April 24th, 2006

Monkey Island

randomness that I actually need to know ansewers to

1) Anyone know how to remove songs/items from your iTunes libary without physically moving/deleating the file? I have some random video clips that I downloaded, mostly some actors from my favorite TV show on late night talk shows etc that I plan on SOMEDAY watching, that I don't want in the iTunes libary since I don't watch videos via that way and it just irks me. Also sometimes when I get new music on my computer I get a bunch at once and it's a lot easier just to have iTunes add the whole 'My Music' folder than click on each song individually. In theory this would be fine cause it avoids duplicats, but the problem is I have some wma files and each time I do this it wants to reconvert them to mp4 and I wind up with duplicates of those and I want it to stop doing that and also get rid of the doubles. So yea, how do I remove thigns from my iTunes libary.

2) Does anyone use AdBlock and how do I keep it from automatically disabeling a ton of pages? I got it for some damn troll on LJ that always posts these really bad, enormous, layout wretching/streching picture links in various communities and now when I go to ComedyCentral.com or CollegeHumor.com I can't watch the video clips :( I tried whitelisting the pages I like but it's still blocking things. Any ideas?

3) Any one know if it's legal for a nightime security guard at an apartment complex to write people up on his report for talking quietly on their own patio, going to get the mail, or staying up all night? I had to go have a meeting with the manager of my apartment complex the other day because we were writting up for "people tallking and people coming in and out of the apartment" and while in there the manager actually showed me the report from security for the night and I noticed that they had marked someone down as "staying up all night". We certainly were not bothering anyone and I know we heard no disturbance from anyone else so I don't see how this is of any business for management. I know at my apartment we are all on various schedules and I don't even get off work till 9:30pm so I'm up late anyways. I'm just wondering cause we pay rent and I had to take time out of my weekend to go and explain exactly what had happened and prove that we did not disturb anyone else or cause any problems.

4) Anyone looking for a place to live in Stanaslaus County, CA? My roommates shared with me last week that they are wanting to move somewhere else in two to three months so I need to find other arrangements for myself right quick. I don't have any money in savings due to some people mooching off of me and using my kindness to their advantage so I really doubt being able to afford a security deposit anywhere. Currently I am living in a three bedroom apartment in a nice area of Modesto, CA and the apartment and complex itself is really nice. It's less than $600 a month for rent, cable, and utilities and that includes a storage unit rented for extra space. If anyone is interested or know anyone who would be interested then comment and I can give more info.

5) Just for fun ... Who's your favourite commedian and give me some quotes :)
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(no subject)

I am bored, what should I do?

I would sleep but I am too awake. I don't like to write unless I have a nice subject to write about but I don't want to do that now anyway. TV is boring. I already watched a movie. I ate some goldfish. I cleaned off my desk.

What can I do?!
Any interesting sites where I can read about cool things? But I don't want to read the news. I did that too.

What do you do?
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(no subject)

A series of questions regarding ICE CREAM:
-What is your favorite flavor?
-What is your favorite brand?
-Cup or cone?
-How do you eat it? Do you swallow it whole and get that cold feeling in your stomach or do you like to warm it up in your mouth and let it slither down?
-Do you like getting brain freezes? Why or why not?
-Do you eat it year round or can you only have it in the summertime?

make up question

I have blond hair, green eyes (not bright green, it's more like a grey-ish green) and fair skin. I mostly wear reds, bowns, pink and beige and very little grey and blue.

What's a good eye-shadow color for me?

I just started the whole make-up thing and picked a brown with a little sparkle in it and a light pink but I'm not 100% sure that it looks right. Being slightly color blind doesn't help much either.

Are there any other make-up secrets for newbies that you want to share? So far I'm using mascara, eyeshadow, loose powder, blush and sometimes lipstick and eyeliner. And I'm not really used to seeing a lot of color on my face so I never know if it looks "right" or not.


Do you know who Gomo is?

Have you heard anything from him since 2001?

Have you seen the two videos?


Have you been clinically diagnosed with chronic insomnia?

I have trazodone to take but I don't have a set time I want to sleep by so it's usually far too late by the time I force myself to take it.

Do you think 450mg Wellbutrin XR combined with 20mg Focalin XR would cause appetite supression to a dangerous point? Add to insomnia troubles?

Since i've started Focalin on top of my Wellbutrin I have zero appetite, I accidentally didn't eat for two days and didn't understand why my head started to hurt until I realized such. It was fairly mild appetite supression with just the Wellbutrin, I would forget to eat for maybe ten hours straight? With the insomnia i've noticed I don't get tired even less since i've started the Focalin.

What would you say if someone said they had a sleep phobia?
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Claw and Tooth

New Yahoo! mail?

Yahoo! keeps urging me to try their new mail. I was wondering whether it was basically like gmail, i.e. flash based and all slow and rubbishy on my dial up and Windows 98 set up. Is it like gmail? Is it worth using new Yahoo! mail?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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I quit my job as a pharmacy technician yesterday. It was a horrible work environment and I'd had enough. I don't have any training doing anything other than that, as I've done it for a long time. I'm tired of it and I want to do something interesting and much less stressful.

If you like your job, what type of job is it?

What are some not-so-lame options to look for that don't require a lot of schooling or training?

I'm just looking for suggestions about anything, really. I'm kinda lost at the moment.
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pretty ren

I need your honesty.

The schools I want to apply to...
University of Michigan
Washington University St Louis
UPENN (big stretch, i think)
University of Wisconsin
Boston University

I want to study Germanic Languages and possibly Bio. I feel my GPA and extracurriculars all fit these schools pretty well. I take a good amount of honors/AP, especially in the the subjects I'm interested in continuing study in.

However, SAT scores...
Writing - 800 (Essay - 11)
Reading - 680
Math - 550 (!!!!!!!!!)

I don't want to go into any fields heavily related to math...but still, that's ABYSMAL. I took a princeton review course, and this seems to be as high as I can get it (my highest ever was 600 on a TPR practice). Do I need to find schools with lower standards? =/

Gift ideas

As part of my school, I have to do a 2 week placement program, where I work at a place for 2 weeks and get some experience in my field.

I want to get the office something for having me there, but I'm not sure what. I was thinking of a plant? Just something little. Any ideas?
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(no subject)

I'm going on a week long road trip at the end of July/beginning of August. I need a really really REALLY good, believable excuse for taking a week off. I want to tell my manager in a good month in advance. I thought maybe like a personal obligation, like a school thing but...I'm drawing a blank here.
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(no subject)

this is killing me. does anyone know the name of the huge (i think it's three stories) shop in northwestern PA that sells only dresses? It has wedding dresses and prom dresses.... everything. I remember it being one word.

i tried googling but i couldn't find it.... maybe someone else knows?
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Chin Love

Does anyone here have a chinchilla (or more than one)?
Care to share your chinchilla stories? Advice? Suggestions?

I'm going to get a chinchilla (not right away, but maybe as a Christmas gift for myself this year). I love the little guys. I used to live with someone that had two and they were great. Except the older one liked to run away and hide behind the fridge. Actually, she liked to hide up in the coils of the fridge. That was not good. But she liked to cuddle and stuff, so I forgave her.
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Forgotten Password

I Seemed to have forgotten my LJ password. The only reason I can post is because I have Semagic automatically logging on. But I can't log onto the actual site. I have sent several requests for a reminder or change of a password but I never get that email telling me what it is. What do I do?

******I can't reply to you guys because I can't sign in on the site. And yes, I am using the right email. I only have one address.

Edit: All set... thanks guys!


Ok, so I have a blood sugar problem which greatly reduces the amount of things that I can eat/drink.

I cannot have any caffeine or sugar. Can anyone recommend any sodas to me that do not include those two items? I'm getting very tired of diet sprite.
Also, if anyone knows of any sugar free/caffeine free iced tea? Caffiene-free regular tea is easy to find, but I'd prefer iced. And yes, I know I can make regular tea and ice it myself. But I'd like something that I could just pick up at the store and drink it without having to fuck around.
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food expiration?

We had some great Thai food on Thursday night. Once it cooled down I put them in containers as leftovers. We were gone over the weekend. And now it's Monday, do you think these leftovers are still good and okay to eat??? It's some Veggie Pad Thai and an EggRoll. Please help :)

edit: I was leaning toward just tossing them out, thanks for the extra nudge! :)
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Cell phone question wih a long backstory.

So I have TMobile and have had them for like 4-5 years. I really enjoy them. Except I cannot get a decent signal in my house.

I know it is just me because my roommate has tmobile with a different phone and gets a signal just fine in my room and the rest of the house while I'm stuck here with 2 bars of service out of 7. It's pretty much like this inside everywhere. I never have full bars unless I go outside. This is a recent (past year) phenomenon.

It wasn't too bad, I just aimed my phone at the window when I spoke on it. Only now it's started breaking up within 10 minutes of a conversation unless I'm outside. This is very obnoxious at night because I don't WANT to be outside.

I'm really fed up and I basically just want a new phone. However, I'm moving next Thursday to a different city. My phone does this everywhere indoors in this city, but should I wait it out until the next city? Or just go ahead and get a new phone here? (It's definitely my phone too, because I put my simcard in my roommate's phone and got great service).
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(no subject)

For a year-long school project, the other two people in my group and I are working on the topic of climate change, and whether or not enough is being done in order to combat it. Our final presentation will be a debate between the three of us about this topic. The three of us have different roles- I'm a scientist who insists that there is no climate change/not enough to worry about, and the other two are (repectively) the Minister of the Environment and the head of the BUND, an environmental group here in Germany.

What are some traditional three-person debate structures that we could use? If needed, we could find someone to be a moderator.

ETA: Also, I've found a scientific article that I want to read, but I don't want to pay the $18 in order to access it. Does anyone know how to get around that?


What's the cheapest and most effective energy drink? I don't drink coffee. I would prefer one that's low in calories that tastes ok.

I'm drinking Glaceau Vitamin Water tropical citrus. It has 50mg of caffeine a bottle, is that a lot?

What things do you do to wake up in the morning?
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Computery problems

My computer is normally very well-behaved, but lately it's been giving me problems. The process of shutting it down has been taking FOREVER. There are many, many times when I have needed to shut it down, have begun the process, gone off to do something else, and returned 5 or so minutes later to find that the thing is still sitting there, apparently not doing anything. Sometimes I just leave it and it eventually shuts down (can't say how long this takes -- probably a good 8-10 minutes, maybe even more). Sometimes I leave it and it gets hung up on something and I return hours later only to find that no, it has not shut down. Sometimes I get tired of waiting and simply detach it from all energy sources -- highly effective, but probably not so good for the comp. I've run scans for viruses and adware and haven't found anything, so I'm pretty sure its not that. Anyone out there have any idea what could be wrong, and what I can do to fix it?

(Oh, and in case it helps...my comp is a very new Compaq laptop running Windows XP Home edition)

(no subject)

I'm trying to figure out what the name of the song at the end of this trailer is.  I've heard it a couple times (I can't remember where) and It's driving me NUTS.  The only lyrics that I can hear in the trailer are "Hold me, I'm in Love"

Can anyone help?  This is killing me!


Oh and the most profound question you will ever be asked:

Bacon or Sausage?

abby genius

Today's Theme: Work

A bunch of questions relating to work and jobs...

1. Given the choice, would you prefer to work (full-time five days a week) 7-3, 3-11, 11-7 (feel free to shift an hour forward or back if you want, but kept in 8 hour increments)? Why? Which of those shifts would you absolutely NOT want to work? Why?

2. Do you think you get paid too much, too little or just right for the job you do? Why? What is your job?

3. What are breaks like at your job - how many, paid/unpaid, etc.? Be sure to mention the length of your shift.

4. What is the strangest job you have ever had?

5. How much education would be required for your ideal job?

6. Do you think formal education is overrated? Why or why not?
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(no subject)

[24 Apr 2006|02:01pm]
so, a week or so ago i stepped into a trader joe's for the first time in literally years (last time i went in one was when i was in high school)...my, but it's amazing...bought nina some soy/cheese products that aren't carried at the chain stores we usually patronize...

do you shop at trader joe's?
if so, what do you usually get?
how long have you been shopping there?
last thing you bought there?
favourite thing to buy there?
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white meat

question(s) for anyone who enjoy female breasts:

would you prefer a girl with proportionate breasts that match her body shape, even if said breasts are a little on the smaller side?


would you prefer a girl with ginormous breasts no matter if they match her body shape or not?

up until this point, i've been under the impression that all guys prefer large (sometimes obtrussively large) breasts at all times, no matter what. my boyfriend has informed me that isn't always the case. is this true or is he just satiating my self-consciousness with my breast size (i'm a 34-A, if you're curious).
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(no subject)

Is there a specific term for pairings of words that rhyme? Like "Pocket Rocket" or "Dead Head"?

If there isn't one already I think there ought to be. Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

Why do the legs of spiders curl up when they're dead?

An amusing story, and the reason that I ask: I saw a HUGE spider running across the floor today, and when I walked in the room it stopped. I grabbed the closest thing I could find (a magazine) and threw it on top of the spider, and then I jumped on it with all my strength for a good thirty seconds. I hate spiders.

holding hands


If you ride/own a bike, what kind do you have? I'm looking to buy a new bike and while I don't think I need the absolute top of the line (like a Trek), I do want something that will last and be reliable. I don't plan to do any serious trail riding with it--just a few gravel/packed dirt paths here and there, so it would be mostly pavement riding. I don't really want a cruiser style bike since I'm used to riding mountain bike style bikes.

So, what are some good bikes that aren't outrageously expensive (I'm thinking like the $200-300 range would be good)?
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abuse of friendship...

So... lets assume that there is a minor celebrity someone thinks is extremely cute and nice based on what s/he knows of him/her. and the someone in question has a friend who due to work/hobby/obsession/something is acwuianted with said celebrity. Would the someone be abusing the friendship if they asked their friend for an introduction, or possibly some matchmaking of the date sort? or would this be just your average case of "Liking-an-acquiantance-of-a-friend" since a lot of the inmput about said celebrity comes from the friend?

Hope that makes sense...
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I just found out that....

Epitonic got a make over.  Now I can't seem to be able to download any of the songs available on the website like I used to. Somehow, "right-click/save-as" dosen't seem to work anymore. Any ideas on what to do? Was some format changed in epitonic? Thanks!  

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(no subject)

For Anthropology class we have to write about someone signifigant in the field of Anthropology. Do you happen to know anyone who you would be willing to suggest to me?

Edit: I don't have a textbook.
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA


So earlier today I had a phone call asking for the person who handles interpretors. (I am the receptiuonist for a translation company- not glamorous or exciting, but grad school provides enough excitement.) And the woman on the other end of the line said, "i don't remember the little girl's name, but..."

And I managed to refrain from pointing out that the "little girl" in question was a grown woman who speaks three languages, is the mother of two, and a professional in her own right. I did allow Yankee disapproval to creep into my voice though.

How would you have responded to someone referring to a professional adult (your co-worker or not) as a "little girl" or "little boy"?

(no subject)

icyblue's question about The Breakfast Club brought to mind a question my sister asks every time she sees it.

When Judd Nelson is crawling through the roof, he's telling a joke (right now, I can't remember the joke off the top of my head), and right as he's getting to the punchline, he falls through the ceiling.

Does anyone know what the punchline to that joke is? (and possibly, the rest of it too) I want to let my sister finally put her mind to rest about it ;)

My apologies for the dumb question, but I honestly don't have a clue.

Thanks cabsy!!

I attended a university last semester (fall 2005), but I'm not in any school this semester.

Am I considered a transfer student?

Edit: I don't think I said that as clearly as I meant to...
I attended a university last semester (fall 2005), but I'm not in any school this semester. I want to apply to another school in the near future.

Am I considered a transfer student to the school to which I'm going to apply?

(no subject)

Is your favourite song by your favourite band?

Edit: Just to clarify the question a bit, I realised that it could be taken a few ways.
For example, my favourite band is Placebo, but my favourite song is The Killers - All These Things That I've Done.

I didn't mean did your band do a cover version or anything like that :)

Fickle fashionation


What website do you gurls love when it comes to shopping for apparel online?

I'm belatedly looking for a pair of cute ballerina-ish flats. What websites do you reccommend?

Google, Amazon, Steve Madden, and Urban Outfitters (overpriced bitches!) have already been tried, thanks.


1. Has anyone tried any over the counter sleep aids such as simply sleep, or any others? Did they work? I would love to go to a doctor for this, but my parents don't see insomnia as an ailment and think I'm being over dramatic. A typical weekend for me is: fall asleep on friday after laying there for three hours, don't sleep at all on saturday, but attempt to sleep, and sleep for about thirty minutes sunday after trying to sleep the whole day/night. Would OTC sleep aids help this?

2. Would it be okay to occasionally counteract this with no doz. Let's say I wake up at four, and would it be okay to take the No Doz pill at 7am when I go to sleep at 9 pm? [I'm trying to regulate my sleeping hours]

3. How do you get closer to some one you're interested in?

4. Who is your favorite...
A. Baseball team
B. Hockey Team
C. Political Analyst/Figure [not anyone currently in office]
D. Actor[s]
E. Actress[s]
F. Singer[s]
G. Off beat pop culture figure
H. Commerical spokesman or actor? Give them a tag line.

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(no subject)

Is it unethical or illegal to record your teacher's voice for the sole purpose of letting other people know how annoying said teacher's voice is?

A couple of people I know have expressed alarm that I would do such a thing. It's not illegal or anything, though, right? I guess if you were to record whole class sessions and sell them, that would be iffy. I'm just looking for a minute or so.

Would you consider this a breach of privacy?

(no subject)

do any of you have experience with the student advantage discount card? What are your thoughts on it? Does it prove to be useful for you? I'm thinking about getting one because I'll be traveling by train to college next year and it has an Amtrak discount.
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(no subject)

I may be moving in with a couple friends this summer. However, they're both daily pot smokers, and I'm not. While that doesn't bother me, my job gives drug tests (pee tests) every six months (such a test will occur during the summer).

If I'm not smoking it as well, is there any possibilty that my tests could be affected by secondhand smoke or the like?
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silly girl

The Question Club

I'm a 17 yr. old girl (18 tomorrow!) and I don't know much about taking care of myself, I realize. I'm afraid of weighing too much/too little.

So I want to know a normal person's opinion, not an "expert's": Do you think this is alot/enough to eat in one day? Would I gain weight? (I'm trying to. I'm currently fluctuating around 96 lbs at 5'5". I want to be 103 lbs.)

Collapse )

Keep in mind that I didn't do shit all day. I stayed home. The most physical activity I'm going to do is probably 10-15 minutes of crunches IF I don't get lazy. :D

Also, do you have any healthy weight gaining tips? I don't really WANT to gain more fat, but I know I'm not too healthy. Still, it seems like no matter what I have stomache pudge. D:
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(no subject)

My friend, who doesn't have a livejournal, wanted me to ask for your help.
She's a senior and will be going away to college at the end of this school year. Her boyfriend plans to do the same. He was going to go to school in Texas, but says that he loves her and doesn't want to be away from her so he's thinking about reapplying to a different college. Her last boyfriend pulled the same stunt and it took her forever to get rid of him.
She wants to stay with him until the end of the school year and then head off to college and then have fun with the cute college boys.
When she told him that she doesn't think that's a good idea for him to change schools just to be with her, he didn't take her seriously.
"I'm confused. I love him, but I'm not going to marry him!" She told me.
What should she do?
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Would you rather have your right lower eyelid twitching incessantly, or your left thumb? By incessantly, I mean that it twitches on and off over a period of a day or two.

After having experienced both of these things in the past month or so, I must confess that both are annoying. But the eyelid twitching is a lot less bothersome, since I can still go about my daily activities while it twitches...

On that note... does anyone know any methods of stopping a recurring twitch? :\
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I'm... sort of anxious right now. Impending finals, difficult piano students, summer schedule kinks, family in town, blah blah blah... and of course if I miss one more 8 AM class I fail the course, which I'm not happy about. I'm paranoid about it, actually, and I'm afraid that I will oversleep it.

But I've been so anxious lately that I can't sleep. I toss and turn all night and clench my teeth and wake up before my alarm goes off and everything. I wake up with a migraine.

Any suggestions so I can relax? (I'm hitting the sack at 10:30 tonight, btw.)
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More computery problems

*sigh* Today is just not my day technologically speaking.

Firefox is now being a bitch. A short time ago, a window popped up informing me that a new update was ready to install, so I did. It then told me that the update was successful and that I needed to restart Firefox (not my computer) for the update to work. Cue Firefox beginning to act like a bitch -- it simply wouldn't allow any page to load. At all. So I decided to try restarting the entire computer. Now, Firefox still isn't working. I'm not getting any sort of error message (like the kind you get when the webpage isn't available or the operation times out and whatnot), I'm just not having any luck getting any webpage to load. I've had to resort to using Microsoft IE to post this question *grumbles* So, those of you who know more about this than I do, what do you think is going on and how do I fix it?
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(no subject)

OK, I've asked everyone I know, and I've read various articles, but everyone seems to have a different opinion or non-specific information.

Two questions:

Which brand of gasoline tends to be the best (I live in Northern Californa if that makes any difference)

Which grade of gasoline will work best in my 2006 Scion tC

thanks in advance

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(no subject)

Sorry I've been away for a while. Haven't been feeling good lately, so I haven't been online much. But my dad asked me a question about engines, and I'm not much of an engine person; I'm more of an electronics person. I apologize if this is a Googleable question because I have no idea how to phrase it on Google to find the right answer, so I'm relying on any of your expertise in the area.

He wanted to know if a small engine, say a lawnmower, that requires a 40:1 blend of gas:oil would be harmed if he used some leftover 50:1 blend from his snowblower. I don't think it would do a lot of damage because it's not that great of a difference, but I'd like a more educated answer than my unenlightened opinion on the matter. Thanks.

Oh yeah, the question in all of this is: Would it hurt an engine that requires a 40:1 blend if you used a 50:1 blend instetead? (Just in case there's anyone really picky about not seeing any question marks in the post. ::grin::)
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Rivet Riot


Is there any way to make a slide transition of a fraction of a second in PowerPoint 2004 for Mac?

It won't let me use a decimal, and I'm trying to simulate a psych study with a word flashing on the screen (26 ms, to be precise). Please help!
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(no subject)

Does it annoy you when girls pout in photos?

It annoys the fuck out of me. I was just wondering if it was just me and everyone else in the world was instantly turned on by over exposure of a girls lips.

Cranky? Me? No :)
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You know when you use your signal, it makes a sound tik... tik... tik...?

A couple weeks ago, the signal sped up to a tiktiktiktiktiktiktik, even when I'm not using the signal.

You can imagine how annoying this is. What can I do to stop the ever-present ticking?
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?

My answer: Billy's. He's my life coach. I wouldn't be where I am right now if it weren't for him.

EDIT: I am kinda ashamed I even posted this. I think it's kinda stupid...eh?
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(no subject)

1. What's the most convenient thing to happen to you recently?

I gave in, went and bought a new phone, paid $90 for it, griped about the money but decided to call it a graduation present to myself, got home and found a $100 check from my great grandma in the mail. (AND now I have full service in my house! I'm so pumped!)

2. Is there a shampoo out there that promotes curling that isn't "salon" brand?
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Hours of Entertainment

Speaking of weird pet happenings...

Does your pet have any weird things they do?

Take, for example my dog-boy. Cowboy is an Army crawler. Not just a few feet because he's too lazy to walk to get a chewie, but I'm talking from the front door, around the table and chairs, down the hall and into the kitchen. All on his belly, using his arms to pull forward and one rear leg to steer. He's like... a land submarine or something. You can see trails in the carpet from where he's dragged his little body. Two years later and this odd thing still stops conversations while we all stare and watch him. Forever amusing. And it's not that he can't walk. He's just... weird.