April 11th, 2006


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I live out in the country, and this year has brought a bumper crop of mice into the house. We usually just trap them, but the ones that are left appear to be too intelligent to fall for the traps. We have tried every kind of trap and bait available.

I think it might be to the point where I need to try poison, but I'm really worried about them dying somewhere in the walls and rotting and making the place stink. I know that some mouse poison claims to keep them from smelling after they die, but do they actually work? If so, what brands are the best?
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1. How do I clean out the keyboard on my Dell Inspiron 6000?

2. How can I find a song if don't know the artist, title, or any of the words? All I know is the tune, but since I can't read or write notes, I'm kind of at a dead end.

3. If you knit, what do you make?

4. What are you looking forward to?

5. What are your goals?
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Have you ever dated a college instructor/professor, or know someone who has? What sort of discretion should you use if you're dating the teacher and also enrolled in his/her class at the time? And no, I'm not a student in this situation.... yet...

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nina's 21 and comes to find - she's lactose intolerant...so - she's been taking OTC pills we saw at pak'n'save (a subsidiary of safeway) and those worked fine for almost a month...then they didn't...
do you have any other suggestions for her to try?
she does soy milk, etc...but likes the taste of real milk (2%)/cheese/etc...

what're your plans for eats on easter sunday?
we're going to mom's and having food there
do you get together w/the family/friends or what?
we do
anything on the menu?
ham, potato salad, layered bean dip, other foods
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cat question

ok, so my cat is about 1 year old[not positive,got her as a kitten from a shelter] and for some reason about 3 weeks ago she started peeing on the fllor NEXT to her litter box...super weird because even as a kitten she always went to her litter box[maybe one isolated incident where she went somewhere else, but only once!] so ,why is she doing it? the liter box is clean, fresh litter, the surrounding area is also clean. so i dont know, someone told me its out of spite because sometimes im gone for a long time and shes alone....but she never used to do that before. POR QUE people???

im tired of scrubbing that floor and cleaning up her mess!help!

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Today I was watching that show on TLC, "Bringing Home Baby", while I got ready to head out the door. One thing I noticed, the baby's toy, a stuffed Winnie-The-Pooh, had the face blurred. Then, when they were changing the baby's diaper, the camera focuses in on the "Pampers" diapers and the "Pampers" baby wipes.

Why do certain logos have to be blurred? Is it because the company did not endorse the show? If so, why do they even care? It just seems a little absurd to me.

hello everyone

i'm about to move in with new roommates and i was curious as to how rent should be divided. to give you an idea we are moving into a 2 bed/2 bath place and there will be 3 of us. the couple will be sharing a room and i will have my own room. the couple has 2 cats, and i have 1 cat. how should rent be divided? i just need some input as to what percentage of the rent i need to be responsible for and what is fair. half? a third? or if anyone can direct me to some sort of rent division calculator that would be bonus as well.

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1) Are there any attractive news anchors on your local news? (preferably female, but I don't mind looking at some attractive men too!)
2) If so, could you link me to a pic or give me the station's name?

(I'm trying to come up with a character for this game. She'll be a news anchor and I kind of want her to be the epitome of most of the popular anchors out there.)

3) Which national newscasters do you find attractive?
(For me, it's all about Anderson Cooper.)

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I need a movie that has to do with 2 best friends that fall in love.........I need to show a movie clip for my social psychology clip that shows that people who see each other or are around each other all the time, are more likely to fall in love or have a relationship.

Another apple from the random tree!

Hey, y'all!

1. What was your favorite movie growing up? Do you still watch it? Would you pay an exorbitant amount of money to buy it on DVD if it came out (and you couldn't find it any cheaper)?

2. What is the name of the sweetest/nicest/most caring member of the opposite sex that you know? I think everyone has a perception of whether someone is nice or not based on their name and I want to see how true mine are based on your experiences.

3. If you had to choose, would you rather date a smart person who is unattractive or a dumb (not mean or anything...just really *really* dumb) person who is very attractive? Why? Do you apply this belief when you are looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend?

4. Screw/Marry/Kill: Alan Rickman, Alan Cumming, and Alan Alda

5. Hamburger helper: fantastic or ass-tastic?

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Does anyone else ever go back to sleep just to see how a dream will end? (I do, it makes me late for work once in awhile.)

Can you go back to sleep and continue a dream? (I can.)

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What smells do you associate with certain people?
Cut grass and topsoil immediately make me think of my father, who loves to garden on the weekends.

What sensations do you hate?
I cannot stand the feel of paper towels between my fingers, and food that squeaks in between my teeth (like broccoli).

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I was one of those just made the age cut-off for kindergarten kids. All through my school career I felt developmentally behind my classmates. I finished my undergrad degree last August and I'd like to continue my education but I'm definitely not ready to go for my master's at the moment.

Should I apply to grad school in a year or two? Is there even a point when it comes to communications? Or should I just spend the money on books or a bachelor's in something useful or interesting, like audio engineering?

And more questions, because work is godawful slow this week:

How much time do you actually spend working at the office?

If there was a pen-holding coffee mug sitting near the office supplies and printed around the lip of said coffee mug was a band of Wang logos, would you feel bad about switching out the mug with another mug equally as capable of storing pens but degrees of magnitude less hilarious, and keeping the Wang mug as a conversation piece?

What site, other than LJ, is indispensable during your work day?

How far from the town where you grew up do you live now?

Are you biased against any particular group(s) of people?

What was the fantastic question I wanted to ask last night? Why didn't I write it down?

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does anyone know where or what the Warsaw is in brooklyn, new york?

there is a regina spektor show there tonight and i can't find directions to the place.

EDIT: I found it... nevermind : )

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This question may sound weird, but...

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... and I want a deep, scientific answer. lol Yes, I'm aware that those types of temperatures in the winter can bring the average down. Yes, I'm aware that the Earth is tilted away from the sun during our winters. I know that there's much more to it than that. XD

Attention geometry nerds!

I need your help - I have a pond in my back yard with a horrible sludge problem, and have just picked up the remedy - barley straw pellets-(or so they say @ the garden center) But, I need to know how many gallons of water are in my pond, approximately.

The pond is oval in shape, about 5'10" in one direction, 7'8" the other way, at their longest points. Its 3 feet deep for the most part, but has a 1 foot deep lip around the outside, about 6" wide.

I am horrible at math, so can you tell me how many gallons of water are in there? Or a simple equation to figure it out? My fishies (Buffy, Willow, Skipper & Mary Anne) will thank you, as soon as they can see! (And no, they're not suffering... they are eating well, swimming fast, even possibly procreating! But the water is cruddy, and has algae up the wazoo, so we need to clear it up!)
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So, I'm hanging out with my ex boyfriend tommarow and I was wondering anybody know of any good movies we should watch?

Comedy or Action sort of movies.
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I have a HUGE favor to ask...

My registration appointment opens at 10:15AM Eastern tomorrow (Wednesday, April 12). I have class at 10:10 and I seriously can't skip it because I missed it yesterday AND last Friday, haha. I get out of class at 11, but that won't be good enough because there's a class I NEED and as of right now there is only one section still open (started with five) and only five seats left in that class.

so... if you can promise me that you will absolutely 100% be at your computer at 10:15 Eastern for... less than half an hour, I'd say approx 10-15 minutes, would you do me a HUUUUUUUGE favor and register for me? I'll change my password for the morning and send you an e-mail with the class numbers I need, and the step-by-step registration process. It would mean the world to me. :)

Taken care of :)
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What childhood television shows bothered you (as a child, not so much today's kiddie shows)?

I for one could not stand Mr. Rogers and his stupid neighborhood. All his puppets were scary looking and had strange voices, and his human guests were just boring, and so was his whole routine in fact. But it was mostly the puppets in the land of make believe that made me have nightmares and hate that man's voice.

Also, Sesame street was great until that nerve-wracking little Elmo got popular.
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Question about ebay's "trademark misuse:" What is this, exactly? My auction got pulled and I'm wondering why; they didn't really explain it. I was selling a Gucci purse and apparently that's a no-no, but why? There's an ebay category for Gucci handbags, so hmm.

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I inherited a betta fish in September...and have grown very fond of it.
In the morning i drop by to say hello and feed him...and he does a happy dance. I can swear he is happy to see me.
My husband and I flap our arms now and dance back at him.

Do you think betta fish can express/detect affection?
or am I flapping my arms for naught?
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i found some images online that i loved and then i found the artists deviantart and i am even more in love! having never ever ever been near the site, nor do i know anything about it i need some help.

waht is the whole point of it? is their friendslists type things? would it be considered inappropriate if i joined just to add the artists that i like?

i have absolutly no clue about the site at all!!


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What is your idea of perfect happiness?
(health & peace for my family & friends and myself)

What is your greatest fear?
(to die in great agonizing pain)

Which historical figure do you most identify with?
(i've always fancied eleanor roosevelt/FDR/harry truman)

Which living person do you most admire?
(other than my folks - IDK)

What is the trait that you most deplore in yourself?
(emotional overload)
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1. What would you say if someone told you that they weren't a virgin because they gave someone a handjob?

2. What would you say if someone told you that YOU weren't a virgin anymore because you gave someone a handjob?

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i'm desperate for cash and my school is having an art/writing contest. i decided to do a drawing. the assignment is to depict democracy or some sort of hero/heroine in your piece. i had no clue what to do for democracy, so i decided to draw a picture of some revered individuals. i wanted to do one of three people, but can only come up with one person, martin luther king jr. who are some other heroes/heroines that i can draw? i've thought of some others (mother teresa, gandhi, rosa parks, harriet tubman), but want some other ideas. i'd like for the people in the drawing to be respected and remembered by everyone, hence why i chose martin luther king.
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I live in Williamsburg, VA, and am trying to find a new cell phone service provider. Frankly, I'm looking for the cheapest but most reliable service (I currently use Sprint, live two miles form a tower, and have to walk outside to get even a faint signal).

Both Verizon and Cingular offer a rebate on the same make of phone (so it is free), and have plans that run at 450 minutes a month at $39.99.

Which service is preferable? Any other (cheaper) options?

I remember seeing a commercial a few weeks ago that a service was offering to pay for a early termination fee, if someone would switch from another service to this one. Does anyone know what I'm talking aboput? Who was it?

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does anyone here play the sims 2?
if so, maybe someone can help me out.
i was using some cheats just for fun (specifically the life&death tombstone), but now the game has locked me out of the buy and build modes. how do i fix this?
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another question, not psychic related

I'm in an educational psychology class and I'm looking for someone to help me with a project on cultural diversity. We've been put in small groups and each member of the group is responsible for their own answers to the interview questions and finding someone of a different culture, nationality, or race to interview with the same questions. The results will be used in a powerpoint presentation to demonstrate the differences between our culture as American students in the South and a multitude of other cultures. The questions are based on areas such as family structure and interaction, education, traditions, clothing, language, food and meals, and social concerns.

If you're from a culture drastically different from mine, would you like to be interviewed? If you're interested, just leave a comment with your email -- I'll screen comments and send the questions your way. Thanks :D
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I hate funerals.

So my grandmother passed away this morning and my father wants me to do a reading (even though I am inevitably going to be that pathetic girl bawling on the alter.)...i want to do a poem or a reading that is NOT from the Bible and have pretty much an open invitation to read whatever I want as long as I'm up there..I'm having trouble finding something I love..

So, any ideas? Great funeral-y poems that you've heard or song lyrics you would find poignant or touching? Websites that are related are also welcomed as long as they are not cheesy as hell...

Thanks in Advance
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job interviews?

In a job interview, when they ask you what your weakness is, what do you say? I feel like "I'm a perfectionist" is so overdone/cliche.

And when job interviewers ask this, what type of answer are they really looking for? - I mean, do they actually think people will tell the truth? Don't you usually get the same type of answers anyways?

What is your greatest weakness - one that you'd never admit in a job interview? Mine is that I'm late to everything.