April 18th, 2006

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wht is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to get stickness otu of akeyboard? my laptop and coke ahd a coincideintal meeting and, as such, the eintre thign is basically fried, adni have a paper due in 8 hours. help please!
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of summer classes, work, and LAS VEGAS. a frivolous question.

I'm a little behind in my major, so I'm going to take summer classes at a community college (much cheaper tuition there!) to catch up a bit. Except in looking over the paperwork tonight, I found out one of the classes I wanted to take, a history, goes full term (June and July) whereas the other class I wanted, physical science, is just in July and takes up the same time slot as the first one. So should I just take that one science and try to find another class, or just take the science and call it quits at that? (I have a friend taking the same physical science so that one is a definite.) One class would be $400, two would be almost $800. Read on before you answer.

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Dumb question about Canada

So on a Canadian TV show I watch (based in Toronto) a high school student got on what he called "student welfare," and basically got to ditch his adult caretaker and get his own apartment. A teacher at the high school signed the papers to make it so. The kid got some welfare money to cover basic expenses. At least I think that was the deal, they were pretty vague about everything except the getting his own apartment part. So of course it became a party spot and later his girlfriend moved in because she ditched her alcoholic mother. And the character is supposed to be 16 years old, maybe 17. The show never shows adults checking in on them (it's one of those modern teen issue reality drama shows) and that irked me for some reason.

So I wanted to ask you Canadians, is this real? Student welfare? Can you tell me more about the process of getting on it, and how much supervision the government agency or whoever actually does, and whether the TV show might have glamorized it? And yes, I tried wikipedia and google but I am not finding the kind of info I'm trying to ask here.

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So, last night I drank a full coconut and ate about a third of its meat. Oh god was it ever good.

However, now I'm feeling quite vomitous.
Any recommendations?

Besides cutting my first class to be in a room with a bucket. I've got that covered.
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so.... anyone else get an IM from "the question club monkey" last night?

and who is it? come on, fess up!

edit sorry, didn't see that that first question had been asked earlier. i still want to know who it is, though!

i guess i should ask another question to make up for the repeated one, so, um....

what makes polar bears white and, uhhhhhh, when you look at it you explode? :D
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1. Have you ever had a "bad feeling" about something, for no reason? Or a feeling of impending doom?
2. Does it happen often?
3. Has this intuition ever been right?

I just have this awful feeling, I get it once in awhile, but it's never been correct (in other words, nothing has ever happened).  I'm just an anxious person.

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Does anyone know a (free) program where I can enter words in a foreign language with their english translations and then test myself on them?

A web-based one is preferable but one I have to download is fine as long it is linux compatible.

EDIT: Sorry, not a translation program - I obviously didn't express myself clearly. I'm looking for the electronic equivalent of flash cards. I enter a list of words in both languages and it will display a word which I have to enter/select the translation for, it will then tell me whether I'm correct.

I use them with a preselected list, but I want one where I can enter my own words.
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What's the formula for an IP address?

I ask because I am a creep and use profilepeep.com to see who's looking at my profile...but I've just realized that the information linked to my IP says that I'm in Baton Rouge, LA. I know that some IPs that it lists are accurate, though.
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The easiest way to get rid of dog waste

How would you remove months of dog shit? We have a fairly small back yard and my husband has three dogs. Since dogs are not litter-trainable, you can imagine what our backyard must look like after not having the poop cleaned up since the fall. When I'm done with school, I'm getting my entire house and yard it tip top shape (including all the damage the dogs have inflicted on the backyard). To complicate things, I'm 6 months pregnant and anything where I have to do a lot of bending over isn't going to work. What can I do to reclaim the yard? What's the easiest way to keep it picked up?

Also, I need to plant grass seed where there is currently a large dirt patch, do I have any chance of it growing with the dogs still playing out there?

After I fill the holes the largest dog has dug, how do I prevent her from digging new holes? Breaking her forelegs is not an option, so sayeth the husband.

Is there a good way to keep a dog out of a garden, or do I just need to put up a low fence? I have hostas in a bed next to the garage and for some deranged reason, the two biggest dogs LOVE to lay in them, but this is killing them off and I'd like to salvage the plants I have left since my grandmother planted those for me as a housewarming gift.

Any advice on dealing with dogs and a new baby? We didn't have either of our two younger dogs when my older daughters were babies, so I'd love advice on dealing with potential jealousy and how to keep them quiet when the baby is sleeping and be gentle with her when she gets big enough to crawl. They like to wrestle with each other and can be pretty heedless when they get into it.
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Anybody here know Russian (or know a place to translate it)? I tried Googling but didn't really come up with anything. A friend posted this comment on my lj today: "Тебя любят, подруга." Help?
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Anybody remember Gak? The putty-esque goo that was immensely popular in the mid-90s?

What the hell was the Gak variant called? You know, the one that was still pretty much gak, but had crackly bits of what might have been foam in it. I have been trying to remember what it's called for, like, five years.

****EDIT: got it, it's floam! thanks alot!

stale peeps!

if you eat peeps, how long do you let them set out before you eat them? or, are you one of those weird people who eat them fresh?

last easter, i let mine sit out 'til around halloween. i'll probably do the same this year, haha.
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Wedding questions

1. Kids at weddings, yes or no? What about if it's YOUR wedding?

I didn't invite children to my wedding (with the exception of my flower girl) and I'm getting a lot of crap for it but I personally don't think kids belong at weddings or that as a kid, they'd enjoy being there.
edit: i mean children BESIDES those who are in the wedding party or who are immediate family (e.g. sons, daughters, brothers, sisters).

2. If you give a gift at the bridal shower or the wedding, how soon after do you expect to receive a thank you card? How long is TOO long?

3. For anyone here that IS married, did you actually enjoy planning your wedding?

And lastly, two non-wedding questions:

4) Would you rather have too much garlic in your food or not enough?
Mmmm I love garlic.

5) I do not eat buffalo wings because I hate them. If your favorite buffalo wings are the kind from Dominos, how would you go about making them (yes, I use allrecipes.com but since I don't eat them, I have no idea which recipes would taste similarly to those particular ones - and I know HOW to make them, just not what ingredients to use to make it taste like those)... i hope that makes sense.

Grab bag!

1. Is the original Kingdom Hearts around 40 hours long? Google returned a wide range of play time. I'm 13 hours in and at Halloween Town. Do I really have another 27 to go? How long did it take you?

2. My co-workers have Dell laptops and Dell flash drives. For some reason they have to shut down their laptops any time they want to plug in the thumb drive. Is there any way to get Windows to recognize the device without having to reboot?

3. Moving to Baltimore/DC area in a month, fo' sure. I'll know my roommate and two people in Arlington. Is contacting random, interesting-looking people on social networking sites in an effort to meet people as creepy as I think it is? Anyone there on here, wanna be friends? I have a Sega Genesis and all three seasons of "Arrested Development" on DVD. How else can I meet new people?

4. Do you screen print? What do you use? Can you point me toward any quality resources on the net?
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Question about religion and relationships.

My boyfriend is a devout Christian and I’m an agnostic/leading towards atheist. We’ve been together for over a year and it hasn’t raised any serious problems so far, but at the same time it’s something that we avoid talking about. We’ve talked about it a little bit but probably not as much as we should.

I tend to get uncomfortable when religion is mentioned unless it’s just a discussion of beliefs and not from someone who is involved in the religion. I especially don’t like talking about things that someone very close to me holds dear and I have a diametrically different view. I really don’t like Christianity. I disagree with a lot of the things that the Bible says we should do, I don’t like God and I have too many questions that no one could answer except for Him for me to understand some of the things that He asks of us. I’m also an incredibly open minded person. I’m pro-choice, pro gay marriage, I have no qualms about having sex before I’m married; I’m very liberal in the American sense (I’m Canadian, don’t even ask about my political standpoint up here). My parents are complete atheists and I’ve been raised by science and critical thinking.

On the other hand, my boyfriend was raised in a religious family and believes in God completely. He’s not a conventional Christian, he doesn’t go to church (doesn’t believe in organized anything – he’s an anarchist). He is pro-choice and will accept homosexuality even if he doesn’t like it. He’s a wonderful person and I love him, but his religion and my lack of it come between us. I sometimes feel like I’m standing at the fringes of an exclusive club which I can’t share with someone I care about; at the same time I don’t want to get into that club.

What I’m asking is if anyone has been in a similar situation and how you dealt with it. Personal stories, advice, anything is welcome. (Couples who have vastly different political views would also apply I think.)

I hope I covered everything in that long into I gave there. I’d rather have responses that apply to my situation rather than ones I have to say, “Yes, but this this and this don’t apply, do you have any other suggestions?” I’m sure I’ll have forgotten something anyways and will end up doing that, but I think I covered the large points.

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1. Do you have to shower before you get into bed?
I do, I cannot seem to bring myself to put a dirty body in between my bedsheets

2. If you take a nap in the afternoon, do you get in between the sheets even with jeans on?
Once again, I can't (not like I get to nap anyway), I'll sleep in my underwear on top of my comforter.

3. What is something you should be doing right now, but aren't?
Working on research papers, due in 1 week

4. Did/do you have a "blankie" from childhood? Do you still cuddle with it?
Ever since I was little, I have had this thing with sniffing my baby blanket. Most pictures of me as a toddler are of me with a blanket to my nose. Today I cuddle with it on occasion, when I've had particularly rough day.

5. Has anyone tried the new Pantene Restoratives line of hair products? I used one of the conditioners for a few weeks, and my hair became revoltingly greasy. Now I'm on Garnier Fructis and my hair is happy and shiny again.
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My apologies for posting about this again, but I really need help.

So yesterday when I logged on to my computer, all I got was a blank screen with my background. No bottom taskbar thing, no desktop icons. All I can do is open Task Manager and run programs from there. Except for the one I need, which is explorer. It seems to have...disappeared. Does anyone have any idea of what may have happened or what I can do?

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1. If you had a theme wedding what would the theme be?

2. What's your favourite breed of dog?

3. What are you most passionate about?

4. What are the 2 most expensive things you've ever bought? (other than houses or cars)

5. If you were to donate to any charity, what would be your first choice?

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Do you think Prince is gay?

I just got the new album to check it out and I like it. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay. I am just curious as to what you think. I used to think he wasn't but now I am just not sure. Not based on anything in the album, this is just a general curiosity.
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Vatican City

I watched a piece on the news yesterday about the Pope, and I got to wondering...

If you visit Vatican City, do you need your passport? If no, how do they control people coming and going? If yes, how do they process all those people entering the country on days when hundreds of thousands of people enter for a service in a matter of hours?

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Do you use pet names? I consider a pet name anything other than the person's name or nickname.

I don't call my boyfriend honey, love, ANYTHING but his name. I just find it weird!
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what would noel edmunds do?


-What do you think of Aspartame? Do you believe the press about it and do you avoid products with it in?

i put up some links but just remembered the rules! sorry if anyone saw this before i took them out, new member, they were just a pro and anti website incase anyone didn't know what i was talking about.

links are back;




(links thanks to that person with the duck icon)

-how do you avoid catching MRSA? most of the things i have found about it are confusing or tabloid and i just want some quick answers. i know that you have to wash your hands but can you catch it through cuts and how do you know if you have it?

-does eating bread (not on an empty stomach) or drinking tea on an empty stomach make you feel sick?

-has anyone used globaltestmarket, how long did it take to make any money? someone told me they made £50 a month but i havent even been invited to that many tests

-oh and who do you think should be king charles or william? should queen elizabeth stay queen til she dies even if she lives to be 110 like her mum?

HELP. ??

I am so frustrated. I cannot get on to aim, or my yahoo mail account. Not only that, but I even tried to sign up for hotmail, and once I click on "get it now", it won't even let me sign up! Why can't I get on any of my password protected places? I can get on livejournal and myspace, but not yahoo or aim! It's really upsetting because I have so many important things saved in my e-mail folder and I can't get to them right now. Any suggestions?? (Also, I can get on aim and yahoo on other people's computers, just not my own. what the heck??)

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Is there any way I could get a SomethingAwful forums account? I would gladly buy myself one, but I have no internet money and no way to get money onto the internet. If someone has an old one that they don't use, that would be great, or I could send someone cash in the mail if you're at least kind of trustworthy. If this kind of question isn't allowed, feel free to delete it.

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Do any of you have cats that are too affectionate??

I thought cats were supposed to be independent and aloof, but my cat definetly isn't. She follows me around the house, rubs agains my legs, as soons I sit down she is on my lap. Once I lay down to read she is on my back. She rarely leaves my side. It used to be cute but now it gets to be annoying sometimes. Does anyone else have such a wierd cat?

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1. Looking for an artist. I've figured out the song is "My Oh My" and it's recently been covered (which you can preview here by Molly Johnson on her self-titled debut album. Who sang the original (it's a female vocal, and it sounds 60s-70s)?

2. How do you tell someone that they are not funny? Sure, they get a mediocre joke here and there, but even the sun shines on a dog's ass somedays (too cruel? meh).

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I have an interview for a job on Thursday, and was told I'd be given an alpha-numeric test. Is that just the general typing test? As far as I know, the number pad is called the 10-key test. I'm sure I'd fail at that one if I had to take it. I don't even have a 10-key on my laptop to use.

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Chess, Backgammon, and Othello (aka Reversi)

1. Which of the above 3 games do you currently know how to play?
2. In what order would you list them from the one you most prefer to least prefer (even if you loathe them all or something)?
3. Do you think question number 2 is unfair, in that you can't compare these three games like that, or do you think they're quite comparable?
4. Any other thoughts on any of these games? Positive or negative. I'm just interested in anything people might have to say about these games at the moment, so the list of questions could go on. I'll just leave this as an open-ended one.

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inspired by lonelyxaquarius:

what kind of bread do you like for french toast?
what kind of bread do you like to toast & what do you top it with?
favourite flavour english muffin & what do you top it with?
favourite kind of bread used in favourite kind of sandwich?

my answers:
i love using texas bread for french toast
butter top white w/butter & any flavoured jam
all time favourite is wheat english muffin w/butter any flavour jam
good ol' homepride white w/roastbeef & muenster cheese
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The Receptionist Classic

Ew, icky virus!

Anyone know of a patch or fix for this virus "dialer"?

I guess this thing runs in the background and dials up to your ISP (AOL, whatever) and you get billed minutes when you didn't even know you were connected. My roomate got her phone bill today and this thing had dialed into AOL for a whopping 14,000 minutes last month. The phone company told her to just unplug the phone line from the computer when they sign off AOL. Great in theory, but you know one of them will forget and freak out the next time they try to dial up. (I'm on Comcast. No phone lines here.)

So. Any ideas? They don't even know where to start looking for this thing on the computer (neither do I) or where to start looking for a fix. Any help would be appreciated by all!
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Ahh! Babies!

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At what point do you consider yourself late for work?

For instance, if you have to be at work at 9 AM, are you on time if you are:

- sitting at your desk by 9 AM

- Walking into the building at 9 AM

-Pulling into the parking lot at 9 AM?

At what point does your boss consider you late for work?

If you are at work by 9:05, do you consider yourself late?

Does it matter if you are pulling into the parking lot at 9:05 or if you are physically at your desk at 9:05?
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and it makes champagne bubble

1. if you subscribed to netflix, would you be pissed off if your roommate opened your netflix dvds and watched them while you were out of town?
i'm pissed, mostly because A. i pay for the dvds and she's never offered to help pay for them, even though she watches them all and B. opening my mail is illegal!! but perhaps i'm just cranky

2. did you ever play the king's quest games? what was your favorite?
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I dream so often at night that I'm not able to turn on any lights. I get up, the room is a little bit dark and I want to turn on the light, but it's not possible.
There are lights on, but not turned on by me. Any ideas what this wants to tell me?
I see these dreams for years already.
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Does anyone have days (I have weeks) where it's just impossible to concentrate?

What do you do to remedy this?

(Specifically, I have an essay to write, and a presentation to begin.)
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Question for the girls:

What shirt size do you buy from Threadless.com?

I'm 5'2" and pretty skinny/average-sized, but I don't like really tight clothing, so I'm having trouble trying to decide between a small and a medium. Any thoughts?

Okay here are my complete stats!

110-116 lbs

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Inspired from this post...

Do you believe that spanking your child when they are misbehaving is a good disciplinary method?

How do you think most of society views spanking? Against, frowned upon, or agreed with?

(Not meant to spark up any arguments, I was just wondering of which opinion the majority tends to lean.)

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i'm not sure where to find the answer to this question online, so i'm asking it here.
i'm a female with fairly short hair and want to get it all bleached. (yes, it's bad for my hair blahblahblahblahblah). anyway, approximately how much do you think it would cost to get it done at a place?

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EDIT: What mailing lists are you a member of? Do you get good discounts/sale previews from them?

1. What cards do you have, in terms of discount/membership/credit cards? I have a subcard and the AE card, but I definately would like to collect more discount cards.

2. Have you seen any of the movies out in theaters. Give you reviews!

3. What movies are you looking forward to seeing?

4. Favorite horror movie?

5. I want to avoid the drama this year, and go to the prom with my best guy friend. What's a creative way to ask him to prom [He's sort of Dana Carveyish- if that helps at all]

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1. What was the last concert you went to?
A benefit thing with Peaches, Bright Eyes, Fischerspooner, Moby, that guy from REM, and some other people. The day before I went to that I went to see Jenny Lewis and she was a lot better.

2. What is the next concert you'll be going to?
Architecture In Helsinki!

Dog toy question

I am looking for a squeaky chew toy for a dog that, when the dog holds it in their mouth, looks like goofy teeth.

Kind of like the baby pacifier that looks like buck teeth.

But for dogs.

Anybody know where I can find something like that?

Thank you!!
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I have a Sprint LG PM-225 cell phone.

Is there somewhere online I can download ringtones for free?

I dl'ed many ringers from some website months ago, but have since changed phones.
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Common-Law Status

In Canada (Ontario to be specific) how long, when two people are living together, is it before they are considered common-law? Are there any forms that need to be filled out? Where would I get information on the rights and benefits of common-law status?

If you could tell me where you got your information too it would be helpful.

~ K.
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What's your favorite way to eat mango? Should a fresh, uncut mango be refrigerated until it is used? I prefer to keep most of my fruit in a bowl on the counter, but the mango we bought today was in a refrigerated area at the grocery store so I wasn't sure. Thanks!


My fiancé and I have decided that we'll both change our last name to a new name after we get married this summer. We have one name picked out that we like, but I'm still looking for options.

Do you have a favorite last name?

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I still cannot get on aim, OR yahoo. I even tried downloading hotmail-didn't work. I can get on livejournal, myspace...but I can't get onto my Wachovia account, or my yahoo mail, or aim. I tried disk defragmenting, disk clean up, virus removal...I changed the security settings, they're not too high...

WHAT THE H-E-double hockey sticks is wrong with my computer?!?! I need to get onto my e-mail!!!!

Does ANYONE know?


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My boyfriend is kinda narrow-minded in his food preferences. He'll only eat burgers, chicken, pizza, spaghetti, and the like--nothing that isn't easily identifiable. I generally don't mind, but it kinda bothers me lately coz we can't go to a lot of my favorite restaraunts.

I was thinking I might be able to expand his horizons a little by making something at home. It might not be so weird if he can see the food being made and knows what all the "weird green bits" and "crunchy things" are.

So, ideas for easily made yet fairly exotic dishes? Or any better ideas?
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day of silence

1) Do you know what the Day of Silence is? Have you ever/do you plan on participating? Why or why not?

It's turned into a massive waste of kids goofing off and avoiding participation at my school, I refuse to be a part of it anymore, it's humiliating to the cause.
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Sorry, because I know a similar question has been asked before, but I think it was a while ago...

I'm thinking of springing for a paid account on flickr.com, though it's not perfect--any comments on their service, or recommendations of other (better?) online photo album sites? I'm going abroad next semester and I want to be able to easily upload tons of photos. I also want my mom to be able to upload and get prints of photos without me having to help her out.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you talk to inanimate objects?

I mean, not like "YOU FUCKING CAR DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE DIE ON ME," I mean like thanking your toaster when it pops your toast.

I just thanked my computer for ripping a CD and then automatically spitting it back out.

A friend of mine is passed out in my roommate's spare bed. He's kindof diseased. the odds are good that he'll be here overnight and head to the health center in the morning.
And when I say friend I mean the two of us flirt like crazy, and today one of his friends asked us if we were going out. and we've been previously questioned about "this"- what is 'this'?

Would it be totally weird of me (since I have a class in the morning which I have to go to) to leave, say, a towel/shampoo (the guy's bathroom here is stuck at unlocked for some reason) and a shirt that would fit him on a chair or something for when he gets up?
It doesn't seem like it, but the last time I left a note for someone who was still asleep, we were dating. So I don't know if it's against the rules of friends.

semi inspired by another question: What is that thing that people keep telling you -won't- kill you? Like if you hate beets and people keep trying to get you to eat them?
Lightning freaks me the hell out out, and today a friend of mine who used to be a meteorology major just could not understand this and was trying to get me to look out the windows, look at the lightning, isn't it cool, come on, how can that be scary?

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Do you think it is time to take my "John Kerry" bumper sticker off the back of my car?
How do I get my husband to agree to scrape it off?

NO LECTURES. I know he lost, OK?

Do you think I can be consoled by a big bottle of HEINZ ketchup?
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Roadie'n (That's not even a word wtf)

What all do you need to be a successful roadie?

I know you have to be 18 so I have about a year to wait but as of now I have no car or electrical skills. I'm thinking I would wind up with merch most likely. Last year at Ozzfest it sounded like you just pack up a bag and go, but would I need a car? What should I take in my bag?

I've wanted to become an animator all my life but the animation I love is fairly dead. (Feature Film traditional animation) So my second and quite more passionate love is music. Since I don't have any "connections" I would think it would be much easier to find someone to sing for or design merch for if I was a roadie so that I would get known a little bit even as a nobody.
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Seasoned travellers, help!

OK, I've flown a lot, and generally I come across nice deals. But right now I'm in a rut.

My problem is: I need (well, really really want very badly) to be in St. Louis in the third weekend in July.

It has to be the third weekend in July. (21 - 22 or 22 - 23. I may be able to leave on the 24.) I can leave from either SFO or Oakland. San Jose if I try really hard.

I'm not finding anything cheaper than about $330 round-trip. I didn't think it would be this hard, or this pricey! Especially since St. Louis is usually rather cheap due to its centralized location.

I've tried Priceline and Orbitz. And SouthWest. Pity JetBlue doesn't go to St. Louis, which also surprises me.

Any ideas? Thanks! (For various reasons I'm not worried about hotel/car right now, just airfare.)
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