April 15th, 2006

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I want my laptop (which runs WinXP) to standby after a certain time, let's say after 2 hours (reason being that I know my download will finish within 2 hours of my going to bed and I don't want my laptop to be running long after the torrent's completed).

I know I can do it by changing the Power Schemes under the Power Options in the Control Panel. But if I have BitComet running, it will not stand by. Is there any other way I can get my laptop to stand by even though BC's open?

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Okay, I'm in sort of a mood to "renew" my life and make myself a better person. Can you all list all the good inspiring quotes you can think of? Sort of like little "things to live by" sayings and mantras. They can do with anything...money, life, friendships, confidence, etc. I'm going all out and I like to remember these little quotes to keep myself going. They really work for me.

(I just realized I post here a lot. And when I'm not posting, I'm reading other people's entries. Wow, what did I do with my time before I discovered TQC??)
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When you do laundry, after you take your clean clothes out of the dryer, do you fold them if you're just going to hang them up later anyway? Or do you leave them in the laundry basket and then hang them up later?

Or do you do it some other way?

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Okay, say you're a straight girl. You have a bisexual female friend who has strong feelings for you, but obviously, being straight, you do not reciprocate these feelings.

To you, is this different than a guy having feelings for you and you not having them back? Would you deal with this situation differently than with a guy? Is there anything I can do?
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Does it mean anything special that the water coming out of my tap when filling a glass looks milky or smoky?  To be fair, it looks like air bubbles dissolving when I let it sit for a while, and it clears up in a minute or two, but I was curious anyway.  (I think this is a fairly new phenomenon.  I also drink the water anyway and seem to have no problems for it.)
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Does anyone have interest #0?

Check out your raw interest list. Here's mine:


The first column is the interest id – presumably reflecting the order in which interests were added to LiveJournal. The second column is how many people have that interest.

What is your lowest-numbered interest? What is your highest?

What is your most popular interest? Least popular?

My lowest is interest #1, Linux. I also have #2, programming. Sex didn't make it in until #33. How obvious is it that the first users were nerds? :o)

My highest number is one that I added myself: #6,176,256, non-wiccan paganism. It's also my least popular, being unique to me (for now...)

My most popular interest is #22, music, which I share with 1,376,499 other users.

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1. What's appropriate to wear to a pretty relaxed wedding shower?

2. What jobs offer tuition assistance while your in college? Has anyone ever received any? [I know QuikTrip does, because my penpal works there and he gets all sorts of benefits].

3. Where can I find more information on Teacher assistance programs, either while in college or out of college. All google gives me is Info on Special Ed teachers in Iowa, and I'm going to be a history teacher and hopefully teach in either NY or Maine.

4. If a college major is called "History Teacher education" and it's a four year education, is it safe to assume that the programs fills the educational requirements- or would I have to go to graduate school afterwards?

5. Favorite...
a. Diet Soda
B. Diet Juice
C. Crystal Light flavor
D. Flavored Water
E. Diet

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Two questions:

1) I'm going to be staying at a friend's house in a few weeks and I'd like to make her and her husband a hostess/host basket to take with me as a "thank you". I'm fairly poor and not quite creative (I'm in trouble, huh?), so I'm wondering....what would be some good things to put in the basket? What would you like to have in a hostess/host basket?

2) When someone looks up your credit report to do a credit check, how much do they see? What on there would constitute "good" credit versus "bad" credit? If you have had bills sent to collection agencies, does that automatically mean that your credit is bad?


foreign language correspondent?

One of my friends is a foreign language correspondent by trade.

I get what a foreign correspondent is, but is a foreign language correspondent any different?

(if it helps, she's German but works in the US from time to time, and has travelled a lot.)
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This feels like a dumb question, but I really don't know...

ANSWERED, thanks!

I hope this won't offend anyone, but in general, do Jewish people celebrate Easter?

My class has a test on Monday and we are trying to figure out if it is likely that our professor, who is Jewish, will be conducting our weekly Sunday night WebCT chat, or if she will consider it a holiday (in the past she has canceled chat on holidays).

I know she has been off the past few days for Passover, but I don't know if Sunday is a holiday for her.

ANSWERED Thanks, everyone!
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the worlds hardest riddle:

I turn polar bears white
and I will make you cry.
I make guys have to pee
and girls comb their hair.
I make celebrities look stupid
and normal people look like celebrities.
I turn pancakes brown
and make your champane bubble.
If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.
If you look at me, you'll pop.
Can you guess the riddle?

97% of Harvard graduates can not figure this riddle out, but 84% of kindergarten students were able to figure this out in 6 minutes or less. Can you guess the correct answer? Just repost this bulletin with the title "The World's Hardest Riddle", and then check your inbox. You'll get a message with the correct answer in it. Good luck

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What is the best program to keep track of my expenses? Where can I get it and how much might it cost?

I know such things exist, just not sure what I'm looking for...
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1. Have you ever thought/wondered how flight travel messes with the time space continuum? Like, if you take a flight from California at 8:30 and arrive in DC at 3:30, you didn't experience the three hours you lost due to the time change.
2. How would you call to a friend's attention that she's forgotten about her other friends now that she has a boyfriend?
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I'm hungry

1) What is your favorite Pepperidge Farm cookie?
(to refresh your memory... most varieties are here)

2) What is your favorite variety of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish?

cheddar/parmesan/plain/pretzel/pizza (more here)

My answers would be: Geneva.... Cheddar.... but I haven't been known to turn down any variety of either, really :)
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So, now that I've decided where I'm going to college and sent that deposit in, how do I tell the other colleges that accepted me that I'm not interested? Write them a letter or send an e-mail? Should I just address it to the admissions office in general?
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What city would you nominate for Capital of the World? Why?

New York City for me. Because it's New York City, come on! Nothing but perhaps Tokyo even comes close in my mind of like, *where shit happens*.
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I just got an issue of Ladies' Home Journal delivered to my mailbox. The label has my full name and address on it. I did not subscribe to this magazine nor have I ever expressed any desire to recieve any magazine by mail.

Has this happened to you? Should I call them and make sure no one signed me up and I'm not going to get a bill (I'm gonna do this anyway but I'm afraid they'll try to sell me more magazines)? Or is this like a free offer? I have NO idea how they got my address.
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awww, ass-kissing!

1. is there someone on tqc whose comments you read and say "that's what I was thinking!"? for me, it's _mathlete and suzermagoozer

2. how is your weekend going so far?oh it's fine, thanks. the weather's nice! and i got a hair cut. good times.

3. do you like pizza better hot or cold? cold. mm, can't top that!
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ok, i know something about this has been posted here before...however, i cannot find the original post and google has decided not to be my friend...what's the name of the artist and artwork of the girl holding a gun to her head, and her blood turns into butterflies? i saw that oginially here, and i love it. it's bugging me that i can't find who did it or what it's called.
EDIT: answered. thanks.

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Are malls open Easter Sunday? Walmart? State parks? Anything? It's my last day off from work until next monday [Illegal, I know] and I have to do something fun. My friends are all on spring break, except for two others who couldn't get off of work.

Did anyone teach themselves how to drive? I know the basics, but I need to master it. I only have a permit, but my parents refuse to teach me how to drive. Any website on how to teach yourself how to drive [or become a better driver]?

Plus, I know its technically illegal to drive alone when you only have a permit, but I will be driving slowly on back roads. Has anyone ever been pulled over with just a permit/know anyone who has? What happened to them?
mashed potatoes

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- mashed potatoes
- rice
- stuffing
- fried eggs
- hard boiled eggs
- egg salad sandwiches
- order out (probably wraps or sushi)

these are my choices for dinner. not healthy at all, i know, but i can't get to the store.

what should i have?

(i know i'm going to get a lot of votes for mashed potatoes and while i agree that they are extremely tasty, i've had them maybe three times this week, so keep that in mind)

thanks, TQC!

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What is the CRAPPIEST movie you ever loved?

mine is on right now! The Ten Commandments has the WORST acting, WORST directing and WORST dialogue EVAR! But you get to see Charlton Heston utter the words, "I am Hebrew," after he kills Vincent Price! It's horribleness is delicious.
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Her Space Holiday Book!

Italian Ice & Easter Baskets!

1. What is your favorite flavor of Italian Ice?
I like chocolate, lemon, and mango.

2. How old do you think is too old to still be getting an Easter Basket from you parents?
I don't really know, I'm still getting one from my dad and my aunt and I'm 18. I know a lot of people who think that is way too old though.
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I was looking at the front page of wikipedia today, and was struck with the realization that not all news sources are US-centered.

So what sort of news should I be reading?
Any webisites where they give the news from... the actual world?
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I've been trying to get through watching Underworld, but I got distracted and have no idea what's going on. Michael's all black and fighting Victor? What? Could someone explain the end of this movie to me, please? :)

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Since my friends have decided to be lame and be away/busy on my 18th birthday, my plans have been ruined.

I am now left with one friend and a limited budget. Said budget probably covers two tanks of gas, dinner, and various spendatures. There's a possibility of swapping dinner and various spendatures for tattoo money. But of course, the real question is - what exciting and delightful things are there for an 18 year old in the central Pennsylvania area (as in, Philly, D.C., and Baltimore are all 2 hours away) to do to celebrate their new 18 years of living-ness? That do not involve fun things with lots of best friends.

Long time listener... first time caller...

i have a couple questions that i hope TQC will be able to answer.

1. How does one go about moving from Canada to the US or from US to Canada, without just marrying into the country? Have you or anyone you known done this?

2. Do you play WOW? did you get as addicted to it as people are telling me I am going to now that I have it? What other video games did you get addicted to?

3. Do you Gamble online? Why or Why not? What method of payment do you use to fund your habit? Firepay, Neteller.... Why did you make the choice to use that company?

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1. On the topic of Easter baskets, do you make one for your parents rather than just get one?
This year I made one for my father and mother, dad's has gardening stuff in it and mom's has sudoku books

2. Will there always be that one guy at parties who thinks that he can try and get in my pants? Have you ever used an obviously fabricated excuse to get away from such a guy? What was it? Last night I told him that I had batteries in my pocket so I needed to go back inside by my friends. Yeah I dunno.

3. What sort of ab exercises do you do, if any? I need to tone up, but I am not physically able to do sit ups or crunches, I had spinal surgery so I no longer bend that way. Are there any ab exercises that do not call for much movement of the spine?

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theres something in my eye!! it hurts everytime i blink and move it. i tried eye drops, and flooding it with water and it still wont come out, and now my eye is half closed and wicked red... what do i do???

should i wake up my mom and have her take a look?

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::: What are some of the qualities that you like about your most favorite teacher/professor/instructor? Use concrete examples and traits to explain what exactly it is you like about this teacher...