April 17th, 2006


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David Lynch's 10 Clues to Unlocking This Thriller:
Pay particular attention in the beginning of the film: at least two clues are revealed before the credits.
Notice appearances of the red lampshade.
Can you hear the title of the film that Adam Kesher is auditioning actresses for? Is it mentioned again?
An accident is a terrible event... notice the location of the accident.
Who gives a key, and why?
Notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup.
What is felt, realized and gathered at the club Silencio?
Did talent alone help Camilla?
Notice the occurrences surrounding the man behind Winkies.
Where is Aunt Ruth?

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Ever move for a SO? I mean states away?

Were their other factors and the SO just was the original or final straw that made you decide to move?

Also anyone know when Sprint will be selling the Blade w/o having to purchase a plan?
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Anyone familiar with Loreena McKennit? A friend of mine played one of her CDs (the second one, maybe?) and there was a song on it I absolutely loved (more than the others, they were all great). I don't think it had any lyrics, just instrumental, and it was slow and sensual (it made me think of bellydancing). Anyone have any idea of the title?
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sex questions...

1. Where's the most interesting place you've ever had sex outside of the house/apartment?
2. What's the most interesting place you've ever had sex inside of the apartment?
3. If you were to have sex in the back of the car, where would you go?
4. What's the most embarassing thing that's happened to you during sex?

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I'll love you forever!

Uh... I managed to get my hands on a copy of the Sam and Max computer game, and now I'm dying to watch the cartoons again. But everywhere I search I end up finding only porn with 'sam' or 'max' in the title.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I loved that show...
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For those of you who have called in sick to work but you really weren't: What's the most interesting reason you've done so? (Not just because you wanted a day off.)

Mine is because I have to clean my entire apartment by tonight and I didn't finish yesterday!!! Although I think it has activated my dust allergies because I really have been sneezing all morning... :(

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Last night I turned off my computer manually, and this morning when I turned it on and logged in, nothing started. It's just my background and nothing else. Explorer.exe (or whatever it's called, please forgive my lack of technical knowledge) is not running and I don't know how to start it. All I can do is run Windows Task Manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del.



1. I have seen this picture in someone's icon:

Who is the artist?
Edit: http://www.taramcpherson.com/

2. As I always ask, what are you having for lunch? (mushroom, green onion & ham omelette)
3. What are you doing today? (I have the day off, later on I am going to see Franz and Death Cab)
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Do you think double majoring in college is really worth it?

I started my undergraduate career in Psychology, which I enjoyed and still enjoy to some extent now. However, I have never wanted to pursure a graduate program in Psychology. Since starting college, my interests have changed and though I still enjoy Psyc, I wish I'd chosen another major such as Political Science. As it turns out, I only have 14 remaining credit hours left in my major and I'm only at the end of my junior year. Do you think it would be worth it to try to pursue a second major in Political Science? It is in the same college as Psyc so a lot of the course requirements overlap - mostly I would just need to take 9 PoliSci courses. My other option is to graduate with a Psyc degree and pursue a graduate program in Public Policy/Administration (which I would pursue anyways, double major or not).

(Also, the PoliSci department does not offer a minor so that's not an option)
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where does the term "fleshing out" come from?
as in "this article is ok but it needs fleshing out"

i know what it means, or rather, what its meant to mean.
but it just strikes me as an odd set of words
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this is just a general curiosity question:

I read a fairly dumb and lame book a while ago, and it kept emphasizing that the main character was far too old to have roommates, and should be getting a Husband and House and Settle Down.
so my question is(are)...
is that just the bullshit of a bad book? do you think there should be a time to stop living with a roommate? or in an apartment? is there a point in your life where you should be living "on your own"?

because I think I would like to live in an apartment, possibly forever. and if I'm going to be lonely, I'd like a friend to be living with me. I fail to see how that's a bad thing... but since I've never lived off on my own before, I suppose I could be naive and mistaken.

so, any thoughts?
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Link rave!!!1
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Message board history

I was in the shower just a while ago, and I thought of a few questions to post here. This is for people who regularly post at message boards.

1. Can you still remember the first message board you first posted at?

2. What year was this?

3. Is that message board in question still around today?

4. About how many message boards are you currently a member of?

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I’ve tried wiki-ing this, but to no avail… does anyone know what causes eye-colour change outside of infancy? I’m not talking a few shades here, but a whole damn colour. My eyes used to be bright blue, and are now dark green, and it’s been baffling me for a while now.

Books and virtual volunteering

1. Let's say you really enjoy a particular author's work. One day you somehow find out that this author is racist, antisemtic, or some other form of being prejudiced. This never showed through in his/her work to you. Given that you can know it's 100% true and not a rumor, how do you think this would affect you, if at all? (e.g., Would you still buy this author's books and/or take them out of the library and enjoy the work as you always did?, Would it somehow be harder for you to read the work?, Would you still recommend this author to others and if yes would you mention anything about the negative aspect of the author's personal life you've come to know?, etc.)

2. Here's another "Let's say" book-related question. Let's say you own 0 books (or at least 0 books that really mean anything to you) and you want to start a book collection/library from scratch at home, and at least start off with a relatively nice amount of books. How would you personally go about this?(choose all that apply) Also, how many books do you think you'd start off with?

a. Run over to Barnes and Noble, Borders, some other chain, or your local small bookshop (new books)
b. Run over to your local used bookshops
c. Online sites like amazon.com
d. trusty livejournal booksale communities, craigslist, etc
e. ebay
f. other(s) Please explain!

3. What do you think of virtual volunteering? (I'm talking specifically about the ones where the whole thing can be done from home, not just part of it online and you meet offline somewhere to do other things) Have you ever done this before? And when it comes to resumes, is it a good idea to put it in or not, how do employers view this type of volunteering? Do they think of it less than in-person volunteering? (The volunteering of course would be for a nonprofit organization/charity)
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A Wound Debate

So when you have a wound--lets say you scraped yourself pretty badly on concrete--how should you take care of it?

The two differing opinions are:
A. keep it uncovered so that it can dry out and scab. Don't put anything on it (unless its antibiotics) so it can dry quicker.
B. keep it covered as much as possible. Wash it with water or hydrogen peroxide or etc daily.

A or B? Why? (scientifically speaking and so forth)

And is there any special methods to prevent bad scars?

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so let's say all i know is someone's AIM sn... how do i find out more?
EDIT- presuming that their info is nothing that helps you determine anything about them (such as "no information provided" or something along those lines) AND i know how to google

have you ever stalked someone?

is your LJ friends only or do you do public entries for all the world to see?

do you read random LJs?

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If I am outside of mobile phone reception but have the phone turned on, what happens if someone tries to call me? To the caller, would my phone ring, or would it skip ringing and go straight to voicemail (like phones do when in reception but turned off).

(Thanks everyone who answered my last post about movies. ^_^)
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1. why do people make icons with writing so small that it's illegible?

2. do you like black licorice?

3. what three groups are (in your opinion) stereotyped most in your country?

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Does anyone know anything about the Mary Fisher "Whisper of AIDS" speech? Like what happened to lead up to this speech and the background information on Mary Fisher and the audience and stuff?

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Did you take a year off between high school and college? (Why?/Why Not?)

For those of you who did--
-Was it worth it?
-Do you believe colleges looked at you differently because of it?
-Did you lose any scholarships?
-If given the chance, would you do it again?
-Did you become a statistic and not go back to school after that year?
-What's the most important thing you did while on your year off?

Thanks much!
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random questions...

1. I heard once that looking at your credit report can do damage to your score. Does anyone know if this is true?

2. If you have credit cards, which is your favorite? Why is it your favorite? Lowest interest? Best rewards? Prettiest picture?

3. What are some things you've done to save money for vacations or "frivolous" things?

4. How often do you donate to charities? What types of things do you donate?

5. How often do you use change when making a purchse? What do you do with your change if you don't use it often?

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work/school/life balance question

Here's the situation: I'm a high school junior, age 17. Last summer, I worked at a nearby college bookstore for much of my vacation. Last week, I worked there for three days during my spring break. The way we approached my return was that it would be on a small-scale basis until I get out for summer vacation. My boss scheduled me three times this week, and I got her to cut it down to once, telling her my parents wouldn't allow me to work more than once a week. But now they're saying they don't really want me working at all until school gets out.

I'm torn. On one hand, I don't want to "quit" temporarily--I like the job and love the people. But I won't have regular hours that I'll be available to work (I'm very active in my youth group, am in four IB/AP classes, and work as a teacher's aide in my synagogue's religious school). Basically the only time I'd be regularly available would be from 1-5 pm on Saturdays.

My stepmom says that she isn't opposed to it, but that she and my dad want me to keep my grades up for last quarter, and she's concerned I'll regret not having any free time. I have no clue what to do--I'm worried that my boss will write me off for the summer as well if I "quit", since they're temporarily hiring new employees for a couple of weeks coming up (transition between spring and summer semester).

So, do you think my boss will be more likely okay with me just stopping or working for a very brief time most Saturdays until mid/late June?

Thank you!!
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I have to do a 10 minute presentation to a bunch of (fellow) 16/17 year old guys and girls. Keeping in mind that 60% of them are foreign (though could be considered bilingual)I have no idea what to do it on. I was thinking about doing it on music/films/books. Anything really I'm kinda running low on ideas, I did a five minute presentation on Harry Potter a few months ago and people were really looking bored at the end.

What would you do it on? Or what have you done a presentation on that was received really well?

Thanks for any help.

Edit: Any part of pop culture you think I might be able to focus on for 10 minutes?
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I poke holes in the toes of EVERY pair of socks. The socks I'm wearing right now... when I put them on this morning there were no holes. Now there are holes. I don't remember this happening before I went to college. I mean, yeah my school is in the mountains and I walk a lot, but I feel like that shouldn't be causing me to get a hole at my big toe in every sock I own! I keep my toenails clipped in hopes of preventing this but it does no good.

Is there anything I can do?
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Has anyone else tried using slide.com? I made a fantastic slide show but it won't embed on LiveJournal or my website. To fix this, slide.com says:

Anytime you want to put a Slide Player in MySpace, Xanga, Blogger or your site, you need to make sure the privacy setting on the feed is Public. To change this setting from the website, access your feed and on the left hand side where it says 'Who can watch this feed' change the setting to 'Anyone'.

But when you actually access your feed, there is absolutely nothing on the left side that says "Who can watch this feed." They give you directions that don't even exist. Anyone know how to make your slide show public so you can post it to LJ?
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1. Does anyone have a thyroid type disease? My mom and I are looking at symptoms I have and are leaning towards hypothyroidism. Anyone been diagnosed? Did anyone go in thinking it was thyroid related but it was something completely different? Are there other things that have very similar symptoms but the ailment is something totally different? If it was thyroid related, what are some treatments you're doing? Are they working?

2. What are some ways to battle fatigue? I exercise, I get 8-10 hours of sleep, I eat healthy. But I'm still so sluggish. I've always been sluggish, but it's gotten worse over the past couple months, and I'm tired of feeling so tired. I want to sleep more, but I can't take a nap at my job, and by the time I get home, I just want to go to sleep. I'd say it's a depression relapse, but I haven't been feeling down (I know what my depression feels like, and I don't feel that way).

3. And lastly...in your high school, what were the ramifications for plagiarism? I know what they are in college, so I don't really want to know that. In my high school, you failed the semester so you had to come to summer school to make it up. But now I'm a teacher, and I'm facing some serious plagiarism cases in my classroom. My students do not believe me what the consequences are in college for pulling this crap. But I'm curious what other high schools do for such things.

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Is there a database where I can input in the name of a song or musician and see what movies, television shows, commercials and games they are in?

See i'm more looking for being able to do something like this:

Search: "Landslide"

"Cold Case" Episode: "Detention"

or like

Search: "Ram Jam"

"Pulp Fiction" Song: "Black Betty"

death by lettuce

The facts:
-For plumbing reasons we had to shut our water off, (can turn it on but only if we really REALLY need it.)
-My lunch for tomorrow and dinner for tonight can both be made without water, except they need lettuce, which needs to be washed.
-Not making the food is not an option
-Making the food without lettuce is not an option

Should i just eat the lettuce unwashed? Would that be gross?

EDIT/WTF: Why is the mood icon for "hungry" the flower getting rained on?
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is my dog sick?

Sometimes my dog gets really mopey and starts drooling like crazy. He likes to lick things when he gets like this.

I looked it up on Google and I found stuff out about "bloat" but I don't think he has this...he gags a lot, but it's whenever he yawns or barks and something chokes him (like if he's laying down with a toy or we've got him sitting up in our lap), and other than those two things he has no other symptoms of bloat. So I was just wondering if we should be worried that he gets mopey-drooley?

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Kay, these are kinda random, but:

1. I know there's a town of Sault Ste. Marie in Canada, but is there also one in the States?

2. Does anyone know any stores in Toronto that sell hard-to-find cds? (I know I can order off the internet but it's expensive and inconvenient)

3. I had baby bunnies in my garden, but they suddenly left. I read on an informational site that they go exploring during the day and then go back to the nest at night. But they're all gone. And they seemed way too small to leave their mother...Does anyone know where they could have gone?

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If ticketmaster.com doesn't sell tickets for something, how the heck do you get them?!

(Tool just announced dates in NYC and ticketmaster isn't listing them for some reason. Bah - HELP!)

music downloads

i've been using limewire for a while now, but i'm repeatedly disappointed with their search results. i can't really search for titles and/or artists that are too long or even a combination of the two. however, limewire seems to be the only decent program out there that allows you to "legally" download music for free.

does anyone know of a reputable program for good music downloads?
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Drinking and working out

Lets say someone is an excessive drinker. They have a big old beer gut etc...

Can they work out and still drink in such excess and manage to get results?

Does anyone have any success stories of working out and staying in great shape, while still drinking massive amounts of alcohol???
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Technology-ish question

I have a video of a musical that I desperately want to see, and the video runs fine and completely in sync until about 10 minutes in to it, when the audio seems to skip, and from then on the audio and video are off by about a second. Is there any program that I could use to possibly get it back into sync? I'd even be willing to have the first 10 minutes by out of sync if it means that the rest of it will be in sync...I've tried googling it, but I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for.
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1. Arguments for and against Googleable questions? Why are they annoying? What good can asking questions that can be Googled anyway do?

2. Does it bug you when people post useless comments to questions?
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'Cause it's storm season...

What's the worst storm you've ever been in? Have you ever experienced a tornado/hurricane/blizzard/whatever?

I live in southern Michigan, so we don't get too many bad storms. I remember being young and there was a tornado that touched down pretty close to our house, and we didn't have a basement or interior rooms at the time. I was only four/five or so but I remember our screen door being blown off and lawn furniture flying all over the place, hah. And a few years ago there was this storm with wicked hail that flooded our neighborhood with about 3' to 4' of water, and it took like 4 hours to make a normally 10 minute trip.

So, experiences?
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high school graduation

1. I'm unsure of my high school's graduation dress code as I hadn't planned on going, but now that I am I was wondering if could wear sandals like these, would they be okay?

2. Do you really take off the gown while you're there?
I assume you might take it off after, but I plan on getting out of there as soon as possible.

3. How are they going to know if you're abiding by the dress code?
I mean the shoes would be obvious but not what's under the gown. Granted I will most likely be abiding by it because I'd be afraid of them catching me if I didn't and not letting me walk.

4. What did you wear to you high school graduation if you went?

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Is there an email provider where I could set it up to email another account of mine to alert me of any messages?

I adore my Gmail and I want to keep it but I am typing up my resume and my email doesnt seem very professional...but if I make another account Im not likely to check it all the time. =/

On your resume do you have an objective? or something stating what your looking for?

Any websites with resume tips? Im updating mine and its been awhile.

Also, is it alright to have more than one page for my resume..or should I try to cut it down?
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Hey guys,

I'm about to send this cover letter, and I just need some quick read-overs.
I hate writing these, and I always worry I'm overlooking something.. opinions would be great:

Dear Karen Fraser,

I am writing in regards to the Order Entry/Data Entry/Invoicing Clerk position advertised on www.monster.ca.

I have almost a year and a half of experience as an Order Entry Operator at Canadian Securities Registration Systems.

I'm an organized, articulate, multitasking, meticulous, adaptable, energetic hard worker with a typing speed of 80 WPM. I think my qualifications would be a great match with this position.

Thanks so much for your time. Please find my resume enclosed.

I'd love to hear from you,

Olivia McCormack.
Normal people.

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Starting June 1st I'll be going to college and will subsequently be forced to leave my full-time position at work. I've discussed this a couple of times with my boss in an informal manner and we've decided that we'll leave my employment open and on-call, but it hasn't sank into his head yet! He reacted with complete shock when I reminded him of it last Friday, so I'm going to write him an official letter so there's completely no way to escape the fact....

but um....

what do I write? Can you please help? It isn't a letter of resignition, so I have no idea how to begin.

"Dear Mr. Lafferty, I regret to inform you that as of June first I will no longer be able to work as a full-time employee because I will be attending college this summer, as you know. If possible, I should like to remain a member of ___-employment in a part-time or on-call position. I deeply appreciate the opportunities and skills ____-employment has afforded me over the past two years and if there is anything I can do to help make the transition with my replacement go smoothly please let me know! Sincerely, Flan."

Does that work? Any suggestions?

**tears hair out**
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For some reason, my copy of Nightwish's "Ghost Love Score" periodically fades out and has this annoying guy talking. I'm assuming it was recorded off radio, or something, although I don't know why any radio program would actually interrupt a song. Anyone have a copy they could share with me that doesn't have the voice?

Original PC Elite Question

Hullo folks, I have a game question about the original Elite game for the PC (not Elite Plus, but the Firebird original for the PC). Does anybody know how to clean your Galactic Police record? Seems I've made myself a fugitive without actually meaning to, heh. I thought using the escape pod and getting another ship would clear it, but this doesn't seem to work.

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So for my sociology of Sexuality class, we have to conduct a survey with the questions of our choosing, and I would like to know if ya'll here would fill it out for me?

Only people over 18. My teacher says we are not aloud to question minors as this is a sexuality class. I'm not trying to exclude anyone, but I don't want to get a bad grade you know?

On to the survey!

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Thank you for helping me out with this!(Cross posted)

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Your 12-year-old daughter is not behaving well lately. She goes out with friends and then fails to return home when she is supposed to. When you call her to find out where she is she makes up excuses and says that she's coming but never shows up. When she is more than ten hours late and it's 4 in the morning and you've called all her friends to find out where she is, you call the police. She is found the next day or the day after, but she won't talk to you and acts mad at you. She tells the police and the social worker that you treat her badly and don't let her go out with friends. The social worker tells you to back off and let your daughter do what she wants (that includes walk outside without supervision whenever she wants to).

What do you do???