April 23rd, 2006

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Conspiracy... of some sort!

Sorry to ask two questions in one day, but they are on two vastly different subjects and I hardly post questions anyway...

Images behind cut. Work safe!
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Have you noticed this before? Do you find it slightly disturbing? I do.

Yeah, it's a silly question. Don't be a hater.

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Have you ever had a pet die...and then you want another eventually...then you get one...and you feel guilty?
If you bought your pet do you feel guilty that you didn't rescue one?
mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx

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In your current or past relationships with your significant other(s), were you okay with them watching porn? Were they okay if you watched porn? Did you ever watch it together?

If you're in a relationship with someone and you found out that they watch porn, would you feel betrayed? Do you see watching porn in a relationship as "cheating" on your signifcant other?
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http://Gone2theDogs.com/ - If you were a dog, what kind of a dog would you be? You probably wonder about this all of the time. Well this site has the answer. The website promotes a British film to be released this summer called Gone To The Dogs. Click on either the "Game" link or the "What Dog Are You?" link and answer ten personality-related questions. The site will then tell you the breed and traits of the dog you'd be ... if you were to turn into a dog, of course.

what kind of dog would you be?
what's your favourite kind of dog?
have a dog now? name and breed/mix/mutt?
ever have a dog before? name & breed/mix/mutt?
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cartoon cat

very specific

Is there a firefox extension that will make a bookmark open in a new tab when you middle-click it, WITHOUT switching the focus to the new tab? It needs to leave me on the tab I was looking at when I open a bookmark in a new tab.

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This is an opinion/etiquette question.

I work at a coffee/cookie shop that has a tip jar out by the register*. Today, a woman I helped "tipped" us her hairstylist's business card with, "Purchase one color service and get a free haircut!" written on the back. This confused my coworker and I.

I'm of three minds on the issue.
1. She's trying to drum up business for herself, since hair coloring at a salon is very expensive. It's not something my coworker or I really wanted to purchase.
2. However, a haircut is worth a lot more than a dollar bill or a handful of change.
3. My hair is getting kind of shaggy and you can clearly see where my home dye job is growing out. Was it meant as an insult? ("For god's sake, girl, fix your hair! Are you just too cheap?")

I guess the whole thing is kind of a moot point since it was very nice of her to tip us in the first place. But I've never encountered a non-monetary tip like this.

Do you think non-monetary tips are acceptable?
If you work customer service, does this kind of thing happen to you? How do you feel if you're "tipped" with a coupon?
(Obviously, this is different for minumum wage workers vs. servers who depend on tips.)

*Please don't lecture me on how outrageous it is that we have a tip jar when we make minimum wage. I don't expect tips. But if people want to tip me, I won't argue with them, especially if it means that I have $5 at the end of my shift to buy lunch with.


Why do my teeth & gums hurt?
The pain is horrible and incredibly annoying. At first it was just a dull throb but now it's like someone is stabbing flaming needles into my gums whilst hitting my teeth with a lead hammer wrapped in foil.

Also, what is a dongle?
I'm not sure about the spelling on that one.

questions game

so in my other journal my friends and i are playing a questions game... where someone asks 5 questions, you post th questions and their answers in your own journal and then others can leave a comment saying "interview me" and then you can ask them 5 questions.. i guess they can be of creepy or personal nature.. or about anything..
anyway.. it's kind of fun..
anyone want to play? leave a comment saying "interview me" and I'll reply with 5 questions..
Reply here with the answers and you can question me back if you want!
or you could post it in your own journal, it's up to you
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Saturday detention?

The Breakfast Club was on Bravo Canada this morning, and it got me wondering (compounded by a recent episode of The OC)... Do/did you have Saturday detention at your high school? I've never heard of such a thing here in Alberta, Canada.

EDIT: My next question is this: if there is/was Saturday detention at your school, who supervised it? Did teachers? The principal? Someone hired specifically for Saturday detentions?
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What's a good excuse for calling off work? I'm in dire need of a mental-health day but I can't tell them that.

Edit: Thanks guys, I just got off the phone with my boss. I used the tummy bug/food poisoning thing.

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Bit of a weird question, but I don'thave any scales, so hopefully someone can help me.

How much does a standard floppy disc weigh?

I am posting 7 sheets of A4 and a floppy disc in an A4 envelope and I need to know if it is likely to weigh over 60g so i know whether I need to put 1 or 2 stamps on it.

Thanks :)

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Right. So my new Docs are officially raping my ankles at the moment, and I don't think my achillies tendon can take much more of it.
How can I soften the leather? My friends just say I have to wear them in, but if I do that I shall lame myself before too long.

french rap and hip/hop

during the final episodes of sex in the city (while carrie was in paris) there was a good number of french rap and/or hip-hop that was played in the background. i'm really interested in finding more of the same (if not the same exact song/artist). anyone here familiar with french rap? anyone know where i can find some?
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captain kate capsize

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What's a good way to respond to wolf-whistling builders?

I usually just ignore them or yell abuse if I'm in a particularly bad mood. I'm sure there's a better way to respond, but what is it?
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petit prince

heyyyy, how YOU doin?

what would your reaction be if a stranger walked up to you in a bar and smacked your ass (and then proceeded to strike up a conversation with you, if it makes a difference)? how about (for the gals) if someone walked past you and said "nice boobs!"?

and have any of you ever gone up to someone and done something similar?

i ask because some random guy actually came up to me last night, smacked my ass, and said "i saw you from across the room and i wanted to say hi." i thought it was funny, but my roommate was sort of taken aback. later, some guy told roommate that she had nice boobs and she got a little offended. i don't think it's that big of a deal, but maybe i'm immune to breast comments. her friend thought it was sort of offensive, too.
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Is anyone here a pro or familiar with using 'U substitution' in calculus? I have a few problems that I'm having some problems with so if anyone would be willing to take a quick look and point me in the right direction, that'd be awesome. Thank in advance.

ETA: I had like 30 of these problems and I can't seem to get these four.

Solve the following using u-substitution
1. ∫ x * √(2-x) dx
2. ∫ 1 / (x * ln√x) dx
3. ∫ (e^√x) / √x dx
4. ∫ (x^2 + 2) / √(x-5) dx
Normal people.

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Ever play "Cossacks [European War]"? How does the strategy compare to a game like Age of Empires, or Age of Mythology? At first glance the only difference appears to be the limit of units [200 vs. 8,000] so I'm wondering a little.

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Lets say you were friends with someone in 1993 (3rd grade) she moved away and you lost touch.
2 Months ago you run into each other and have been together every day since.
You want to get matching tattoos that have some significance of your friendship.
What would your design include?

**We're not looking for something huge or complicated, just something small to signify our friendship**

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1. Which Shakespeare plays have you read and/or seen?

2a. What's your favorite play of his? Why?
2b. Which one/s can't you stand? Why?

3a. Favorite character? Why?
3b. Least favorite character? Why?

4. Favorite movie adaptation of a Shakespearian play?

5. Favorite music inspired by Shakespeare?

6. Any general thoughts/opinions about Shakespeare to share?
Good and Evil


Soooo... Does anyone have any suggestions for trying to get black Sharpie out of tan corduroy? You know, aside from not getting the Sharpie on the fabric to begin with?
Death Note: Light Working

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Senioritis. Past, Present, Future. Any cure, really?

Oh yes, and English and I are having a messy divorce. He's tired of me whoring around with Math and Science. I want to reconcile.

Any good recommendations for classics I should read? I loved East of Eden, Pride and Prejudice is turning out to be an okay read and dislike most of James Joyce and didn't see any point at all to Old Man and the Sea. How good of a read is Heart of Darkness? Faulkner?

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I'm standing up in my brother's wedding as a bridesmaid. I'm not really sure how much money I should give them. Also, I would like to just combine my boyfriend and I in the same envelope, so how much between the two of us, should we give?
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random questions...

1) Do you have any weird stories from being home alone?

2) When you clean, do you listen to music?

3) When you're home alone what do you do?

4) For the girls, do you know your true bra size? Do you wear your correct bra size?

5) Do you have any cool plans for the summer so far?

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china town

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okay, there is this song that i'm looking for. someone thought it was by bananarama... but i've come to find its not. it is ladies singing and i swear at the end of the chorus they say, endless summer... or something to that effect. MTv used the song a few years back when they had that reality TV show about the surfing girls. does anyone know of the song i'm thinking of?
i know i'm not giving you much to work with... but that is all i have.
breaking news!


Hey thequestionclub. I'll have be having a Muslim speaker tomorrow that will discuss his religion. I know my teacher will be expecting us to be curious and easily shoot out questions from our anus, you know with all that is going on with middle east and the US. But I really don't know what to ask. I already know most of the basics since I had to study it in class. Suggest me interesting questions to ask, please.

edit: i'm going to bed now. it's 11:02. I hope there will be more comments when i wake up! thank you
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What's the name of the website where you submit a picture of a bug and they tell you what kind of bug it is? I just found a really weird one.

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P.S. Those things that look like wings AREN'T wings, I don't think. He ran around on my wall for a while and those things moved like legs. It was creepy. But then it started flying, so I donno. Sorry for the blurry pic.

(no subject)

1.) What internet sites or lj communities do you find handy for random things?

My answer: thequestionclub for asking random questions, and also www.bugmenot.com, a "bypass compulsory registration" site which supplies fake logins for sites that require you to log in.

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I'm a bit frustrated, and sort of bad with computer stuff, so I'm hoping someone could help me out:

When I first got my laptop (an iBook), the battery eventually wore down to the point where I needed to recharge every 20 minutes or so. This was maybe a year or so after I first got it, so getting a new battery wasn't too much of a big deal. I then heard that the battery would've lasted sooner if I had calibrated it, by letting the power run all the way down every time, then recharging back to 100%. So when I got the new battery, this is what I did.

Now, only a few months later, my battery seems to be wearing down yet again, despite this calibrating that I've been doing! Is that normal? Which way is better? Should I let it go down to 0% battery power before charging again? Or just leave it plugged in all the time like I was before? How can I improve my battery life?

Thanks for any advice.
Normal people.

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My friend has an old dog who has a weird bump on his back/butt. It looks like a big...um...hairless bump, a bit bigger than a golf ball and completely round. Sort of like a humongous skin-colored mole. It's a few inches before his tail starts.

He doesn't seem to be in any pain, and my friend doesn't know what it is/can't or won't take him to the vet and apparently it has been there for a long time.

What the heck could it be?

[He also eats a lot of napkins, if this could be a symptom of anything]

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1 - What time do you go to bed usually?

2 - What time do you get up?

3 - If, for example you had to be out of bed by 7am what time would you go to bed?

4 - What on earth is '420'? I saw a lot of people mention it a few days ago (obviosly 20th of april) but what the hell is it about?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I know it's different for all colleges but when is the last day of registration? I tried to check on my school website...but I couldn't find it.

(I go to a community college, if that helps.)
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I have a resume that is just over 1 page.

Should I include my references on the second page, under my past work experience?
or should I make a whole different page for references?

and when I fill out applications and hand them my resume when the app. asks me for my references etc? Should I put "see attached resume" or just write it out there also?

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I feel kind of silly asking this question.

I've never had this problem before. I am a 22 year old woman and I've been wearing skirts without pantyhose for my entire life, but it is only this spring that I've started developing this... like, chafing, I guess it is, on the insides of my thighs. I've actually lost weight since last year so it's not like my thighs have really gotten any bigger.

It's starting to get pretty painful. Why does this happen? Is there something I can do? (Aside from "not wear skirts" because I really do enjoy wearings long flowy skirts a whole bunch. I can't give them up!)
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(no subject)

what are the coolest kitchen gagets you own?

mine are the panini machine and the chocolate fountain. which we dont have running all the time, but its pretty awesome. it makes me feel like wonka.

(no subject)

is it possible to screen a post in a community? besides the friends lock? maybe I want it friends-locked so my boss or whoever can't see it, but I also want a particular person in the community to not see it(like if i were getting a birthday present for a friend in the community, and asking for suggestions or something). is that even possible?
i wouldn't think so, but just in case.

Should I go to class in drag tomorrow? I think my boy pants are clean, and I got the hair clips so i could pull it off... it'll just take a while.

Also: I might've asked this earlier, but is there a way to search death records, obituaries, things like that for a specific city/time period? or will it have to wait till I'm in that city at the library and playing with their microfiche machine?
(As much as I'd like to think he's just busy, I find it unsettling that the last day he was on another service was also the last time he updated his LJ... almost 6 months ago.)