I look at for housing in Steamboat Springs Colorado?
2. My family and I are going to Steamboat that last 2 weeks of July. We are looking to rent a house for the time that we are there. We are a family of 5 and may share a house with another family of 3 for the weeks. What website, besides CL, can I look at for short term housing with? We are looking for something with between 2-5 rooms.

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Story time!

Has anyone here lived most/all of their life in warm weather, and hated the cold/sunlessness/multiple-clothing-layers, but then moved to a place with snowy winters? Were you able to adjust? How hard was it?
pretty ren

inane question you don't care about.

I'm on spring break and I have two things I could do tomorrow...

1) Go hiking/paddle-boating with my family. Oh yes, they're lame. I enjoy them anyway.

2) Stay at home alone and relax/study for AP Bio exam at my leisure.

I'm worried if I stay at home I'll end up watching TV and eating all day and getting nothing done, but hiking also sounds exhausting and I can forsee myself using it as an excuse not to study.
Which should I do?

South Park morals

What do you think about how South Park goes about making it's points during it's episodes?

Do you like or dislike the approach?

Some friends and I were watching it, and the room was split. Half of us appreciated the way they devote an episode to making a point and still delivering a worth wile moral. While the rest of us felt it was too blatant and insulting to our intelligence, and that they should tone it back.

What do you think?
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I don't know if anyone would know but doesn't hurt to ask...

My mom's friend gave me a redemption form to fill out my address and send in for a magazine subscription that is prepaid. Buuut I don't want the magazine. I had it before and never even had time to read it anyway.

Sooo if I don't fill it out to redeem it, does it still charge her or do they wait for the redemption for before charging the person who ordered it?
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Today I received a necklace and flip flops that I ordered from Urban Outfitters. The necklace broke within five minutes of wearing it. There are still tiny beads all over the place. Can I return it? Will it matter that I'll probably never be able to find all the beads?

I've emailed them but they haven't gotten back to me yet.
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