April 19th, 2006

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Do you do anything that you know is bad for you but you don't care? And people insist on telling you the consquences as if you're not an intelligent human being, who knows what they are? (ie- smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy like)
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In your opinion, how long after dating does the guy you're dating become your boyfriend? How much time of just dating, exclusively, needs to pass before you can become boyfriend/girlfriend? I know it depends but just as a general estimation.

In your opinion, how long into your time of dating exclusively should you wait before you have sex?

I've been dating my friend for a while now and things are going absolutely perfectly. We've been making out pretty heavily lately but nothing more. We're not sure when exactly is a good time to take it the next physical step... sounds childish but it's all so fresh and lovely, we're kind of afraid of ruining things by rushing into the next steps.

"Doing what feels right" is a swell answer but if I wanted to do that we would have had sex on the first date and I don't know just how appropriate that is.
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Given the choice would you rather have steaks for hands or pork chops for feet?

Also would you rather have the power of invisibility or be able to run really fast?

If you could have any superhero power what would it be?

Would you rather have no legs or no arms?

If you could start up any business you wanted what would you want to do and what do you think you'd be good at?

Which sense would you rather and least like to lose?
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Have any weird/hidden talents? Any you can share in mixed company?

I can name all fifty states in alphabetical order in under 30 seconds...and I can swallow things and cough them back up. o.O

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Say you are in a long distance relationship with someone you love. It has been a year and a half, but your lover says he or she will move to be with you, they just do not know when. How long would you wait before you gave up?


How have relationships changed you as a person?

How has your current relationship made you a better person?
How has your current relationship made you a worse person?

How have your previous relationships made you a better person?
How have your previous relationships made you a worse person?

- - -

My current relationship makes me appreciate how wonderful it is to have my significant other (Hi Harry!) get along REALLY WELL with my family & vice versa.

My first relationship made me more expressive and honest about my emotions.

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ANSWERED: Thank you, shippo.


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So, anyone know what that is and why my computer started doing that? It also does it on MySpace videos.

ETA: Since 'print screen' doesn't include the mouse cursor, it's shaped like a hand, and that white box isn't normally there.

ETA's mom: Actually, I have a hypothesis. Is it something to do with Active X controls? I was logging onto iSketch the other day and it gave me some weird Active X control message. Ever since, every site that uses Flash is doing the weird white outline/alt text I've never seen thing.
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For the past two months, I've been biking 10 miles, 5 days a week. Before then, I was active, in the sense that my previous job required lots of upper body movement, and climbing stairs 20-30 times a day, but I didn't try to exercise outside of work.

Before I started biking, I weighed 115 pounds; now I weigh 125. My calves and the outside of my thighs are devolping (firm to the touch; one can see the muscle), but my inner thighs remain on the flabby side.

1. What exercies can I do to develop my inner thigh muscles?

2. Most of my day's meals include two bowls of cereal; a tortilla, cooked chicken breast, and green peppers or sprouts; snack bag of Doritos; and a dinner of more chicken or the occasional broiled or roasted red meat. Is this a healthy diet? I've noticed I've been eating more than I had in the past, but is this diet contributing to my inner thigh flab or weight gain?

3. Does anyone else have the same problem I do when buying shorts or jeans? My waist is on the small side, but anything that fits my waist won't fit my thighs or calves because of the muscle. If so, where do you find jeans that accomodate a small (28") waist and larger thighs and calves?
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petit prince

to kill time before 11

1. what's the funniest thing you've done recently?

2. what's something that's frustratring you right now?

3. what is something you know that you think most other people don't know? (about anything)

4. who is the most powerful non-american in the world?

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Yay friends! It's time for some word association!
What word or small phrase comes to mind when you see these words?

Theme: Colors!

1. Pink
2. Brown
3. Forest Green (My fav crayola color)
4. Salmon
5. Mauve
6. Chartreuse
7. Red
8. Aquamarine
9. Grey
10. Magenta

And as a special treat: a Rorschach Test!
What do you see? (Post your answer before looking at comments, I want original ideas here!)

Beaky severe!

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What are some good words to use in a research paper? Generally I'm good with vocabulary, but today I'm drawing a blank. I'm not looking for anything specific that I could just consult a thesaurus for, but some good academicy words.
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Do any of you have completely odd, sometimes amusing, conversations in your head? I was at the gym this morning and they said on the local news that one of our governors was going to be having breakfast with the president. I immediately began a conversation between the pres and his chef, but the chef had the personality of Raymond on the movie Rainman. This is what happened:

Dubya: Breakfast has to be ready no later than 06:00 this morning.
Chef: Yeah, definitely. Definitely Egg Beaters, yeah.
Dubya: NO! We eat REAL eggs here! Didn't I tell you I don't like Egg Beaters?
Chef: Yeah. But, definitely more cholesterol in regular eggs, definitely.
Dubya: I DON'T CARE! We will *not* be having some fluffy poseur eggs in the White House!
Chef: 'Course we have to have bacon. It's bacon day on Wednesday, definitely.
Dubya: Did I say anything about bacon?! *whines* I want sausage links!
Chef: We have bacon on Wednesday. Definitely. And oranges. And I'm definitely not wearing my underwear today. Boxer shorts. K-Mart. Cincinnati Ohio!
Dubya: **SPLODES**

Am I weird, or do you do this too?
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Maze 3


Okay, so I changed the wallpaper on my Desktop (I have Windows XP) and now all my shortcut names are highlighted in a color instead of clear.

Does anyone know how to change it back to clear so it matches any wallpaper and I don't have to mess with the custom colors to get it to match exactly?

Your help is greatly appreciated!!

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what was the last choice you made about your health?
when was the last time you praised yourself for your accomplishments? what were the accomplishments?
why is it so hard to ignore and sometimes let go of one's internal critic?
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If humans had sex like cats, how would life be different? I don't mean, shagging behind dustbins and screaming out in the night, lots of you already do that. I mean, what if the human penis had barbs on it that held the man inside? On a basic level, I guess it would limit the options for a quickie in the stationary cupboard and increase the interests in S&M, but what about the wider implications? If sex was actively painful, would humans have developed the way we have at all? Would the social constructs that lead to our development have formed in the first place or would we have stayed lonely isolated figures?

And then, if we had developed, what would have happened? Sex would have lost its romantic side - screaming in pain on orgasm is much more suited to a basement dungeon than it is to a candle lit room strewn with rose petals. But then, is it all that different to now? Would both parties be willing to go through the pain for the enjoyment of the rest of the event? Would we have religious groups who believed in cutting off the barbs on hygene grounds?

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Any good travel sites that review/rate different locations, including tips, what to pack, what to expect, etc.

I am mostly looking for one that have national parks and other naturey locations in there reviewed.

I already know of:
yahoo travel
epinions has some reviews too

Any others?
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If you were in a relationship with a famous person (actor, politician, etc.) and it ended, would you write a tell-all book or do tell-all interviews?
Would the circumstances of the break-up matter?
Would how much they were willing to pay you matter?

$$$$- money!

Don't bitch to me about these questions being too personal. If you don't want to answer, you don't have to.

On average, how much money do you get each year after taxes?
Are you able to live on your own with that salary?
What's the minimum amount of cash each year that you think you'd need to live alone?
How much money would you like to make (realistically,) if you had a choice

Do you think your job pays enough???
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What are some really common cat names in other languages? Sort of the cat equivalent of "spot"?
Or if you don't know any, what are some of your favorite cat names?
I like human names too cutesy or dorky for any future kids (Sammie, Ivy, Getrude) or silly silly names (wash'n'dry) or stupid geeky names (hextor! heronius!)My current favorite- Chairman Meow. *so lame*

Would you marry someone of a different religon than you?
Would you try and convert them, or not mention it, or have disscussions...?
Would you marry an atheist or agnostic if you were Christian? Would you have kids with them?
I'm agnostic, and I think it bothers my christian girlfriend...

What is the best thing to do with some comic books and graphic novels? Where would i have the best luck selling them?
Mostly manga, all in very good condition.

What was the most romantic thing anyone ever did for you?
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Facebook Savvy?

I have a question for the Facebook/college abbreviation savvy.

I have a friend who goes to "CofC" in South Carolina, and a friend who goes to "VCCS" in Virginia. What do those abbreviations stand for? lol

I really wish Facebook would put the full names of the colleges somewhere on their site...

EDIT: Thanks for the quick responses!! :)
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1.Do you get along with your significant other's family?
2.Does your significant other get along with your family?

My answers:
1.For the most part, I do. His mother and I used to really dislike each other, but things have changed and we have gotten a lot closer, I am probably closer to her than I am to my own mother. His dad and I get along okay, sometimes he can be very overpowering though.
2.He tries, but there have been some issues between my mother and I recently, so I know that those issues have made him feel differently about my parents. He tries really hard to tolerate them and he does a better job at it than I do.
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on a related note...

Where do you live? What's the average rent per month for a one-bdrm apartment where you live? A two-bdroom?
I live in Monmouth county, NJ and if you want to live in a "safe" area, you need to pay at least $850/$900 per month for a one-bdrm. Average is about $1000. A two-bdroom averages around $1500.
Ouch... As you can tell, Jersey ain't cheap!
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What are some good treatments (home or salon) for severely heat damaged hair?

Most of my hair is healthy, but there is this one patch that is ALWAYS really, really dry and brittle, I guess from too much blowdrying and styling. I would like to just cut it, but it would only leave about an inch of healthy hair. I realize that nothing will fix the problem besides getting it cut but I'd at least like it to look less frizzy and damaged.

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Have you ever remembered an event before it happened?

Excuse me for sounding crazy. I certainly think I am.

Occasionally I'll have a dull, plausible dream and think nothing of it. Months to years later I'll be in a situation that evokes strong feelings of deja vu. Sometimes I can connect that moment back to a dream that I'm reasonably sure I dreamt. It's never anything exciting, usually a conversation. Are we clarivoyant? Have we lived our lives before? Does spacetime get the hiccups?

I think Neil Gaiman used a phrase for the occurance in Violent Cases or Mr. Punch. It may involve stairs and it's probably French. Does anyone know what it was?

*Edit: The phrase refers to the pre-remembering moment. Not the deja vu experience. On further consideration, there's a slight chance have been Chuck Palahniuk in Choke. I read them all around the same time. But the Gaiman stories are about memory so I'm leaning toward them.*

Esprit d'escalier is the term and it it totally not related. Thanks, duia.
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journal backup

Has anyone here managed to get LJ's journal backup/download tool working for them? I want to save my entries in a coherent format, but when I've tried to use the backup tool in the past, I've gotten junk.

If the backup tool isn't your favourite method, what else would work that isn't actually manually saving every entry? I could do that, but...oh god, my eyes hurt just thinking about it.
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For those of you more techno-savvy

Is there such a thing that splits the DC power adaptar (aka car adaptar aka "cigarette lighter")? If so, what is it called? Approx how much it would cost? Where can I get it?


If you currently own (or previosuly owned)a car, what kind?

If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?

Do you prefer small cars or lagrge ones?

Favorite color for cars?

Car color that you hate most?

I have a 1996 Acura Integra, and I love it. I'd probably just get a new one... if they still made them. But they don't. Oh well!
I have always liked smaller cars better. They're cheaper, have better gas mileage, and steering them is much easier.
Colors: black, silver, or dark green. Maybe a very very dark purple.
Pink, yellow, and orange cars should be outlawed!!!
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What songs do you want played at your wedding? Why those songs?

Me and my boyfriend have only been dating for 2 months and a week so we don't plan on getting married anytime soon but if we were to get married I'd want to have

World/Inferno Friendship Society's "Heart Attack '64" because we first met in person at a World/Inferno show. Then later that month we saw them again and waltzed to this song and it was such a great time.

The Magnetic Fields' "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing" because #1 it's a great song and because it almost perfectly describes how we feel when we're around each other.
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So do people realize that the popular dates listed for zodiac signs in the newspapers are incorrect in astronomical terms?

Why don't newspapers change to reflect that? I'm not a Gemini, dammit, I'm a Taurus!
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This morning my dad made commented that he had never seen a woman look as good in a movie as Elizabeth Hurley did in Bedazzled.

What about you guys?

me? Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled, very close second. But not quite able to beat Kate Hudson in The Skeleton Key.
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Are there any jobs where you you have to be -over- over 18? Say, you must be 20 to teach bungee jumping school, and you must be 32 to be the waiter who brings out th potentially poisonous blowfish sushi..
Whatever. Not like... you can't be a doctor at 18 because you have to go to college and med school and stuff, but you can't be a (blank) at (age) because it's just the law.

I know it likely matters from state to state and country and such, so feel free to include your location.

Edit: Attention please! OVER over 18. for instance, the example of you must be 21 to pour alcohol. In a world full of jobs that for the most part you can do at 18, you still have to be 21 for that one. So jobs which have an age requirement even -higher- than 18.


What's your favorite wine?

I'm a shiraz girl, and I LOVE Fat Bastard Shiraz (French), it is amazing. Also good is Lindenman's Bin 50 (sp?) Shiraz (Australian), there's a new special edition of it out now or something and it is way better, but I only had it once. I like a lot of Australian wines, Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Shiraz and that koala crossing shiraz are good too.

I love wine, I don't drink it often but when I do I just MELT into a pile of calm and relax, it's so good. I don't drink white wine though, and I eat a lot of fish, anyone have any good white wine recommendations?
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1. Have any of you switched over to having ads on your journals? How do you like them?

2. Are there some sounds you just simply cannot distinguish between even if it's your native language?

3. Do you surf the 'net with your browser maximized or sized so you can still see other programs?

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Hey there! How are we all today?

Okay, my mum is 60 and her memory is getting pretty bad. (she has a socialworker who is sorting out a hospital appointment with a specialist for tests and things) so in the meantime i am making her a memory book, (well more like an organiser). Its not so much people that she's forgetting, its important and everyday things. So far i have decided to put this in -

- medication ( she takes a lot so a list of what she takes, when and what its for )
- debts ( well more like things she needs to pay out and when )
- phone numbers. all numbers for me, emergency numbers, doctors, neighbours

Also, I'm adding in a few tutorials that I will write out as she forgets how to operate things easy. Instructions can be hard for her to follow so I am writing out instructions for things in an easy way. Things like -

- The satellite tv
- her mobile phone
- dvd player

And on top of all this I am putting in some inspirational quotes for when she's feeling down etc.

So my questions are -

1 - What else would you put in the actual memory book?
2 - What tutorials would you write out?
3 - Any quotes/poems/lyrics you would put in there?
4 - Anything else?

Thanks so much people. This is really important and I hope for as much feedback from you lot as possible!!!

Thanks again ♥
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1. My grandmother just gave me $100. Should I go see Celtic Woman in concert again (because I'm obsessed with them!), or should I buy clothes? (I don't particularly need either.)

2. What's your favorite decade? Why?
for me it's the 1960s. The Avengers... The Sound of Music... the fashion... what else do you need? :P

3. How much is it hurting the music industry when we buy individual songs online? Should I care? I mean... because I still feel guilty when I buy one or two songs online instead of the whole cd. Does this hurt the performers, or just the producers?
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yum, food!

Do you have a food that you just can't get enough of?

For me, it's tortilla chips (which is weird, cause I usually could care less for salty foods) and certain kinds of cereal. I will seriously sit down and eat an entire bag/box without realizing it, just cause they're so damn satisfying.
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So this is my official first question asked since joining... the Question Club.

I just got a job, yay me, as a hostess at one of those nation wide restaurant chains that everyone has gone to at one time or another. I now want to get new shoes because I tend to get sore feet at my current job and I imagine I'll have even sorer feet as a hostess and eventual waitress. Black would be the right color, but does anyone have any recommendations on brands? I may just get a cheap/adequate pair of shoes and put in inserts for the comfort. But I just need to make sure my feet won't absolutely hate me.

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Whats your favorite part of chex mix?

What "flavor" of chex mix is your favorite?

My favorite part are the really cheesy pieces of chex cereal. Which when i saw "Simply chex" at publix the other day, i was so excited. A whole bag of cheesy chex? Heaven.
Favorite flavor? The cheesy one.
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You're a college professor. You have a policy that if a student comes to class everyday during the semester they get 50 points extra credit. One of your students has come to class everyday except for the very first day of class because they were waiting for someone to drop the class so they could officially get in the class. Would you still give them the extra credit?

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What is the best fast food restaurant? What do you order there?

I am at school ALL day twice a week and for dinner my only options are anything I can drive to during my break inbetween classes. So it's basically just fast food. I never know what I want to eat though. Tell me a little about what you like. :)

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I've been getting a strange email in my bulk folder in my yahoo mail. Under sender, it doesn't have anything written. Under Subject it says "[none]". I haven't opened it because I'm scared it's a virus. Has anyone else been getting these or know what it is?
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paper sizes

OK, so right now I'm falling in love with Miquelrius notebooks. Problem is, I'm in the U.S. and the only paper sizes they have are DIN A4, DIN A5, DIN A6, and DIN A7. How big are these? Which one is closest to the 8.5" x 11" that is standard over here?

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1. Are you ruled more by the passion of your heart or the logic of your head?

2. To which of these do you agree: "Seeing is believing" or "believing is seeing"?

3. Name one major thing that would possibly be different in your life if you were the opposite of what you stated above. Would this make you happy or sad? Why?
Eddie McDowd

As seen on TV

Questions based off a recurring ad and a show:

1. Have you ever had the neighbor from hell move in? What made them so obnoxious, aggravating, annoying, etc.?
How did you handle any problems with them?

2. I keep seeing ads for Esurance.com. Has anyone ever signed up for it? Is it worth it?
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This may sound completely stupid... but I can't figure it out.

Does anyone know how to record a TV show on a Hitachi DVD/VCR combo? I've got a tape in, I've got the TV on and I've tried many different combinations of TV channels and VCR channels and I just don't know what to do anymore.

It's a Hitachi DVD/VCR Combo DV-PF73U.

And no, I don't have an instruction manual. I'm looking at the one online, but it's rather confusing to me. I also don't have the remote that goes with it because my roommate took it from someone without the remote.

Please, help!

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1. What would you rather live without, if you have absolutely no access to it: A word processor or the internet?

2. Has anyone ever worked at a summer camp? How was it? [The pay? The rest of the staff? The kids? The Sunburn?] Has anyone ever worked at a girl scout camp?

3. What type of house [architecture, wise] do you live in?

P.S.: Is going camping after prom a viable option? Has anyone here ever done that? Was it fun, or did it get boring pretty fast? [BTW, there won't be any drinking/usage of illegal substances].
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I have a large video file in mpg.

Is there a *good* program I could use that will make the file size smaller (by decreasing quality and/or changing the file format), and is there a *good* program that will allow me to split the video into many parts?

Also, besides yousendit.com, any other good places where I can upload video files?
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What are some of those songs (that can be played on the piano) that are used in a lot of those horror type movies when something scary or dramatic happens?
Specifically, I'm looking for the one that is played when some vampire or Dracula type person enters the room or something. I think it's by Bach although I'm not quite sure.
Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

1. What was the last thing you googled?
Google. I wanted to see what would come up, haha.

2. Do sharpies REALLY give you skin cancer? I think I would be dead by now.

3.What should you be doing instead of this right now?
Homework, or maybe sleeping. I don't plan on doing either for a little while longer.

4. What is your opinion of dreadlocks?
Everyone thinks dreadlocks are gross, but I like them. They can be really pretty sometimes. :]
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Quinn Twin

I am the Gear Box QUEEN!

More manual tranny questions por tu'!!!

1) My master cylinder is no more. It has ceased to be. Therefore, I slow down/stop with my mad amazing downshift skillzzzzz! I haven't heard back from the guy who is supposed to fix it for me... How bad is this for my transmission? Can you slow down/stop this way? My honey said he's way impressed that when he rides with me in the NO STOP MOBILE that it feels like it would even if I had brakes. GO ME.

2) If your car has one, do you pay attention to/obey the 'dummy light' that tells you when to shift gears? In the car with the bad master cylinder, we have one and I always ignore it. I find it's always too soon and would result in loss of power/passing speed. Also, it has no idea if I am going up a hill! MAYBE I NEED TO BE IN A LOW GEAR, MISTER SMARTY PANTS CAR!!! YOU DUNNO!

3) What should I name this car? It is a dark blue 87 Audi 4000S with a decent sized ding in the rear driver's side door. I like'er ok, even though she doesn't like to slow the hell down! My other car is a Go Faster Red 89 Acura Legend Coupe named Vash the Stampede. She is a girl. :p

BONUS LIGHTENING ROUND! What's your favourite Ben Folds Five song? Mine is probably Underground because it was the first one I ever heard and it reminds me of being downtown as a teenager, at all the underground clubs seeing underground bands. Unfortunatly, they were all above ground, so the circle isn't complete.

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school holidays on 4/20?

someone told me that there are major universities that have holidays on april 20. i am pretty skeptical though...is this true? it seems like they said the biggest one was somewhere in michigan? i can't remember exactly. does anyone know of any schools that would really have this day off for no good reason? i guess i can see it maybe in the 70s but not really now. sure would be nice though! haha.

edit: we were talking about it in the context of a holiday off to just lay around and get high all day. and official university condoned holidays. yeah i am thinking my friend was lying or just confused.

Sex-- nothing special?

I post in another community and a woman I know posted this:

"If I'm the only one who understands and practically lives the following quote.

I'm paraphrasing, because the film it comes from is in french, but the essence of the quote is thus:

"I don't keep anything precious in my cunt for them to steal."

This is from a scene where two women are kidnapped from a park bench, taken to a warehouse and raped. The first woman is freaking out, screaming, yelling, crying, and carrying on. The second woman, who speaks the words above just goes limp and doesn't fight or react, and they eventually leave her alone because she's no fun. She simply puts her clothes back on whilst the first woman starts losing her mind.

And then you have it... nothing treasured in her cunt. They have stolen nothing, and she's given them nothing.

She went one, but I wondered what others thought on the matter. Well do you agree with this woman? Is sex nothing sex nothing special all the time.. or jsut when you dont want it to be??"

Very very curious....

EDIT NOTE: Guys these are not my thoughts, i didnt put them in quotation marks... the whole thing is what someone else said... and i've been too busy to fix it.
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For a basic jobthat gave out applications, would you ever attach a resume with the application?

Curious because my friend and were talking about it, and I was almost thinking it may look a little more professional to paper clip a resume with it. I would think it shows that you truly want the job, and aren't just filling out applications all over the place.

(no subject)

what are the best love lorn elvis songs?

I'm looking for something along the lines of Love me tender,don't be cruel,heartbreak hotel.

guy wants girl to marry him b/c of one night stand butt girl doesn't want to marry boy.

royal oreilly tenenbaum

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anybody else trying out sponsered+? so far it is sucking big time because its fucking with my layout.

what did you do today? i thought about bread ALL day long and when it was dark i had a sandwich and it was delicious. passover was way harder this year, i think its because i wasnt a vegetarian last year.

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What is a good alphanumeric score range? I have a test for an interview tomorrow and have been playing around with the program downloaded from this website. I'm not good with typing out numbers which is what is slowing me down. The highest score I can get for the alphanumeric test is about 8500 - simply because the numbers portion really slow me down.

What do jobs typically look for in scores for dana entry hiring?


While we're on the topic of tipping, what you tip a hairdresser? I always feel awkward because I never know what to tip the girl who does my hair. Just for reference usually when I go I get highlights and a cut which is around 80$. Thanks!