April 14th, 2006

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Meep! I have pretty severe dry skin, and I've been reading that lukewarm water is better in the shower for it than hot water. I'm also allergic to most things in soaps and stuff. So I'm wondering if any of you have advice on soap that is good for dry skin, that doesn't have perfumes in it. Also, any other advice for really severe dry skin?

Also, any idea why it's more bothersome at night?
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I've recently become fascinated with reading the messages that friends have left on the myspace accounts of a deceased friend... Case in point, http://www.myspace.com/doowop

I think it's so moving to read the messages... It can be very depressing to read these things, but I just get so drawn into reading these messages and the profiles of people who have died/been killed/or killed themself.

Does anyone else know of any myspace accounts or interesting articles/websites that talk about or refer to what I'm talking about? Or do you know of a friend or anyone who kept a myspace account before dying?

If this hits too close to home for anyone, I apologize very sincerely.

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I am currently looking for a new job. I don't want to have to go through interviews just to find out that what they pay is not what I'm interested in.

Is it inappropriate to simply email them, and ask, with your experience, what you might be offered?
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Weird Question

How much money is a good nights sleep worth to you?

For example say someone would pay you to go all night without sleeping, how much would they have to pay you assuming that the following day would be a typical day for you. (not like your wedding day or something like that)

For me it would probably be less than $100. I'm used to operating on very little sleep, and nothing that I do everyday has life and death importance.

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i am bipolar...
a lot of people out there are...
there are extreme moodswings/highs-lows that go along with this...
this morning i woke up feeling extremely hypo/manic...
hadn't even had any caffienated drink yet...
i came to work like this...
the gal in my office calls me to her desk and tells me point blank (for the 2nd time this year)
"i know you're using and you shouldn't do that because you'll lose your job and i'm only tell you this as a friend"
i've been clean for a long time now...
she knows i'm bipolar ahd she also knows i have a history of being hypo-manic...
i just looked at her, shook my head and went to file charts...
putting the energy to good use...
i haven't said anything to her about how this made me feel...

what would you do/say/approach this while be tactful w/out telling her to "fuck off and die, bitch"?
has anyone ever accused you of being on something when you weren't?
have you ever accused someone of being on something because of their behaviour/actions?
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Why do people need to take a crap at work..why dont you just go before you leave home? does anyone else find it annoying that staff spend half and hour of work time each morning in the bathroom?

Edit - i think the reason i find it so annoying is because at my work we have 1 toilet and about 20 staff...if you gotta pee and youve gotta stand in line and wait for 19 other guys to take a dump, not only is it gross, its also time consuming
i could love you


do you think of uc berkeley as prestigious.. for undergrad?

just curious- i was talking to my friend, and he had some interesting perceptions.
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okay, i pretty much have no life.i have a load of mental health problems, agoraphobia the like...

anyway, i'd like to get fit and i thought about yoga. mainly cos i won't have to go outside or whatever and i've heard a lot of positive things about it. (i don't expect it to cure my problems but i thought it might be a good thing to start with)

does anyone here do it?
do you think its worthwhile? i mean, should i start it?
any good sites or books you can recommend?

sorry, i'm just so bad at explaining myself!!!

thankies! ♥

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My friend invited me to her party. Then she uninvited me. THEN when I asked her about it she lied. AND THEN my two other friends also lied about not being there.
None of them have attepted to apologize or explain why they did it. It's been 2 weeks now. Forgetting about them seems too harsh...I've been friends with them for a long time. And they've never, ever done anything so mean before. Someone suggested I talk to them, but shouldn't they be the ones coming up to me? I really don't know what to do...
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If i went in to buy a new car today, what should i expect?
What would i have to bring?
And what exactly do the salesmen look for when approving you for financing?

I guess mainly what i need to know is everything about buying a car from a dealer because i have no idea whatsoever
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ok, heres the thing, i wanna check up on my little sister in law. Nothing harmfull or anything I just wanna see that she's not putting too much info out on the bad internets.

She has a facebook. is there any way i can get on there, like with an invite? i don't have a .edu email or anyother school email.

Can anyone help me?

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How does one get dried foundation stains out of black synthetic fabric? I already tried makeup remover, nail polish remover, methylated spirits, and soaking in good ol' water. That's all gotten a bit of makeup out, but I want it all out. :(

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Will you take my latest poll, the Japanese Horror Movie Generator

My questions:

1) How much weight would your significant other have to gain before you mentioned it to them, either as a critical or concerned tone of address?

2) How much weight would your significant other have to have lost before you mentioned it to them, either as a critical or concerned tone of address?

3) How often would your significant other have to drink before you crossed your mind they might be an alcoholic?

4) For the ladies, how much facial hair would you let your significant other have before you asked him to shave it off? Stubble? Moustache? Goatee?

5) If your significant other started smoking, would you have certain limits to how often or how many they're allowed to have a day while around you? Would you not allow them to smoke in your presence or urge them to quit? Would you start smoking if they did?

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So Amazon wont let me sell my ipod or cell phone. So, with Ebay what am I looking at for their share? How much (percentage) do they take when something is purchased; and how much is it to sell something?

Any other options?

Also, where would I go to get my elementry school added to myspace?

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Body: I turn polar bears white
and I will make you cry.
I make guys have to pee
and girls comb their hair.
I make celebrities look stupid
and normal people look like celebrities.
I turn pancakes brown
and make your champane bubble.
If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.
If you look at me, you'll pop.

Can you guess the riddle?

This is floating around MySpace and it's killing me. Anyone know it?

quick! i need help on a dating question por favor!

i only have a few minutes to ask this:

i just went to coffee with a guy i'm 'kinda' dating, he is supposed to head out of town this weekend, but he said he's not sure if he's leaving tonite because it's raining...should i be bold and say "If you don't head out of town tonite maybe we could have dinner or something?"

it's just that he's really busy with work, traveling, so i don't see him very much..and i really want to ask!

should i?

i hate being the girl that asks the boy.
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1. If you had a Magic School Bus, where would you go?

2. I know this gets asked all the time, but... I'm having a no-good-very-bad past few days. How do I stop feeling so shitty?

3. I bought a loaf of bread last weekend because the boyfriend wanted French toast, but then we didn't eat it. So the loaf is still intact. I realized last night that it said it expires on the 15th so I took it out of the cabinet and stuck it in the freezer. Approximately how long will the bread be good?

edit 4. I'm talking on AIM with my dad about how my boyfriend's being stupid, and he said "tell him to crap or get off the pot." wtf does that mean?!

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So 'they' tell you to keep your resume(accent mark) short.

I'd much rather play up my coursework than my history at mcdonalds. There are two jobs on a list of 4 that are actually any good/potentially related to this position.

Would it be kosher to condense my work history down to "1.5 years experience fast-food customer service, 1 summer of managing an art gallery, and multiple school years of being the libarian's bitch" (obviously not in thsoe terms, but that level of detail), and then put the relevant coursework -ahead- of all that?
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For those of you that have left the nest and have your own place (either with roommates or not), What are some things you needed when you moved out? What are some things your needed that you totally forgot about/ didn't think about needing?

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Let's say I have black hair. And that I wanted to get dreads. Now imagine I bleach my hair before, like I mean crazy bleach blonde hair. So now I have bleach blonde dreads. Now... lets say I want to dye my hair back...to maybe brown. Would it turn out? Is it possible to dye dreads and get decent results?

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Ok, I haven't bought a CD in ages [thanks to the wunderbar invention of the iPod], so I'm going to buy some from Amazon today. Woop. I'm definitely going to get Ascendancy by Trivium, which other one should I buy?:

- Karmacode -Lacuna Coil
- Good Apollo... -Coheed and Cambria
- We don't need to whisper -Angels and Airwaves

Or, based on my taste^^, what else?

Beatles love (mothergodam)

Creative Cooking

I really like to cook, and I love to bake. I have an itch to bake something really cool lately, but I'm dry on ideas. So I'm coming to you, to ask what's the most creative think you have ever baked/seen? Do you have a recipe?

For a cake contest a couple months ago, I made Collapse ) I really want to bake something new, but I have no idea what to bake. Can you help?

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How much are the easter bunny photos in your area? For ONE 5x7 in overland park, kanas it's 10.99-12.99. WTF? I've only searched two places, but damn. I thought they would be chepa, I was wrong. It would be cheaper to go to a costuem place put on a bunny suit take a picture, then leave. lol.

good friday/easter monday

what EXACTLY do people who celebrate good friday/easter monday actually do for these holidays?

why do i have an exam on easter monday? is it not an important holiday? is easter just about bunnies that lay eggs??? where the hell did that idea come from?????

why do elementary/highschool students get the day off while EYE have to write a stupid university exam that day???

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abby genius

One wonders...

This question got me wondering about how well people know American geography. I'll ask about other geography later, when I find appropriate quizzes/make my own appropriate quizzes.

So hence I'm curious to see what peoples' exact scores are. No cheating!

1. Go to this page, scroll down, and take the US State Capitals quiz Level 2, and US State Quiz Level 3. Both of those quizzes use Flash, and have a turn-off-able audio component.

What did you get on them? For the second one, take note of both your percentage score and "accuracy within X miles score".

2. Are you American? Specify where you're from if you're not.

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My sister's birthday is coming up and I want to get her something she has always wanted. The problem is, I don't know where I should look. She absolutely loves the bubble/dome umbrellas. I've never seen them sold in stores and I have no possible way to buy anything online. Have any of you come across this type in a typical store such as Target, K-Mart, JC Penny, etc? I'll post a picture to jog any memories.

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So, I've been doing all kinds of puzzles for a while, word puzzles, math puzzles, logic puzzles, etc. etc. So why, all of a sudden, did sudoku (or however you prefer to spell it) become such a mainstream thing. I personally find them simplistic and far less interesting than a lot of puzzles out there. I'm not saying that it's not a decent exercise, and in fact, I'm glad that more people are into this logical thinking kind of puzzle, but why now? why sudoku? what's the inspiration?
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gimme some communties that you frequent when you're bored...i usually manage to get all the way through TQC's posts adn then find myself bored again!

what are you doing tonight?

please and thank you!
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What are some "trendy" and/or misunderstood but still followed religions, belief systems, practices, etc.? You know, religions/belief systems/practices that people claim just so they can say, "I'm ______" even though they don't really know what they're talking about and are, in turn, making genuine followers of said religion/belief system/practice look bad? What are common misconceptions the people who follow these beliefs wrongly claim about their religion/beliefs/practice?
Based on people I know I have, so far, Kabbalah, Scientology, Wicca and Buddhism.

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All of the sudden my computer has started making a weird, almost bug zapper-like noise when I open a new window/tab or refresh a page. I use Firefox, and I haven't downloaded anything in awhile, either. Any idea what this could be?

ETA: I'm running AdAware right now to see if that catches it. Are there any other free programs I can use to help me scan my computer?

Multiple blogs/journals?

Why do people have more than one blog e.g. one on Blogger.com and one on Livejournal?

Do you have more than one blog? Do you update them both on a regular basis or does one get more attention?

I've just noticed a lot of people having blogs on websites in addition to their LiveJournal. Personally, I only have my LiveJournal one and have no intention of getting another one.

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1. Do you "host" annual yard sales?
2. Does your town do an annual city-wide yard sale day? If so, do you host/go to them?
3. If you do "host" yard sales, do you make a decent amount of money?

Any other good ways to make some quick money that you would suggest?
Me--State Fair

lambic beer! (and a girl question)

So I got a bottle of Lindemans Pêche Lambic beer...

It has a typical beer top, but then has what looks like a cork in it...

So if I wanted to take some to my boyfriend tomorrow, should I just wait to drink some, or could I recork it and be okay, since I think we'd finish off the bottle tomorrow?

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what is the correct ettique for people you kinda know but get along with well and happen to have their aim name?

I got her e-mail b/c I'm one of the stage managers on the show she is in.
she is pretty cool to talk to and is kinda like -to me- a sister.

do you e-mail them to say hi and tell them your aim name or just randomly im?

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This has probably been done before, like 3/4 of anything else probably has, but I decided to actually ask a question.

What is one band you like that you would recommend for other people reading this thread to at least look into?

The more obscure the better. Try to go for your personal favorite "greatest band that no one has heard of," not something that everyone has heard over the radio. I know most people have at least one band that they listen to and think, "My God, why is this band not famous?" Try to justify your suggestion a little. Why do you like them?

I'll go first: Course of Empire.
They only put out three albums and one live one before ultimately going nowhere and disbanding. Best described as the perfect cross between Nine Inch Nails and Queensrÿche, they sport Mike Graff, whom I still consider one of God's gifts to the guitar, and were one of the first mainstream bands to feature two drummers. Most of his work is done in G- and F-flat and A-sharp minor. They're aggressive, technical without being showy, and very politically conscious. Best album is Initiation, which has a couple of impressive easter eggs, including a hidden song that the listener can find by backtracking from the beginning of the first song, and another one that sounds like a bunch of white noise when played in stereo, but when blended to mono actually creates a hidden song.
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Yes, help me select a pair of Vans. I'm the midwest stiletto queen, but I wore a pair of my friend's and they're insanely comfy. Which are the cutest? I wear lots of black, but also a lot of pink and other colors..


What's the best good news you've gotten in the past few months?

A note from the Dr saying "CAT scan clear, no sign of tumor."
And I got into UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis!
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What is with this new phenomenon of people using two "i"s instead of one while writing their MySpace bios?? Liike thiis. Iis thiis somethiing new? How did it start?

29 and already out of touch with today's youth. *sigh*

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Okay, so tiny dilemma here...

I'm a grad student who lives 2 hours from home. Well, back at home I got a letter to sit jury duty in mid-May. Problem is, they sent some questionnaire thingy too and said to return it within 5 days of receipt.... So two questions.

1. Is there any possible way to get out of jury duty?
2. What should I expect if I have to go through with the jury duty thing?