April 22nd, 2006

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Gasp! Lookie!! *points to cut*

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We'd arrive on the 20th, and go see WSP the next day!! I love how all of this is coming together. The picture of the maps is the AVERAGE of where we want to/would go. Minus: Anywhere in Cali, Ruby Mountains, anywhere past New Mexico, Salmon River, Mt. Rushmore (because really, who HONESTLY wants to go there for a vacation if you had the choice? Just buy a freaking post card. sheesh.), and all the rest are open for grabs. But basically we'll be going to: Denver (flying out to there from Savannah), Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosesi-somebody, Jackson Hole, and elsewhere. We'll be gone for the minimum of two weeks, max (and more likely) 3 weeks. Just me and Dad. He said next year I can bring somebody along. :D

Well, I just figured I'd post this before I went to bed while it was still fresh on my mind.

Love to everybody!!

We could be seeing The String Cheese Incident and Bob Weir & Ratdog, and have either Keller Williams or Taj Mahal open for them, but that's too late in our time (July 2/3, we'd be long gone from Colorado by then) for us. Either them OR Ween/the Flaming Lips (but they're allll the way on July 29th. :( Oh well.)!!
Okay, I swear I'm done.

Feed back, anyone? Also if you live out there and you wanna meet up, just let me know!! I'd love to meet some of you and what-not. Or, if you've done this sort of trip in the area before: any tips/places to go? We're really really open to lots of things at this point, so DON'T be shy!! :) Any festivals of anysort or anything!!

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Great moments in TV history?

Do you know of any memorable/cheesy episodes of popular TV shows? Such as...

- Saved by the Bell: Jesse gets addicted to caffeine pills
- The Brady Bunch: When they go to Hawaii and get stuck with the cursed tiki idol

How long does a razor last?

For those of you guys who use a blade razor (as opposed to a screen or rotary electric model), how many shaves do you get out of it before you change the blade?

And a related question - how long do you think it will be before we see a six-bladed razor?

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1970 - The first "Earth Day" was observed by millions of Americans.

but do you think it's really done any good? if so - why? if not - why not?
have you ever done anything for "earth day"? what?
do you recycle? what?

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"Hide in the hiding place where no one ever goes.
Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes.
It's a little secret just the Robinsons' affair.
Most of all you've got to hide it from the kids.

What is Mrs. Robinson hiding?
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US aid to "developing countries"

What are your feelings on the people who write letters to the US government asking them to give aid to countries like Uganda and Sudan?
Do you think this actually makes a difference?
Do you think the United States should give aid to countries torn apart by warfare?
What would happen if the US actually did give help to every single country that people want them to give help to?

Slightly different subject: What do you think of protests like the one that's happening on April 29th... people in major cities are laying down in the streets and sleeping over night there to show the US government that they care about Uganda.

It's not that I have a real problem with these ideas... I think I just completely miss the point of things like silent protests. I don't think the government cares if you sleep outside for a night. I don't know a lot about the process of doing demonstrations like these, or what happens when you send a letter to the government of a huge country.

I don't care if you rant or go off on tangents or insult the government, but please respect other community member's opinions.

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I'm doing a project on hidden Jewish children during World War II.

Here's the actual question:
Many Jewish parents sought to save their children by placing them with friends, strangers or institutions. What were the challenges they faced and how did they respond to these challenges?

Anybody know any good books or internet sites about this topic?

And please don't say Anne Frank.

Oh and P.S. In school I've been taught that Americans had to be paid to donate blood, so sorry that I'm wrong! (I also don't know how to do edits so sorry for that also!)
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1.) Do you ever accidentally type liverjournal.com instead of livejournal.com?
2.) Is the movie Mulholland Drive at all related to the movie Mulholland Falls?

I always type liverjournal.com instead of livejournal.com. In regular conversation, sometimes, I even say, "I updated my liverjournal the other day... wait I mean my livejournal." I don't understand why I always do that.
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I think someone mentioned this recently, but I have forgotten what it is called.

On Monday the 24th my brother is turning 24, and I would like to know what the term for that is so I can write it in his card.


EDIT: I think that it's a Golden Birthday.

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So I just got my first Ipod nano, and I'm installing the software on my computer. I've gotten to the step where they ask me this:

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[] Automatically update songs on my iPod

iTunes can automatically update your iPod to mirror its music library and playlists each time you commect it to this computer.

What exactly does this mean? Whenever I plug my iPod in, it'll just grab all the new songs? What if it's already full?
And can I change these options later, or is this permadent?



Okay, my iPod is charging now. Question: How do I download music to the iPod? The instructions say "When you connect iPod nano, iTunes opens. Follow the simple onscreen instructions to download songs to your iPod nano."
iTunes did open, but it didn't give me instructions on how to download songs to the iPod. How do I do it? Maybe I can't download songs to it while it's charging?

Car Questions

Alright, I'm getting a new car (a Suzuki Grand Vitara) in the coming weeks. I haven't had my own car ever, so I have several questions to ask.

1. What would be something I must buy? I'm talking essential stuff like jumper cables, etc.
2. I'm getting the base model of the Grand Vitara, as in it doesn't have anything special included. Does anyone know if the base model includes a car jack?
3. There's a spare tire on the back of the car. I'm wanting to get a fabric cover for it so it doesn't dry out in the heat. If we were to get it from the dealership, it's almost $70. Are they any cheaper elsewhere? Where could I get one?
4. The car has XM Radio included, as in the radio's built in. All I need to do is subscribe to XM. Would I do this through the dealership or would I go somewhere else?
5. It says it can play mp3's and wma's. What does that mean?

Thanks all!!
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Bare Escentuals

Have you ever used Bare Escentuals? Would you recommend it?

I think about buying it every time I'm in Sephora but I never do. I've only heard good things about it, especially that it's good for evening out your skin tone and that's basically what I'm looking for.
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A friend at work said someone she knew put an animal skull they found on an ant hill to get the fleshy bits off. I found a dead baby turtle on a walk and I really want the shell so I did the same thing. The ants will just eat the meaty parts right? They won't damage the shell will they?
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I have a bottle of club soda and I don't know what I should drink it with. I'd like to drink it with some form of alcohol. What should I mix with it? I have tried gin & club soda and it's disgusting, so don't suggest that.

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two health questions, one procrastination question. New! music question!

I wiped out on my scooter yesterday. I have something like rugburn on my knee, from the inside of my jeans. it was "not bleeding"(looks like it is, but isn't) after I hit, and "not scabbed"(that scab brown colour where it was "not bleeding" earlier) later... I put a bandage on it, and the not-scab turned into one of those gross soft scabs and proceeded to pick up a bunch of lint and shit from the inside of my jeans and places like that.
I know it's generally bad to pick off wound coverings. but what about now, when it's this gross colour of lint and dust? Pick or no pick?

Why the hell do my arms and shoulders hurt? Very sore. Like I was lifting weights or something, and now it hurts to lift my arm off my desk... but I wasn't lifting weights.

I have 3 projects.
Project A is easy. I have to put a bunch of papers which I already have into those little plastic slipcover thigns which I already have... into a three ring binder, which I don't have. A trip to walmart by bus will be about an hour total. It is due Monday at 10:30 a.m.
Project B is fairly enjoyable. It's an art project. I just need to get someone to model the hand for me. (If someone posts a picture of them lining up a shot with a pool cue, that'll save me a step- do it! be the model for the hand of god!)I've got the rest of it pretty much planned out. I'm not sure when it's due, but the earliest would be Monday at 2 p.m.
Project C is the project from hell. I have to read other people's summaries of things, and look at a bunch of math related to a survey, and then write a 5-6 paper over it. It's also something I'm not particularly interested in. It's due Monday at 3:40 p.m.

What order should I do them in, and why?

The band Muse: Is the song Cave on Showbiz supposed to be all skippy and stopped up at the end? I can't decide if it's a bad copy or some sort of musical fooling around.
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I submitted my online transfer application to a university (GMU) on March 31. On the online application status site, a note informs me that items marked outstanding have probably already been recieved by the admissions office, and I should wait several weeks for the items to be added to my record. My college transcripts are marked outstanding, although I did send them in about two and a half months ago.

So, it's now April 22. Has it been 'several weeks' yet? Should I be worried? GMU has contacted my parents for financial aid information, but they haven't sent a letter or an email telling me that they haven't recieved my transcripts. Should I assume they have them and just haven't added them to the record yet? I'm afraid I'm being too impatient, but at the same time this is really important to me. Would it be annoying of me to call or email GMU's admissions office on Monday?

Thanks for any and all advice.

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I freely admit that I'm waaay behind on this trend, but nevertheless...

Having never worn them before, how long do you think it's going to take for my feet to get used to thong/flip flop sandals?

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1. I can't drive. My parents aren't home to drive me anywhere. So I'm stuck at home. I am bored out of my mind.
I have already:
-read a book
-browsed the internet for hours
-practiced guitar
-oraganized my room
-made a goblin out of sculpey
-walked my dog

What on earth can I do now?

2. I have just recently jumped on the Lost bandwagon and I'm obsessed. I just finished Season One last week. I want to start watching Season Two, but it's not done airing on TV yet so obviously it's not on DVD. When will it be out on DVD so I can watch it?
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Icons of the 20th Century?

Who is your favourite icon of the 20th Century?

I ask because my best friend is throwing a party next week and the theme is Icons of the 20th Century and I'm drawing a complete blank as to who I should go as... bonus points for suggestions that won't cost me much money to create costumes for!

EDIT: She's going as Audrey Hepburn so unfortunately that option is out!
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If you had a chance to tell the world one thing, what would it be? I really don't know what I would say.

I think I'd say Lost can smd because i don't like Lost.

"i never masturbate. it makes my vag hurt like a bitch and my parents would freak if they found out. plus i find it really embarrassing, to have to go back to school the next day and be like, 'SUP. i masturbated last night!'"
it still brings the lolozlolzolz
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Say you have this coat. This coat has been with you for many, many years, and was given to you by a good friend you no longer get to talk to.
However, these many many years have taken their toll on the coat, and it's rather patched up, and today you wore it and it snagged on something and ripped open the sleeve to the point that once -that- has been fixed, the coat will have officially crossed the line to being more duct tape than actual coat.
You know that your beloved friend is suffering, and it's time to let it go. You're saving a few special parts- the library checkout sticker the original owner got for it from your friend at the library, a cool design on the inside... but the rest of it will have to go.

The garbage just seems like... you wouldn't throw away a dead pet or a baby blanket or anything else you loved...
It can't be passed on...
and it smells horrible to burn.
How to dispose of this wonderful coat that has been with you through so much, but now needs to be let go?

edit: oh god I feel like a tool, i think I'm about to start crying over this coat. I love this coat.

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A couple of questions:

1. Have any of you ever joined/considered joining a sorority? I ask because I'm starting college in the fall and thinking about it, so, even if you just know something about it, I'd love to hear what you guys know about the process or personal experiences, etc.

2. When you look at someone's userinfo, what kind of things do you want to know? What should I put in my userinfo?