April 21st, 2006

Aleph jumping

Speckly bruise?

Does anyone else get red speckles under their eyes when they cry? Or, for that matter, red speckles instead of a normal bruise in some areas?
If so, is there any way to prevent it? They last a few days on me, and it drives me nuts.
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when we sparkle

lifestyle quiz

I've been trying to find this on Google for the past ten minutes, but I'm just not putting in the right search words.

In high school, I took a quiz that told you how much money you need to make to live the lifestyle you wanted. It asked a variety of questions, like whether you wanted to own or rent your home, and I remember specifically that it asked how often you liked to rent movies.

Anybody have a link to something like this? In US dollars is preferred. Thanks!

My neck, my back...

I'm covered head to toe in bruises from a concert I went to on the 19th, I was against the railing and most of the crowd surfers wound up on my head and neck when they were getting pulled out by security. I also got into a fender bender that night (okay so it was 2 am, still it's the 21st now so whatever) and have some fairly wicked whiplash. I had been standing from about 2 pm to 2 am so there's fatigue also.

My spine hurts, I can't walk straight, my elbows especially are bruised to hell, my shoulders are bruised and feels like i've done something to my rotary cuffs, my calves want to commit mutiny...

What's a good way to relieve all this aching?

I'm not complaining about the concert, I would do it again in a heartbeat, I would pay mad cash to at that. One of the best days of my life. I go to a lot of concerts I just generally don't get this banged up, its been a while since I went to a metal concert with crowd surfers falling on me constantly.
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(no subject)

I'm applying for jobs and am having trouble because I have zero real job experience. However, I did 4 years of community service at a church food bank. Problem is, the director of the food bank retired so the food bank no longer exists.

Should I put the experience down on applications with a note saying they are no longer around, or just leave it off because they cannot be contacted?

Edit: If it matters, I'm only applying to retail places. Mostly department stores , and places like Circuit City, Best Buy, etc.
flame on

old-school nerdiness

I have a fully functional Super Nintendo game system. I also have a Game Boy Advance flash cartridge with games on it. If I pop the GBA flash cart into a Super Game Boy adapter, would I be able to play my Game Boy games on the SNES?
Brazil Face Flag

Expat Poll Ideas

Hi folks,

I work for a web site that provides information for foreigners in Brazil, not that the country is so important.

One of the items we have is a fortnightly poll, which has ranged in the past from favourite cities to live in, areas that people work in, difficulties that people have had finding a job. Only problem is I've totally run out of ideas for what to have in future polls.

Anyone have any ideas on what you would like to see as a poll on a site like this?

I don't think the Brazilian angle is so important, just something that an expat would be interested in answering a poll on (note the poll is multiple choice, with a maximum of 8 choices).

Any ideas would be very welcome!

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forums - somewhere to hang out?

i've played a few MMORPG's and i enjoy the chat as much as the game, i'm in between games atm, might be a few months until i find a new one (winter probably) and i'm really missing the chat!

i have a few forums bookmarked and am a regular poster to ones that are related to my car, but i'm looking more for a 'general' forum i guess, somewhere to have a bitch and moan, a laugh, ask for advice on stuff i dunno i guess somewhere like this but more in forum form?

anyone got any ideas/links please?
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(no subject)

When I was walking home from the boyfriend's, I found a flower bulb of some sort. I think it got dug up and then abandoned by a racoon. I have no idea what it is, but it smells very weakly like an onion. and it's already sprouted.
Collapse )

1.What is it?
2. Will it survive in a pot of dirt on my windowsill (and if not, then what)?
3.It has some spots that are kindof like... I'd say analagous to a bruise on an apple. Are these impending flower death, or nothing to worry about?

4. Do you like my hat?

And in the background of the picture, you can see the corner of my box fort! huzzah.

Some of my programs have been randomly closing.... I've noticed it most with Trillian and World of Warcraft. I'll alt tab out of WoW, or minimize the dialog box in trillian (and it lags when it closes, so I'd know if i did that).. and then I'll go back to Wow and it's gone, or someone will IM me and it'll be a new dialog box because it closed... they never mysteriously close when they're the front program, though. only when they're minimised/behind stuff.
5. Whyfor?

(no subject)

Hey guys,

I've just revised my cover letter again from the last time I posted it. In italics is the old version, and under it is the revised version. Opinions? Which do you like better? Any improvements I can make? Anything I should take out? :)

Dear Employer,

I am writing in regards to the Clerk Typist 3 position advertised on the City of Burnaby website.

I’ve just recently left my last job at Canadian Securities Registration Systems, where I've worked for almost a year and a half doing data entry.

I'm a friendly, articulate, meticulous, adaptable, energetic person, with a typing speed of 80 WPM. I love dynamic work environments, multitasking, and being challenged every day.

I think my qualifications would be a great match with this position.

Thanks so much for your time. Please find my resume enclosed.

I'd love to hear from you,

Olivia McCormack

Dear Employer,

I am writing in regards to the Clerk Typist 3 position advertised on the City of Burnaby website.

I’ve just recently left my last job at Canadian Securities Registration Systems, where I've worked for almost a year and a half doing data entry.
I have a typing speed of 80 WPM, great multitasking capabilities, excellent writing, grammar, and spelling skills, and a meticulous attention to detail, which would greatly be utilized in this position.

I think my qualifications would be a great match with this position.

Thanks so much for your time. Please find my resume enclosed.

I'd love to hear from you,

Olivia McCormack

(no subject)

1. my brother works for pepsi so a lot of times he brings home stuff to drink. i've been drinking these diet lipton iced teas with lemon like crazy but i just noticed that they all expired like december of last year. should i be drinking this stuff? why is there a expiration date? heres a link to the ingredients and what not: http://www.liptont.com/our_products/iced_tea/ice_diet_lemon.asp 

2. getting a tan has nothing to do with the temperature outside right? just the uv rays from the sun? whats the correlation between that and the temperature and how does it affect my tan?

(no subject)

anyone know anything about the Pontiac Vibe?  I'm looking at new (well, new to me) used cars tomorrow, and I saw one on the lot, and it's pretty cute. 
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(no subject)

I left my last job because my bosses for the most part ignored me. I transfered to a different store and after being told everything was ready, I found out nothing was ready. One lady went so far to claim that she'd never heard anything about the transfer, yet it was her who set it up.

So, what's a good thing to put down on a job app for leaving my last job?

(no subject)

Is there a way to get rid of callouses? I have played the clarinet for 8+ years, and I have a callous on my thumb where I put the thumb rest (I'm sure clarinet and saxophone players can relate). It hurts from time to time, and I'm sure it's not really that lovely to look at, either. lol

Thank you!!

(no subject)

1. When was the last time somebody made you feel really irresponsible? What was the situation?
For me it was today, when my mother called me up yelling- because apparently I forgot to give her my car keys when she dropped me back at school, and there are important checks inside my car that she needs. Whoops...

2. Do you walk past mirrors when it is dark in the room?
I can't, they scare me.

3. Have you ever noticed that certain places make your bowels need to move, even when you felt perfectly fine but moments ago?
There's this little enclave in my school library, and whenever I go in that section, my colon calls for immediate evacuation. My friends experience the same problem.
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(no subject)

Assuming the real father/mother is gone and was not going to be in the picture...
Also assuming the kid was young, say one year

Would you ever go out with a guy/girl who had a kid?


song of the day

This is my song of the day; what's yours?


the sky is grey
the sand is grey
and the ocean is grey

and i feel right at home
in this stunning monochrome
alone in my way

i smoke and i drink
and every time i blink
i have a tiny dream

but as bad as i am
i'm proud of the fact
that i'm worse than i seem

what kind of paradise am i looking for?
i've got everything i want and still i want more
maybe some tiny shiny key
will wash up on the shore

you walk through my walls
like a ghost on tv
you penetrate me

and my little pink heart
is on its little brown raft
floating out to sea

and what can i say
but i'm wired this way
and you're wired to me

and what can i do
but wallow in you
what kind of paradise am i looking for?
i've got everything i want and still i want more
maybe some tiny shiny key
will wash up on the shore

i guess i've only got three
simple things to say:
why me?
why this now?
why this way?
with overtones ringing
and undertows pulling away
under a sky that is grey
on sand that is grey
by an ocean that's grey

what kind of paradise am i looking for?
i've got everything i want
and still i want more
maybe some tiny shiny key
will wash up on the shore

~Ani DiFranco
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Meta - Berries


You know how in Hotmail, you can make it so that your junk mail is automatically deleted without you ever seeing it? Is there a way to do that in Gmail? Right now I made gmail filters that vapourizes emails with certain key words I specify, but can I do that for junk mail in general?

Thanks if anyone knows (how, or whether it's even possible.)
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(no subject)

If you were to go on a trip to Europe and you only had 3 months, what would be the sights you would pick to see? What would be your prime country to go to? And what would be the best way to spend your money if you were kinda limited?

(no subject)

What are your views on the city of Houston?

What about Austin?

Have you lived in Texas?
Are you a republican (I wont let it effect my decision on where to live but everyone bring that up)
What are the people like?
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(no subject)

It's been years since I last applied for financial aid, but I filed my FAFSA before the March 10 deadline and I got the results back with my EFC and everything. I won't qualify for any grants, but it said I may be offered loans, which I've never had before.

My question is how long should I typically wait to hear about being offered student loans? My school says loan offers come out in mid-April, and I haven't heard anything yet and I'm already worried that I won't be offered any loans either. I need to know soon because whether or not I get loans and go back to college will affect how many hours I can put in at my job, and they need to know soon.

Dom Lost

Calendar tool?

I found something via LifeHacker earlier about a calender called MomoCalendar, supposidly a version of the Mac iCal. I don't use mac's so I have no clue about their calender, but the windows one I got was a bit difficult and not quite ready let. However I did like some features and a bit of the layout. What I'm wondering is if anyone could recommend for me a good windows accessable desktop calender that I could try out. I don't want anything that sticks on my desktop, just something I can open up when needed. Ability to sync up with iPod is a plus but not a necissity. Any help would be appericiated thx.

(no subject)

1. How would you describe your laugh?

2. What is the weather like in Las Vegas in September?

I'll answer the first one.

1. My laugh makes me sound like I'm out of breath. It worries people. It's like an old man laugh except I'm an 18 year old girl :(.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever made a donation to Locks of Love? (If you answered yes to #1, please see below.)
- a. How old were you the first time you donated?
- b. Have you donated more than once?
- c. Are you currently growing your hair out for the next donation?

2. This is inspired by an entry I saw recently here about a gal being 6' and having a 38" inseam. How tall are you, and what is your inseam? (If you are unsure of your inseam, measure from the crotch of your pants, straight down the inside seam, to the bottom cuff)
[for the record, I am 5'3 and have a 28" inseam. Gah.]
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minnie and zeus


What unattainable (meaning, not your partner/friend/whatever) person do you have a crush on right now?  Celebrities or somehow impossible for you to date people only.  Feel free to post a pic to entertain me.  why do you have the hots for them (is it their looks?  their political agendas?  voice if they're a musician?  intelligence?)?
call me vera

Vatican fresco?

I went to the Vatican today, and I heard this one tour guide say that there's only one actual painting in St. Peter's -- all the rest are mosaics. I looked around for approximately forever and found plenty of mosaics, but I couldn't find the painting (which, I believe, is supposed to be a fresco). Anyone have any idea what the one painting in St. Peter's is?

Looking for music and art...

Firstly, its probably a question that people are bored of answering by now, but I'm looking for new artists to listen to. What are your all time favourite artists? And, more particularly, what is your favourite track by that artist?

To give you an idea of the type of thing I like, I have recently been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson, We are Scientists, The Futureheads, Maximo Park, The Editors, Starsailor, Alanis Morissette and the Stereophonics, although I am open to pretty much any suggestions that aren't really sugary sweet pop.

Also, I'd be interested in knowing which artists, i.e. painters, sculptors etc. that you guys love, and if there are any specific works they have created that you feel everyone should be aware of.

Thanks in advance


I've been trying to locate any videos of Kazushi Sakuraba versus either Royce Gracie or Renzo Gracie. The ones I find in youtube or where I download stuff are just highlights... so I was wondering does anyone know where and if I can find any of the full length fights online?
cat tea

Random questions.

Have you ever lived alone?
-what was the best thing about it?
-what was the worst thing about it?

What do you do to control your anger when someone does something horrible?

Is it hard or easy for you to keep your personal life and work life separate? When you're at work, do you think about things that are bothering you in "real" life? What about the other way around?
anna friel

(no subject)

I broke my ankle on Wednesday. Since then I've been feeling really really sick. Like "grabbing a bucket because I'm sure I'm gonna throw up" sick, aside from shock (which I'm pretty sure I'm not in) is there a connection you can think of? Or is it just co-incedence?

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Who Ya Gonna Call......

All this talk of blood lately has me thinking...

1. What'd you have for dinner tonight?

And some other random questions:

2. Do you miss Calvin and Hobbes?
3. Do you miss Peanuts? (And by this i mean new strips, not the repeats they've been re-printing since the author died.)
4. Do you miss Seinfeld?
5. What do you miss?
6. Who do you miss?
7. I'm thinking of adopting a kitty and naming it Ozzy, this was also my plan to name my first born child. Should I think of a new name for my cat or my kid? (Because either way, one of them's getting named Ozzy!)
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London Ontario newspapers

Anyone who gets London newspaper(s), I think it's the free press. If you have yesterday or today's paper (or maybe it's Saturday's?), can you scan it over for an article about some guys who train at Suffer System gym who are in a fight in Ohio tonight?

If you have it and could PRETTY PLEASE scan it for me, or even mail me the newspaper, I'll be forever greatful. Hell, I'll even buy someone 2 months of LJ time for the trouble or something, I just really want the article.

story behind it, my boyfriend's in the article, it's his first MMA fight, etc. I did try posting to the London community too, I just really really want the article :P
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(no subject)

This is for tattoo patrons and hopefully tattoo artists.

Do tattoo artists prefer for customers to provide the design for the tattoo or do they like creating the design themselves? Or does it really matter?

(no subject)

Edit: Answered. :)

How does a band get its music on iTunes?

I guess I just associate it with "mainstream" music, but I recently found a band on iTunes that I've only ever heard in a setting of "pay $3 at the door of the shelter house/church/student center, get your hand marked, stand ten feet from the band, and go out for fast food with them after the show". I know they've done some major touring, but I didn't think they were "popular" enough to be on iTunes.

(The band in question is Anathallo for the curious.)
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(no subject)

1. I have a phone interview [for a camp counselor position] Tuesday. What are they like? Any tips?

2. I've never rented an apartment before, or lived with roommates but I recently received an email that said that the apartment share I want is available. I'm going to email them back and say that I'm interested but.... I'm 17, and will be so for about three months while I live there. Since someone already rents the apartment, would I be on the lease? Can I be on the lease, or can I sign a contract with my future roommates? Do my parents have to sign? Can they sign? And should I let the roommates know now that I'm seventeen, or when I go to view the place?

3. I have a Learning Disability , and I had my guidance counselor send my transcript to the college I'll be attending in the fall. Would the transcript contain my IEP [It's a report of my LD] or mention my learning disability , or do I have to ask my guidance counselor to send it?

4. And, for anyone in this community that has an LD, was college difficult? Did you receive special support, or did you try to hide the ld in the admissions process?


(no subject)

I need a backpack that's big enough to carry a large amount of groceries (say 10+ pounds worth, including a box of sodas), is comfy to wear for long periods of time while I'm riding a bike, and is remotely cute (and preferably inexpensive).

Any suggestions?

(Oh, and I'm not a fan of JanSport, LLBean's or Land's End bags)