April 13th, 2006

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What's your dirty little secret?

I disable my Audioscrobbler plugin when I'm rockin' to Daler Mehndi. I also Adblock LJ userpics that I don't like.
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Hey does anyone know if there is an active book trading community goin on? I looked at the ones that I found when I searched 'book trading' but all of them were either UK or inactive, or only had like 2 members. Or even a community that is about books, but also does book trading? Not just eclusively one or the other. Thanks for your help :)

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i'm in love w/the sound of david gilmour's voice....
i'm quite fond of british accents, myself...
who's voice do you love/like to hear?
any particular accent that you find attractive?
any accent that you just can't stand?
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E-mailing a large file

I want to e-mail or send a large file (approximately 200 MB) to a friend and I have no idea how to do this. My AOL won't let me so is there another way for me to send this file? How about direct connecting my friend on AIM?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Hi. plague-infected

can someone explain to me why exactly it is that spam emails always have fun little spam poems like:

"Half-oriental fall snipe worm-resembling fence season
fly agaric cloak hanger callcedra wood half nephew Pro-dominion chupa-chupa
term paper deal porter paper shale fen skater cock sparrow twice-destroyed
holdup man land crocodile fountain shell sand pile straw-barreled butter-rose
Kurume azalea crushing rolls well-set-up brook runner blue-gum leaves goat chaffer
pearl-headed Post-volstead fossil resin sun-gazed jumping-off-place dog-day cicada"

that^ in them? i mean, i understand the need to sell a 22 year old girl v!@g r a, but why put the gibberish in?

and, since i'm here, anyone else think lost was a bit anti-climactic? and is anyone else pissed that Collapse ) got voted off ai?
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Poll #709503 ketchup storage

Do you keep your ketchup refrigerated?

it depends

I hate cold ketchup.

EDIT: If you refrigerate it, why?
My aunt refrigerates hers because she thinks you have to, just like milk and eggs.

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1. Why do hot air hand dryers in public restrooms never stay on long enough to dry both hands?
2. When driving, where you you place your hand(s) on the steering wheel?
3. What interesting or useful thing have you learned recently?
4. Do you "rehearse" LJ entries while you're away from your computer?
5. What day is garbage picked up from the curb?
6. You've been arrested, and you get one phone call. Whose number do you dial?

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Can you recommend quality rap and/or hip hop?

Not interested in Jewish guys.
Already aware of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kanye, Common, Public Enemy, NWA, Prefuse 73, Aceyalone, Atmosphere, Sway and most grime.

*Bonus points for female artists!*

Sony Acid Pro v6.0

Okay I just got Sony Acid Pro v6.0 but I have next to zero idea of how to edit music.

What are some tips and tutorials you guys recommend?

I'm mainly trying to mix songs together smoothly.
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You know the beans song?

Beans, beans the musical fruit
the more you eat the more you toot
the more you toot the better you feel
so eat your beans with every meal!

and the variation:

Beans, beans they're good for your heart
the more you eat the more you far
the more you fart the better you feel.. (etc)

What's the origin of this song? My gut instinct is that it's some sort of early 20th century song or jingle, perhaps from WW2 food rationing or some such..

Psychology Experiment

To start out... In my introductory psychology course, we're supposed to participate in studies held by students in higher psychology courses. I participated in a study today that I thought was AWESOME, and I want to see how everyone over here thinks they could do in the test.

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I love the way Dove's antipersperant/deodorant works for me. It keeps me fresh (up to a certain point... if it gets really hot and/or I'm doing a lot of work, it'll stop), smells okay, and moisturizes well. The thing is... it's called an "invisible solid" and it's, well, not invisible.

Can anybody recommend another brand that will work as well or better, and actually is invisible when it says it is?

No kids

Are there any other females in their 30s or above AND are only children (so no neices or nephews) who have made a conscious, purposeful decision, to never have children?

I have. I am an only child and no step-siblings, even. I am 32, in a committed relationship (though not married), and I am positive I never want kids. If that changes, it changes, but I am confident to say now it is something I do NOT want.

Just wondering how common this was? I think more and more women are choosing to be "child-free," just based on people I know (both my age and older, married and unmarried) and a slew of books out on the subject (such as "Baby Not on Board").

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If, say, the Larry the Cable Guy movie broke the alltime record for box office gross, beating out Titanic, and say, Kevin Federline's new album wound up being the #1 album for 8 straight weeks...

when you left the country, where would you live instead?

audioscrobbler/ lastfm

i just posted this in a reply to someones previous question where she mentioned edit his audioscrobbler.

ive been using audioscrobbler/ last.fm for quite a while now, but have been having problems with it. it hasnt shown any new tracks since september! i removed winamp and the plugin this morning and reinstalled both. however when i opened winamp, the info box didnt pop up for me to type in my user name and password.

is there something i can do to manually enable the plugin? thanks!

also edit fixed thanks!

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I saw the movie Stay last night, the one with Ewan McGreggor and Naomi Watts. It seemed like the movie's complex elements were coming together, and there was a twisty theme thing happening, but either due to my own unintelligence or bad movie editing, I just kind of got lost. I can't say I really 'got' the movie. I rewatched the beginning and it made no headway towards my lost cause.

So, for those of you who have seen the movie, what was the plotline exactly? I have my own theory, but I don't know if it's right.

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I'm doing another Post WWII History project.
This time I have to make a CD.

My topic is "The Nixon tapes greatly decreased the Presidential power"
I'm doing songs about people distrusting the President.
My first song is "Dear Mr. President" from the new Pink CD.
I need at least five songs, with at least three from the 1970s and the rest from whenever I want.
I'm pretty sure I'm using "Ohio", which was my teachers recommendation.

I picked one of the hardest topics. Some easy ones were "Woodstock represented Peace Love and Music" and "The early Beatles music portrayed the innocence of the time"

Does anyone have any song suggestions?
It's not due for at least two weeks, because we're on spring break.

Any ideas would be helpful.
(It can have cursing, so I think I'm going to use "Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis")
Thanks in Advance.

P.S. I'm also making a joke CD because my teacher loves James Dean, and I brought him an article saying Dean was gay, and he got really upset.
So I'm making a CD with V.I.P., Gravy Train!!!!, Le Tigre, Electric Six, Gay Boyfriend, Bitch and Animal, and a bunch of other gay/techno songs for the theme "Dean was gay and Hoover wore a dress. Any ideas for that CD would be appreciated, too.
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Questions on questions

1. What question in thequestionclub do you think is repeated the most?

2. What question in thequestionclub do you think deserves the most comments?

3. What question in thequestionclub do you think is the most annoying?

4. What question in thequestionclub do you think should be banned and never asked again?

5. What question in thequestionclub do you think is the most interesting?

6. What question in thequestionclub do you think has the most interesting responses?

7. What question in thequestionclub do you think was the most profound?
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Whats the name of a situation in which you are presented only two options and both are undesirable? I believe it's named after a Renaissance stateman in England. It does not involve rocks or hard places.

EDIT: I have also never known of any statesmen named Prisoner's Dilemma or Lesser of Two Evils, though the latter may explain politics in the Western world today.

EDIT 2: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! It is "Morton's Fork."
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1) If you hear water running, do you immediately have to pee?
2) If someone yawns next to you, do you yawn next?
3) What way do you sit in your computer chair/at your desk?
4) What's the biggest city you've ever been to?
5) Do you have your own office at work?


1) Not unless I already had to go.
2) Yes, without fail. If I see someone yawn, I yawn. Why is it contagious?
3) I sit normally or with my legs crossed. My chair isn't bing enough for me to sit Indian-style.
4) Chicago
5) No, but I sure as hell wish I did. I'm in a cubicle with high walls. Begin the OFFICE SPACE rant!
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Help the Easter Bunny!

This year, I'm doing something a little different than the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. My son's getting a little big for it (he's 9) and with a cat and a dog, both still young & curious, its probably not a great idea to stash chocolate around the house.

So I'm going to have a treasure hunt instead. But I need your help. Don't worry, its FUN help!

Can you think of riddles that I can use as clues for the hunt? They have to lead the kiddo to typical household things: a couch, sink, clock, etc. Rhymes are good, but not necessary, and difficult ones are OK - he's a bright kid, and I can help if he gets stumped.

A really simple example that I just found: What has a head and a foot but no body?
Answer: BED

I'm sure there are lots that you guys know, or even can make up. Can you help me??


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I got my federal back before my state. Actually, I'm still waiting for my state after a month - I've never had this happen before. Anyone else get their money back in this order?
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Straight to the (power) point.

I have to take a Powerpoint Test for a temp agency I work with. I have a basic understanding of Powerpoint and can use it to make pretty decent (but basic) presentations, but I definitely want to study up a bit before I take the test. I'll check out tutorials and then play around with it, but I'm just wondering about specific functions I should pay attention to. So...
1) Have you, for whatever reason, had to take a Powerpoint test?
2) If so, what are some of the functions I should pay close attention to?

and just for fun-
3) If you use Powerpoint on a fairly regular basis or if you just really enjoy playing with it, what are some of your favorite functions?
4) Have you ever made anything you're particularly proud of on Powerpoint?
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Can anyone recommend some good satirical novels?

My favourite novel is Catch-22, so something with that sort of humour would be perfect. Even naming off some authors you enjoy would be appreciated. :)
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Eatser candy!

1. What is your favorite Easter candy?

2. I used to get these chocolate eggs, the came in a package of four and were in a square purple carton, two of them were filled with chocolate and two were filled with vanilla, they came with two tiny spoons to scoop out the filling. Does anyone know what they were called or if they are still made?
They were my favorites! I can't find them anywhere this year and I'm not even sure they had them last year. I think they had some sort of stupid/annoying name.


Everyone who knows my husband and me knows our phone call/text messaging rules. Unless someone is dead or dying, do NOT call or text message between 10 pm and 8 am.

My brother-in-law sent my husband a text message at 5:15 this morning because "he was on his way to work and wanted to talk to someone"......

What should I do to him!?!

Does anyone else have similar rules or guidelines like this?

Are my "rules" unreasonable?

Edit:He sent the message because he was bored. No life or death situation. He was just bored and couldn't be bothered to talk to the other 3 people he was with.

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What's your favorite --

South Park
Family Guy
Beavis and Butthead

Simpsons for me. Family Guy is second because I think it Jumped The Shark way earlier than The Simpsons. I'm not a fan of South Park or Beavis and Butthead.

Financial Aid

I am currently a full-time college student. I'm considering dropping to part-time due to personal issues. Other than simply receiving less money, how will this affect my financial aid?

- I am an independent student, meaning that my parents are in no way responsible for paying for my education, and they do not help me out unless it's absolutely necessary.

- I rely solely on financial aid to pay for school and on-campus housing.

- A friend said that if I drop to part-time, that I will not receive money for housing. Is this true?

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do your initials spell anything?

mine are ASB, but if i were to marry a guy with a last name that starts with "s", it would be ASS. terrible. my friend's initials are ZAP, which is fun.

oh yeah i just remembered this kid who went to my high school had KKK for initials. messed up, i know. his parents have problems. his name is kayne kough, which, last name first is kough kayne (cocaine).

and my friend adam's initials are ADM, which is funny that his initials are basically his name haha.
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everybody is different

any jews in the house?

i just started dating a very nice fellow. this very nice fellow happens to be jewish. his family is celebrating passover this saturday, and i have been invited to attend this event. i am not jewish, and know a whole lot less about the culture than i'd like to admit.

what should i expect? what are some hebrew-type words that i'm likely to hear, and what do they mean? what is this passover thing all about, anyway? i mean, i have an understanding of the purpose of the holiday, but perhaps someone could shead some light as to why it's so important.

anyone have any religious holiday (of religions other than their own) experiences they'd like to share?
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Of 'I Love Rock and Roll' by Joan Jett, and 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' by Tears for Fears, which do you like better?
Which would you rather sing?
I have a karaoke thing tomorrow and I can't deciiiide.
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a question about what you Might do

so let's say you're at work. you work a normal shift of 8 hours. you've been at work three and a half hours, and all your tasks for the evening are completed. you can't afford to leave, but you quite literally have Nothing else to do.

you're completely alone in the building, and there is no surveillance. there is a 99.999% chance you will not meet ANYBODY else tonight, and are working completely alone.

to clarify: you're alone, noone is coming in, and you lock up in four hours. this isn't retail, this isn't security, this isn't anything like that. you have no responsibilities for four hours. you just have to be there.

what would you do?

would you do something silly just because you can, and noone would find out? would you get naked and run around the building? would you sneak in some booze?

or would you just try to find something to do work related? would you do something harmless, like read a magazine?
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To flee, or not to flee. That is the question.


So, I've got this horrible, mind-numbing cognition and learning class right now with a professor who couldn't teach his way out of a wet paper bag. His exams have virtually nothing to do with the "study guides" he distributes before exams, he steals other people's presentations off of google to use in class, he discourages students from asking questions, and he's pretty much beaten any intrest I might've had in the subject into a bloody pulp. I and the rest of the psych majors who sit near me are just completely exasperated.

Not surprisingly, my grades on the exams (the only graded assignments in the class, period) have been less than stellar, despite my best efforts. I'm pretty much completely dependent on financial aid and getting good grades for my tuition, and this course looks like it's going to take my GPA and make it sink like a lead weight. However, all is not lost; Since I have accommadations through the disability services for students, I've got a chance to flee from this sinking ship long after my peers have been doomed by the passing of the withdrawl period for classes.

However, this class is a requirement for my major.
Should I suck it up and take the hit so I can have the whole thing behind me, or should I withdraw (with exactly ten teaching days left) and take it at a later date with a far better prof.?
I don't see why I should have to suffer for his incompetence, but I would like to graduate on time...
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2nd post tonight, sorry

okay, so i work a lot and don't get to watch a lot of teevee.

but, i do have two jobs where i can sit around and watch dvds. so, after several people's suggestion, i rented the first season of Lost on dvd.

now i'm obsessed with this and can't wait for my next dvds to come in the mail.

anyone else obsessed with this show?
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I frequent some celebrity gossip sites and I'm wondering something:

At what age is it okay to make fun of a celebs kids? How old do the kids have to be so that it's not considered a low blow anymore?

...oh and just to clarify, I don't want to make fun of kids! I'm not *that* chick but I do have something to say about one celebrity kid! She's 13/14 so I'm thinking it's okay, what do you think?

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Can anyone point me to a site that has family trees for the characters in Harry Potter? Preferably a listing of all the characters, and their parents and siblings, and what generation they're from, if possible.
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Me and my family (parents, sis, and me) are planning a mini road trip this summer. Here's the working (subject to change) itinerary:

Departure May 28 [from my parents place in Plano, Texas] 1
Pass by Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas
Stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico night of May 28 2
Pass by Petrified Forest in Arizona May 29 - 1/2 day? 3
Arrive Grand Canyon May 29 4
Visit Grand Canyon May 30, 1 day enough or not?
Leaving Grand Canyon May 31
Arrive Tucson, Arizona May 31
Visit Saguaro National Park May 31 5
Arrive Las Cruces, New Mexico June 1
Visit White Sands National Park June 2 6
Visit Carlsbad Cavern June 2 7
Stay in Carlsbad area June 2
Return home June 3 8

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So my questions are-

Is this roadtrip/route do-able? Or should we take less/more time on anything specific on the route?

Anything along this route we should see that's not listed?

What is the climate/weather during that time period? What kind of clothing to bring?

Any other must-have things to bring?

Anything specific you think we should do/see specifically at any of those attractions I've listed?

Any good travel books/sites/etc that tells about any of those places listed?

Any other good tips on these places, road trips, travel, or anything?
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1. If you found out a cousin of yours that you aren't particularly fond of cut off the very ends of two of his fingers when he was drunk and making a gravity bong, would you be happy about it or would you feel kind of bad for him?
I'm ridiculously happy about it, but after talking to some friends it seems most people would either feel kind of bad or be indifferent. I might feel kind of bad if he managed to do it when he wasn't drunk.

2. Have you ever been to a Waffle House?
Unfortunately I have.

3. I told my dad I wanted to see Thank You For Smoking and he said he wanted to come with me. It's not one of those movies that would be really awkward seeing with your parents is it?
I hope not. He's 56 and I'm 18 if it matters.

4. If you were talking with someone and they used the N word would it bother you? Would you say anything about it? Would you react differently if they were related to you?
Whenever I'm talking to someone and they say it(which has happened two or three times) I'm usually so surprised by it I don't know what to say so I pretend it doesn't bother me, but it really bothers me a lot.

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A little question about proper table setting. If for some reason, the table is only set with a fork and not a knife, would the fork be on the left, or on the right? (considering everyone that'll be eating are right handed)

On a related note, if you're eating something that only requires a fork, would you use the fork on your right hand or your left hand?
The Receptionist Classic

How does it know!?

Why is this so addicting??

Today I found out that I blew my chance (I think) at graduating next month (crap) but my favorite team (Sharks) won (again) tonight and they're very much in the playoffs now for the Stanley Cup (NHL). A little bad... a little good.
What was your little bad and little good for today?
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Without taking into consideration education or financial issues...

What age do you consider just too young to have a baby?

If you're planning to have children in the future, what do you think your ideal age is to have one?

(My ideal age would be 24 or 25 and my husband 26 or 27. I've encountered some people that think that's so young.)
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Penis or a candle?

I'm warning you now this is a pretty immature question.

My best friend and I were in a cemetery today and saw a tombstone that I swear looked like it had a penis on it. I know that's not what it is but damnit that's what it LOOKS like. I'm assuming it's a candle, which is what my friend sees. So I want to ask you all what you think.

If pictures of tombstones or ambiguous candle penises bug you then obviously don't click the cut tag. But seriously it isn't anything dirty, I mean not really.

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What are some pro's and con's about getting braces/having them?

EDIT: My front teeth are as straight as you can get, I have a perfect smile, till you get to my bottom teeth which are just crooked as hell. Will I need a full mouth of metal?