April 12th, 2006

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1. What are the best (active, fun, friendly people, etc) relationship/love/romance communities? And why?

2. And any good communities for healthy cooking/eating/lifestyle/etc?

3. Suggest or recommend a community (or a few) you like. And why do you like it so much?

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Well, I'm not sure what to do. It's a bit of a complicated problem... really.

It's a problem with my AIM account.

Midori Kai Yang. I don't know why I still use the piece of shit. I honestly think the name sucks.

I usually have it linked with four other screen names. Well, I come home tonight and I try to log on "AIM service cannot be reached" it says when I reach the second step of logging on. I installed a new version of AIM and even tried trillian... No dice.

So I try to log on with a different screen name. Ding ding! It works, but MidoriKaiYang is still a no go, even when logging on with a SN it is linked to. I didn't violate the TOS. I've not even been on enough in the passed month to start something. Can anyone shed light on what is going on? MidoriKaiYang has a buddy list bursting with people I've met over the years... I can't lose this SN.

Anyone experience something similar?
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its 2am and this is what i want to know haha

1.) How can I get a credit card?? I've applied for simple starter type credit cards, such as one through my bank for students, and the Target charge card to name a couple and no one will give me one because somehow I have nothing to show that I'm good at paying things off. (Why aren't rent, bills and car insurance enough proof that I can pay off things I commit to?)

2.) What can I do to my computer to kind of give it a boost so it maybe runs a little faster? Someone told me once to clear out the cookies? What are cookies, and are they all bad? I have a Compaq, and Windows. How would I do such a thing?

3.) Do you find it almost...embarrasing, I guess is the best word - to be a part of a country that has more people vote for an "American Idol" each week than people that vote for the president of the united states every 4 years?

4.) Have you ever been on a show like Sally/Maury/Ricki Lake/Jerry Springer? What was it like, and did you think the show was real or staged?

5.) What is the strangest thing you've ever caught yourself doing, but didn't realize you were doing it?
Haha, I was reading thequestionclub last night when I went to get some water. Somehow, I ended up cleaning the kitchen out of nowhere. So, at 2am...I find myself standing on this chair, cleaning out the top shelf of the pantry...tossing things I'm never going to eat over my shoulder into the garbage, while singing the Star Spangled Banner. When I stopped and realized how bizarre this was for me to be doing, I couldn't help but feel like a crazy old woman. Hah..

Airlines & Mammoth cave.

1. What's the worst airline you ever flown on?
Continental. Every time I fly on them and they delay the flight forever and change the gate a million times to completely different ends of the airport I swear I'll never fly on them again. Once they made us sit in the plane on the runway for 5 hours and it was like 90 degrees in the plane, and about every 45 minutes they would decide we were going back to the gate and when we got there they would be like "Just kidding! We are really going to take off now!" I fucking hate them.

2. What's the best airline you have ever flown on?
Lufthansa & Jetblue.

3. Why does Mammoth Cave smell like bacon?
I've googled this to no avail and my father claims it's because of nitrates or something, I don't really remember.

No Dial Tone

I'm having land line problems. My telephone has no dial tone when I pick it up. It just sounds like dead air. My mom recommended that I unplug it for a few minutes and then plug it back in. Sure enough, that worked... for about a minute. It gave me a dial tone and I was able to call out. However, when I tried to call in (using my cell phone), it was still a busy signal. And then the dial tone went away again.

Also, I have DSL through my phone line and that is working fine.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to make it work, without calling the phone company to fix it? I want to make sure I attempt everything before having a repairman tell me I'm an idiot because there's a simple solution.


Edit: Answered / fixed
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I hate Oprah. But, yesterday and today she's doing shows on American education and how BAD it is.

1a. How good to do you feel that your high school education was?
b. How big was your school?
c. What was your GPA?
d. Where was your high school?

2. (This is one of the Oprah polls) Do you think that it should be the government's job to keep all kids in school until they are 18? That is, you cannot drop out (except for medical and safety reasons). Do you think this is a good idea? Why/why not?

3. What do you think can be done to improve the American educational system?
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Anyone have any idea what could be wrong with my computer?

It's an HP laptop (Pavilion ze5300) and honestly I've had problems with it overheating and shutting down since shortly after I first got it. One of my friends with the same computer has had the same problems though. So basically I've shrugged them off as manufacturers defects.

Lately though (since I moved into my apartment this September), it has developed a new problem. Randomly (throughout the day and the night) it switches from AC adaptor mode to battery mode FOR NO REASON. I will be sitting with it on my lap doing work when it randomly switches to battery mode.

And it sucks because if I'm at class, it will do it and then I come home to a computer in hibernate mode. I then have to play with the plug so it can charge before I can use it again.

I have one of those external fan cooling things, but it only helps sometimes. Yesterday I left it one while I went to get dinner and I came back and it was almost dead. I was in the middle of doing my FASFA online, so I had to rush like crazy to get the plug to be recognized before I went on. It really sucks. And the battery life isn't that long either.

So does anyone have any ideas to help me through the last few weeks of the school year? I'd rather not take it in to Best Buy until I go back home for the summer and don't need to rely on it as much. (I have a three year warranty expiring at the end of this summer).
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Hey guys,

I need to know what 3.05% of $502.37 is. I've always sucked at this math percentage calculating stuff.
What is it, and how do you calculate it? I must once and for all learn how to officially do this. I tried typing in 502.37 X 3.05 (and then pressing the % button), but that gave me $15, which can't be right.



For those of you that have customers at your workplace:

1. What's the best thing a customer can do?
2. What's the worst thing a customer can do?
3. What is your job?

For example, if you're a hair stylist, maybe a customer that's really open to change is the best type.

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My fridge smells like something died in there. I've washed it out with soap and water, then baking soda and water... but it still smells! It's not the food... what the hell else is there to do to remove this damn smell? When the fridge gets opened up, the entire apartment smells of this nastiness...

Expired meds: yay or nay?

My husband has been living in this house for years. I just moved in last August when we got hitched. Today I'm going through a collection of meds from years gone by. I have asked my husband why he hasn't thrown them away and he said that it was "just in case". I guess his rationale is that if he keeps them, he won't have to pay for new meds should he happen to need them again.

The problem? Most of the meds in the cabinet have long since past their expiration dates. So since I have gotten the OK to clean out the cabinet, I'm tossing anything that's past it date.

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red goatee!!

This is really neat.

This is cool. And the female in this video is really something. mostly safe for work, unless they're really easily offended. There's music in the background.

Does anyone know what this music is? I've heard it before. I want to say that it's from Eyes Wide Shut for some reason.


EDIT: answered. it's "Masked Ball" by Jocelyn Pook, from Eyes Wide Shut.

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The Receptionist Classic

Choppin' Broccoleye

Suggestions on how to eat/prepare broccoli?
Aside from dipping it in ranch, I mean. I really need to start eating more veggies, and I'd like to start with broccoli - raw or cooked.

I've been trying to navigate the Food Network website, but none of the pages will fully load. That's usually my ultimate food source. So now I'm stumped!

Note: Our stove is not always in the mood to work, so ideas that don't involve using the stove would be super appreciated. :)
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Traveling tips.

I'm looking for some personal advice on flying. I've never taken a trip on my own before, and I'm afraid I might screw something up. Basically I live in Chicago and I want to go to San Jose on memorial day weekend (end of May), but I won't be able to make plans until the beginning of May. Will this make my ticket more expensive?? I heard it might, but why?

Are there any handy tips about flight/luggage/time zones/etc. that you have to offer? Where are some honest, reliable places I can go to get cheap tickets? And if I purchase a ticket and become unable to go, do I get a refund, or does it depend?

Thanks a bunch!! I'm so excited...!

A fun entry today!

I have a fun entry today, seeing as all I do otherwise is bitch.

Have you ever made up something, but decided it was so stupid that someone might believe and use it?

Would you be willing to share the stupid or forever keep it locked up tight for fear of an idiot running with it?

Edit: Example of a really dumb idea.

Making abortion illegal for rape victims because they're destroying evidence. The idea is so retarded, but someone stupid could easily run with it.

have you ever...

Do you remember the song "it's my party and i'll cry if i want to.."????

Was there ever a time when you were meant to be happy and celebrating a special occasion or in love with somebody, but no matter how hard you tried you could just not enjoy yourself?
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I'm looking to start running for the purpose of toning up my legs and getting into good physical shape. I'm not concerned about distance or speed. Is it best to run for a long time at a slower pace or to run at a faster pace for a shorter time if I'm just looking to tone up my legs?

I know nothing about running, so any tips you have would be great too.

Thank you!

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I know this a ways away, but I want to get everyone's opinion.

Yesterday, we (our college marching band) found out we're going to Orlando for our away trip. Problem is... we're leaving the day after Thanksgiving. Typically, our university gives us Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off for the holiday. I live about 2 hours, give or take, away from where I'm going to college. So...
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What color purse???!?

I bought this really nice chocolate brown dress the other day. I then proceeded to also buy brown sandals, brown flip flops, brown tank tops, ect. I now need a purse to go with all of the chocolate brown items that I now own. I have a chocolate brown Fendi spy bag but I just think that that would be a little too much brown. Does anyone have any suggestions on what color purse I should get to go with all of my brown things??

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favourite lines from movies that you love to quote at any given time - regardless of where you are?
favourite fruit snack?
must bought a box of "quaker breakfast bars iced raspberry ruit & oatmeal" bars - what kind of breakfast bars do you like?

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1. What is the most blatantly false thing one of your teachers professed as truth?

2. How do I remove a mysterious stain from a white dress shirt? I don't know what caused it. This is the first time I've ever worn the shirt. It's a mysterious yellowed patch of fabric on the outer sleeve just below where it's sewn on to the shoulder, like a faint upside-down pit stain.
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tipping the hair guy.

How much am I supposed to tip the guy dying my hair? It's a huge annoying two-to-three-day process to get all this black crap out and freshly dyed (spanned over days so my hair won't fall out) we started yesterday so he is coming in today on his day off to work on it... my price quote was $230 so how much should I tip???
New Camus

Security Clearance

Has anyone gone through federal security clearance? I'm applying for a job with a company that's been contracted by the department of the interior, and I have to go through a background check (7 years) and get security clearance. They said it would take up to 8 weeks to be approved/denied. I had to have a contact listed for every job, period of unemployment, school and address that I've had for the last 7 years (a separate person for each instance, which was a difficult task). So anyway, if anyone's gone through it or been a part of a check, do they actually call each person you list? What sorts of things to they ask? Has anyone been denied? If so, did they tell you why? It's so weird that all my friends and ex-bosses and neighbors are going to possibly be contacted about me, and it's even funnier, because 80% of them don't know I got married, so they'll be like, who the hell is that!?

Okay, /rambling.
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Just out of curiosity....

Did anyone here watch Wishbone when it was on? Does it come on anymore?

Does anyone know what the Wishbone kids are doing now? Have they been acting, or did they just disappear?
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I'm planning on making chocolate bunnies [in a bunny-shaped tin, quite solid, about 10x15cm] filled with [homemade] marshmallow for some friends.

But I only have one bunny tin.

If I make the chocolate shells beforehand, and make them fairly thick, can I remove them from the tin, and THEN pour the marshmallow into them? [Make them all at the same time]

Or should I make a very small batch of marshmallow [just enough for one bunny] and fill them still in the tin? [Make them one at a time, allowing for the mallow to set before removing bunny from tin and making new shell]

Relatedly, do you have a tried-and-tested marshmallow recipe? I've found some online [I'm particularily enamoured with Cooking for Engineers, simply because it's so clear, with pictures and precise language, and I've never attempted marshmallow before, and it scares me.] but if you have something that your three-year-old makes on the weekend, I'd be pathetically grateful.
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chicken legs
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mathy question

Well, I've made it as far as eigenvectors in my linear algebra class without failing.

Despite this, I have a relatively stupid question:

1 0 0 x1
0 0 1 x2
0 0 0 x3

How in blue blazes do you solve for x1, x2, and x3?

I know there's a free variable in there. But that's it.
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I'm looking for this french film that I can't remember the name of.

It's about this teenage boy who is obsessed with a woman who works in a bookshop (I think her name is in the title). His mum's died or left recently, and I think there's something about a young cousin/relative coming to stay. He has an older sister whose best (and equally female) friend has a crush on her- she ends up kissing her, I think. His best friend has either an abusive or a cheating boyfriend, and they end up getting together... There's a joke about a frog and a tiger told at a dinner party.

That's all I can remember, but does it ring any bells? I'd really like to find it again.

Relationship Advice -- Need Both Male and Female Opinions

Concerning looking good for your partner:

How much do you work to look good for your partner because they want you to look good?

In my relationship, my bf wants me to do myself up a lot more often than I would like to do. I am quite comfortable leaving the house wearing my glasses, minimal makeup, and with my hair out of place. I do pretty myself up on occasion, but usually not to go to the mall or for a quick bite to eat.

My bf's ideal gf is a high femme who loves nail polish and would NEVER leave the house without looking hot. He would love it if I would try, as often as possible, to look my best for him. He likes me to have my contacts in, my hair flattened and newly washed, sexy clothes on, makeup perfect, when we go out. He likes me to look great to go to the mall and anywhere else we may be seen in public together (beyond maybe the grocery store or Target).

How does one balance one's partner's desires for your physical appearance with ones own? When is a partner asking too much out of your preening, and when are you being disrespectful for not making yourself look good for your partner? Is it okay for a partner to want arm candy, despite their partner's thinking or desires (or non-thinking or non-desires), and when is it infringing on that person's free will? When is it just selfish to not make yourself look good for your partner and when is it selfish to require it of your partner to look good?

If one's identity is someone a bit more "natural" and "physically thoughtless" than the high femme that your partner would like and expected to be forever (I was a lot more dressy and femmy when we started dating years ago), where does one draw the line between being faithful to one's identity and honoring the desires of your partner?

Where is the balance? Opinions please?


If you had the chance to talk to George W. Bush for one minute, what would you say to him?

In this day and age, do you think unions are a good thing or bad thing? Why? Do you think Wal-Mart employees should be unionized?

What is your stance on the illegal immigration issue?

Why the hell does nobody believe me when I tell them that Bill Clinton was impeached?!?
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stupid memory card reader

I have no idea why it's doing this, but my memory card reader thing is demanding that I format my memory card. I know enough to not do that, but the freakin thing won't let me do anything without clicking yes to the formatting question.

Anyone know what I'm supposed to do to get it to work normally? It's Scandisk brand btw.

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My friend Morgan and I are deadlocked in a battle of well-known phrases, and I do not plan on losing.

I need your help though.

What phrases such as "When in Rome" or "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" can you think of?

Responses, as always, are appreciated.

Too many options!!!!

Lets say you are single and on the market. And you have been chatting with a handful of people. None of which you have met, but all seem potentially a good match. So you get your hopes set on meeting one or two of them...

BUT, along comes a new person who on impulse you meet... and hit it off... but you still wonder about what you may have passed up......

What do you do in this situation? Would you be casual and explore all the options, or would you just accept that you found a good one and move on?
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What are some duties "Maid of Honor" has to fulfill?
I know I need to plan the bridal shower.

Should I throw a "theme" bridal shower? The bride loves France, so I'm considering doing a Parisian theme. Would that be tacky? As long as I don't have a frilly "wishing well", I don't think so.

I'm going to dye Easter Eggs tonight, do you still dye eggs?

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does anyone here have their birthday on october 31 (halloween)? or know anyone who does? my birthday is october 30 and i'll forever be upset that my mom couldn't hold me in for another day!
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assorted foods

Which of the following foods do you like?

angel food cake
baked beans
snow peas
cheese doodles
potato salad
macadamia nuts
cream cheese

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1. If you sneeze and someone doesn't say "Gesundheit", "Bless you!", "You are SO good looking!", or something to that effect, do you think anything of it or feel offended in any way?

2. Do you believe in getting "revenge"? Have you ever "gotten revenge" on someone and if yes, what happened? (i.e., What did they do to spark it and in what way did you get revenge?)

3. What is your opinion on playing poker online for real money? Do you think all gambling sites online are rigged?

4. What is a random piece of useless knowledge you have for whatever reason that many others might not know?

5. Is there any person, event, topic, whatever that you don't necessarily "like" but yet you have a strange interest/fascination with it? (For example, someone may find reading up on Hitler very interesting but isn't a follower of his or condone anything he did.)
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I have these videos I want to open up and edit, but they are .avi and I have Jasc animation shop and it won't open them up. How can I change the file format so I can open them up?
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1. How are you doing?

2. What's the weather like?

3. When's the last time you ate chocolate? In what form (candy bar, cake, drink, etc.) was it in?

4. For those of you with eye contacts: do you use ReNu contact solution?

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Quick! I just stupidly ripped off a hangnail and now there's a tiny open cut. Is it safe to get my nails done tomorrow (fearing infections and such), or should I cancel my appointment? I'm an extremely paranoid person!
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Random, but...

I bought Green T by InVite recently and it says to take 1 to 2 ml two times a day blah blah blah. What does ml mean? 1 or 2 drops?

On the topic of health stuff, for anyone who eats organic and or raw foods, what is their favorite kinds of food to eat? And would eating mainly organic and or raw food reduce cellulite?
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