April 16th, 2006


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What movie are you looking forward to seeing this summer?  I can't wait for the DaVinci Code, and Clerks II. 

 FYI: do not go see scary movie 4 if you don't want to waste your time or money.  My friend was so excited to see it. 
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For those of you who shop at oriental/asian markets-

What are some unique ingredients/foods you've bought there?
Stuff you can't usually buy at a regular supermarket.

Can be snacks, cooking ingredients/spices/etc, teas/drinks, fruits/veggies, meats, canned stuff, frozen stuff, anything.

I'm looking to try some new things but I'm not sure what to buy.

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this sounds like a lot but there also a lot I haven't tried. I am especially interested in weird drinks/canned stuff (shark's fin?) and unique snacks (dried jellyfish?).

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Has anyone started using Google Calendar yet?

Has anyone tried to sync/export their Palm Desktop stuff to it? If you have, any tips/suggestions?

Cause it looks damn nifty, but I'd still like the convenience of the Palm when I'm offline...
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I have a friend who's going to be laying four-inch-thick concrete for a patio in a few weeks. He wants to tie up a Barbie doll, stake her to the ground, and sacrifice her to the patio gods, then bury her under the concrete. Do you think that he should bother filling the body with something solid first to avoid creating a hollow spot under the cement?
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I have eczema really bad on my arms and legs. It itches so bad I don't even want to leave the house. It's worse after I shower even though I douse myself in moisturizer.. Please tell me there's something else I can do. This is so terrible, I can't stand it. What can I do? At what point should I think about seeing a doctor?
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There was a meme I saw some time ago. It was the same concept as Your Porn Name (first pet's name + Mother's maiden name) but it had a bunch of alternatives... not just the porn star one.

I'm a teacher and my students are going to be publishing some of the poetry they've written in my classes, under pseudonyms. I want to give them a bunch of suggestions for pseudonyms they might choose, and I thought that those "alternate names" would be a good way to do it. (Of course, I won't present the possible pseudonyms to my students as their porn name!)

I've tried Googling, but I don't really even know what to look up. Oh, I should specify that I'm looking for the formulas, not a site that you put in your real name and it creates a made up name for you.

So, do you know any of these formulas?
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hi all,

can someone remind me what community in LJ land is called where you can give details about a movie in hopes of finding the name of the title? i'm having 80's nostalgia and can't think of what a certain zombie-type movie from the 80's was called. or if someone could guide me to a website where i might find a listing of zombie movies.

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Girls and Cars

Based on a comment to me, by several different guys at different points in my life, I HAD to ask this. Part of me can see the sexiness of a girl shifting gears, but on the other hand, it seems like that would only be relevant if the girl was already sexy or not on her own... So, I turn to YOU, my trusted community members, to help me figure this out once and for all!

Poll #711253 Girls and Cars

Girls who can drive stick are...

SEXIER than girls who can't.
LESS SEXY than girls who can't.
are EQUALLY SEXY as girls who can't - because it's an irrelevant sexiness factor.
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LG VX8100 questions...

I got a new phone the other day, the LG VX8100 from Verizon (this one for reference).

My stepmom has the same phone and my sister claims that she can record a sound to make a new ringtone, but I haven't figured out any way to do so. I was wondering if anyone else knew of how to do this.

Also, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to disable new text messages from appearing on the front screen temporarily. Whenever I'm at my dad's house, my sisters run to get my phone for me whenever it makes a noise. If my boy is texting to ask if I'm staying at his apartment that night, I don't need my little sisters reading it and ratting me out to the parents. I'd love it if there was a way to disable that without having to say to the boy "I'm at my dad's, so watch what you text me."


I'm looking into getting a laptop as a graduation gift, but I don't know much about them, and I really want to make sure I'm educated on all the possibilities before I choose one. I'm googling up a storm of course but there's nothing like personal experience :) Along with all the regular stuff like wireless and CD-RW/DVD-Rom that I assume would come standard, durability and sound quality are quite important to me because I love my music, and I also tend to bang things around. I'd also like a decent size HD (like 60-70 gig) and something that looked really cool too.

Does anyone have any recommendations (upper range of spending is about $1500 Canadian)? Also, if any of you are laptop users could you tell me about your experience with them, and what other things I should look for?

I do appreciate it! :D
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literary term question

Please read the following passage (not by me) before you attempt to answer my question.
my advice this morning to a LJ friend who can't decide whether to move in with his sister and her sprog, or with an aquaintance of his who has a bit of a drug issue:when you live with someone, you are exposed to an entirely different side of that person. All their weaknesses, bad habits, and "quirks" come out. For people who are slaves to some kind of all-consuming obsession (that becomes a endless money pit), their judgement becomes warped. Things you and I, or any reasonably sane person would consider impossible behavior - stealing from family and friends, cutting off contact with those who don't share their indulgence, are all perfectly OK behaviors. Their obsession rules out all other attachments, all logic, all basic civility. They will do anything to get money to feed the beast, and woe to anyone who dares criticize their decision.

Then there's your friend with the cocaine problem. I can't recommend living with him, either."
Basically, the writer is going to great lengths to describe one of the potential roommates and make the reader think s/he is describing the cocaine addict, only to surprise you with the last line. What is the name of the literary device the writer is using?
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This may seem like a weird question to ask, but I'm writing an analysis of a Virginia Woolf text and want to place it timewise. My google-fu doesn't seem to be working today. So, can anyone tell me what year Cambridge and/or Oxford began accepting female students?

And to make the post a little less dry, when you were of an age where you might've believed such things, what did you think the Easter Bunny would have looked like?
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Does anyone know any good websites that feature lots of low-cost recipes? I'm looking for preferrably healthy, but the main requirement is budget gourmet :)

Also: hollow chocolate bunnies or solid chocolate bunnies?

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Hey there!!!

Does anyone on here use del.icio.us for storing your bookmarks online? Is there a way of adding friends? You know, so I could see what their bookmarks are? I had a look about but I couldn't see anything (my username is geebeejay if this is the case!)


Your house is on fire, what three things do you grab first? (not humans or pets, cos that goes without saying!)
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My friend is fostering kittens for the SPCA, and she said I could name one. I was thinking:
- Mr. Bojangles
- Clint Eastwood
- Mr. Kittykins
- Herman
- Claude
If you know any other names, I'll be happy.
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When I was last at the hairdresser's a few months ago, I asked her if she could make my fringe/side part more over to the side than what I currently had. She said that that wouldn't work on me very well because I had a cowlick.

Why do you get a cowlick? Is there any way you can change the stubborn hair permanently so that it grows in another direction? If I want my hair parted more to the side, I just use wax/gel to keep it flat, but that gets quite annoying.
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digital camera problem

My digital camera is turning itself off when I try to use it in the sunlight. It's strange because it's never done this before. In fact, earlier today I was outside taking pictures with it. Any ideas as to why it's doing this all of a sudden? I'm really hoping it's something with the settings, and that my camera isn't dying. It's a Samsung Digimax 301 (I think), if that helps. Thank you!
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A bunch of my bras say to machine wash them in Warm water on the gentle cycle. However, my crappy apartment complex washing machines have only the options of Hot or Cold. No warm and certainly not a gentle cycle.

Would it be better to wash them in hot or cold? I plan to air dry them afterwards.
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Learning Italian and a random question about a gift for the boyfriend.

Question the first: My grandmother is full-blooded Italian, but for some reason, I never learned the language. I've heard her speak it but I just never picked it up, I guess. I've been interested in learning it for quite some time now but I also heard it was quite difficult. The only other language I know is French and I'm not exactly fluent, but I had an okay time learning it, the only real difficulties I had was with learning some of the more advanced grammatical concepts and writing. I could speak it just fine though.
Is Italian hard to learn? Would I have a hard time with it considering my difficulties with french grammar, or is it closer to English than french is?

Question the second: My first anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up in a couple of months and I have an idea of what to get him, but I can't seem to find something that would fit him. I'm really wanting to get him a silver necklace with a bit of a celtic design to it (he's a pagan and really really loves learning about celtic traditions, buildings, history and all that) but NOT a celtic cross. He doesn't much care for crosses.
Now, I've found a couple of things like that, but there's one thing that it really needs. I'd like the chain to be long enough so that when he wears it, the pendant sits over his heart. I've found some really nice pendants, but the problem is that the chains that come with it aren't long enough. Is there somewhere I could buy a nice, celtic design pendant with a long chain, or should I just buy the chain seperatley to make sure that the pendant hangs just where I want it to?
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My brother put a new hard drive into my computer because there was not enough space on the original. However, he never activated (I don't know what the right word is for this) it. So basically, there is a large, empty hard drive in my computer that I can't (or don't know how to) use.

He is out of town atm and is coming back in about 2 weeks and told me he would help me then. In the meantime, is there anything I can do to use the hard drive? How would I go about that? Or should I just wait for him?

I ask because I have all of these cd's I would like to import and there is pretty much no space for them.

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1. Any suggestions for smallish vehicle (think maybe the size of a Neon or Sunfire) that will cost around 2-3,000 (U.S.) dollars?
2. Any vehicle make/models that I should stay far, far away from?
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"John, are you using my toothbrush again?"

Yelled my mom at my father tonight, as I sat on the ground laughing.

My question is:
Have you ever used someone else's toothbrush? Whether it be on purpose or accident.

accutane problem

So, I started taking Accutane (or rather, the generic form of it called Sotret) about two-ish weeks ago.  My acne isn't really, really horrible, but no topical or antibiotic seems to clear it up, so I'm trying this.  Anyway.  Now on the underside on my lower arm, I have developed a rash that doesn't itch or anything, though it's very noticable. 

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So... for all of you past and present accutane users... is this a normal side effect, or should I ask my doctor about it?
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Does anybody else have normal, uncomplicated words that they just can't seem to remember how to spell?

If you do, what are they?

For example, I can rarely spell 'beginning' or 'absolutely' correctly on the first try. It usually ends up as 'beggining' or 'absolutly'.
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Do you keep reading material in your bathroom?

What do you have? (books, magazines, comics)

Do you keep the reading material in a rack or just place it someplace else?

Myself--I just have a two month old copy of TIME on top of the hamper lid. I'm debating adding some surplus copies of comic books along with it.
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