April 25th, 2006

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Why does my cat lick baby oil?
If someone's using baby oil, she'll sneak up and drink it from the parts of the bottle or the counter where it spilled.

Does anyone else's cat do this? It can't be good for her.

Donating marrow

Does anybody have any experience donating marrow? Either giving or receiving?

I received a letter from the C.W. Bill Young Marrow Donor Center informing me that I'm a "preliminary match for a patient in need of a lifesaving marrow transplant." I'm currently going through their website gathering information, and I was hoping somebody could tell me some personal experiences on the process, either for or against. Or any other thoughts concerning donating marrow?

I guess I should have clarified this, I did sign up to be a donor at a donor drive waaaaay back in 1999 when I was living in Japan, the letter did reference this event. So far everything seems to be legit.
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my creation on that web site

Conversion Question

I'm doing a diffraction grating in which it's measured in slits/meter (calculated to be 1.89 x 10-6 m) and I need to convert it to slits/inch. I've done the conversion to inches by multiplying 1.89 x 10-6 times 39.37 inches (# inches in 1 meter) and I get 7.441 x 10-5 inches. I don't know how to go from here and convert it to slits/inch. Can someone please help? Thanks!

so stealth, soooo stealth!

1. anyone ever heard the album rei momo by david byrne (of talking heads fame, of course)? is it any good?

2. what's the last thing you got for free?

3. what's something nice that's happened to you lately?

4. how're you doing?

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silliness run amok/ i edited this

this is an actual conversation:

me: hello?
nina: mom?
me: hi, honey
nina: do the "my little ponies" live in a "my little pony town"?
me: yeah
nina: then where do they go grocery shopping? how do they eat? cuz when they go grocery shopping do people go "oh my gosh! a talking pony w/purple hair and purple skin!"
me: *silence*
nina: i have another question: do trolls and my little ponies live together? or are the my little ponies freaked about the trolls' big tummies and big hair?
me: my answer is this - bring me my lunch money and go home and lay down...
nina: ok, but i want to know


oh, and can anyone give me some answers to these questions?
what do you think?
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does anybody speak German well?

I don't speak that much German, but I have Das Phantom der Oper, mostly for fun. I want to lable all the songs, but I don't know enough German. If anybody could help, I'd really apprieciate it!

Think of Me
Angel of Music
The mirror (angel of music)
The Phantom of the Opera (Das Phantom der Oper, this I have)
The Music of the Night
Prima Donna
All I ask of you/Reprise
Entr'acte (does this change??)
Wishing You were Somehow Here Again
Point of No Return
Down Once More.../Track Down this Murderer

thnx a bunch
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There are no stupid questions

What's the dumbest question someone's asked you, these ones excluded?

What's the dumbest answer you've ever gotten to a question?

What was the last stupid question you asked someone? And, yes, you have asked one before. If you haven't, you just weren't called out on it. If you dan't remember, that's fine.

What's the dumbest answer you've gven someone? This one may not apply. ^_~

When posting at TQC, is there a type of question (excluding googleable) that annoys the heck out of you?

When posting at TQC, is there a type of answer that annoys the heck out of you?

When posting at TQC, is there a type of question that you love?

When posting at TQC, is there a type of answer that you love?

Do you believe that there are no stupid questions?

pot and addiction

I've been watching those drug addiction and recover documentary/reality type shows and they always profile some one addicted to some heavy stuff like meth or heroin. I have never seen any of the shows profile a pot addict. Why do you think that is? Is pot not physically addicting? Are there no withdrawals for pot addiction (which I suppose they need to create a more dramatic or riveting show)? Is it just not considered a serious drug?

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Alright, this is a long shot.

I've been assigned an article on a benefit concert in Des Moines, they've got some hip-hop artists/DJs out of New orleans, fundraiser at a small venue type thing.

http://thehouseofbricks.com/ is the address for the venue. I've also found a short bio page for DJ ISM, and some dismal looking results about CDs from Big Pic- one place with 'one copy available' and one place offering to let you download a CD he's featured on for free if you sign up. and nothing on the last guy, because DJ Vice from New Orleans is not the same guy (presumably) as the much more popular (read: google problem causing) DJ Vice from Las Vegas.

Luckily, the paper knows this article was assigned on short notice, they don't really expect me to get it in. but I'd like to, so I don't fail my journalism class because I don't have enough stories in.

I don't suppose any of you are familiar with rapper/hip-hop artist Big Pic, DJ Ism or DJ Vice, or this houndlife records that is mentioned?

I'll probably start making calls after lunch, but I'd prefer to not be going into this totally blind.
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Is anybody as sore as I am today?

For the record, I spent a good 10 or more hours yesterday cleaning the house, AND I spent 15 minutes trying [unsuccessfully] to get my lawn mower to start. OW. So, today, my back is stiff and my arms hurt really badly. =(

With that said, will you please give me a backrub? :)
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Is it possible for people to see that you've visited their MySpace profile and picture page?

Edited to add: Thanks to everyone who responded. It seems that there are websites available to see who's been looking at your MySpace profile.  However, these sites don't actually display the exact person that's seen your profile. In some cases they just log your IP address or they don't even really work. Thanks again.
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What's your embarassing little secret? Little being the operative word... I'm not asking you to say that you had sex with your cousin or something, just something you tend to hide because other people make fun of you for it.

Mine is that I listen to Disney music to de-stress, especially in the car. It's impossible to be road-ragey when you're singing along to Disney music. Everyone I have ever told that to thinks it's hilarious. So what's your little secret?
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le fridge & heat

Recently we noticed at our household that the fridge is a bit hot on the outside. It's only on the side the door opens. It's not unbearably hot, but hot enough that you don't expect from a fridge. We don't know if this is just a problem that cropped up recently, and if it's normal or some thing is wrong.

Should we call in the professionals? Or we just paranoid?
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How do you teach someone conversational English without books or any sort of teaching aides at all? A girl at my job wants to learn and I told her I'd try to teach her, but I don't know where to start. We're only doing this on breaks at work, so we'll have a half hour per day that we work together. I'm going to buy a Spanish-English dictionary, but past that I'm stumped.
syringe meme

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When there is more than one kind of food on your plate, do you eat all of one thing before moving on to the next, or do you eat little bits of each in turn?

Do you eat your favorite thing first or last?

I eat all of one thing before eating the next thing, and I save my favorite for last.

0 trans fat foods

i was looking at the nutrition facts and ingredients on a bag of Doritos chips and apparently there are 0 trans fats but when i was reading the ingredients i noticed that hydrogenated vegtable oil was part of the seasoning. aren't hydrogenated oils trans fats? are there REALLY 0 trans fats in a bag of Doritos chips?
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blue flower

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What is your favorite material possession (be it for sentimental/practical/ or any other reason)?

On a completely different note (or maybe not?): Is there some way to close out of firefox using a shortcut? Lately, when I have been typing either in email or updating my livejournal, firefox completely closes out, so I'm thinking maybe I'm stumbling on the keys and closing it out on accident. It almost always happen when my fingers are hovering around the shift/control keys. If there isn't something must be wrong with my computer then?

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What's the most recent stupid shit your car pulled to cost you money?

Me: currently, my horn and breaks don't work worth a damn. I don't even want to know what the bill for this is going to be.
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1. If you've tried the new Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream, how is it? Is it comparable to any other drinks you've had?

2. What is your favorite soda "version"? By "version", I mean an alternate flavor for an old standard. Example: Code Red Mountain Dew, Black Cherry Coke, etc.)

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What are your reasons for using drugs (or abusing substances like caffeine, aspirin, tiny rocks found in your pet's feet, or tobacco,... basically whatever you've done)

Experimentation doesn't count.

My (desired) definition of some words

drugs - anything that's specifically for leisure, not for medicinal or other purposes.
abusing - using something for a purpose other than what it's designed for, or using it in excessive amounts


how has everyone been doing lately?

i'm feeling rather accomplished, as i had a 15 page paper due yesterday and one today, and i got them both done and they don't sound like complete crap.

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Anyone know a good place where I can pick up a new "Bitch" magazine? They used to sell them at the borders near me, but now they don't carry them anymore. I'd prefer to go to a store instead of ordering on the internet.
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Are there things that are serious that you find severely funny?

Me, I think it's hilarious when people mispronounce "frustrated", like they say "I'm so FUSStrated!!" - all serious-like - and I laugh on the inside. Also when it's misspelled... I don't know what it is about it... I'm so bad!
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Caffeine Math Question!

I found a website that lists the amount of caffine in a drink. It lists a 12 oz diet pepsi at 36 mg of caffeine. I have a 16 oz. Would this be 48 mg of caffine? [Using the equation: 36/12*16=48] Or would it be different all together?

Okay, so I'm pulling an all nighter and have no NoDoz. I have a test, school, and work tomorrow. Caffeine does keep me awake. So, my question is..... How many cups of coffee or soda do you [personally] have to intake to bring you to a somewhat hyper level? Do you know how many mgs? This can help you calculate it

Is brewed coffee the type you make at home? How many oz can an average coffee cup hold?

Is it true that caffeine makes you look worse? How many glasses of water should I drink per coffee so I stay hydrated? Is it a ratio of 1:1, or 2:1, or 1:2- or something completely different?

And, finally, what do you do in the morning if you lack sleep to make yourself feel/look better? Of course tons of concealer and a really cold/hot shower, but what else?

Thanks so much.
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How do you get the windshield wipers off of a 2003 Toyota Corolla? I'm pretty sure they're the factory-installed ones.

I'd like to keep the arms in good enough shape to put on new wipers. :)

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How can one get over an irrational fear of insects (without resorting to some Fear-Factor-esque way of locking yourself in a room full of them that would most likely result in you losing your mind)? Or better yet, just better ways to kill them without freaking out?

(P.S. For those of you who answered my sticker question yesterday-thanks! Big help. :))

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I feel embarrassed for asking, but I need to do an interview (well, three) for a class assignment. It gives me the questions I need to ask, and they're really silly, cliche questions (Oh, required freshman courses. Sigh) and you'll probably laugh when I give them to you, but..

Would anyone with an interesting (humorous, weird, whatever) occupation like to do the interview? I have one done for the job I'm looking forward to doing (that is, engineering), so I need two more. Any takers? =) Thanks.

and before you ask, I have no connections with anyone with any interesting jobs, that are available for this. (except for the engineering one.)
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Letters, moving and TQC

1. What's the proper way to send back a letter addressed to someone that doesn't live at your house? Writing "return to sender" hasn't worked, as the letters always come back.

2. Any moving tips? (Aside from keeping a list of box numbers and contents)

3. If you could introduce a new rule to TQC, what would it be?
petit prince

oooh, a music question, how novel! :D

who are some good female singers/bands fronted by a woman?

in terms of what i like- i'm on the fence about rilo kiley (but i like jenny lewis's solo stuff), i love amy lee's voice, i like annie lennox, bonnie raitt, kate bush, and pretty much any woman that ever sang motown.

i dislike- gwen stefani, norah jones, and pretty much anyone who sounds like she's trying too hard. that being said, i'll give anything a try.

so, can you guys give me some suggestions? thanks!
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hotcouturewhite - emsteed

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Any ideas for what to do on a 2-day trip to Boston??? and... hotel recommendations?

I live in CT (so we'll have our car)... but I've only been there once. So yeah. I would be going with my father. You know... we need some general site-seeing ideas. Thank you!
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sweet dee mothafucker

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My friend just spazzed on me because I told him I am failing Chemistry and Algebra 2 for the year. (I am a Junior) He talked and yelled for a very long time about getting into college and my grades. I've always done fairly average in school but last year and boiling over into this year I have had some mental health issues with depression and being slightly suicidal and still having a million school things to do. I never told anyone how I was feeling. On top of that, math and science are my worst subjects. I mean it sucks that I failed two classes for the year. My first failed classes ever. But at least I didnt fail all the others. I got into Wesleyan for a 5 week art program in the summer. I'm taking a college english course next year, an AP Art portfolio class and I will continue to volunteer shitloads. Plus, I plan on having tons of good grades and have had good grades in all my other classes. I have my English AP exam on Monday which I plan on doing well on. SATs are soon and I know I will do about average on that.

I want to go to art school. Will these Fs really fuck me over? He was just making me really upset about it. I can't change these Fs. I am taking Accounting for math next year and Environmental Science -- easy courses, I know. I just don't want to fail again in those areas. Is there a site that tells me specifically what I need to get into some art schools?

p.s. I am doing a lot better so I feel I can handle things more easily.

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i want to plug in my ipod into itunes and add more songs. however, the current library on the computer barely has any songs. i don't want the ipod to "update" and delete all of its songs. how do i do this step by step?
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EDIT// I went with the pizza! Thanks, guys! :D I can probably wait until the weekend to go to the grocery store, anyway.

For dinner, should I:

A. Order a pizza from Papa John's


B. Buy a cup of noodles from a vending machine. Oh, and also a Snickers bar.

So...A or B?

I missed dinner and I don't have any food in my dorm room. I'm going to the store tomorrow, but for now I'm really quite hungry. Should I splurge on the pizza or stick to crappy vending machines since I'll be spending money at the store tomorrow?
Self cleaning

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Do you believe in the concept of soulmates? If so, what is a soulmate, to you? And does your soulmate necessarily have to be a romantic partner, or do you include friends in your definition of a soulmate?
Normal people.

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Yo! What are the possible side-effects of consuming 15 or 20 vitamin C tablets that are 500mg strength?
Just curious :P Any firsthand stories of any overdose on vitamins at all?
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DVD-in-the-mail services

Can y'all give me review on the DVD-in-the-mail services you use?
Anything besides Netflix. I'm tired of their shit, and I'm switching to something else, based on input I get from others.

I think I'm leaning towards greencine.com because of their anime selection.


Since everyone here loves Netflix and can't see why I am in with teh hate:

I have had Netflix for 15 months. In those 15 months, I've had lost discs, broken discs, scratched and unplayable discs, misplaced discs in the sleeve of the movies I ordered, completely wrong discs shipped to me, and throttling (slowing down of my shipments because I'm a big renter).

Multiple times a month, every month.

The final straw was that I moved in March and they kindly offered as a "COURTESY" to put my account on hold until I was settled and had updated my address. Only they billed me for March. My account was finally put on hold by them on the 15th of March, and reactivated on April 22nd, at which time they billed me again for a full month. And they refuse to give a credit of any kind for the month of March. In my correspondence with them prior to putting my account on hold, they made no mention that there would be no credit to my account.

Their customer service sucks donkey balls and they are incompetent.

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What song was played on Veronica Mars while Veronica and Logan were talking?  It sounded like Soul Coughing, but I haven't heard anything from them in a long time. 

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so, i need some tatoo help.

has anybody here gotten the undersides of their wrists tatooed? what was your experience? i'm looking to get my wrists done JUST below where my hand starts. it's an important/sensitive area, so i'm not sure what to do. any help is appreciated.
Halloween 2008

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1) I need some crazy happy, get moving music. So far:

Chumbawumba - 'Tubthumping'
Jamiriqui - 'Canned Heat'
New Radicals - 'You Get What You Give'
Paul Evans - 'Happy Go Lucky Me'
Muppets - 'Movin' Right Along'
Rolling Stones - 'You Can't Always Get What You Want'
David Bowie - 'Changes'
Funny Girl Soundtrack - 'Don't Rain on My Parade'
Rancid - 'Fall Back Down'
Ace of Base - 'Beautiful Life'

You know, something along the lines of life is good/enjoy it, et cetera. Preferably loud with a great bass line.

2)I think it's about time I replace my bike. I ride it seven days a week, mostly on the pavement, and I've had her since I learned to ride... at age twelve. Her brake cables are quite shredded, and I need to do some major adjustments if I want to keep riding. Biking down a hill and the chain breaking or brakes going out = not a good thing. She was maybe $70, so I could find a replacement relatively easy. Any suggestions (under $100)? Or can I replace said shredded brakes (especially the back tire) within a reasonable cost to me? Is such a task sparkleplenty03-proof?

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1. Ever accidentally post in the wrong community? Earlier I definitely posted my entry for ditl here and then deleted it promptly.

2. Ever chew so much gum that your teeth felt gritty after? Damn need for oral fixation when I'm studying...

3. Ever have a peptic ulcer? How long until it went away?

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Hi-ho. My brain just won't shut up tonight. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop brooding? Heck, what about clearing one's mind so I could just get some frigging sleep? I keep me up at night by thinking too much.
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Help! Sick Doggie

I have a corgi pup that was born on 11/7/05 that is ill. I am asking for help here because currently I do not have the money to take him to an emergency vet (since they won't work with me on payments and I don't have a credit card) because I am moving in less than a week and have all my money tied up in that. Anyways, here is the scoop: Collapse )

I would like any thoughts, ideas, experiances with this sort of thing you can share. I am a very responsible pet owner and if it weren't for all my money being tied up in moving, I would suck it up and take him to an emergency vet (which in most cases I have done too eagerly in the past out of fear - since my animals can't talk to me, I get very freaked out when they're ill and err on the side of caution). I will keep a very close eye on him and if he's still not better take him to my regular vet straight away first thing in the AM. But if you guys have gone through anything like this and tell me he should go RIGHT NOW, I will pawn the title to my car or something to pay for the emergency visit. Thank you all so very much in advance and please spare some good thoughts for my doggie, if nothing else.
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"Think you know you know your science?
Recently, several science gurus -- Nobel Prize winners, institute heads, teachers and others who spend most of their time thinking about science -- were asked, "What is one science question every high school graduate should be able to answer?" Take their quiz and see how you do."

How did you do?

Hopefully you guys don't mind this question, especially with a bunch recent questions asking about how many states you can identify on the US map and such. Those seemed well received, but I don't want to overdo it. Maybe you've had enough. ;)